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What better to start with, than a big ol' assortment of vinyl ltd. eds., varying also in musical quality:

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The Band's 50th Anniversary Celebration Continues With 3CD/LP Set Of Their Eponymous Debut, Featuring Remastered Stereo And Mono Mixes, Plus Live Recordings

Available From Rhino On March 31

January 4 To Be Proclaimed “Day Of The Doors” In Los Angeles In Special Ceremony In Venice

January 4 2017 - 50 years ago today in 1967, The Doors broke through to the other side for the first time with its eponymous debut on Elektra Records. The Doors would go on to sell millions of copies and made stars of John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and Jim Morrison. Today, the album is widely considered to be one of the all-time-classic rock and roll debuts.

To celebrate this landmark recording’s 50th anniversary, the band will release THE DOORS: 50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION. This 3CD/LP set will be available on March 31. In addition, the music will also be available digitally.

To coincide with this, today (January 4) will be declared “Day Of The Doors” in the city of Los Angeles. The proclamation will be made this afternoon by Councilmember Mike Bonin during a public event at the intersection of Pacific and Windward Avenues, the location of the iconic “Venice” sign. Founding Doors members John Densmore and Robby Krieger will be on hand at the event as will family members of the late Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison.

Packaged in a 12 x 12 hardcover book, THE DOORS: 50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION includes a remastered version of the album’s original stereo mix, available on CD for the first time in a decade and remastered for the first time in nearly 30 years. The album’s original mono mix was also remastered for this set and is making its CD debut here. An LP-version of the mono mix is also included. The third disc features live performance from The Matrix in San Francisco recorded just weeks after The Doors was released. Music journalist David Fricke provides detailed liner notes for the set, which includes a selection of rare and previously unseen photographs.

THE DOORS: 50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION offers a rare opportunity to hear the band on the verge of superstardom with live performances recorded during a March 7, 1967 show at the Matrix in San Francisco. The Matrix recordings heard on this deluxe edition were sourced from the recently discovered, original tapes, previously thought to be lost. The Matrix recordings originally released in 2008 were from a third-generation source, so the sound quality of the versions debuting here is second to none.

Packed with electrifying performance, the disc contains live versions of eight tracks on The Doors, including “Twentieth Century Fox,” “The Crystal Ship” and “Back Door Man.”


Track Listing

Disc One (Original Stereo Mix)

Disc Two (Original Mono Mix)

“Break On Through (To The Other Side)”
“Soul Kitchen”
“The Crystal Ship”
“Twentieth Century Fox”
“Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)”
“Light My Fire”
“Back Door Man”
“I Looked At You”
“End Of The Night”
“Take It As It Comes”
“The End”

Disc Three: Live At The Matrix, March 7, 1967

“Break On Through (To The Other Side)”
“Soul Kitchen”
“The Crystal Ship”
“Twentieth Century Fox”
“Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)”
“Light My Fire”
“Back Door Man”
“The End”

LP (Original Mono Mix)

Side One

“Break On Through (To The Other Side)”
“Soul Kitchen”
“The Crystal Ship”
“Twentieth Century Fox”
“Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)”
“Light My Fire”

Side Two

“Back Door Man”
“I Looked At You”
“End Of The Night”
“Take It As It Comes”
“The End”

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Not strictly a reissue as never previously issued but anyway…

Finders Keepers
LP + D/L CODE* | CD | MP3
Available to order from 3rd February 2017

Imagine, if you will, a foreboding homemade electro-acoustic, new age, synth driven, proto-techno, imaginary world music Portastudio soundtrack for a Polish-made animated fantasy based on a Finnish modern folk tale and created for German and Austrian TV, composed in 1982 by two politically driven post-punk theatre performers from a shared house in Leeds!

To even the most perspicacious and adventurous of alternative music fans the genuine bloodline of this previously unreleased record already begins to sound like an entire record collection in one sitting. It would be surprising if this project’s ambitious and exotic credentials didn’t tick at least one box on your musical matrix and without one drop of unnecessary nostalgic hyperbole this project already sounds like the perfect fantasy record that you’ve never heard. Alternatively we could just say The Moomins and, for many, things would instantly begin to make perfect sense.

From the same social landscape as Gang Of Four, The Mekons and Impact Theatre Co-operative – armed with a Wasp synthesiser, an ocarina and a cassette of the Robinson Crusoe music taped off the TV, Graeme Miller and Steve Shill used minimum means for maximum mayhem, instilling over 35 years of dreamlike illusory fuzziness and freakiness into the memories of a generation of school age TV addicts waiting for the next 5 minute fix of outernational fuzzy felt folklore. Collected here, all in one place for the first time, Finders Keepers in close collaboration with the original composers finally bring the original homemade micro-melodies and reintroduce them to a musical landscape where fans of vintage electronics, concrète tape effects, pocket percussion and domestic synths are finally ready to be reunited with the magnetic music of Moominvalley.

The whole thing can be streamed here now:

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Listening to "Partytime" now: kind of an Andes-high pan flute dance, but not quite (tin whistle? Moomins anyway). Thanks!

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Expanded 20th Anniversary ed. of Elliott Smith's Either/Or, download, two-CD, two-LP, two options for that last. Adds unreleased live, studio, stray b-side; this links to NY Times story and advance track: Label sez "(North American Only Exclusive)(Ships March/April 2017"

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Having last year reissued six of the nine albums Dead Can Dance released on 4AD, the remaining three are scheduled for release this March. All vinyl represses, they are The Serpent’s Egg (1988), Aion (1990) and Spiritchaser (1996). Full details of each repress can be found here:
fave cover (if goes away, it's Aion)

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George Harrison box set: complete solo albums on vinyl.
Also included in the set will be the original release tracklists and artwork, 12’ single picture discs of “When We Was Fab” and “I Got My Mind Set On You,” a recording of Harrison’s live album from Japan (1992) and even some copies of handwritten song lyrics. An extended version of Harrison’s autobiography I Me Mine is also being released, which now reaches 632 pages and features lyrics to 50 new songs, as well as previously unpublished photos.

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Dennis Coffey live trio tapes, Hot Coffey In The D, looks promising:

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Manufactured Recordings
Announce Power Pop Reissues

From Manikins, The Modulators and Smart Remarks
Available February 17

Manikins - From Broadway to Blazes

Listen / Share "Love at Second Sight" on Soundcloud

From the same scene that begat the Scientists and the Victims came Perth, Australia's The Manikins. Founded by Neil Fernandes -- a former member of the legendary Cheap Nasties with future Scientists member Kim Salmon -- The Manikins bridged the rawness of their Aussie punk contemporaries with melodic Power Pop. From Broadway to Blazes features all the bands' essential recordings from 1971 to 1981, including the three criminally rare and outrageously expensive self-released 7" singles (Models for Mankind, Mankind, Premonition and Love at Second Sight), their DiY cassette and more unreleased studio recordings as well as detailed liner notes by Fernandes. Manufactured Recordings presents one of the final, untold stories of the original Australian Punk and New Wave scene.


The Modulators - Tomorrow's Coming

Listen / Share "Tomorrow's Coming" and "She's So Cynical" on Soundcloud

Formed in 1980, New Jersey's The Modulators are one of the unsung greats of the American powerpop scene. Initially the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Joe Riccardello with help from producer/ lyricist (and Vintage Vinyl Records owner) Rob Roth, Ricardello released his first single Girl Trouble in 1980 just before bringing on friends Mark Higgins (guitar) and Mark "Cakes" Westlake (drums) to join the band. As a fully-formed trio, the Modulators began playing out across New Jersey in the early 80's and recorded tracks for two local compilations and the band's second, enduring single She's So Cynical in 1982. Live gigs and songwriting continued, with the band often writing and recording more material than their release schedule could keep up with.

Finally in 1984, the band released their first and only LP, Tomorrow's Coming on Roth's Vintage Vinyl Records. Full of timeless gems and quintessential 80's power popanthems, the record is now regarded as a genre classic by power pop collectors.

Though the band continued to play the Tri-State area until 1986 (and every now and then since), Tomorrow's Coming was The Modulator's last vinyl release. Bringing together the band's entire discography with an additional 14 unreleased songs and demo tracks and liner notes from power pop collector Steve Borchardt, Manufactured Recordings is proud to present the definitive release of this power pop classic.


Smart Remarks - Foreign Fields: 1982-1984
Listen / Share "Falling Apart (As it Seems)" on Soundcloud

mart Remarks began in 1980 with Todd Ellis (guitar, vocals), Chris Gordon (bass), and Ant Barbalace (drums) as an original punk/power pop trio out of Bordentown, NJ. School friends and co-workers at the local Ocean Spray Cranberry factory, the band was influenced by early powerpop bands like Paul Collins' Beat, The Records, The Knack, and especially the Staten Island, NY three-piece Dirty Looks. Smart Remarks recorded their first single" Was It Something We Said"... in 1982, which spawned the power pop classic "Mary's Got Her Eye On Me." Often the opening act for larger bands that came through town (The Replacements, The Ramones, Joan Jett, Haircut 100), the band became the favorite house band at Trenton, NJ's famous City Gardens Night Club. Smart Remarks re-entered the studio in 1984 to record the five track EP Seriously Speaking with new bassist Steve DeStefano, which would become their final recording together. Collecting Smart Remarks' entire discography and including liner notes from Randy "Now" Ellis, the famed owner of City Gardens, Foreign Fields: 1982- 1984 is a must for fans of classic, catchy US powerpop.

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Lambchop's Is A Woman reissued w eight bonus tracks, also touring etc:

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From the Muffs' own thread:

When I like 'em, I really, really like 'em, but on the reissues, more bonus than prev. released grab me---fortunately, there are lots and lots of bonus tracks----from Rolling Reissues '16 and '15:

The Muffs xpost Bigger and Blonder: Shattuck's rough, dry, take-it-or-leave it vocal comes off flat here, more often monotonous than signifying tuff cookie pre-emption, though yeah yeah,she don't want you to think she's vulnerable and girly and trusting, just because she's venting; we get it already. Also, bringing it down to a trio---this trio, that is--- keeps the backing from adding a little variety. Nevertheless, "Red-Eyed Troll," "Ethyl My Love" (a good demo added to the reissued debut reissue) and a few other finished tracks really work. But as with the reissued debut, the breathing room demos (9 here, incl just a couple versions of the original album's cuts) really make the whole thing worth having, or hearing, anyway. Things get just a bit more flexible---and some of the initial release's tracks should be rescued by somebody with a few more musical shrewds.
I'd start with the debut; here's what I said about it last year:
The Muffs’ s/t debut reissue w bonus tracks: "pop-punk," some call them, and I've seen comparisons to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, but Kim Shattuck sometimes relies more on on vocal scrunchies than hooks---still, good some good chord changes and textures, with a few guest sounds, like theramin and organ: part of the variety of arrangements *eventually* shaking up the 16 tracks of the original album.
But the 10 bonus tracks, mostly four-track demos, provide a lot more breathing room for vocals and guitar, like maybe the studio sessions were more labored, sometimes (not so many direct comparisons; several of these songs didn't show up on the finished product). It might help that most of the demos have only a tambourine behind the slightly echoing, gnarly jangle (but one of the best, "Ethyl My Love," has what sound's like a full trap set). I'd say that, if you like the original album or the band as you knew them, or, even if you haven't heard them, but are into what turns out to be indeed pop-punk, with even a bit of power-pop---but more get-lost gusto than moony romance---then the demos make this worth checking out, for sure.

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nine months pass...
Happy Birthday To Me next up for the reissue treatment:

― Elvis Telecom,

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Thanks for the headz-up, Elvis!

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Guitar Legend Allan Holdsworth 12 CD Box Set Collection and Accompanying Double CD Collection
EIDOLON-a 2-CD Best Of
To Be Released on Manifesto Records on April 7th.

Los Angeles, CA-based Manifesto Records will release a new, complete 12-CD box set by guitar innovator, jazz, and progressive rock legend Allan Holdsworth titled The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever, along with a 2-CD updated and expanded “best of” collection selected by the artist, titled Eidolon.
Manifesto Records referenced the box set’s seemingly portentous title from the cover story title featuring Holdsworth in Guitar Player magazine’s April 2008 edition. Given his humble nature, Holdsworth is a bit embarrassed by the title and finds the notion that he changed “guitar forever,” somewhat overblown—more befitting of names like Orville Gibson, Leo Fender, or Ned Steinberger.
Holdsworth, born in Bradford England in 1946, embarked on a solo career as composer and bandleader exclusively in 1979. Holdsworth’s career as producer, bandleader, and lead composer is documented in this box set, and with the artist’s 28-track selection of favorites in Eidolon. Both packages include extensive liner notes, and an updated 2016 interview with Holdsworth discussing each release, his history, and approach to the instrument.

From 1982 through 2003, Holdsworth recorded a dozen albums that have been lovingly put together for The Man Who From 1982 through 2003, Holdsworth recorded a dozen albums that have been lovingly put together for The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever collection. Featured on the box set are eleven remastered studio albums, starting with the 1982 studio release, Allan Holdsworth, I.O.U., and the archival 2003 live release, Then!, recorded live in Tokyo in 1990. All feature additional bonus tracks added for special editions or the original Japan releases, along with the original artwork and studio credits. Also included are the Grammy-nominated Road Games, (1983), Metal Fatigue (1985), Sand (1987), Secrets (1989), Wardenclyffe Tower (1992), Hard Hat Area (1993), None Too Soon (1996), The Sixteen Men of Tain (2000), and Flat Tire: Music for a Non-Existent Movie (2001).

Holdsworth has been recognized by many of the world’s most accomplished and unique rock and jazz guitar virtuosos. Luminaries including Eddie Van Halen, Carlos Santana, Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Joe Satriani, Tom Morello universally expressed reverence and astonishment at Holdsworth’s pioneering approach to his playing and vast vocabulary of “uncommon” chord voicings.

He further expanded the guitar’s orchestral potential with a range of electronic effects, then moved on to become one of the early innovators of guitar-based synthesizer controllers. In the nearly five decades Holdsworth has been touring, collaborating, and recording, he has created an immense sonic and musical legacy.

In the ‘70s he played with legendary Miles Davis drummer, Tony Williams and Cream bassist Jack Bruce as the band Lifetime, and toured with Soft Machine. He worked with former Yes and King Crimson drummer, Bill Bruford’s first solo project, Feels Good To Me, and subsequent recordings with Jean-Luc Ponty, and Gong. Bruford suggested Allan for the progressive-rock “supergroup,” U.K., which, along with Bruford, also featured John Wetton and Eddie Jobson.
Both The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever and Eidolon will become precious to those who love the world’s great guitarists. Fans of deeply unique, sonically rich and pristine recordings of great musicians taking their music to the next level and beyond, will also be in awe of these collections.

##### |

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KaS Product
Black & Noir: Mutant Synth-Punk from France 1980-83

Soul Jazz Records are releasing a collection of lost recordings by French mutant experimental synth group Kas Product, all originally recorded in the period 1980 – 83.

Kas Product formed in 1980 in Nancy, France, as an electronic duo comprising ex-psychiatric nurse Spatsz on electronics and rhythm machines and Mona Soyoc on vocals and guitars.

