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Shelley Fabares - "Johnny Angel"


a but (brimstead), Saturday, 7 January 2017 16:54 (eight months ago) Permalink

p much lots of black metal at the moment.

specifically the latest Antaeus and Anaal Nathrakh

Neanderthal, Saturday, 7 January 2017 17:11 (eight months ago) Permalink

always loved Johnny Angel.

Neanderthal, Saturday, 7 January 2017 17:11 (eight months ago) Permalink

the song, not the person

Neanderthal, Saturday, 7 January 2017 17:11 (eight months ago) Permalink

Shirelles wiii you love me tomorrow
2cd on a budget label.
Sound's pretty good for most of it.

Playn Jayn 5 Good Evils
Studio lp by first band I followed.

Gun Club Oslo 10/84.
Drums are mixed too high and plod so I'm wondering if this is Desperate not Terry.

John Coltrane Ballads

Chocolate Soup For Diabetics box.
The 5lps of various mostly Brit Freakbeat (compiled before the term was coined I think) from the early 80s put together in a box. Nice.

Pentangle Cruel Sister.
The 1st lp by them to be all trad covers. Really amazing atmosphere.
I should have grabbed Basket Of Light at the same time.

Sunnyboys Our Best Of.
Aussie garage revivalists choose their fav tracks from the catalogue.

Stevolende, Saturday, 7 January 2017 18:12 (eight months ago) Permalink


no lime tangier, Saturday, 7 January 2017 18:25 (eight months ago) Permalink

Oum Kalthoum - Shams El Aseel/أم كلثوم / شمس الاصيل - قصر النيل

I think I burned out on trying to like 2016 things.

_Rudipherous_, Saturday, 7 January 2017 19:14 (eight months ago) Permalink

basket of light is fantastic


no lime tangier, Saturday, 7 January 2017 20:54 (eight months ago) Permalink

LP pile: Bourbonese Qualk - 1983-1987, Mozart - Symphonies 38, 39, 40, 41, Death - Symbolic, Graham Lambkin - Community, Palmbonen - II

CD pile: Deathspell Omega - The Synarchy of Molten Bones, Bjork - Debut, Arizmenda - Despairs Depths Descended, Blood Incantation - Starspawn

Tape pile: GBV - Bee Thousand, Drunkdriver - My Chinese Sister, Hands To - Ingress, K. Mizutani - Inferior's Betrayal, Souls of Mischief - '93 till Infinty.

Love all this music but not really in the mood for any of it. Mostly jamming Ram Dass on my phone.

Yelploaf, Saturday, 7 January 2017 23:37 (eight months ago) Permalink


holy fuck @ this!

no lime tangier, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 01:03 (eight months ago) Permalink

^ Sumac's amazing :)

Everything Moves Towards The Sun (Ross), Tuesday, 10 January 2017 01:20 (eight months ago) Permalink


If this doesn't show up, it's Sun Ra's Singles---The Definitive 45s Collection 1952-1991. I'm about an hour in, most of Disc I of this three-disc set. Aspiring singers they're backing are uneven, but instrumentals aren't, and the two opening songpoems by Mr. Ra are instant grabbers. More songs than the previous singles collection on the Evidence label.

dow, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 01:35 (eight months ago) Permalink

Info, good excerpts here: [Removed Illegal Link]

dow, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 01:37 (eight months ago) Permalink

here it is:

dow, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 01:39 (eight months ago) Permalink


Rough Trade - Avoid Freud

I can't believe I'd never heard of this band until last week! and they wrote "Softcore" by Dusty Springfield which has been one of my favourite songs for years. I guess they were a bigger deal in Canada?

soref, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 02:15 (eight months ago) Permalink

is that glam Billy Joel on the cover

Neanderthal, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 02:50 (eight months ago) Permalink


Cornelius - Fantasma

20 years old now - damn!!

This record is still quite futuristic =)

AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Tuesday, 10 January 2017 03:37 (eight months ago) Permalink

still get teary-eyed at "Thank You For the Music", which is kinda dumb

but yeah, what a great album. even better that he never really tried to follow it up and just went into another direction entirely, cuz I don't think that can be topped.

