Pitchfork Festival 2017

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july 14-16, chicago


this is going around as the rumored full lineup, no idea what the source is, could be b.s.: https://imgur.com/a/w6d9U

na (NA), Tuesday, 28 February 2017 21:19 (one year ago) Permalink

Huh. Saturday might get me out of the house ...

Josh in Chicago, Tuesday, 28 February 2017 21:57 (one year ago) Permalink

four months pass...

any of y'all going to this

mh, Friday, 14 July 2017 02:58 (nine months ago) Permalink

not until someone offers me a free ticket :-/

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Friday, 14 July 2017 15:24 (nine months ago) Permalink

i'll be there saturday afternoon at the very least, as i'm working a booth from 4-6
trying to decide if i want to make the effort to go down for lcd soundsystem tonight

na (NA), Friday, 14 July 2017 15:33 (nine months ago) Permalink

I was messaging LL last night because I kind of blew this off, but there are still tickets. Not feeling like trekking over solo today, though

mh, Friday, 14 July 2017 15:35 (nine months ago) Permalink

i don't feel like paying $75 for anything right now
i'd gladly work for my free ticket but that opp didn't present itself either and my efforts to ask around fell flat
c'est la vie

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Friday, 14 July 2017 15:46 (nine months ago) Permalink

going to make it back to pitchfork fest some day, if for no other reason than to redeem the horrible time I had the last time... which was probably a decade ago. wow

mh, Friday, 14 July 2017 15:47 (nine months ago) Permalink

it's a good time!

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Friday, 14 July 2017 20:23 (nine months ago) Permalink

felt like there were too many people there the times i went

global tetrahedron, Friday, 14 July 2017 20:55 (nine months ago) Permalink

like they could have made it much more comfortable/navigable with like 10-15% less people

global tetrahedron, Friday, 14 July 2017 20:56 (nine months ago) Permalink

I didn't even think about trying to go because I was almost certain I was scheduled for work, and then I turned out not to be

sick, fucking funny, and well tasty (katherine), Friday, 14 July 2017 21:09 (nine months ago) Permalink


curmudgeon, Sunday, 16 July 2017 12:51 (nine months ago) Permalink

Feelies were good. Dawn Richard was marvelous.

the Rain Man of nationalism. (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Sunday, 16 July 2017 13:04 (nine months ago) Permalink

Gonna be there again for a span today, I'll try to say hey. Alfred, you should jog over to that other section and get yourself one of Lost Lake's cocktails, if only to get a plastic cup drink with a full-on pineapple slice garnish, two pretty flowers and a giant plastic palm frond stirrer. Paul McGee is Chicago's resident cocktail icon, tiki division.

Josh in Chicago, Sunday, 16 July 2017 13:07 (nine months ago) Permalink

I want to like Mitski but the more I listen the more it all sounds just like boring 90's alt rock.

yesca, Sunday, 16 July 2017 13:14 (nine months ago) Permalink

Josh, let's meet!

LCD were boring, but it's my fault -- I don't care for this sound anymore.

the Rain Man of nationalism. (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Sunday, 16 July 2017 13:26 (nine months ago) Permalink

the Mitski album is incredible but boy does her stuff not translate live, imo. still absolutely adore here, though.

alpine static, Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:52 (nine months ago) Permalink

yeah from all the footage i've seen her live performances are not very convincing unfortunately, she probably needs at least someone on keyboards/second guitar to do the songs justice

ufo, Sunday, 16 July 2017 16:14 (nine months ago) Permalink

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