Kas Product feature on Soul Jazz Records’ recent 'Punk 45 – Les Punks: The French Connection'. Mainly recorded on early tape, synth and drum machines Kas Product’s mixture of Spatsz’ hypnotic, electronic and angular hard-edged beats matched to the spiky vocals and guitar work of Soyoc led to comparisons with Suicide, Liliput/Kleenex, Cabaret Voltaire as well as to the group being forerunners of the cold wave/ synth wave movement. Perhaps closer still is the Industrial sound of bands such as Throbbing Gristle and Einsturzende Neubaten. At the start of the decade Kas Product's 'So Young But So Cold' was also the title track of a defining collection of rare underground electronic French coldwave/synthwave bands on the Tigersushi label.

The recordings here are taken from their early releases on the local Punk label from Nancy, France at the start of the 1980s, mostly recorded on a 2-track recorder in their bedroom, which led to them signing to RCA in 1982. These songs were first put together on CD by the French Fan Club label in 1990. Essentially the group split-up in 1988 but Kas Product still come together to perform live today most recently in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. In 2012 their major label debut album was re-released in France.

On Feb. 17, Soul Jazz Records are releasing this album on limited-edition 1000-copies worldwide vinyl LP (with download), CD and worldwide digital.
more info, audio here:

Reviews and Articles:

Read large feature in Noisey (in French) here

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Also, re-reissue of Edward Larry Gordon/Laraaji's Celestial Vibration:

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OUT 2/24

Waxwork Records is thrilled to present the deluxe soundtrack re-issue to 1982’s sci-fi horror classic, JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING. Composed by the legendary Ennio Morricone, the soundtrack to THE THING is a landmark musical composition that is cold, dark, minimal, and effective.

Considered to be John Carpenter’s directorial masterpiece, THE THING is praised as one of the greatest films of it’s genre by both fans and critics. Starring Kurt Russel and A. Wilford Brimley, THE THING follows a team of researchers in Antarctica as they are infiltrated by a parasitic extraterrestrial life form that assimilates other organisms and then imitates them. The classic soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone effectively captures the cold, isolated tone of the story and film, and marks one of the few John Carpenter directed films that Carpenter did not score himself.

Waxwork Records worked for two years to ensure that such a highly anticipated and sought after vinyl soundtrack re-issue would meet and exceed expectations of the biggest fan of John Carpenter and his sci-fi / horror tour de force that is THE THING.

Features include the complete Ennio Morricone soundtrack re-mastered from the original master tapes, your choice of two different 180 gram colored vinyl variants, all new artwork by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative, deluxe heavyweight packaging including satin coated old-style gatefold jackets with UV spot-gloss, an an 11” x 22” poster, a breakaway “ice” slipcase, and an exclusive interview with the director John Carpenter.

Deluxe “Trapped In The Ice” Edition

• Heavyweight, High-Gloss, Break-Away “Ice” Slipcase

• 180 Gram “Ice” Vinyl (Deep Blue with White Haze)

• Satin Coated Old-Style Gatefold Jacket with UV Spot-Gloss

• 11” x 22” Poster

• New Artwork By Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative

• Booklet Featuring Exclusive Interview with Director John Carpenter


Standard “Snow” Edition

• 180 Gram “Snow” Vinyl (True White)

• Satin Coated Old-Style Gatefold Jacket with UV Spot-Gloss

• 11” x 22” Poster

• New Artwork By Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative


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Must be about time for a remaster of High Time. Or has that been done remotely recently?
Deluxe versions of the lps with whatever outtakes would be welcome .
Especially if anybody unearthed the studio recordings I heard the band did around teh time of KOTJ but didn't get released because of teh Hudson's incident.

Is the live box set still available from Easy Action. That has some really nice stuff on including the sets once released by Total Energy

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Since its original release in 1977, Ragnar Grippe’s seminal debut album entitled “Sand” has been adorned with immense praise and influenced a myriad of ambient musicians and minimalist composers. Grippe’s unique approach of bonding post-modern classical composition into the tape techniques of musique concrète allowed him to be one of the leading experimental electronic musicians of the late 20th century.

Originally trained as a classical cellist, Grippe had relocated to Paris in the early 70’s to study at the famous Groupe de Recherches Musicales (more commonly known as GRM) founded by musique concrète pioneers Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry and Jacques Poullin. Around the same time, Grippe had struck up a close friendship with French avant-garde minimalist Luc Ferrari. It was under Ferrari’s direction and guidance that the young Grippe started to build a shared experimental music studio, aptly named l’Atelier de la Libération Musicale (ALM), in which Ferrari shared his knowledge and instrumental supplies, thus forging Grippe’s implementation of harmonic tone within the confines of musique concrete.

After a brief stint of electronic music study at McGill University in Montreal, Grippe returned to Paris in 1976 to compose with Ferrari at the now fully-realized ALM studio. One of the visiting artists passing through the creative epicenter of the Cité Internationale des Arts during this time was the painter Viswanadhan Velu. Velu’s recent works consisted of various Sand paintings which were to be exhibited at the Galerie Shandar, the avant-garde art gallery and home to the Shandar record label which was the home to minimalist composers Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Cecil Taylor and Charlemagne Palestine.

Grippe was asked to compose a composition that was to be played during the Sand painting exhibition and was then to be released on the Shandar imprint in 1977. This release would be the first official album that would start Grippe’s career as a modern avant-garde composer and electronic musician. After a celebrated release, “Sand” has since been out-of-print on its original vinyl format for four decades and original copies fetch high prices amongst minimalist listeners and collectors.

Dais Records proudly reissues “Sand” by Ragnar Grippe on vinyl for the 40th anniversary of its original release in a limited edition 500 copy pressing on clear vinyl featuring new liner notes by the artist on March 24, 2017.

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Double-Disc Versions Of Run With The Pack and Burnin' Sky Feature The Original Album
Remastered And Expanded With Rare And Unreleased Recordings

Available From Rhino On May 26

LOS ANGELES - Bad Company recorded four classic albums in as many years, giving rise to some of the most recognizable rock songs of the Seventies, including "Rock Steady," "Run With The Pack" and the Grammy-nominated, "Feel Like Makin' Love." After releasing remastered and expanded versions of their first two albums in 2015, the band will return this spring with deluxe editions of their next two albums from that incredible run.

Run With The Pack (1976) and Burnin' Sky (1977) have been newly remastered from the original production tapes. Each has been expanded with rare and unreleased recordings taken from the original album sessions. The CD versions of these Deluxe Editions include all of the new bonus tracks, while their 180-gram vinyl counterparts offer a selection of the bonus material.

The Deluxe Editions of RUN WITH THE PACK and BURNIN' SKY will be available on May 26 for $19.98 (2CD) and $39.98 (2LP). The music will also be released digitally and available through various streaming outlets.

During a rare break from touring, Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke and Boz Burrell got together in France to record new songs using the Rolling Stones' mobile recording studio. Those sessions produced Run With The Pack, a 10-song album that came out in early 1976 and rose to #4 in England and #5 in America, where it sold three million copies alone. Radio stations embraced the title track along with a cover of The Coasters' "Young Blood," while "Silver, Blue & Gold" became one of the band's signature tracks, even though it was never officially released as a single.

The bonus disc that accompanies RUN WITH THE PACK: DELUXE EDITION includes unreleased early mixes for "Honey Child" and "Simple Man," as well as an extended version of the title track. There's also the previously unreleased "Let There Be Love," an outtake from the recording sessions. In fact, the acoustic version of "Do Right By Your Woman," previously only available as the B-Side of the single release of "Run With The Pack," is the only song on the bonus disc that has ever been previously released.

During the summer of 1976, the band returned to France yet again to record 12 songs for what would become Burnin' Sky. They chose Château d'Hérouville as the studio, which is where David Bowie would record Low later that same year. Burnin' Sky was released in March 1977, and broke into the Top 20 in both the U.K. and U.S.

The BURNIN' SKY: DELUXE EDITION bonus disc features unreleased versions of nearly every song on the album, including alternative takes and mixes of "Man Needs A Woman" and "Morning Sun," plus the full version of "Too Bad." The session tapes also unearthed "Unfinished Story," a song that was completed, but never released.

For more information about BAD COMPANY, please contact Jessica Giordano in the Rhino Media Relations Department at jess✧✧✧.giord✧✧✧@rh✧✧✧.c✧✧ or 818-238-6403.

Run With The Pack: Deluxe Edition
CD Track Listing:

Disc One: Original Album Remastered
1. "Live For The Music"
2. "Simple Man"
3. "Honey Child"
4. "Love Me Somebody"
5. "Run With The Pack"
6. "Silver, Blue & Gold"
7. "Young Blood"
8. "Do Right By Your Women"
9. "Sweet Lil' Sister"
10. "Fade Away"

Disc Two: Bonus Tracks
1. "Live For The Music" - Take 1, Alternative Vocal & Guitar
2. "Simple Man" - Take 3, Early Mix
3. "Honey Child" - Early Mix, Alternative Guitar Solo
4. "Run With The Pack" - Extended Version, Alternative Vocal
5. "Let There Be Love" - Take 1, Previously Unreleased
6. "Silver, Blue & Gold" - Take 1, Early Mix
7. "Young Blood" - Alternative Vocal
8. "Do Right By Your Woman" - Alternative Vocal
9. "Sweet Lil' Sister" - Live Backing Track
10. "Fade Away" - Early Mix, Alternative Guitar Solo
11. "Do Right By Your Woman" - Acoustic Version*
12. "(I Know) I'm Losing You" - Studio Jam
13. "Young Blood" - Alternative Version 2
14. "Fade Away" - Island Studios Demo

* All disc two tracks unreleased except

Burnin' Sky: Deluxe Edition
CD Track Listing

Disc One: Original Album Remastered
1. "Burnin' Sky"
2. "Morning Sun"
3. "Leaving You"
4. "Like Water"
5. "Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer)"
6. "Everything I Need"
7. "Heartbeat"
8. "Peace Of Mind"
9. "Passing Time"
10. "Too Bad"
11. "Man Needs Woman"
12. "Master Of Ceremony"

Disc Two: Bonus Tracks*
1. "Burnin' Sky" - Take 2, Alternative Vocal & Guitar
2. "Morning Sun" - Take 3, Early Version
3. "Leaving You" - Take 1, Alternative Vocal
4. "Like Water" - Take 1, Rough Mix
5. "Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer)" - Early Run Through
6. "Everything I Need" - Rough Mix
7. "Peace Of Mind" - Alternative Version
8. "Passing Time" - Alternative Vocal
9. "Too Bad" - Full Version
10. "Man Needs Woman" - Alternative Vocal & Guitar
11. "Too Bad" - Early Version, Mick Ralphs Vocal
12. "Man Needs Woman" - Take 2, Early Version, Mick Ralphs Vocal
13. "Burnin' Sky" - Take 1, Alternative Vocal
14. "Unfinished Story" - Previously Unreleased

* All tracks previously unreleased

Run With The Pack: Deluxe Edition
LP Track Listing

Side One
1. "Live For The Music"
2. "Simple Man"
3. "Honey Child"
4. "Love Me Somebody"
5. "Run With The Pack"

Side Two
1. "Silver, Blue & Gold"
2. "Young Blood"
3. "Do Right By Your Women"
4. "Sweet Lil' Sister"
5. "Fade Away"

Side Three
1. "Live For The Music" - Take 1, Alternative Vocal & Guitar
2. "Simple Man" - Take 3, Early Mix
3. "Honey Child" - Early Mix, Alternative Guitar Solo
4. "Run With The Pack" - Extended Version, Alternative Vocal
5. "Let There Be Love" - Take 1, Previously Unreleased

Side Four
1. "Silver, Blue & Gold" - Take 1, Early Mix
2. "Young Blood" - Alternative Vocal
3. "Do Right By Your Woman" - Alternative Vocal
4. "Sweet Lil' Sister" - Live Backing Track
5. "Fade Away" - Island Studios Demo
6. "Do Right By Your Woman" - Acoustic Version

Burnin' Sky: Deluxe Edition
LP Track Listing

Side One
1. "Burnin' Sky"
2. "Morning Sun"
3. "Leaving You"
4. "Like Water"
5. "Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer)"
6. "Everything I Need"

Side Two
1. "Heartbeat"
2. "Peace Of Mind"
3. "Passing Time"
4. "Too Bad"
5. "Man Needs Woman"
6. "Master Of Ceremony"

Side Three
1. "Burnin' Sky" - Take 2, Alternative Vocal & Guitar
2. "Morning Sun" - Take 3, Early Version
3. "Leaving You" - Take 1, Alternative Vocal
4. "Like Water" - Take 1, Rough Mix
5. "Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer)" - Early Run Through
6. "Everything I Need" - Take 2, Rough Mix

Side Four
1. "Peace Of Mind" - Alternative Version
2. "Passing Time" - Alternative Vocal
3. "Man Needs Woman" - Alternative Vocal & Guitar
4. "Too Bad" - Full Version
5. "Man Needs Woman" - Take 2, Early Version, Mick Ralphs Vocal
6. "Unfinished Story" - Previously Unreleased

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In keeping with our continued mission to strengthen people’s engagement with their own cultural heritage and enhance their awareness of the cultural heritage of others, Smithsonian Folkways is proud to include new additions to our ever-growing catalog.

George Margitich Collection:

Welcome conductor and music director George Margitich and a 3-album collection of Russian liturgical and choral music. Two albums, Selections of Russian Sacred Music and Folk Songs and The Divine Liturgy Music of the Russian Orthodox Church feature New Jersey’s Russian-Liturgical Singers, who established the group to stimulate and broaden interest in this style of music. Also included is a performance from The Don Cossack Chorus under direction from conductor George Margitich, who began conducting the group in 1980.

Seems Like Romance to Me:

Originally released in 1985 through grants from the Ohio Arts Council and the NEA, Seems like Romance to Me offers a detailed look into the rich Ohioan fiddle tradition, which has continued and evolved since well before statehood in 1803. Original vinyl stock pressings are available for this album while supplies last.
more info, audio:

Exciting new albums from GRAMMY-award winners Quetzal and Iraqi-American composer and oud master Rahim AlHaj are on their way. Quetzal’s The Eternal Getdown (available March 10th) and Rahim AlHaj’s Letters from Iraq (available April 7th).
more info, audio

dow, Friday, 10 March 2017 00:23 (five months ago) Permalink

A new AlHaj? I'm all about that.

Ned Raggett, Friday, 10 March 2017 00:33 (five months ago) Permalink

Yeah, that's very good news.