frogbs, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 03:41 (eight months ago) Permalink

i am listening to WHITE ZOMBIE

i feel i should do something to sleaze this joint (viz. my home) up some

j., Tuesday, 10 January 2017 03:44 (eight months ago) Permalink

Oops, Sun Ra's xpost Singles---The Definitive Singles Collection is two discs, not three, but 63 tracks, a lot more than the one on the Evidence label (this is on Strut), and from the original masters, while at least some of the Evidence collection was from the low-budget 7" vinyls. Sounds great, and while the guest singers (who gradually disappear, as Ra and the Arkestra speak and sing up, occasionally but very assertively), as I mentioned, are uneven, they all shine sometimes. My favorite is Yochanan, AKA The Space Age Vocalist and The Man From The Sun, who belts 50s novelty free r&b numbers "M uck M uck (Matt Matt)" and Skillet Mama" and also delivers the word from further afield.
The rock 'n' roll/r&b appeal of some vocals and more instrumentals also comes across kinda Latinoid, in a range also for the soul jazz club-goers, Chicago electric bluesters---all of it fitting into what some older customers of my Deep South music store in the 90s meant by "blues", sometimes. Also some straight-up swing and some tentacles extended, but soon assimilated, though not forgotten---this is Disc I, on II things def get out, though "The Bridge", which is cosmic and must be walked after "fire is poured on dry leaves" and one way left to go, is immediately followed by "I'm Gonna Unmask Batman" and it keeps zig-zagging like that. And the catchier pop-blues-jazz approaches stuff can pull in darker rays, like on "Nuclear War": "Radiation breeds mutation" (group singers repeat), "And when they push that button, you can kiss yo' ass bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye." ("Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye.")

dow, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 22:48 (eight months ago) Permalink

And most of these are conventional single lengths for the 50s and 60s (one track is from '91): some amazing fades, especially on several of the more outward bound sides---always leave 'em wanting more.

dow, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 22:56 (eight months ago) Permalink

I got one mix with some hard rock from around 1996-97 with Monster Magnet 'Dopes to Infinity', Orange Goblin 'Frequencies from Planet Ten', Prong 'Rude Awakening' & 'Cleansing', Tool 'Aneima', Melvins 'Stag', Soundgarden 'Down on the Upside', Alice In Chains 's/t' & Corrosion of Conformity 'Wiseblood'. It is weird to think of all of those records being around 20 years old too.

A second mix I got going is working through all of Iggy Pop's albums mixed with some Bowie and 80s King Crimson.

Third thing I have been checking out is Dylan's albums from the start along with reading Clinton Heylin's biography. I've listened to the 's/t' and 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan' a couple times in the past week or so.

earlnash, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 23:04 (eight months ago) Permalink

xposts: see this comp for more yochanan (alt takes, etc)


no lime tangier, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 23:36 (eight months ago) Permalink

Very bouncy and crazy Egyptian shaabi songs in new sound remake from 1991, Ahmed Adaweia - Adaweia 91.

_Rudipherous_, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 23:42 (eight months ago) Permalink

the part of the new Zappa Meat Light The Uncle Meat Project Object set that corresponds to the original lp release. So finally hearing this in a remastered version of the way it was originally supposed to be heard.
MIght need a physical copyof this now.

& wishing I hadn't seen the price of the Sun ra singles set as the 7" set which was lying on the counter at Rough Trade East and is like £90 before I'd really taken in what the variations were. MIght have got a copy of the cd version.
Well I do have the Evidence one which I got very cheap some years ago. Think I payed like €11 or something for it.

Stevolende, Tuesday, 10 January 2017 23:47 (eight months ago) Permalink

jimmy eat world - integrity blues
tink - winter's diary 4
maria mckee - life is sweet
dj sprinkles - midtown 120 blues (the record i listened the most in 2016 and it's still going on)

Nourry, Wednesday, 11 January 2017 02:07 (eight months ago) Permalink

Cause I'm officially in a midlife crisis, I have been listening to quite a bit of old stuff. Nostalgia.

dEUS - Worst Case Scenario
George Michael - Best of (Damn miss him more and more)
But also Frank Ocean

nathom, Wednesday, 11 January 2017 16:45 (eight months ago) Permalink

lol Billy Bragg and that Birthday Party comp were big records for teenage me. im going thru a midlife crisis nostalgia fest too

An Alan Bennett Joint (Michael B), Wednesday, 11 January 2017 17:16 (eight months ago) Permalink


no lime tangier, Wednesday, 11 January 2017 23:18 (eight months ago) Permalink

The Colourist with Emiliana Torrini (LIVE)

Includes several cuts from 'Fisherman's Woman' radically re-imagined in orchestral versions that do not mirror the acoustic intimacy of the originals. The percussion throughout is exceptional and Torrini's vocals are as gorgeous as usual.

Also includes tracks from "Tookah" and "Me And Armini".

Everything Moves Towards The Sun (Ross), Wednesday, 11 January 2017 23:31 (eight months ago) Permalink

A cheap 2cd of jump blues, hillbilly boogie and other pre r'n'r called Jump'n'Jive. Pretty good selection with decent sound.

