Contain your excitement for the Monterey International Pop Festival - Celebrates 50 Years festival!

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Ned Raggett, Tuesday, 2 May 2017 17:10 (one year ago) Permalink

goddamn they did it, they went and got Jack Johnson

nomar, Tuesday, 2 May 2017 17:12 (one year ago) Permalink

"Let us celebrate the legacy of two of the most iconic musical performances ever, Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop."

"Got JUST the guy, boss."

Ned Raggett, Tuesday, 2 May 2017 17:17 (one year ago) Permalink

The fact that Lou Adler is still in charge of this says much.

Ned Raggett, Tuesday, 2 May 2017 17:18 (one year ago) Permalink

people you were surprised to learn are still alive etc.

Οὖτις, Tuesday, 2 May 2017 17:21 (one year ago) Permalink

one month passes...

I know this thread's not about the original, but I saw a restoration of Pennebaker's film tonight. Have always loved it. There's not a performer I don't at least partly enjoy--even Eric Burdon's rather pointless "Paint It Black" has that freaky violin lead-in (faked me out, it's been such a long time--thought I was watching Country Joe till Burdon stepped to the mike). Joplin, Hendrix, and Shankar are every bit as epic as they're supposed to be, and I also really gravitate towards some of the goopier hippie stuff: "Got a Feelin'," "Feelin' Groovy," and "Today." (If I had to yank one performance, though, it'd probably be the Airplane's "High Flyin' Bird.")

The cutaways are amazing: Cass Elliot, Michelle Phillips, Hendrix, and Mickey Dolenz (sitting in the audience as if they're actual people...), plus Brian Jones strolling around. And what a gallery of faces. I think I fall in love with 40 of the women every time I watch this.

clemenza, Sunday, 18 June 2017 04:05 (one year ago) Permalink

yes to the cutaways. would love to see a documentary just about the women (non-performers) of Monterey Pop, the lives they've lived.

by the light of the burning Citroën, Sunday, 18 June 2017 04:11 (one year ago) Permalink

Keep wondering who people the camera focuses on in the crowd are.
Blonde guy who looks like Gira's dad or something for one.
Found out that red haired guy at the start was in The Paupers.
Got the dvd box from 10 years ago with loads of bonus extras. Not watched it in ages.
Also got the book I think by Joel Selvin which was like £3 in FOPP a while back.

Stevolende, Sunday, 18 June 2017 07:49 (one year ago) Permalink

The performance Big Brother doing "ball and chain" is pretty fuckin awesome, Janis feelin it

brimstead, Sunday, 18 June 2017 14:55 (one year ago) Permalink

Found out that red haired guy at the start was in The Paupers.

Second from the right, I remember him. Didn't know they were there. They basically turned into Lighthouse--thirty years ago I interviewed the drummer, Skip Prokop, then trying to launch a not-especially-successful comeback. Had no idea I've interviewed someone who played Monterey!

Another great shot: Joplin and Jack Casady making small talk offstage.

clemenza, Sunday, 18 June 2017 15:29 (one year ago) Permalink

Morbidly hilarious: various Hells Angels politely taking their seats in the audience.

clemenza, Sunday, 18 June 2017 15:32 (one year ago) Permalink

The performance Big Brother doing "ball and chain" is pretty fuckin awesome, Janis feelin it

Read someone recently suggesting Mama Cass' reaction was feigned, I've always read it as sincere, mind blown.

by the light of the burning Citroën, Sunday, 18 June 2017 16:03 (one year ago) Permalink

Maybe I'm being naive, but I didn't question the spontaneity of any of the cutaway reactions (the way I automatically would if it were an awards show today). I think there are three: Mama Cass (twice--while Joplin sings, and "Wow" when she finishes), Michelle Phillips (while Shankar plays) and Mickey Dolenz (leaping to his feet when Shankar finishes). Different time: I just can't imagine any of them thinking, "This film will be viewed for decades, make sure you create a memorable moment." There are also a couple of great reaction shots from women in the audience when Hendrix sets his guitar on fire: you can see them trying to make sense of what they're seeing.

About a minute into "Ball and Chain," someone a couple of rows over got up and ducked out for a couple of minutes. Felt like whispering "You might want to stick around for this..."--I saw her return before the finish, though.

clemenza, Sunday, 18 June 2017 17:52 (one year ago) Permalink

The captured BB&HC tracks came after a groundbreaking set the previous night I think.
Frisco folks weren't into signing film contracts so the first show wasn't filmed.

Stevolende, Sunday, 18 June 2017 19:04 (one year ago) Permalink

xxxpost The Paupers' Magic People seemed like a disappointment, but Scott Seward dug it, and maybe I would too now. Wonder how they were live? Supposedly, "like Laura Nyro at Monterey" meant somebody's show tanked or bombed or layed an egg. Dead's set (thanks, Jesse Jarnow on Twitter!)---hope it's not like Laura Nyro's (I haven't heard either performance yet):

dow, Sunday, 18 June 2017 22:45 (one year ago) Permalink

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