Le Bateau Ivre, Friday, 10 March 2017 08:53 (five months ago) Permalink

From Soul Jazz Records'

Shamek Farrah
First Impressions

Superfly deliver once again with the reissue of this highly desirable deep jazz LP! An absolute stone cold killer on Charles Tolliver’s Strata East. Check the title track ‘First Impressions’ for some quickfire proof! As always this is a top quality repress with paste on covers made in Japan and 180g vinyl. Limited to 1000 copies only! - Don't sleep!!!
More Info & Audio:

Carl Marshall
I'll Give My Heart To You

Beautiful Superfly reissue of wicked privately pressed Tennessee Modern Soul LP from 1980, check the killer 'come groove with me', 'since I met you' and 'music', all instant classics! - limited 1000 copies Japan pressed with obi
More Info & Audio:

Andrew Wartts
There Is A God Somewhere

Andrew Wartts recorded his landmark gospel album 'There Is A God Somewhere' in the early 1980s and released it on the small Champ imprint based in Nashville, Tennessee. It took funk archivists years to discover this gem, but it’s a timely resurface. Wartts sound – a mixture of soulful, funky, melancholic yet celebratory exhortations to the Lord – belies the music’s age. Another top quality reissue from Superfly - 180g vinyl, limited to 1000 copies worldwide!
More Info & Audio:

dow, Monday, 13 March 2017 20:19 (five months ago) Permalink

Not technically a reissue, more of an unreleased album from the 70s that finally gets to see the light of day:

Discom's research on unknown and neglected music from former Yugoslavia continues! This time we go deep into the 70’s electronic, experimental, fusion und prog rock and we present you group 37°C with their album Sidarta. In the time when Gary Numan recorded "Are 'Friends' Electric?" in Gooseberry Studio in London in 1979, a group of skilled musicians, also known as Boban Petrovic's backing band, booked the same studio to record an album. These were the first recordings ever of Bebi Dol and Silva Delovska from KIM band.

The album opens with the track inspired and named by Herman Hesse's novel "Siddhartha". This ambient, psychedelic, experimental 18 min length "epic" piece fits to some extent the cliché how kraut rock and progressive bands perceived electronic music during the 70's. However, the song arrangement is exceptional and includes variety of sounds and textures from alluring hypnotic celesta, expressive guitar, tuneful bass, fascinating keyboards to supernal vocals and lenient sax and flute. The gradation of arrangement is very exciting as well, especially in the way how certain instruments appear. For instance, drums show up almost at the end of song after vocals, flute and sax whose role is to evoke certain images. Quite unusual, but when we take into account that song doesn’t contain a single touch of anything that can be verbally identified, its meaning is even more mysterious. Actually, the structure of the song portrays the action of the of novel: Hesse's hero Siddhartha experiences the perfection as "Brahman" and soon after he steps opposite in order to find his own path and discover himself. In the song, band members are heating the atmosphere involving their complete musical knowledge and skills till the moment when perfection of playing turns into explosion. Likewise in the novel, the part of the song after the explosion is more relevant than part with hundreds of notes before and yet much difficult to play. In that part one may discover itself.

The other songs of the album are on B side. Comparing to the song on A side they have different structure and atmosphere. The first track "Trag" (Eng. "Trace") contains distinctive singing of Bebi Dol and very good 70's groove with two keyboard and one guitar solo. The next is "Pescani Sat" ( Eng. "Sand Watch") an instrumental with very open form and more progressive atmosphere. Then comes the song "Izmoreni Putnik" (Eng. "Weary Traveler") where all band numbers show their musical skills in a full potential. The last song of the album is "Vrteska" (Eng. "Merry-go-round’’) with unusual 11/8 time signature and weird “street organ’’ melody at the end.

Summing up, this material is very attractive for those interested in unknown sounds of the past, especially when experimental electronic comes from highly skilled musicians. Low quality of production, restricted by technological barriers in the 70's, is compensated by great ideas and musical courage. These achievements are more significant due the fact that these artists are not coming from one of important musical centers, yet from the province which shined bright just a few times. We hope those shiny moments are in this album.

Full listen:

Dinsdale, Monday, 13 March 2017 21:52 (five months ago) Permalink

soteric records are reissuing all of Patto's material, starting with the 1st 2 lps on April 28th.
S/t comes with 3 extra tracks





2nd lp
Hold Your Fire is expanded to 2cds including various BBC material and outtakes. These include an IN Concert set.










I have the old repertoire version of the 1st lp and it's pretty great. This Esoteric version is the first one fully sanctioned by the band..

The same date , 28th April sees a 2cd set off the material that Quintessence released on Island compiled as Move Into The Light

pretty groovy Notting Hill Hippie rock stuff.


Stevolende, Monday, 13 March 2017 22:19 (five months ago) Permalink

This first album (compilation) is apparently new, but goes back 40 years, so seems to fit:

Spiritual Jazz 7: Islam

The seventh volume of Jazzman's acclaimed 'Spiritual Jazz' series examines the influence and impact of Islam on four decades of jazz innovation. Featuring sought-after, spiritual contributions from the likes of Yusef Lateef, Ahmed Abdul-Malik, Creative Arts Ensemble and more. Essential release!
More Info & Audio:

Manu Dibango
Ceddo (Bande originale du film)(LP)

Now available on vinyl! Killer re-issue of this afro funky jazz soundtrack from 1977 by one of Africa's most respected artists, the Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango!
More Info & Audio:

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Din A Testbild
Programm 3 (Reissue)(LP)

Early pioneers of the German New Wave music scene, Din A Testbild were formed in 1978 by Mark Eins and Gudrun Gut (former member of Einstürzende Neubauten, Mania D. and Malaria!). Din A Testbild played a significant role in defining the avant-garde music of Berlin. Legendary is their partecipation at the “Festival Genialer Dilletanten" in 1981.'Programm 3’ is their third album. Mixed and auto-produced by Mark Eins with help of Ziggy Schöning, it was originally released on Klaus Schulze’s record label Innovative Communication in 1983.
More Info & Audio

Early pioneers of the German New Wave music scene, Din A Testbild were formed in 1978 by Mark Eins and Gudrun Gut (former member of Einstürzende Neubauten, Mania D. and Malaria!). Din A Testbild played a significant role in defining the avant-garde music of Berlin. Legendary is their participation at the “Festival Genialer Dilletanten" in 1981.'Programm 4’ is their fourth album. Mixed and auto-produced by Mark Eins near the Wall in West/Berlin in 1983, the album was rejected at the time by Innovative Communication, considered too much “synth/punk/techno”, while the new label managers were looking more into new age stuff. In fact Schulze eventually sold the label in 1983, which started to release a plethora of acts loosely grouped around the NAM genre.
More Info & Audio:

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Programme 4 is also vinyl-only, at least on soundsoftheuniverse.

Far Out follow up the long overdue reissue of Jose Mauro's 'Obnoxious" with another gem from the Quartin catalogue - Victor Assis Brasil Plays Jobim.

Unlike Jose Mauro, whose biography is almost completely shrouded in mystery, Victor Assis Brasil’s tragically short life is a better known story. He passed away aged just thirty-five, but by this point his status was already cemented as one of Brazil’s top players. Gifted his first saxophone by his aunt at the age of fourteen, his debut LP was recorded just four years later, alongside some mercurial greats of Brazilian jazz, Tenorio Jr and Edson Lobo. Following the release of his first two albums, Victor was granted a place to study at Berklee College of Music, and it was during this period he recorded toca antonio carlos jobim upon returning to Brazil in the summer of 1970. At a time in Brazil when the smooth n’ easy groove of the bossa beat no longer reflected the inflamed politics of a nation under the cosh of military dictatorship, Victor Assis Brasil morphed Jobim’s soothing originals into raw, deep jazz cuts, with the help of Brazilian legends Edison Lobo, Helio Delmiro and Edison Machado. The album’s influences span both American continents, finding a meeting point for Latin jazz and North American post-bop, with Roberto Quartin’s perfectionist approach to sound elevating the already incandescent music to divine new heights.
More Info & Audio:
I gotta check that one.

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Single of the week!

Tony Allen & Africa 70
Afro Disco Beat (Disco Afro Reedit Vol.2)(12" vinyl)

Comet release the second 2nd part of the Tony Allen & Africa 70 'Disco Afro Series' featuring remastered original versions of the dancefloor smash 'Afro Disco Beat' and remixes by Africaine 808 & Mexican Institute of Sound - massive!
More Info & Audio:

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When Young Marble Giants imploded in 1980, founder Stuart Moxham was at something of a loss. He played both guitar and organ in the band, wrote nearly all their material and was largely responsible for their beguilingly original aesthetic sensibility, which - despite their paucity of output - manages to sound as fresh and mysterious as it did when it appeared.

At first, Stuart’s future success seemed assured. He was the first artist to sign a long-term contract with Rough Trade. In the wake of the success of “Colossal Youth,” calls came in from a variety of successful musicians who wished to work with him. The output of Young Marble Giants grew continuously in stature.

The Gist started slowly, with the recording of five songs at the same session which produced the last recordings made under the Young Marble Giants’ name, though tellingly these were instrumentals which did not feature Alison Statton’s bewitching vocals. The Gist’s debut single, “This Is Love” / “Yanks” owed plenty to the wistful nature of Young Marble Giants, with Stuart’s warm baritone complementing the songs, which were originally intended as Young Marble Giants tunes. The single sold well.

Work began on an album, with Stuart recording demos at home and later polishing them up in Cold Storage with the assistance of Phil Legg and a number of post-punk luminaries (among them Swell Maps’ Epic Soundtracks, This Heat’s Charles Bullen, artist Wendy Smith, Viv Goldman . . . not to mention both Alison and Phil from Young Marble Giants.)

Years after its release, Stuart spoke of The Gist’s “Embrace The Herd” album as one in which he felt he had little to say, which is why the album featured a large number of instrumentals and songs with minimal lyrics. “Embrace The Herd” does not grab the listener in the same way as Young Marble Giants’ “Colossal Youth.” While the latter album presented a unique sonic world, “Embrace The Herd” sounds shattered somehow - not so much a lack of anything to say as much as a thousand possibilities, a difficulty in choosing. These days, Stuart contends that he simply wasn’t ready to express what was in his head.

The album sold in disappointing numbers, though today its originality and freshness is readily recognised, with multiple reissues and a greater understanding of its Eno-esque pop songs. The single which preceded the album (and was included on it), “Love It First Sight” has belatedly become a standard of the era, with both a well-loved cover by shoegazers Lush, and a genuine pop smash in France by Etienne Daho, where the lyrics were sung in French in highly-altered form under the name “Paris Le Flore.” It’s frequently used in film soundtracks, including two more this year.

Yet “Love At First Sight” did not trouble the charts. One single, “Fool For A Valentine,” followed. It too stalled. Somehow summoning up a tremendous amount of nerve, Stuart assembled old friends from Cardiff and went into the studio to demo his next release for Rough Trade. The results - included here - point towards a new and fresh direction that would have beautifully bridged the divide between the direct commercial appeal Rough Trade would soon chase and the to-thine-own self-be-true nature which can be found in all of Stuart’s work. Assured and confident, Stuart entered Rough Trade, only to be told that his contract was a “meaningless bit of paper” and that he was, henceforth, dropped from the label. Most of the remaining artists who defined Rough Trade’s early days suffered the same fate, and for Rough Trade is was soon the era of The Smiths and licensing American college acts.

What part the relative market failure of “Embrace The Herd” played into all this is hard to say, but it’s not as if Stuart had lost his touch with the economical and heartfelt pop song. During this period, he had written and recorded dozens and dozens of potential masterpieces which, with few exceptions, went unheard. “Embrace The Herd” would have been a totally different album had Stuart included many of the songs now presented here, on what amounts to the unreleased second album by The Gist, recorded back then but released more than a third of a century later.

“Holding Pattern” will be distributed throughout the world as a 14-track LP or CD. A limited number of early orders through Bandcamp will be available with several bonuses - A SMALL BOOK written and SIGNED by Stuart himself, detailing this period of his history with pictures anecdotes and more, A SET OF FOUR GIST BADGES and half a dozen or so FREE DOWNLOADS of songs not on the album, sent now and again in the coming months. Vinyl buyers will also receive their copy on GREY VINYL, as opposed to the regular black vinyl which will be available elsewhere.

crustaceanrebelisback, Friday, 17 March 2017 21:32 (five months ago) Permalink


crustaceanrebelisback, Friday, 17 March 2017 21:33 (five months ago) Permalink

I just spent $87 (including shipping) on a reissue of Santana's live album Lotus. Here's the story:

- limited edition, Japan-only;
- comes in 7" square packaging with a miniature version of the original giant foldout artwork (the vinyl is actually bigger, fully unfolded, than Hawkwind's Space Ritual, if that gives you any idea);
- remastered (in 4.0 if you've got a multi-channel system) from the original Japanese master tapes from 1973;
- expanded to 3 CDs (it was originally a triple LP, then reissued as a 2CD set);
- includes 35 minutes (seven tracks) of previously unreleased music

I know I buried the lede there a little.

Full track listing of the new version:

Disc 1:
01. Meditation
02. Going Home
03. A-1 Funk
04. Every Step of the Way
05. Black Magic Woman 
06. Gypsy Queen
07. Oye Como Va
08. Japan (previously unreleased)
09. Bambele (previously unreleased)
10. Umm/Uumuu (previously unreleased) 
11. Yours is the Light

Disc 2:
01. Batuca
02. Xibaba
03. Stone Flower
04. Waiting
05. Castillos de Arena, Part 1
06. Free Angela
07. Samba de Sausalito
08. Mantra
09. Kyoto
10. Castillos de Arena, Part 2
11. Light of Life (previously unreleased)
12. Se a Cabo

Disc 3:
01. Samba Pa Ti
02. Mr. Udo
03. The Creator Has a Master Plan (previously unreleased)
04. Savor (previously unreleased)
05.Conga Solo (previously unreleased)
06. Toussaint L'Overture   
07. Incident at Neshabur

Lotus was already my favorite Santana album, and one of my favorite albums ever, period. I seriously can't wait to hear this expanded version. Here's where to order one, if you're of a mind. It'll be out April 19.

Don Van Gorp, midwest regional VP, marketing (誤訳侮辱), Sunday, 19 March 2017 21:44 (five months ago) Permalink

There's video footage from the same period in Japan I think. Had it a few years ago, think it was Japan anyway. Definitely same era. Not seen it in a while.

Stevolende, Sunday, 19 March 2017 22:43 (five months ago) Permalink

That video was around on torrent sites a few years back. Think it was from same visit as the lp recording but not got access to computer right now.

Stevolende, Sunday, 19 March 2017 22:52 (five months ago) Permalink

Dang, I want that. That was always the coolest Santana release, kind of the classic rock mirror of Hawkwind's Space Ritual. A friend goes to Japan sometimes and can get stuff cheaper while there, but probably not for a few months.

Fastnbulbous, Thursday, 23 March 2017 13:03 (five months ago) Permalink

BTW you can get it here for $69.

Fastnbulbous, Thursday, 23 March 2017 15:46 (five months ago) Permalink

Stevolende, Thursday, 23 March 2017 15:56 (five months ago) Permalink

In conjunction with Cirith Ungol's first ever live show on European soil at the Keep It True festival in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany, Metal Blade Records will release the Ultimate Edition of Cirith Ungol's King Of The Dead album on the weekend of the fest, April 28th! To hear the classic track, "Atom Smasher", please visit: - where the King Of The Dead - Ultimate Edition can be pre-ordered in the following formats:
--CD/DVD Digipak
--180g black vinyl
--clear ice blue vinyl (limited to 300 copies - EU exclusive)
--turquoise green/black-marbled vinyl (limited to 200 copies - EU exclusive)
--blood-red vinyl (limited to 200 copies - USA exclusive)
*plus digital options are also available!