It has Tiny Bradshaw's original of Train Kept a Rolling on it. In which the woman on the train is a 'hipster' from New York City. I don't think I've been able to make out what that word was on any of the subsequent covers. Think it's sounded like it morphed into 'heifer' elsewhere. Was the word hipster unknown in white Memphis where Johnny Burnette came from?
Thankfully had different connotations than it does now.

Stevolende, Thursday, 12 January 2017 08:09 (eight months ago) Permalink

The only way my 8-year old son will go to sleep is by listening to the Spotify Top 50 list, so what I've been listening to recently is:
Ed Sheeran, "Shape Of You"
Ed Sheeran, "Castle On the Hill"
The Weeknd, "Starboy"
ZAYN/Taylor Swift, "I Don't Wanna Live Forever"
Clean Bandit, "Rockabye" feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie

Of these, I like "Starboy" best. I really don't like Ed Sheeran. I think Sean Paul's guest verse on "Rockabye" is funny.

Apart from that:

Ben Webster, "Picasso"
Charlie Parker w strings
Jorge Ben, A Tabua De Esmeralda
Jeff Parker, Slight Freedom
Mrs Miller singing "Monday Monday"
Cocteau Twins, first album
Bill Evans, How My Heart Sings
Grant Green with Sonny Clark
Fleetwood Mac, "Everywhere"

Johan Lif, Thursday, 12 January 2017 09:55 (eight months ago) Permalink

(Ehm, I meant Coleman Hawkins, "Picasso", not Ben Webster.)

Johan Lif, Thursday, 12 January 2017 10:57 (eight months ago) Permalink

ran across the electric jive blog, which is still alive and kicking, and have just been inhaling various stuff from there. particularly good is a 78 by almon memela, "amapoyisa/lashona".

increasingly bonkers (rushomancy), Thursday, 12 January 2017 20:37 (eight months ago) Permalink

lots of The Three Sounds for me recently, the standouts have been vibrations, elegant soul and the blue hour w/ Stanley Turrentine. They are a band that can make the world seem a better place with a jaunty instrumental Lee Hazelwood cover, and Sittin' Duck off Elegant Soul was on repeat a lot yesterday. I just love them.

calzino, Thursday, 12 January 2017 20:59 (eight months ago) Permalink

Sometimes jazzy, Taiwanese pop, Mavis Fan:


Free EP downloads. Maybe I like it better because it's not in English. I'm okay with that.

_Rudipherous_, Friday, 13 January 2017 17:37 (eight months ago) Permalink

Need to want laidback to enjoy, I think.

_Rudipherous_, Friday, 13 January 2017 17:38 (eight months ago) Permalink

Mostly jamming Ram Dass on my phone.

An evening under the breasts of the Divine Mother?

_Rudipherous_, Friday, 13 January 2017 17:42 (eight months ago) Permalink


_Rudipherous_, Friday, 13 January 2017 22:02 (eight months ago) Permalink

Finally some good news from turkey. If you like psychedelic oriental trance stuff with horse winnying that is.

it's the distortion, stupid! (alex in mainhattan), Sunday, 15 January 2017 23:07 (eight months ago) Permalink


no lime tangier, Sunday, 15 January 2017 23:41 (eight months ago) Permalink

Oh yeah, early/original Marshall Tucker, before the Caldwell brothers died---Searchin' For A Rainbow and Greatest Hits are cool too (I'd start w GH).
Just listened to the Alice Coltrane collection shown above. So far seems much bluesier (incl. more voices) than I expected, never having heard her before, but goes with the tone and range of Mr. C.'s music, in her own direction---groove sagas along the river, incl. in the desert, with galactic synths swooping overhead.

dow, Sunday, 27 August 2017 21:39 (four weeks ago) Permalink

willem i highly recommend b12's time tourist, the follow up to electro soma, i actually prefer it, to me it's where they really leave their mark on deep techno

brimstead, Sunday, 27 August 2017 22:44 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Marshall Tucker was a good group. They have got a unique sound with more of a jazz tilt like the Allmans except they have one guy that would play flute or sax. That gave them a more airy sound and bit hard less guitar army, although Toy Caldwell was one of the best guitarists/songwriters of those southern rock groups.

If you like the early B12 and haven't heard early Black Dog or those AI comps, those are good ones to check out too.

earlnash, Sunday, 27 August 2017 23:07 (four weeks ago) Permalink

^thanks guys! Local record shop said Electro-Soma II will be arriving soon. And apparently a reissue of Time Tourist is/may be in the works!
I have (& deeply love) Black Dog Production's Bytes and the Book of Dogma comp (and even though it's a different beast altogether I love late Black Dog a lot, too). Will look out for the AI comps..

willem, Monday, 28 August 2017 09:45 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Kinda over-playing this tbh but it's just doing it for me these days


Wichita prepares for totality (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Monday, 28 August 2017 18:23 (four weeks ago) Permalink


j., Friday, 1 September 2017 07:03 (three weeks ago) Permalink


Stevolende, Saturday, 9 September 2017 17:45 (two weeks ago) Permalink


no lime tangier, Monday, 18 September 2017 01:21 (one week ago) Permalink

Kubisch's work seems so site specific I can't really imagine listening to recordings divorced from their context.