The King Of The Dead - Ultimate Edition digipak CD features a full re-mastering by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony, five bonus tracks, expanded packaging and a bonus-DVD! The King Of The Dead - Ultimate Edition LP will be released as part of the Metal Blade Originals series; featuring 400 g spine sleeves, a 12-page booklet and an A1 sized poster, the vinyl was also mastered and fully restored by Patrick W. Engel in January 2017. This version reflects the original sound of the 1st vinyl pressing, released on Enigma in 1984!

King Of The Dead - Ultimate Edition track-listing:
1. Atom Smasher
2. Black Machine
3. Master of the Pit
4. King of the Dead
5. Death of the Sun
6. Finger of Scorn
7. Toccata in D minor
8. Cirith Ungol
9. Last Laugh (Live)*
10. Death of the Sun (alt mix)**
11. Master of the Pit (Live)***
12. King of the Dead (Live)***
13. Cirith Ungol (Live)***
* Live 1984 (bonus Track on original CD)
** alternative version (taken from Metal Massacre I)
*** Live at Frost & Fire Fest II at the Majestic Ventura Theater in Ventura on October 8th, 2016

Bonus-DVD track-listing (Live at The Roxy, West Hollywood, CA on January 19th, 1983):
1. Atom Smasher
2. I'm Alive
3. Black Machine
4. Master of the Pit
5. King of the Dead
6. Death of the Sun
7. Finger of Scorn
8. Cirith Ungol

Don Van Gorp, midwest regional VP, marketing (誤訳侮辱), Thursday, 23 March 2017 16:48 (five months ago) Permalink

Max's Kansas City: 1976 & Beyond coming to CD and Vinyl on May 5th via Jungle Records

The original Max's Kansas City 1976 pioneering punk club album, extended with an extra 30 tracks and historical notes

In 1976 Peter (Crowley) compiled a studio album of acts associated with the club, Max's Kansas City 1976, to help promote the club. It featured the first released recordings of Suicide, The Fast and Warhol-era veteran Wayne County, whose title-track gave a roll-call of many of the famous acts who'd regularly performed there.

Now the original album is reissued as Max's Kansas City 1976 & Beyond, greatly extended to 40 tracks on a double-CD and a selection of 25 tracks on a double-LP. As well as the aforementioned Suicide, Fast and Wayne County, the new extended album features the New York Dolls, the Stillettos, the Offs, the Senders, Philip Rambow, VON LMO, Iggy Pop, Knots, Roland Alphonso, Cherry Vanilla, Nico, Joy Ryder, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers and Sid Vicious amongst many others. It includes many previously unreleased tracks and rarities. Compiled by Peter Crowley, who also contributes notes detailing the history of the album. Writer, musician and Max's scenester Jimi LaLumia provides historical overview sleeve-notes along with biographies of the artists in a 20-page booklet.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  • Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys - Max's Kansas City
  • The Fast - Boys Will Be Boys
  • Harry Toledo - Knots
  • Cherry Vanilla and her Staten Island Band - Shake Your Ashes
  • Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys - Cream In My Jeans
  • The Fast - Wow Pow Bash Crash
  • Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys - Flip Your Wig
  • John Collins Band - The Man In Me
  • Suicide - Rocket USA
  • The Fast - Kids Just Wanna Dance
  • Philip Rambow - Night Out
  • Suicide - Ghost Rider
  • New York Dolls - Bad Girl
  • The Stilettos - Pink Stilettos
  • The Knots - Heartbreaker
  • The Senders - 6th Street
  • Jimi Lalumia & the Psychotic Frogs - Death To Disco
  • The Brats - First Rock Star on the Moon
  • The Offs - You Fascinate Me
  • The Terrorists - Riis Park
  • Roland Alphonso & the Terrorists - Sax Skandal
Disc 2
  • Von LMO - This Is Pop Rock
  • Fast Floyd & the Famous Firebirds - Frogs Legs
  • Cellmates - Everybody Wants
  • Science - Twisco
  • BMTs - Clothes & Alchohol
  • Keiran Liscoe & the Attitude - Hello St. Vincents
  • Freddy Frogs - Days On Earth
  • Joy Ryder - Johnny Was A Fireman
  • Sea Monster - Halloween In Detroit
  • Ruby & the Rednecks - Ruby From The Wrong Side of Town
  • Joey Kelly Allstars - Amanda
  • Philippe Marcade - All Quite Wasted
  • Jayne County - Max's Kansas City (reprise)
  • Iggy Pop - Rock Action
  • Nico - Saeta
  • Gang War - These Boots Are Made For Walking
  • Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - M.I.A.
  • Sid Vicious & The Idols - Take A Chance

Loud guitars shit all over "Bette Davis Eyes" (NYCNative), Monday, 27 March 2017 20:40 (four months ago) Permalink

Ha, just now came here to paste that, rat on! Would def like to check the expanded Lotus too.

dow, Monday, 27 March 2017 23:04 (four months ago) Permalink

I'm in the middle of this, which would be a good companion to that comp. It starts out shaky (oh no, yet another half-assed oral history), but when it covers the more obscure nearly forgotten clubs and the forgotten artists better than anything previously.

Fastnbulbous, Tuesday, 28 March 2017 13:32 (four months ago) Permalink


For reasons that will become lysergically clear once you’ve heard the samples, Midori Takada's sublime debut album Through The Looking Glass [1983] is widely regarded the holy grail of ‘80s Japanese ambient & minimalist music. Perhaps it’s no wonder that 2nd hand copies are known to trade for over £600, and, therefore this deluxe reissue is welcomed by a whole new generation of listeners tracing this enchanted sound back to source.

Rooted in Midori Takada's fascination with Asian and African percussion traditions, Through The Looking Glass documents the Japanese musician navigating syncretic channels of practice between floating fantasy kingdoms and parallel ambient dimensions whilst guided by a deeply ethereal, oneiric spirit that’s utterly key to the album’s appeal. While it broadly falls under the ambient banner, the results are far too grand and ambitious to be considered sonic wallpaper - they’re more like widescreen tableaus that open out exponentially the deeper in you dive.

The image of a Lady Godiva-like character riding a hare-sheep-horse chimera on the cover symbolises the surreal confluence of ideas and gestures within; a Japanese musician translating Victorian psychedelic fantasies into a language of rippling rhythmelodies and softly pealing harmonics that nod to Pygmy music as much as gamelan traditions, the soundtracks of Cocteau films and precise marimba patter.

The rest, we’ll leave for your dilated discovery. Take it on trust that this is especially spellbinding and sui generis stuff without complete comparison. A dream.

Fastnbulbous, Tuesday, 28 March 2017 13:40 (four months ago) Permalink

^ indeed. A beautiful record and very proud of my friend who's behind this reissue as well as a few other great ones (Mariah and Woo).

Acid Hose (Capitaine Jay Vee), Tuesday, 28 March 2017 15:46 (four months ago) Permalink

Intriguing, thanks for the news.

Colourbox: 'Music of the band (1982-1987)' 4AD Store Exclusive LP

24th March 2017
To coincide with Wolfgang Tillmans' first major exhibition at the Tate Modern in London, Music of the band (1982-1987), a celebration of Colourbox, is available as a limited double LP. An HD audio version is also now available to stream / download via Bower & Wilkins. You can buy the LP edition from the 4AD Store, and the LP is also available from the Tate Modern in London.

The 16 tracks chosen by Wolfgang were originally selected to be played on loop at a conceptual playback listening space at Tillmans’ Berlin gallery, Between Bridges, in 2014, where lyrics and samples were pasted on the walls and where copies of the v23-designed records sat alongside original session ½” and ¼” tape reels, seeking to provide a unique environment for the audience to immerse themselves in the band’s modest but potent legacy. A limited number of CDs featuring those exhibition tracks were made available at this 2014 exhibition.

Both Colourbox and the Playback Room now form part of Tillmans’ exhibition in London (running until June 11th 2017) and this gatefold 2xLP edition of the compilation is now available exclusively through both the Tate shops and via the 4AD online store. This version features a new variation of the Tillmans-designed CD sleeve, a previously unreleased photograph series of his that features his prized Canon Colour Laser Copier, ripped apart and dismantled after a decade of service; “Eighties technology has influenced me a lot. When I won the Turner Prize I bought this copier with the money. Ten years later it was no longer repairable and I made this 'deconstruction' of it." You can find full details of the exhibition at the Tate Modern here.

Previously speaking of the band, Wolfgang said, "Brothers Martyn and Steven Young together with Ian Robbins, Lorita Grahame and Debian Curry were pioneers of experimental pop music. They created an eclectic sound drawing from reggae and soul influences, beat-box driven hip-hop rhythms, blue-eyed soul, as well as a fusion of far-ranging influences spanning from classic R&B, to dub and industrial. Using montages of analogue magnetic tape pieces and experimenting with tape machines, Colourbox were at the fore-front of sampling, which in its digital form would become ubiquitous in the course of the 1980's. The band worked in a seeming contrast of pure artistic research in the studio and an anti-intellectual stance towards the outside world.”

Between the initial exhibition in Berlin and this, Steven Young has sadly passed away. This release is also being pressed as a tribute to him and to Ian Robbins, who left us in 2014, and the wonderful music they made.

Colourbox - Music of the band (1982-1987)
A1 - Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse / Shoot Out (7:57)
A2 - Sleepwalker (2:16)
A3 - Just Give ‘em Whiskey (4:19)
A4 - Baby I Love You So [7” version] (3:20)

B1 - Edit The Dragon (2:43)
B2 - Hipnition (3:06)
B3 - We Walk Around the Streets (0:24)
B4 - Nation (10:00)

C1 - Justice (4:51)
C2 - Sex Gun (4:08)
C3 - Shotgun (4:50)
C4 - The Moon Is Blue [7” version] (4:34)

D1 - Keep On Pushing (5:18)
D2 - Fast Dump (5:40)
D3 - Arena I (4:22)
D4 - Hot Doggie (2:58)

dow, Wednesday, 29 March 2017 00:59 (four months ago) Permalink

From Rhino: a real whole bunch of vinyl for Record Store Day, mixed bag incl. musical quality-wise of course, but (get the 7" of Patti Smith's "Piss Factory"/"Hey Joe" even if you have it; a spare can't hoit):

dow, Wednesday, 29 March 2017 01:18 (four months ago) Permalink

Everloving Records announces the US reissue Super Furry Animals’ 1996 debut album, Fuzzy Logic, for Record Store Day 2017!

On Saturday April 22nd, Fuzzy Logic will be available on 180g LP with an additional 35 bonus tracks and on 2xCD. Gruff Rhys says: “The reissue is radically different to the original, some songs have alternative beginnings and endings and people will notice the difference in definition, especially in high resolution digital and the new vinyl cut.”

Despite the Lennon-aping antics of their peers, Wales’s Super Furry Animals were the closest Britpop came to the adventuring spirit of the Beatles. Their indie rock, psychedelic pop, dance, country, glam and space-folk mashup was as pioneering as their aesthetic was madcap … These homecoming gods showed us the old magic.” — The Guardian

The madness and the majesty of Super Furry Animals’ chaotic emergence as an indefinable, thrillingly exciting addition to the innovative margins of mainstream rock and roll is irresistibly encapsulated in the US reissue of their 1996 debut album, Fuzzy Logic for Record Store Day 2017 on Saturday April 22nd via Everloving Records. From the two-decade deep well of their adventurous catalogue come B-sides, a legendary festival performance and demo versions from low-key 1995 recording sessions, revealing the genesis and winding roads taken by many of their early hits.

Super Furry Animals are comprised of Huw Bunford (Guitar/Vocals), Cian Ciaran (Keyboards/Effects/Vocals), Dafydd Ieuan (Drums/Vocals), Guto Pryce (Bass) and Gruff Rhys (Vocals/Guitar). This is the original lineup that burst onto the music scene in 1995 with the release of their first EP Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (In Space). They were quickly recognized as being amongst the most interesting and inventive bands of the ‘90s British music boom and a string of lauded albums. Renowned for an energetic and exhilarating live show, the band has become synonymous with their native Wales and are considered a bona fide national treasure.

The significance of the reissue and the forensic remastering process was heightened as the band learned of the tapes’ near destruction in a storage fire sometime between the original Rockfield Studio sessions in late 1995 and their retrieval in 2016. Official Furries Archivist and Co-Compiler, Kliph Scurlock dusted off the smoke-tinged reels and led a fingertip search for each and every track, working with Mastering Engineer, Donal Whelan to unpeel layers of primitive, mid-nineties digitization, correct subtly corrupt edits and expose the warmth and ingenuity of the original, analogue recordings in superior, high resolution.

Gruff Rhys says: “The reissue is radically different to the original, some songs have alternative beginnings and endings and people will notice the difference in definition, especially in high resolution digital and the new vinyl cut. 1995/6 was an overwhelming whirlwind of touring, gimmickry and mayhem for us so it’s been a real treat to take some time to relive and reassess all these songs and compile everything that we recorded in that short, magical period in one place. In the unfamiliar environment of a big studio, Fuzzy Logic didn’t end up sounding anything like what we’d had in our heads for those years of songwriting building up to it, but it does have that undefinable vigor and energy of youth which isn’t included in the price of hiring a multitrack studio.”

Super Furry Animals spent six weeks in Rockfield Studios, South Wales completing the album, which was then released on Creation Records in May of 1996, climbing to 23 in the UK charts. The productivity of the time is evident in a separate collection of eight rock-solid b- sides, including the boisterous, fan favorite, Guacamole, creating parallels with bands such as The Beatles, The Smiths and The Jam, all renowned for the songs on the flipside being of the same, unquestionable quality as the lead.

Super Furry Animals
Fuzzy Logic
April 22, 2017
Everloving Records – EVE055 – 180g LP & 2XCD

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more info via the orig. press sheet:

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CAN The Singles - a collection of all of the band’s single releases - is out June 16 on triple vinyl, download, CD and streaming services.

“Shikako Maru Ten” was the B-side to “Spoon,” which was a Top 10 hit in Germany in 1972. The singles on this compilation are all presented in their original 7” version and “Shikako Maru Ten,” which never appeared on a studio album, is available here for the first time on vinyl outside its original release.

This unique document is the first time the singles have been presented together and shows the breadth of CAN’s influential career, from well-loved tracks like “Halleluwah,” “Vitamin C” and “I Want More” to more obscure singles such as “Silent Night” and "Turtles Have Short Legs". Preorder The Singles HERE.

The Barbican in London recently hosted a very special event to mark CAN’s 50th anniversary year: Irmin Schmidt conducted the London Symphony Orchestra, presenting the world premiere of an original orchestral work composed by Schmidt and Gregor Schwellenbach called CAN Dialog while a specially curated supergroup brought together by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and featuring CAN’s first singer Malcolm Mooney performed a set of CAN tracks, including “She Brings The Rain,” “Yoo Doo Right” and “Mother Sky.”

CAN, founded in 1967, released their debut album Monster Movie (1969) which set them apart from the mainstream, carving out a sound that transcended the boundaries of experimental electronic, jazz and modern classical music. CAN’s influence extends from post-punk musicians such as Joy Division and Primal Scream, through avant-garde composers including Bernhard Lang and Radiohead. Schmidt himself began his musical career as a pupil of Stockhausen and Ligeti, and conducted numerous high-profile orchestras in his native Germany and abroad. Hearing the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa in the ‘60s led to the formation of CAN but Schmidt never lost touch with his avant-garde classical upbringing, and it is to Schmidt that CAN owed much of its musical eclecticism.

In spring 2018, Faber & Faber will publish a new book devoted to CAN titled All Gates Open. The special edition will come in two volumes: one will be the first complete, authorized biography of the band written by Rob Young and the second, CAN Kiosk by Irmin Schmidt, is a collage of thoughts, visuals and interviews (interviews collated by Max Dax and Robert Defcon).

1. Soul Desert
2. She Brings The Rain
3. Spoon
4. Shikako Maru Ten
5. Turtles Have Short Legs
6. Halleluwah (Edit)
7. Vitamin C
8. I’m So Green
9. Mushroom
10. Moonshake
11. Future Days (Edit)
12. Dizzy Dizzy (Edit)
13. Splash (Edit)
14. Hunters And Collectors (Edit)
15. Vernal Equinox (Edit)
16. I Want More
17. ...And More
18. Silent Night
19. Cascade Waltz
20. Don’t Say No (Edit)
21. Return
22. Can Can
23. Hoolah Hoolah (Edit)

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Dunno deal with link--if don't see it, check youtube.

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Why is it that Rhino has put out at least half a dozen Nuggets followups (Nuggets II, Children of Nuggets and the San Francisco and L.A. boxes, plus a few Rhino Handmade single-disc Sunshine Pop comps), but never a sequel to the One Kiss Can Lead To Another girl group box?

Hideous Lump, Thursday, 1 June 2017 04:40 (two months ago) Permalink

Not that it answers your question, but I think they haven't done a various artists box set since the L.A. Nuggets one in 2009. I understand some of the Rhino people went to work elsewhere amidst greater Warner downsizing; some of them I think went to RockBeat Records, where they have done further "nuggets" collections (Surf Age Nuggets, Halloween Nuggets, Los Nuggets).

eatandoph (Neue Jesse Schule), Thursday, 1 June 2017 06:05 (two months ago) Permalink

I pre-ordered the Purple Rain set. It's about damn time!

Thinking of getting Uriah Heep reissues, and this: Doctors Of Madness - Perfect Past: The Complete Doctors of Madness

Doctors Of Madness were the missing link between Bowie and the Sex Pistols. Formed in 1974, they were too early for punk but their music was abrasive, angular and uncompromising. Members of The Adverts, The Damned, Penetration and The Skids were in their audiences. The Sex Pistols were their support band. After they split in 1978, Doctors Of Madness were tagged “punk before punk”: as author Simon Reynolds put it in his 2016 book Shock And Awe: Glam Rock And Its Legacy.

Perfect Past: The Complete Doctors Of Madness is the first ever all-inclusive anthology of this important British band. Over three discs, their three albums – Disc One: Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms (March 1976); Disc Two : Figments Of Emancipation (October 1976); Disc Three: Sons Of Survival (March 1978) – are supplemented with never-before-heard recordings from June 1975 and late 1976, along with live recordings of songs they never tackled in the studio, including those with The Adverts’ TV Smith, and a prospective 1978 single made with The Damned’s David Vanian on vocals. All tracks are newly remastered.

In-depth liner notes by MOJO magazine’s Kieron Tyler, the author of Damned biography Smashing It Up: A Decade Of Chaos With The Damned, draw on exclusive new interviews with the band’s charismatic, outspoken frontman and songwriter Richard Strange and their violin/guitar player Urban Blitz.

Presented in a clam shell box, including LP facsimile wallets, and a fully illustrated booklet featuring illustrations from Richard Strange’s personal archives.

The band-approved Perfect Past: The Complete Doctors Of Madness is the last word on Doctors Of Madness and essential for anyone with any interest in British rock and how punk evolved. Watch out for reunion shows in 2017.


13.OUT *





1. 50s KIDS



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I was offered a promo of that but I'd never heard of them so I passed.

grawlix (unperson), Saturday, 3 June 2017 17:06 (two months ago) Permalink

Yep, they continue to be a band lost between the cracks. Ultravox, Simple Minds and OMD have cited them as an influence.

Fastnbulbous, Saturday, 3 June 2017 18:18 (two months ago) Permalink

Got an advance of it -- great set!

Ned Raggett, Saturday, 3 June 2017 18:46 (two months ago) Permalink

Describe please (within discreet bounds, if you might be covering it)!

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"the missing link between Bowie and the Sex Pistols" sounds like Cheech and Chong's band from Up in Smoke

Sutcliffe Juugin' (Whiney G. Weingarten), Monday, 5 June 2017 00:42 (two months ago) Permalink


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Too late for glam, too early for punk *kinda* describes it but it's more like these characters would have been weirdos in any scene. But they didn't eschew catchy songs either.

Ned Raggett, Monday, 5 June 2017 01:32 (two months ago) Permalink

Come to think of it, Mark Sinker once told me that really early on (with Matlock, I take it), the live (and maybe demo?) Pistols did sometimes sound kinda like frayed Bowieoid glam fans---and if them then, why not others?

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Formed in Sydney in 1976, VOIGT/465 was a truly unique band from the exciting days of the Australian post-punk scene. Heavily influenced by such luminaries as the Velvets, Stooges, Syd Barrett, Pere Ubu, Can, Faust, Henry Cow, Slapp Happy and Eno’s Roxy Music, they created an abrasive sound in which Krautrock, DIY, avant-garage, post-punk, psych, art-rock and free improv-noise combined to form a sound unlike any other.

In 1978 they released one of the first DIY 45s from Australia, “State” / “A Secret West”, which showed their “pop-psych” side and was played by John Peel in the UK.

The following year, their bass player Lindsay O’Meara decided to leave the band and join Crime & The City Solution in Melboune. Before parting ways, Voigt/465 decided to record one last album as a testament. “Slights Spoken”, saw the light in 1979 and it’s without doubt one of the most fascinating albums from the post-punk /DIY era. Here it is including the two tracks from their first 45 as bonus tracks.

*LP and CD come with free digital download coupon, featuring the complete album plus five studio / live bonus tracks from '78-79, including killer covers of Faust, Can and Roxy Music.

*Remastered sound

*Insert with rare photos and liner notes by band member Phil Turnbull


“An interesting schizophrenic mix of punk, krautrock, psychedelia with RIO/Homosexuals/This Heat weirdness.” – Mutant Sounds

“These guys and gals were something like a psychedelic meeting of This Heat, Krautrock and the Homosexuals, with a healthy dose of that good old English-born DIY spirit thrown in.”
- Dominique Leone (Pitchfork)

LP Tracklist:

Side A: 1. State* - 2. Voices A Drama - 3. A Welcome Mystery - 4. Red Lock On See Steal - 5. Imprint - 6. Many Risk

Side B: 1. A Secret West* - 2. Is New Is - 3. 4 Hours - 4. P - 5. F1 - 6. Winchsoul

* Bonus tracks.

CD and DIGITAL Tracklist:

01. State* - 02. A Secret West* - 03. Voices A Drama - 04. A Welcome Mystery - 05. Red Lock On See Steal - 06. Imprint - 07. Many Risk - 08. Is New Is - 09. 4 Hours - 10. P - 11. F1 - 12. Winchsoul - 13. And The Following Page* - 14. So Long As One Knows* - 15. Remake / Remodel (Live)** - 16. Connection (Live)** - 17. It's A Rainy Day (Live)**

*Bonus Tracks
** Digital only bonus tracks.
released June 1, 2017
tags: #post-punk australia d.i.y experimental punk rock can faust improv krautrock noise rock Spain

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Via SoundCloud -
Via YouTube -

Secretly Canadian is honored to partner with Chimera Music on releasing Yoko Ono’s musical output from 1968 to 1985. Comprised of eleven studio albums, the reissue project’s focus is to painstakingly reconstruct the original vinyl packaging, to thoroughly excavate and appropriately curate the treasure-laden archives of never-before-seen photos and ephemera, and to re-master the audio, all for the purpose of creating the definitive editions of this timeless work. In addition to making the vinyl available for the first time in decades, each album will also be available digitally for the first time ever.

Secretly Canadian and Chimera Music couldn’t be more proud to be a part of re-introducing Yoko Ono’s seminal work. The first batch was reissued last year and included 1968's Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins, 1969's Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions, and 1970's Plastic Ono Band. The second batch, which will see release on July 14th, will feature 1971's Fly, 1973's Approximately Infinite Universe, and 1973's Feeling The Space.

In the meantime, you can watch the reissue trailer and stream the re-mastered version of "What A Bastard The World Is" off of Approximately Infinite Universe.

What you hear on Fly is Ono’s disarming combination of opacity and visceral, personal transparency in full bloom. It’s also one of the most unbridled, most captivating soul albums ever made. And that’s right where she wants you: Vulnerable, wide open to any-and-everything, ready to have your world tipped onto its head. She’s a master of spinning your head around. First, you get the Bar Band from Hell of “Midsummer New York” to kick things off. It’s about the last thing you’d expect from Ono coming off Plastic Ono Band. But here you are, listening to Ono channeling Elvis. At 16-minute-plus, the tranced-out, motorik-inspired boogie “Mind Train” is rough-and-ready for your next basement get down. Movement and perspiration required. Ono’s band of session heavy hitters burrows deep in a sort-of locomotive raga while Ono’s punchy vocables and rhythmic syllables do interpretive dances around one another. If Ono’s voice were Miles Davis’s trumpet, “Mind Train” might not sound totally out of place on Davis’s Jack Johnson or On The Corner. Then, we have the absolutely gutting blues of “Don’t Worry, Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking For Her Hand in The Snow).” Full of ache and raw emotion, the song is a love note, a plea for forgiveness, to her estranged daughter Kyoko shot across the universe on a flaming arrow. “Don’t Worry...” is the only song on Fly to feature the truly legendary line-up of John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Klaus Voorman — all masters laying down a totally crude assault on the blues form. Ono follows this stampede of emotion with the self-referential torch song “Mrs. Lennon,” a wounded — personally wounded, spiritually wounded — song that gets right into the Universal Loneliness. And so here you are. You’re devastated. You're exhausted. You're exhilarated. And you’re only 1/4 of the way up the mountain that is Fly. Dig deep, traveler, it’s worth the climb.

There’s a fury at the core of Yoko Ono’s 1973 rock opus Approximately Infinite Universe that was not apparent on previously recorded efforts. Ono has always been a master of turning pain and sadness into art, but here, there’s a clenched-fist intensity that sets it apart in her deep, unparalleled catalogue. Ono is angry. She proved that one can carry a boundless love for humanity and still be furious — furious at male/female relationships, at war, at your partner. Meanwhile, on a sonic level, Ono ups the ante on the more centered rock-n-roll sounds she approached with 1971’s Fly. Backed by members of New York band Elephant's Memory, with limited guitar contributions from John Lennon (listed as "Joel Nohnn"), the album is also one of the most traditional-sounding rock chapters in Ono's sprawling catalogue. There are moments here that absolutely rival Jersey legends the E Street Band, though of course Ono’s vision leads her band down darker, more mystical paths than the E Street Band ever dared tread. Approximately Infinite Universe is an essential and progressive piece of Ono’s output, both in the advancements she made as a songwriter/conceptualist, and as a solidified statement of her staunch feminist role within the very male-dominated mainstream rock ghetto of the mid-1970's. Add this powerful feminist statement to the fact that the music business in 1973 was in its post-Woodstock explosion: A&R men, radio programmers, marketing execs, booking agents: men with a chokehold over the business, and Yoko's entry into it a complete question mark to them all. Ono absolutely intended to boggle the boys' club of the music industry. Fast-forward to today, and Approximately Infinite Universe stands as a template for powerful female artists to follow in the years ahead.

The fact that the once-reviled Yoko Ono is inspiring a new generation of activists comes as no surprise if you’ve listened to Feeling the Space, her personal-is-political 1973 album that resonates remarkably forty-four years later. On such songs as the righteous chant “Woman Power,” the empathetic ballad “Angry Young Woman,” the hilarious proto-grrrl “Potbelly Rocker,” and the satirical “Men Men Men,” Ono sings in surprisingly straightforward fashion about the burdens carried by women and the mandate for feminism. Supported by such skilled studio vets as guitarist David Spinozza, sax player Michael Brecker, and drummer Jim Keltner, this is perhaps Yoko’s most accessible album, and her most intimate. Feeling the Space was recorded during the time when the avant-garde visionary artist became estranged from her rock-star husband John Lennon. He plays only briefly on the album (billed as Johnny O’cean); she produced and wrote all the songs. The result is a definitive soundtrack/document of the era of consciousness raising and of radical critique of the family structure. Yoko and company deliver this hard message soft rock style, or as soft as Yoko could get – think of Feeling the Space as Tapestry with talons, or the second-wave godmother of Lemonade. Yoko was on the front lines of the women’s liberation movement. Dedicated “to the sisters who died in pain and sorrow and those who are now in prisons and in mental hospitals for being unable to survive in the male society,” it’s an emotional exploration of the psychological toll of oppression.

Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins (1968) - out now
Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions (1969) - out now
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band (1970) - out now
Fly (1971) - out July 14th
Approximately Infinite Universe (1973) - out July 14th
Feeling the Space (1973) - out July 14th
A Story (recorded in 1974)
Season of Glass (1981)
It’s Alright (I See Rainbows) (1982)
Starpeace (1985)
Unfinished Music No. 3: Wedding Album (1969)

Pre-order Yoko Ono Reissues:

Download hi-res images and one-sheets here:

Yoko Ono Online:

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Ingénue: 25th Anniversary Edition
July 7, 2017
k.d. lang's Ingénue: 25th Anniversary Edition marks the double platinum-selling, Grammy-winning album's silver anniversary. The new two-disc set includes remastered versions of the album's original ten tracks, including its huge hit "Constant Craving," along with eight previously unreleased performances from lang's 1993 MTV Unplugged episode, recorded in New York City's famed Ed Sullivan Theater. Nonesuch Store pre-orders include an exclusive, limited-edition print signed by lang.

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Shelleyan orphan complete works coming out as Limited edition box sets in cd and vinyl.

Stevolende, Saturday, 17 June 2017 20:55 (two months ago) Permalink

From THE DRAG CITY NEWSLETTER---as ever, please adjust your shades to dig this prose:

We're always on about the weirdness of time and vagaries of fate, but it's not entirely our fault - time and fate continue to demonstrate new aspects of the improbable way it all works! Take our other July release (yes, please), Fumio Miyashita's Live On the Boffomundo Show. We're not sure what's more unlikely - us putting out edited performances from two thirtysomething-year-old performances by Fumio on LA's obscure cable-access
"Boffomundo Show" or the fact that Fumio Miyashita appeared twice on an LA cable access show in 1979 and 80! Because see, first of all, Fumio Miyashita is a well-known name in Japan, but still a cult figure over here even today. After debuting with Far Out in 1973, then morphing to the equally proggy Far East Family Band
(with Kitaro!) in 1974, Fumio was on his way to a prolific solo career, with over 50 album releases from the eighties through the aughties. Sure, people know what the Far East Family Band were about, and groups like Tangerine Dream were known to be about in 1979. But still! Somehow fate brought Fumio to the attention of Aaron Weiner and Ron Curtiss and he duly appeared, with his synthesizers, tapes, flute and percussion in full flight. A second trip produced a session featuring guitar and bass in addition to Fumio's arsenal. Our good friend Brian Weitz brought this to us, and we absolutely did not say no! A nice combination of seeming amazing on paper and also playing AWESOME in the ear, the "Boffomundo Tapes" are bound to please kraut collectors, new age enthusiasts and just plain ol' tripheads alike! Root Strata blog has remarkably clear video footage of the shows, but even without the pristine black and white images of Fumio attending his keyboards, this music is a deep recital of experimental and spiritual vibes, prefiguring the new age drifts of the decade to come with a nice early edge still on the music. That the sands of time have shifted to allow us all to hear this just tickles us! Hats off to sticking around - the honor of still being here for this is all ours. But the pleasure is something we're determined to share.