Gulley Jimson (Ward Fowler), Monday, 18 September 2017 11:03 (one week ago) Permalink

Whoa I gotta check out that Swamp Pop comp

Wichita prepares for totality (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Monday, 18 September 2017 18:45 (one week ago) Permalink


This is mostly early singles back in Texas. There are a couple of Dylan pastiches that are really cool on this one.

earlnash, Thursday, 21 September 2017 03:10 (five days ago) Permalink

specifically disc2.

Sounds like they may have upped the treble

Stevolende, Thursday, 21 September 2017 07:52 (five days ago) Permalink

Picked this up because the price was right (3 quid on CD) and it's an absolute cracker


Gunpowder Julius (Ward Fowler), Thursday, 21 September 2017 07:55 (five days ago) Permalink

re B12/electro-soma

you know I picked up the cd edition back in the day and have loved it ever since.

it was not until this new edition and the press around it release that I became informed that's its actually a compilation

looking forward to the extra release of stuff that was recorded around the time.

mark e, Thursday, 21 September 2017 09:06 (five days ago) Permalink

it is friday evening and i'm listening to MOTORHEAD - NO SLEEP 'TIL HAMMERSMITH

brimstead, Saturday, 23 September 2017 01:28 (three days ago) Permalink

That always gets the job done. I'm working through a mix with Gallon Drunk, Laughing Hyenas, American Music Club and the Poster Children at the moment.

earlnash, Saturday, 23 September 2017 01:29 (three days ago) Permalink

it's the CD on roadrunner.. sounds aight... would love to hear an og vinyl version

brimstead, Saturday, 23 September 2017 01:30 (three days ago) Permalink

i should investigate gallon drunk, i enjoyed the flaming stars stuff i heard

brimstead, Saturday, 23 September 2017 01:31 (three days ago) Permalink

"this one is dedicated... to little filbert"

brimstead, Saturday, 23 September 2017 01:33 (three days ago) Permalink

Gallon Drunk is a pretty odd group. They definitely got kinda Nick Cave/50s death rocker vocal fetish but they have a hard lounge garage rock sound that is kinda theirs too. It's got a simialr vibe as The Cramps, but the music is centered often around the bassline and noisier. There is a good live in the studio video of them from a few years back that I saw and really loved on Youtube. I got three of their CDs for not much at all and have been rotating them in over the past year or two. Beasts of Bourbon got a different but kinda similar trashy rock sound too. I also been into the Scientists of late completing the trifecta (to a point).

earlnash, Saturday, 23 September 2017 02:37 (three days ago) Permalink

wretch "bastards born"

reggie (qualmsley), Saturday, 23 September 2017 16:27 (three days ago) Permalink

wand "bee karma"

reggie (qualmsley), Saturday, 23 September 2017 17:24 (three days ago) Permalink

here lies man "i stand alone"

reggie (qualmsley), Saturday, 23 September 2017 17:35 (three days ago) Permalink

joshua abrams "sideways fall"

reggie (qualmsley), Saturday, 23 September 2017 17:56 (three days ago) Permalink

gerardo iacoucci "verso la frontiera"

reggie (qualmsley), Saturday, 23 September 2017 18:01 (three days ago) Permalink

tamikrest "erres hin atouan"

reggie (qualmsley), Saturday, 23 September 2017 18:02 (three days ago) Permalink

Keith Moon - Two Sides of the Moon

hearing Miguel Ferrer drumming on Keith's Beach Boys cover is a pure joy

AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Saturday, 23 September 2017 18:18 (three days ago) Permalink


1/4 of the music I play on a radio show that i started recently has to be Irish so I've been running back through a few artists I was semi familiar with. I remember hearing them around the time this was around and thinking of the Meat puppets, possibly it was a peel session or something. This is pretty nice janglepop but I don't hear the offbeat quirkiness I must have heard at the time to be thinking about the MPs.


Stevolende, Saturday, 23 September 2017 19:44 (three days ago) Permalink

Ke$ha - Rainbow

the last famous person you were surprised to discover was actually (man alive), Saturday, 23 September 2017 19:49 (three days ago) Permalink

joshua abrams "sideways fall"

― reggie (qualmsley), Saturday, 23 September 2017 17:56 (one hour ago) Bookmark

that latest abrams/natural information society album is most focused and best album yet imo.

calzino, Saturday, 23 September 2017 19:58 (three days ago) Permalink

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