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Landmark Series Of Remastered Parlophone Studio Albums Packaged With "Further
Listening" Albums Of Additional And Previously Unreleased Material Out July 28

press release:

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At long last, Black Gladiator and Slovenly boldly present the first ever reissue of the infamous “Eat Hot Lead” LP from San Fernando Valley’s PUKE SPIT & GUTS! Fully authorized by the band’s surviving members, this project was ten years in the making, and originally slated for re-release by Alternative Tentacles. Here’s Jello Biafra, as quoted from Re/Search’s “Incredibly Strange Music vol. II” tome:

“Most extreme of all in music and attitude was PUKE SPIT & GUTS from Southern California - their album was subtly titled Eat Hot Lead. They’re none to subtle about how much they hate having to play with punk bands, even though they sound like them. In L.A. they even had a run-in with an original D.C. hardcore band, The Teen Idles (Ian MacKaye pre-Minor Threat; Henry Rollins was their roadie). Seems Ian borrowed their bass amp and blew it up. P.S.& G. chased them all over the parking lot outside Madame Wong’s (a punk club)!”

A crew of spirited So. Cal. weirdos, as opposed to mere punks, Puke Spit & Guts released the LP on their own Important Records label in 1980. Members Donny Death, Captain Worm, Dick Head (real name!), Marie Manslaughter and Stuicide assembled this absurdist and raunchy LP with the unholy shrieks of human victims being fed into a countertop blender between each track. On the opening cut - the PS&G theme - Death declares most bizarrely and brazenly “Sex Pistols couldn’t their liquor, Ramones wear tennis shoes! Alice Cooper is a party pooper, we’re the punk band for youuuu!” On “Kill for Kicks” he proclaims “I’m so tired, I’m so bored, I don’t wanna live no more! Life is a fucker and I’m a whore!” And it only gets weirder from there. Marie Manslaughter lets you know if you wanna get some of her fine lovin’ you gotta self-mutilate on “Send Me Your Ear,” and even then, anal sex is outta the question on “You Ain’t Never.” We’re not even gonna attempt to tell you What Captain Worm is yelling about on the title track.

This one-in-a-million scumbag rarity makes a killer companion to your Mentors, Jabbers, Broken Talent, and We’re Loud records. Check the full story / interview by Laurent Bigot in the upcoming issue of Ugly Things Magazine (#45) and as a Bandcamp ONLY download exclusive, there are 24 rare photos + 10 bonus tracks: live material from 1979, outtakes from the ERRATIC session (Capt. Worm’s post-PS&G project), one track from Worm’s last ever recording session (1984), a KROQ album giveaway aircheck, and a 2001 recording by DONNY DEATH JR. and the PUTZ.

Puke and Other Poems (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Saturday, 1 July 2017 20:56 (one month ago) Permalink

Such a beautiful record, all-time for me.

Available: July 28th, 2017

Recorded in a shaky makeshift chicken shack in rural Maryland, Link Wray’s eponymous 1971 solo album is a compelling and forward-looking piece of honest, handmade Americana. This album is vastly different from his previous work, foregoing instrumentals entirely. Instead, Wray, left with only one lung following a bout with tuberculosis in 1956, gives us his raw voice, full of spit and vinegar, as he blends elements of country, rock ‘n’ roll, roots, folk and gospel marked with fuzzy guitar and booming percussion. He kicks off with a track, “La De Da”, that may be the greatest song the Stones never wrote. Elsewhere, the single “Fallin’ Rain” channels Dylan at his most political, with lyrics about “stabbings and shootings and young men dying all around.” Link Wray proved to be the only album that the guitarist issued in his own name to hit the American charts during his nearly 50-year recording career. Although it didn’t receive much critical acclaim at the time of its release, Link Wray has seen a resurgence in recent years and developed a cult following, with artists from Nick Cave to The Neville Brothers recording versions of its tracks.

Link, along with brothers Vernon and Doug began playing together professionally in 1942, their rowdy instrumental single “Rumble” charting at number 16 in 1958. Following a string of hits on Philadelphia-based Swan Records, Vernon began to serve as the family’s producer, eventually starting his own studio; first in the basement of his home and then–after his wife Evelyn complained about the noise–in a converted shack on the property. It was there that Link, Vernon and producer Steve Verroca found a sound that marked “a return to simplicity.” This carefully remastered reissue will take you right back to that chicken shack, and to sessions so electric you can almost feel the atmosphere.

Release Notes

“Juke Box Mama Gold” wax. Limited edition of 400. Limit two per customer.
First official vinyl reissue
Reproduction of original die-cut LP gatefold jacket
New liner notes by Chris Morris
Newly remastered
The 4xLP bundle includes: standard black vinyl copies of Mordicai Jones (TWM06), Beans & Fatback (TWM07), Be What You Want (TWM08), and the gold wax color variant of Link Wray (FDR 633) – See photo below

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pep llopis reissue owns

||||||||, Friday, 14 July 2017 19:53 (one month ago) Permalink

Noothgrush / Corrupted
Noothgrush/Corrupted split

Release date: Friday, August 25th 2017

Airplay Date: Tuesday, July 18th 2017

20 Buck Spin is proud to re-unleash one of the most corrosive and damaging split albums, and one of the earliest landmark sludge metal releases, with a reissue of the long out-of-print NOOTHGRUSH / CORRUPTED split LP. The album has been remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Vastum, Acephalix, Nightfell) and bears new artwork by Hal Rotter of Rotting Graphics (Atriarch, Vehemence, Vallenfyre).

View a trailer for the remastered NOOTHGRUSH / CORRUPTED split LP at THIS LOCATION.

It's hard to believe that twenty years have passed since two of the bleakest purveyors of doomed psychosis, namely NOOTHGRUSH and CORRUPTED, unleashed thirty-five minutes of suffering on one split LP. Perhaps thought buried by grime and rust, the much sought-after release has now been excavated in 2017 and given a fresh layer of tar via remastered audio and new artwork.

Today there's countless bands mining every single facet of what is mostly incorrectly called “doom.” Initially released in 1997 through Reservoir Records, the NOOTHGRUSH / CORRUPTED split reminds us that “sludge,” doom's most nihilistic offshoot, wasn’t about upbeat warm waves of stoner’ riffs and top dollar vintage tees, but about landfills of hatred, misery, and self-loathing, a total negation of life and a completely uncompromising and untrendy sound. Music that wants to punish you and itself.

Oakland's Hal Rotter has provided this seminal split with new art appropriately conveying the grim atmosphere within, and Brad Boatright's remaster enhances the all-consuming dread that makes even the bleakest Vitus moments sound cheerful by comparison.

The monumental NOOTHGRUSH / CORRUPTED will be resurrected by 20 Buck Spin on LP and digital platforms on August 25th. Find both clear and black vinyl preorders HERE and digital preorders HERE.


NOOTHGRUSH - Hatred For The Species
CORRUPTED - Inactive

dow, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 17:22 (one month ago) Permalink

I tweeted that I hoped this was the beginning of a full-on Corrupted reissue campaign, and the 20 Buck Spin dude replied, "I wish!"

grawlix (unperson), Tuesday, 18 July 2017 17:51 (one month ago) Permalink


CD And Vinyl Sets Feature Newly Remastered Versions Of The Original Albums
Expanded With Rare And Unreleased Studio And Live Recordings

Available This Fall From Rhino

expanded track listings got messed up when I tried to paste the whole thing, but here's orig press sheet:

dow, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 19:03 (one month ago) Permalink

Most of the bonus tracks on the Chaos A.D. reissue were originally issued on a Roadrunner compilation called Blood-Rooted.

grawlix (unperson), Tuesday, 18 July 2017 19:23 (one month ago) Permalink

Two Ornette Coleman albums that have never been on CD before, not even in Japan, are being released in September. Crisis and Ornette At 12 are coming out as a 2-for-1 from Real Gone Music. Fully remastered, new liner notes, artwork nicely reproduced, etc., etc.

Pre-order link.

grawlix (unperson), Thursday, 20 July 2017 15:50 (one month ago) Permalink

I like Emerson, Lake & Palmer a lot, but this is fucking nuts.


Super-Deluxe, career-spanning Box Set featuring the classic original albums, a wealth of unreleased ELP recordings on CD and LP, hardback book, audio Blu-Ray, 7” Singles, tour programmes and memorabilia

Released by BMG on September 29th, 2017

Pre-order now from the official Box Set Store:

Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy Tour 2017 Summer Tour Dates Announced - Appearing on the Yestival tour

BMG’s comprehensive Emerson, Lake & Palmer release series continues with ‘Fanfare: Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1970-1997’ available from September 29th 2017. This lavishly produced impressive box set collates nearly 3 decades of work from the immense musical talent of keyboardist Keith Emerson, bassist/vocalist Greg Lake and drummer Carl Palmer.

The Fanfare box set offers a wealth of ELP treasure for their ever increasing fanbase: All of ELP’s remastered 11 albums; 5 previously unreleased CDs of never issued recordings; a never before issued triple vinyl set (‘Live In Italy, May 1973’); 1 x Surround Sound Blu Ray audio, plus some high quality memorabilia including a 40-page hardback book with rare band photos, as well as tour programmes and a must-have repro 7” of ‘Fanfare For The Common Man’. An expansive set befitting for one of rock’s great super groups.

ELP were one the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1970s, their wild stage act and dynamic music achieved global sales of over 40 million albums. Their first 7 album releases all made the U.K. chart Top 10 and U.S. Top 20. Their penchant for appropriating themes from classical music and the group's more nuanced, textured approach to symphonic arrangements set ELP apart from their more bombastic guitar-based contemporaries of the time.

Despite the sad recent deaths of Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, Carl Palmer continues to play sell-out shows all over the world with his group Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy and they will be appearing in the US August 2017 (see dates).


*The remastered 11 classic original ELP albums (1970-94), on CD, with original sleeve artwork reproduced:
TARKUS (1971)
TRILOGY (1972)
WORKS VOLUME 1 (1977) (2CD)

Previously unreleased, gatefold, triple vinyl LP album:

*Previously unreleased CD albums, mastered by the internationally celebrated studio engineering team of Andy Pearce and Matt Wortham:

*Audio Blu-Ray, containing the stereo 5:1 and surround sound mixes of the albums:

*Remastered 7” singles with reproduced original sleeve artwork:

*Deluxe, hardback 12” book with band photos and extensive notes from acclaimed journalist Chris Welch, featuring quotes from Keith Emerson, Greg Lake & Carl Palmer

*Reprinted original 1970 promo poster, 1972 promo brochure, 1974 and 1992 tour programs

*Metal & enamel ELP logo pin badge

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We are excited to announce SV's reissue campaign of electronic music pioneer Franco Battiato. Often heralded as Italy's answer to Brian Eno, Battiato turned pop music upside down in the early '70s with perfectly oblique vocals, infectious melodies, analog electronics and his unique, forward-thinking ideas on rock 'n' roll.

Three classic albums – Fetus (1971), Pollution (1972) and Sulle Corde Di Aries (1973) – are scheduled to be released this September, with more coming later in the year!

Fastnbulbous, Sunday, 30 July 2017 17:49 (three weeks ago) Permalink



To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones album Their Satanic Majesties Request, ABKCO Music is releasing a limited edition deluxe double vinyl/double hybrid Super Audio CD (compatible with all CD players) package on September 22. The set contains both the stereo and mono versions of every song, all newly remastered by Bob Ludwig. Their Satanic Majesties Request 50th Anniversary will include Michael Cooper’s original 3-D lenticular cover photograph, featuring the band in peak psychedelic regalia.

Originally released in December of 1967, Their Satanic Majesties Request is the first self-produced album in the Stones’ vast catalog. Experimental in nature, it was such a departure from the band’s rhythm & blues roots that it threw critics for a loop. Initially derided by Rolling Stone Magazine for being “too infused with the pretentions of their musical inferiors” (namely the Beatles), the record was simultaneously lauded by DownBeat with a five star review declaring the album “a revolutionary event in modern pop music.”* Over the ensuing decades, it has proven to be a highly influential body of work; generations of bands have covered Satanic songs, from punk legends The Damned, Bad Brains, and Redd Kross, to hard rockers KISS and Monster Magnet, as well as indie taste makers Cibo Matto and Arcade Fire. Music from the album can be heard in Wes Anderson’s directorial debut Bottle Rocket.

The title was derived from a pun based on the inside of British passports at the time which read, “Her Britannic Majesties Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Requests and Requires . . .” Their Satanic Majesties Request was recorded in pieces between February and October of 1967. It was a tumultuous period for the Rolling Stones – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones were arrested for drug possession, with Jones spending three weeks in a nursing home. Stones’ original manager/producer Andrew Loog Oldham quit halfway through recording sessions, leaving the band to finish the album on their own. A chaotic spring European tour that involved a riot in Poland also interrupted work flow. Very rarely were all five members in the studio at the same time but despite these impediments, Charlie Watts recalled, “The sessions were a lot of fun because you could do anything. It was so druggy—acid and all that.”

Grammy award winning music historian Rob Bowman writes in the liner notes for the new set, “Their Satanic Majesties Request should be recognized as an important stepping stone in the Rolling Stones’ development from an r&b-inspired band to the inventors of modern rock for the 1970s.” Falling between Between the Buttons and Beggars Banquet, it was the first of their albums to have identical tracklists in the U.S. and UK. Satanic Majesties’ ten tunes are saturated with studio effects, non-traditional instruments such as mellotron and theremin, ambient sounds created using oscillators, string arrangements by John Paul Jones (who went on to help establish Led Zeppelin the following year) and more percussive devices than can be named. “Citadel” foreshadowed the direction towards straight-forward rock the Stones would take, while “2000 Light Years From Home” and “She’s a Rainbow” (a minor hit in the U.S.) capture the band in all its psychedelic glory at that moment in time. They remain the only two songs from the album the band has ever played live. “Sing This All Together,” its looser reprise “Sing This All Together (See What Happens),” “Gomper” and “On With the Show” transition from traditional song structure to free form freakout – a trademark of that era, also heard on records by the Mothers of Invention and Pink Floyd.

Offered as a single just before the album’s release, “In Another Land” is the only song in the Rolling Stones canon both written and sung by Bill Wyman, who took advantage of the fact that he was the lone member who showed up to the studio one day. The Small Faces happened to be recording next door, so Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane were invited to contribute backing vocals, with Marriott also providing 12-string acoustic guitar. With Brian Jones on mellotron, Stones cohort Nicky Hopkins on harpsichord and Charlie Watts on drums, Mick and Keith laid down backing vocals, making it a complete Stones affair.

Michael Cooper, who had created the immaculate art for the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band earlier in 1967, was hired by the Stones to make something equally striking for the cover of Their Satanic Majesties Request. All four Beatles’ likenesses can be seen popping out of flowers, surrounding a photograph of Charlie, Keith, Mick, Brian and Bill in technicolor garb. Cooper used a rare 3-D camera, employing lenticular technology – when the cover is tilted, the image changes, and every member except for wizard-hatted Mick appear to be moving their heads. Reproduction of the lenticular cover proved costly, and it was eliminated from many subsequent pressings of the album, being replaced by a still image. Their Satanic Majesties Request 50th Anniversary restores the original lenticular art, and the discs are housed in a bespoke fold out album limited edition numbered package with a 20 page book including more of Michael Cooper’s photos from the original session, expanding on what the record-buying public saw in 1967.

Their Satanic Majesties Request was originally mixed in both stereo and mono, as was standard practice in 1967. The limited edition 50th anniversary edition will include the entire album on 180 gram vinyl in stereo, another 180 gram vinyl record in mono, and two hybrid Super Audio CDs (one in stereo and one in mono). Each of these discs includes the entire musical content in both Super Audio CD (SACD) as well as standard CD, providing for complete backward and forward hardware compatibility. The discs will play flawlessly on any SACD compatible or standard CD player. In an SACD player, the laser pick-up automatically reads the SACD layer in Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format, while a standard CD player’s laser pick-up will automatically read through the SACD layer to the CD layer in Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) format. Recently remastered by eleven time Grammy winner Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, the SACD audio is the exact product of his work.

Their Satanic Majesties Request 50th Anniversary track list:


Side A (stereo)
Sing This All Together
In Another Land
2000 Man
Sing This All Together (See What Happens)

Side B (stereo)
She’s a Rainbow
The Lantern
2000 Light Years from Home
On with the Show

Side C (mono)
Sing This All Together
In Another Land
2000 Man
Sing This All Together (See What Happens)

Side D (mono)
She’s a Rainbow
The Lantern
2000 Light Years from Home
On with the Show

Hybrid SACD
Disc 1 (stereo)
Sing This All Together
In Another Land
2000 Man
Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
She’s a Rainbow
The Lantern
2000 Light Years from Home
On with the Show

Disc 2 (mono)
Sing This All Together
In Another Land
2000 Man
Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
She’s a Rainbow
The Lantern
2000 Light Years from Home
On with the Show

heaven parker (anagram), Monday, 31 July 2017 14:11 (three weeks ago) Permalink

Two from Numero:

Jackie Shane: Any Other Way

Recognized by genre aficionados as one of the greatest singers and most riveting stage presences in soul music, Jackie Shane has remained largely unknown outside Toronto, where her career briefly flowered in the 1960s. Ms. Shane is a star without parallel—a pioneer of transgender rights born in a male body, living her entire life as a woman at a time when to do so seemed unthinkable.

Any Other Way is the first artist-approved collection of Ms. Shane’s work, collecting all six of her 45s and every highlight from the legendary 1967 live sessions at the Sapphire Tavern, including three mind blowing, previously-unreleased tracks. Any Other Way marks Jackie Shane’s first communication with the public in nearly half a century. Grammy award winner Rob Bowman’s extensive liner notes tell, for the first time ever, Ms. Shane’s story in her own words, copiously illustrated with never-before-seen pictures from a career and life unlike any other.

Available on limited deluxe double CD, double LP, or digital on October 20, 2017.

Wayfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares

As the hippie movement hurtled towards its imminent demise, bad vibes infiltrated the rock world. Tainted LSD, loud motorcycles, and a series of brutal deaths spawned inspiration for guitar-wielding teenagers across the globe. Implementing deafening fuzz and satanic screams to create their proto-metal monstrosities, short-lived stoner bands pressed their lysergic experiments in microscopic quantities before blacking out entirely. Lifted from the ashes of the acid rock hell fire are 18 distorted tales of dope fiends, pill poppers, and the baddest of trips.

Deluxe 2LP comes housed in a blacklight poster-style jacket illustrated by Benjamin Marra, replete with flocking and lysergic neon. 24 pages documenting the creeping existential dread of the hard rock underground are tucked into the gatefold pocket alongside two dead dinosaur-heavy LPs. Compact disc is packaged in standard Numero slipcase, with digipak and 40-page book, limited to 2000 copies.

Turn on, tune in, and drop out.

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I missed this great reissue last year - Rico - Man From Wareika / Wareika Dub. Double disc has some nice bonus tracks, still waiting for my order after a few weeks. Any other good reggae reissues this year?

Fastnbulbous, Tuesday, 8 August 2017 22:51 (two weeks ago) Permalink

It's been announced (and then not released on said date) before but in this interview Bryan Ferry mentions a box set release of Roxy Music's debut:

This November, we are releasing a new special edition box set of the first Roxy Music album, complete with the original demo recordings and loads of previously unpublished photographs.

About the photographs/cover:

I guess the first Roxy Music album cover is still my favorite. There is a certain purity and simplicity there which makes it memorable. I thought at the time it would be a good idea to have an eye-catching "pin up" kind of image on the cover, rather than a shot of me and the band. This, of course, relates to my Pop Art background, when I studied under Richard Hamilton at Newcastle University in the 1960s. The fashion designer Antony Price, the photographer Karl Stoecker and the artist Nick de Ville all worked with me on this cover. There were numerous outtakes from this session, which are featured in the new box set I mentioned.

willem, Wednesday, 9 August 2017 09:41 (two weeks ago) Permalink

One of the earliest Kyuss acolytes from Sweden, along with Dozer, Mammoth Volume and Truckfighters, is Lowrider. They put out a deluxe vinyl version of their Ode to Io (2000) album.

Obelisk review:

Fastnbulbous, Wednesday, 9 August 2017 19:00 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Any thoughts on the recent and upcoming reissues from Esoteric? I've been eyeing the Second Hand, Clear Blue Sky and Colosseum.

Fastnbulbous, Wednesday, 16 August 2017 12:56 (one week ago) Permalink

I got the Anthony Phillips and Rick Wakeman sets; they're both awful. I'm kind of interested in that John McLaughlin et al. When Fortune Smiles. Probably check it out on Spotify before paying for it, though.

grawlix (unperson), Wednesday, 16 August 2017 13:12 (one week ago) Permalink

Both Second Hand lps are pretty good.
So are the Colosseum

Stevolende, Wednesday, 16 August 2017 13:20 (one week ago) Permalink

Generally I've heard the music via MP3s or previous issues, so looking more for comments on the mastering quality, extra tracks of interest, liner notes. Import CDs have them all at fairly reasonable prices, and I'm also considering previous reissues of Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Patto and Quintessence - Move Into the Light: Complete Island Recordings 1969-71.

Fastnbulbous, Wednesday, 16 August 2017 17:24 (one week ago) Permalink

I like that Quintessence. Sounds pretty good to me. Got it a couple of months back.

I thought there wasa pretty recent issue of the 2 Second Hand lps possibly alongside the Chillum one. I don't think the copy of Death May Be Your Santa Claus I got was that long ago. Probably find out it was 10 years now.

Stevolende, Wednesday, 16 August 2017 17:34 (one week ago) Permalink

Actually 7 years and it was through Sunbeam as I was thinking it probably was. Was thinking Richard Morton jack in relation to it.
That version was pretty decent.

Stevolende, Wednesday, 16 August 2017 17:35 (one week ago) Permalink

Also the Blonde On Blonde reissues seem promising. Enjoying "Circles" from Rebirth (1970) right now, some nice fuzzy psych prog.

Fastnbulbous, Wednesday, 16 August 2017 19:04 (one week ago) Permalink

Another titbit of Drag City News:

It's been fifty years since Pearls Before Swine first appeared. A genteel, oft-hushed missive from a far corner of the psychedelic hive mind, One Nation Underground was released on an independent outlier of a record label,--- and still its spirit came to be deeply appreciated by a generation and more. Today, this music has been reissued by labels around the world dozens of times, but it hasn't been heard properly in decades! This 50th-Anniversary edition, however, has been returned to the hands of its creators, restoring the original mono mix that made such an impact in 1967, freed from the muffling veils that time eventually wrapped around it.

Originally released on ESP-Disk and recorded at Impact Sound with provisional ESP-house man (as well as sound-man on Dylan's '66 world tour) Richard Alderson, this was THE cult album of its time, loved by artists as divergent as Leonard Cohen and Iggy Pop. Fassbinder's 1969 film Rio Das Mortes used two songs in its soundtrack and featured the album cover on one of its characters' walls. Alderson also oversaw the restoration and remastering of the tapes, allowing us to hear with jolting clarity the original sound of Pearls Before Swine.

Two hundred thousand copies were pressed over the next couple years, and by 1969, Pearls Before Swine were an underground legend, recording their third album for a major label. The mysterious glow around their first two ESP-Disk releases has never faded, even in the past several decades, when the albums' sound was botched and undermined by technology. Notes from Richard and PBS leader Tom Rapp lend historical perspective, and Tom adds his reflections on each of the songs as well. Listen again - and hear for the first time, perhaps - the definitive sound of One Nation Underground on October 20th!

Pearls Before Swine Online:
Drag City-
Pre Order-

dow, Thursday, 17 August 2017 01:48 (one week ago) Permalink

Cool, I'd definitely be interested to hear that!

Re: Esoteric reissues I've never been disappointed with their remastering nor particularly excited by it. It's fine! And that Clear Blue Sky record is pretty great if you like British hard rock from the era played with youthful enthusiasm.

The Man Who Saw The Midwife (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Thursday, 17 August 2017 04:16 (one week ago) Permalink

I just bought a box of Whitesnake's early albums, but I will not be buying this in any format:


4CD/DVD Collection Includes A Newly Remastered Version Of The Original Album,
Plus Unreleased Live and Studio Recordings, Music Videos, And Documentary;
Several Versions Will Be Available On October 6 From Rhino

New Whitesnake Deal With Rhino Entertainment Puts Significant Catalog
With Warner Music Group Worldwide For The First Time

LOS ANGELES - Whitesnake had already released a string of Top 10 albums in England before the band conquered the world in 1987 with their eponymous record, also known in some countries as 1987, which was certified multi-platinum and featured the smash single "Here I Go Again." The classic album turns 30 this year and Rhino is celebrating with four new versions, including an expansive boxed set.

WHITESNAKE: SUPER DELUXE EDITION will be available on October 6 for $49.98. The 4-CD/DVD collection includes the original album with newly remastered sound, unreleased live and studio recordings, classic music videos, concert footage, a 30 minute documentary, featuring a new interview with David Coverdale, Whitesnake's founder and lead singer. The music comes with a 60-page hardbound book that's filled with rare and unseen photos from the era, an extended essay based on new interviews with Coverdale, plus a booklet of the album's lyrics, handwritten by Coverdale. The audio will also be available via digital download and streaming services.

Three other versions of WHITESNAKE will also be available the same day. A Deluxe Edition will be available in both 2-CD ($19.98) and 2-LP ($29.98) versions, each including the newly remastered album expanded with a selection of unreleased bonus recordings. A single-disc version of the newly remastered album will also be available.

This also marks the first release under a newly signed catalog deal with Whitesnake and Rhino Entertainment, the catalog division of Warner Music Group. This new deal includes both the North American and Japanese rights, marking the first time a substantial amount of the Whitesnake catalog will reside under Warner Music Group worldwide.

"It gives me great joy to finally have so much of my Whitesnake catalog all under the same roof with the Warner family and I'm thrilled to be now working with this tremendous team on a worldwide basis," says Coverdale. "I have great memories of being with Warner back in my days with Deep Purple then when I was with Geffen, when they were distributed by Warner, so it feels like coming home to now have Whitesnake there. This elaborate reissue is the perfect project to kick off the new relationship."

"Whitesnake is one of the all-time great rock 'n' roll bands, with David being an absolute icon as a vocalist and front man," says Rhino President Mark Pinkus. "We are absolutely thrilled to now have so much of the Whitesnake catalog with Warner on a global basis and are excited for the fans to see what great releases we have planned for the coming years."

Soon after its release in April 1987, WHITESNAKE became a huge success around the world, selling multi million copies. It peaked at #2 on the Billboard album chart and spawned four popular singles: "Still Of The Night," "Give Me All Your Love," "Is This Love" (which reached #2) and the #1 hit "Here I Go Again."

WHITESNAKE: SUPER DELUXE EDITION comes with an entire disc of unreleased live performances featuring Adrian Vandenberg, Vivian Campbell & Tommy Aldridge, recorded during the band's 1987-88 tour. The music includes live versions of several tracks from "1987", plus Whitesnake classics "Slide It In," "Love Ain't No Stranger," and "Slow An' Easy."

An additional disc spotlights the creative process behind WHITESNAKE with a selection of 11 unreleased demo and rehearsal recordings, including early versions of nearly every song on the album called 87 Evolutions. The final disc introduces newly remixed versions the album's four singles, and includes rare radio mixes, as well as songs from 87 Versions, an EP released exclusively in Japan.

The DVD from WHITESNAKE: SUPER DELUXE EDITION includes music videos for the four singles, all of which have been carefully restored and remixed in 5.1 Surround Sound for the first time ever. In addition, the DVD also features a new 30 minute documentary about the making of WHITESNAKE, a new promo video made especially for this set of the 1988 version of "Here I Go Again" and unreleased live footage from the 1987-88 tour.

For more information about WHITESNAKE, please contact Jessica Giordano in the Rhino Media Relations Department at jess✧✧✧.giord✧✧✧@rh✧✧✧.c✧✧ or 818-238-6403.

4CD/DVD Track Listing

Disc One: Original Album 2017 Remaster
1. "Still Of The Night"
2. "Give Me All Your Love"
3. "Bad Boys"
4. "Is This Love"
5. "Here I Go Again 87"
6. "Straight For The Heart"
7. "Looking For Love"
8. "Children Of The Night"
9. "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again"
10. "Crying In The Rain"
11. "Don't Turn Away"

Disc Two: Snakeskin Boots [Live On Tour 1987-88]
1. "Bad Boys/Children Of The Night" *
2. "Slide It In" *
3. "Slow An' Easy" *
4. "Here I Go Again" *
5. "Guilty Of Love" *
6. "Is This Love" *
7. "Love Ain't No Stranger" *
8. Guitar Solo - Adrian and Vivian *
9. "Crying In The Rain" *
10. "Still Of The Night" *
11. "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City" *
12. "Give Me All Your Love" *

Disc Three: 87 Evolutions [Demos and Rehearsals]
1. "Still Of The Night" *
2. "Give Me All Your Love" *
3. "Bad Boys" *
4. "Is This Love" *
5. "Straight For the Heart" *
6. "Looking For Love" *
7. "Children Of The Night" *
8. "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again" *
9. "Crying In The Rain" *
10. "Don't Turn Away" *
11. "Crying In The Rain" (Lil' Mountain Alternate Take Ruff Mix) *

Disc Four: 87 Versions [2017 Remixes]
1. "Still Of The Night" - Remix *
2. "Is This Love" - Remix *
3. "Give Me All Your Love" - Remix *
4. "Here I Go Again 87" - Remix *
5. "Standing In The Shadows" - 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
6. "Looking For Love" - 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
7. "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again" - 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
8. "Need Your Love So Bad" - 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
9. "Here I Go Again" - Radio Mix
10. "Give Me All Your Love" - Single Version

1. "Still Of The Night" - Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
2. "Here I Go Again 87" - Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
3. "Is This Love" - Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
4. "Give Me All Your Love" - Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
5. Documentary about the making of 1987 Album *
6. "Here I Go Again" - Purplesnake Video Jam *
7. "Crying In The Rain" - 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
8. Band Intros - 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
9. "Still Of The Night" - 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *

2LP Track Listing

Side One
1. "Still Of The Night"
2. "Bad Boys"
3. "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again"
4. "Straight For The Heart"
5. "Here I Go Again 87"

Side Two
1. "Give Me All Your Love"
2. "Is This Love"
3. "Children Of The Night"
4. "Crying In The Rain"
5. "Don't Turn Away"

Side Three
1. "Still Of The Night" - 2017 Remix *
2. "Is This Love" - 2017 Remix *
3. "Give Me All Your Love" - 2017 Remix *
4. "Here I Go Again 87" - 2017 Remix *
5. "Looking For Love"

Side Four
1. "Bad Boys/Children of the Night" - Live *
2. "Here I Go Again" - Live *
3. "Is This Love " - Live *
4. "Give Me All Your Love" - Live *
5. "Still of the Night" - Live *

2CD Track Listing

Disc One: Original Album 2017 Remaster
1. "Still Of The Night"
2. "Give Me All Your Love"
3. "Bad Boys"
4. "Is This Love"
5. "Here I Go Again 87"
6. "Straight For The Heart"
7. "Looking For Love"
8. "Children Of The Night"
9. "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again"
10. "Crying In The Rain"
11. "Don't Turn Away"

Disc Two: Snakeskin Boots [Live On Tour 1987-88]
1. "Bad Boys/Children Of The Night" *
2. "Slide It In" *
3. "Slow An' Easy" *
4. "Here I Go Again" *
5. "Guilty Of Love" *
6. "Is This Love" *
7. "Love Ain't No Stranger" *
8. Guitar Solo - Adrian and Vivian *
9. "Crying In The Rain" *
10. "Still Of The Night" *
11. "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City" *
12. "Give Me All Your Love" *

*Previously unreleased

grawlix (unperson), Thursday, 17 August 2017 14:11 (one week ago) Permalink

The iconic 90's noise-pop band Medicine are set to reissue 2.0 Extraneous -- out 9/22/17 on Drawing Room Records.

Reissue of 2.0 Extraneous will be announced the week of 8/21 with single "Machine Inna Garden".

2.0 Extraneous (Reissue)
Drawing Room Records
22 September 2017
The below info is provided by Medicine's own Brad Laner:
The LP gathers most of the non-LP songs used on UK singles released in 2003 of Wall of Sound along with a few unreleased items. Although initially released as B-sides, "The Table and the Bed", "Machine Inna Garden, "A Flying Fuck" and the Devo song "The Day My Baby Gave me a Surprize" all represent the earliest tracks created for Medicine 2.0.

‘Talk to A Rock” came into fruition after completion of The Mechanical Forces of Love, and it has never found a home until now. “Best Future (acoustic)”, meant to be part of a proposed EP of acoustic versions of songs from the LP, is also new to this collection. The Medicine Re-Make/Re-Model version Themroc’s “Into the Light” saw light of day on a 2003 single of theirs.

Lastly, created over a long weekend during the making of the LP and deemed by all involved to be too unwieldy and confusing to go on the album, “Close-up of Family’s Dream” sees fresh breath here. I adore it and am thrilled to have the chance to finally release it in its entirety.

First Edition Medicine/Kid 606 / Electric Company / Origins
Since the first edition of Medicine broke up in 1995, my work as Electric Company became a frontal concern. Eventually, I ended up in very inspiring surroundings on Kid 606’s Tigerbeat Label, for whom I made a large number of full length releases, compilation tracks and remixes. Despite my desire to utterly ignore my “glorious” past, Miguel (Kid606) was always challenging me to make a new Medicine record that didn’t necessarily need to sound anything like the old band. At some point in early 2001, I decided to give it a shot. I spent most of that year writing a bunch of songs that would become the basis for the new Medicine and felt very encouraged by the people I played them for.

Shannon Lee and Medicine 2.0
Later in 2001, Shannon Lee got back in touch with me. I had met her a few years earlier via my friend Ken Andrews (producer and leader of the band Failure) when he had asked me to help write and produce songs for a possible album project with the two of them. For a variety of reasons, that project never happened. However, Shannon and I really hit it off. Her vocal prowess blew me away, and I learned that she had a master’s degree in vocal performance.
Shannon and I also conversed about the coincidence that the first version of Medicine worked with her late brother, Brandon, on The Crow movie, and as such, it seemed inevitable that we would work on something more substantial at some point. When she called, it clicked that Shannon should come aboard for Medicine 2.0, and thus, we started a very happy collaboration writing a slew of new songs and adding her vocals to the songs I already started.

Wall of Sound and The Mechanical Forces of Love
At the same time, with all of this coming together, it came to my attention that a London dance music duo was starting to release records and do gigs under the name Medicine. I got in touch with their manager who admitted that I had the rights to the name and proceeded to offer me 5 thousand dollars for it, an offer I rejected.

He, apparently, then decided to carry on as if we had never spoken, and I found out that they had planned to release their next record on the respected Wall Of Sound label. With this information in hand, I wrote an email Mark Jones, the head of WOS, and explained my predicament. Mark promptly replied, saying something to the effect of “Those guys screwed me over and are signing with a major. Why don’t you put out your new Medicine album with us?” These results culminated into The Mechanical Forces of Love.

Mark also offered to help us fight the false Medicine duo legally in the UK. My hero! Ultimately together, we forced them to change their name to something considerably less cool, and they promptly vanished from the face of the earth after a couple of releases with that designation.

Working with Wall of Sound was quite fun as they were very much a party-oriented organization. Suddenly, I found myself DJing at Fabric in London alongside Photek and Soulwax and hanging out with Banksy (Mark Jones was his earliest supporter) in Miami in between his covert graffiti missions during the 2003 Winter Music Conference. Memorable times indeed.

Once the project had run its course, Shannon and I amicably parted ways and both had kids at roughly the same time with our spouses, spending the next few years dealing more in diapers and baby-proofing than in art music. I eventually started releasing solo records in 2007 and Shannon now runs the Bruce Lee Foundation.

- Brad Laner, 2017

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Dan Deacon
Spiderman of the Rings
25 August 2017

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the record that changed everything for Dan Deacon. Spiderman of the Rings found the Baltimore-based musician transitioning from a dumpster-diving experimental artist playing house shows on the noise circuit to a major voice in electronic music. Across its 9 exuberant, still-fresh tracks, it merges Dan’s academic background in modern composition with a newly embraced pop sensibility and the ecstatic energy of his live shows. Carpark Records is proud to re-release this landmark record, coupled with the first-ever soundtrack release of the video-art collaboration that further refined Dan’s signature sound, Ultimate Reality.

Dan moved to Baltimore in 2004, with a small discography of dissonant releases under his belt. Living in a warehouse and attempting to eat on $5 a day, he toured hard, playing shows that might pay enough for him to pack his gear and green skull onto a Greyhound bus to the next town. He had no computer, no phone, and no bank account. But in the midst of those dark George W. Bush years, feeling that the world had turned into a Philip K. Dick novel—and fearing that it was destined to end in 2012 anyway—Dan figured the life he’d built in the underground was as sustainable as any.

At the same time, something shifted in Baltimore. In other cities, Dan had to work to get an audience moving by the end of his set; in Baltimore, the crowds broke into aggressive dancing from track one. This changed his writing process. Influenced by bands like Lightning Bolt and Boredoms, Dan sought to make sounds that were frenetic and extreme but also joyful. He used the tools available to him—namely, computers borrowed from his roommates while they were at work. He began writing songs for drums, songs with vocals on all tracks, songs that pushed the melodic aspects of his music to the forefront. This new music came from a place of “positive nihilism”: everything may be fucked, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. For the very first time, he wanted to make a record that faithfully reflected his frenzied live show—a show that increasingly, flying in the face of bummer scenes hampered by crossed arms and implicit dress codes, delivered a one-man Devo or Talking Heads.

Spiderman of the Rings did all that and more. Touring in the weeks leading up to the album’s release, Dan noticed his crowds grow from 20 to 200 people. The album, he slowly gathered, had leaked, and there was major buzz (which Dan largely ascribes to its emphatically WTF reception on a high-traffic Radiohead discussion board). When it finally dropped, listeners’ ears were ready.

Spiderman of the Rings is Dan’s first fully formed statement, and the record that put him on the path he’s on today. From the euphoric squeals of single “The Crystal Cat” (#84 on Rolling Stone's 100 Best Songs of 2007) to the gorgeous, soaring “Pink Batman,” the gentle chimes and abrasive bleeps of “Big Milk,” and the swirling, moment-defining anthem “Wham City” (#30 on Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2007), sophisticated compositional concepts blissfully collide with dada word-craft and a child-like sense of play. With Spiderman, Dan bridged the gap between party performer and confident composer, in the process landing on both Pitchfork’s Best New Music and their top 50 records of 2007.

As a perfect complement to this pivotal record, Carpark offers, for the first time, an audio release of the soundtrack to Dan’s collaboration with video artist Jimmy Joe Roche, 2007’s Ultimate Reality. Featuring Jeremy Hyman (ex-Ponytail, Boredoms) on drums, these three singular tracks find Dan back in Baltimore, fleshing out his new sound and enjoying the enhanced set of tools Spiderman’s success afforded him. Together, they comprise the origin story of the Dan Deacon we know and love today.

09.02 - Hampton, VA @ Bass Center X
09.24 - Cincinnati, OH @ Midpoint Music Festival
09.29 - Darlington, MD @ Luna Light Music Festival
10.07 - Edmonton, AB Canada @ The Starlite Room
11.09 - Providence, RI @ AS220
11.10 - Somerville, MA @ Hassle Fest 9
11.11 - Holyoke, MA @ Gateway City Arts
11.12 - Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery

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Los Angeles, CA - Craft Recordings is proud to announce the forthcoming release of The Spirit of Memphis (1962-1976), chronicling the ascension of one of the most influential creative talents in music history, Isaac Hayes, who would have turned 75 this year. Due out September 22nd, the four-cd collection examines the various avenues of Hayes' prolific career; each disc offering an in-depth look at his distinct musical contributions to both Memphis-based Stax Records and to the world at large: from his foundational presence as a songwriter and producer at Stax, to his artistic metamorphosis and subsequent rise to stardom. The set also includes a wide range of previously-unreleased material, as well as a replica 7" vinyl single of the artist's first commercially-released recordings. Housed in a 60-page hardcover book, the retrospective incorporates a wealth of archival photos and ephemera, as well as an essay by author Robert Gordon (Respect Yourself: Stax Records and the Soul Explosion) which includes new interviews with Stax luminaries Deanie Parker and Jim Stewart. Contributions from Floyd Newman, Mickey Gregory, Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), and compilation producer Joe McEwen round out the package. Track listing below.

From his humble beginnings as an orphaned sharecropper to his rise as a session musician, house songwriter, and producer for Stax Records, to his arrival as a star in his own right, Isaac Hayes (1942-2008) became a symbol of what was possible for Black America. Dubbed "Black Moses" during the height of his popularity, Hayes revolutionized soul music, leading it out of the era of the three-minute single and into new territory: that of the fully-orchestrated concept album, complete with extended cuts that, in some cases, spanned nearly the entire side of an LP. The artist also broke barriers in the film industry, scoring the 1971 film Shaft. The soundtrack became Hayes' fourth consecutive platinum LP, and also earned him an Academy Award® for Best Original Song ("Theme From Shaft"). The musician became the first African American to win the Oscar in a non-acting category, and was also the first recipient of the Best Original Song category to both write and perform the winning track. Hayes' success opened the door for other artists and composers, like Curtis Mayfield and Norman Whitfield, to score music for the screen.

Each disc of The Spirit of Memphis (1962-1976) examines a different facet of Hayes' career. Disc one covers his early work as a songwriter and producer at Stax, including many of his legendary collaborations with David Porter, such as Carla Thomas' "B-A-B-Y" recently featured in the hit film Baby Driver, and Sam & Dave's "Soul Man," which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year.

Disc two spotlights Isaac Hayes as a solo artist, featuring his singles recorded for the Volt and Enterprise imprints; from his breakthrough track "By The Time I Get To Phoenix," off Hot Buttered Soul, to his subsequent chartbusters, including "Never Can Say Goodbye," "Do Your Thing" and the iconic, ubiquitous chart-topping hit, "Theme from Shaft."

The third disc, aptly titled "Cover Man," examines Isaac's uncanny ability to transform tunes by songwriting greats such as Burt Bacharach and Hal David and make them entirely his own. This disc also includes previously unreleased material, including a studio version of "Windows of the World" and live covers of "Stormy Monday," "I Stand Accused," and "The Ten Commandments of Love," all recorded at a 1972 concert in Chicago.

The final disc, entitled "Jam Master," offers fans a seat in the studio with Isaac Hayes, showcasing extended jams from his classic LPs, including a full, 33-minute freeform psychedelic Bar-Kays jam on "Do Your Thing." This disc also includes unreleased work-in-progress versions of "You've Made Me So Very Happy," the Bill Withers-penned classic "Ain't No Sunshine," and a never-before-heard composition from the Shaft soundtrack entitled "Black Militant's Place."

This collection marks a cornerstone in a year-long initiative celebrating Stax Records' 60th anniversary and comes on the heels of a recent digital release of Hayes' Enterprise albums re-mastered from the original analog tapes by renowned engineer Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters earlier this year. LP reissues cut from these new masters, including the best-selling Hot Buttered Soul, Black Moses, and Shaft will be available later this year.

The cross-label collaboration between Concord Music Group and Rhino Entertainment has highlighted the hits, deep cuts and rare tracks from the Memphis label's heyday of the '60s and '70s. Indeed, Isaac Hayes was an integral part of "The Memphis Sound," and helped to not only shape the sound of a genre, but also helped it explode into mainstream pop culture. 75 years after Hayes' birth, and nearly a decade after his passing, his music, style and influence still live on today. Many of the most recognizable Hip-Hop beats and drops have been born from Hayes' original tracks and a collaboration with launching in connection with the release of the box set will showcase his lasting effect on popular music.

"The Spirit of Memphis (1962-1976) is an attempt to frame a career that doesn't always fit neatly together. This box set is a little idiosyncratic, like its subject and the desire is to tell a story, put together in chapters," writes box set producer Joe McEwen in his Producer's Note, "hopefully to give context to a visionary talent who came of age in Memphis, Tennessee among a generational eruption of musicians that moved mountains..."

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