Christine And The Queens (the Héloïse Letissier thread)

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Ok so this album is Top 10 over here and at least half of it is straight-up fantastic. No thread so far?

Well anyway..

what say you?

piscesx, Tuesday, 12 July 2016 22:23 (six years ago) link

She's great. Because of the internets, I'm not sure when it's being released where, but it's been out since early-ish 2015.

Ⓓⓡ. (Johnny Fever), Wednesday, 13 July 2016 00:08 (six years ago) link

can anyone explain the sudden commercial success of this? upon seeing it in the UK top 10 my guess initially was the TV appearances and glastonbury but then i saw that she was top 10 in australia too and she hasn't, to my knowledge, had much mainstream exposure here.

she's a superlative performer. my favourites are saint claude, tilted and safe and holy but the whole album is a very pleasant listen. allegedly the songs are better in original french - i'm yet to confirm tho

art baengels (monotony), Wednesday, 13 July 2016 00:12 (six years ago) link

Is the tv show Girls popular in Australia?

poolboy skew (voodoo chili), Wednesday, 13 July 2016 13:24 (six years ago) link

the album has been big here in France since last year so I'm surprised to see that it's only breaking now elsewhere.

droit au butt (Euler), Wednesday, 13 July 2016 13:56 (six years ago) link

yeah some of these songs have been around for a very long time. the 'IT' demo is on youtube dated 2011.

piscesx, Wednesday, 13 July 2016 14:19 (six years ago) link

Is the tv show Girls popular in Australia?

no more so than anywhere else afaik

art baengels (monotony), Thursday, 14 July 2016 01:08 (six years ago) link

one year passes...

New album coming soon!

monotony, Friday, 18 May 2018 04:05 (four years ago) link

well this is a huge leap forward

boxedjoy, Friday, 18 May 2018 11:25 (four years ago) link

What's with the lack of posts on ilx about her? Is there a different thread? Baflling.

piscesx, Friday, 18 May 2018 14:52 (four years ago) link

one month passes...

Love the new single ('Girlfriend')and sterling work by co-producer Dam Funk. Worth checking her performance on latest edition of Jools Holland if you have access to iPlayer.

millmeister, Sunday, 24 June 2018 18:52 (four years ago) link

Forgot about YouTube

millmeister, Monday, 25 June 2018 13:08 (four years ago) link

Totally obsessed with the latest single

joshywinty (josh), Sunday, 8 July 2018 02:52 (four years ago) link

Wow, that one is so excellent!

Johnny Fever, Sunday, 8 July 2018 03:09 (four years ago) link

So excited for this album. I liked the debut, but these two singles are miles ahead of anything on there.

kitchen person, Sunday, 8 July 2018 05:10 (four years ago) link

one month passes...

Liking this a lot, much more than 'Doesn't matter'

Jeff W, Saturday, 18 August 2018 14:00 (four years ago) link

this album is gonna rule

monotony, Sunday, 19 August 2018 03:28 (four years ago) link

this is the best one yet. i'm enjoying all these singles much more than anything from the debut, excited for this

ufo, Friday, 24 August 2018 15:53 (four years ago) link

three weeks pass...

this is a really great album and probably my favourite pop album this year, but 'the stranger' is such an odd closer, it's so different in tone to the rest of the album it just feels like a bonus track. also weird that 'le g' isn't included on the english version

ufo, Thursday, 20 September 2018 15:04 (four years ago) link

This is fantastic - I like how the Spotify version immediately gives you the entire album all over again but in French. (The French version is better!)

Matt DC, Friday, 21 September 2018 11:40 (four years ago) link

i am really surprised this hasn't got much attention here yet, like it's one of the best pop albums of the year (the best imo), draws heavily on jam & lewis, excellent lyrics discussing gender etc. (at least in english but my bilingual friend says the french lyrics are even better)

idk that all seems like ilm bait to me

ufo, Monday, 24 September 2018 06:30 (four years ago) link

I like this album a lot.

Tim F, Monday, 24 September 2018 06:42 (four years ago) link

Really not feeling it (compared to first LP) but I guess I'm just not that into the stuff (eg 80s gloss-funk) she references

licorice oratorio (baaderonixx), Monday, 24 September 2018 07:48 (four years ago) link

and lyrically, sure it's articulate but, boy, does it feel talkative

licorice oratorio (baaderonixx), Monday, 24 September 2018 07:51 (four years ago) link

something french... talkative... ?????!

||||||||, Monday, 24 September 2018 08:29 (four years ago) link

talkative isn't a problem at all to me, it's just refreshing to hear someone cover this lyrical ground so well when others that have tried similar things and even been praised (such as shaking the habitual) have just felt clumsy to me

totally fair if you're just not into what it's referencing though, i didn't really get into her debut much at all

ufo, Monday, 24 September 2018 09:16 (four years ago) link

I’m in awe of what she’s achieved with this album - still getting my head around it, frankly. “Bruce est dans le brouillard”... Matty Healy would be weeping.

monotony, Monday, 24 September 2018 13:20 (four years ago) link

I really love this album. I've had it on repeat over the weekend. A huge step up from her debut.

kitchen person, Monday, 24 September 2018 14:40 (four years ago) link

My God this is incredible yeah.

piscesx, Friday, 5 October 2018 02:04 (four years ago) link

I feel like she is operating on a level that very few pop acts are even close to approaching rn

monotony, Friday, 5 October 2018 10:47 (four years ago) link

the choreography is so good on top of everything else

ufo, Friday, 5 October 2018 11:18 (four years ago) link

I like it well enough but won't deliver a final judgment. The electrobeats aren't as twitchy or densely layered as Haim's but she's a more compelling singer than Danielle.

You like queer? I like queer. Still like queer. (Alfred, Lord Sotosyn), Friday, 5 October 2018 11:28 (four years ago) link

one year passes...

"People, I've been sad" (out today) is a beaut.

bold caucasian eroticism (Simon H.), Wednesday, 5 February 2020 18:45 (three years ago) link

DJI, Wednesday, 5 February 2020 22:21 (three years ago) link

I think Heloise Letissier is my favorite working pop artist at the moment. "People, I've been sad" blows me away

winters (josh), Friday, 7 February 2020 06:53 (three years ago) link

Yes, this is great. Particularly love the slinky synth bass underpinning it.

Dan Worsley, Saturday, 8 February 2020 19:34 (three years ago) link

^^ and the overlapping vocals

DJI, Saturday, 8 February 2020 19:36 (three years ago) link

two weeks pass...

new single "la vita nuova" out tomorrow featuring caroline polachek

27th February - 8.30pm CET 🩸♥️

— Chris (@QueensChristine) February 25, 2020

monotony, Tuesday, 25 February 2020 22:59 (three years ago) link

Awesome news! I wonder if there's a new album coming or if these are just one off singles?

kitchen person, Tuesday, 25 February 2020 23:35 (three years ago) link

6 track EP and short film out now!

Dan Worsley, Thursday, 27 February 2020 20:18 (three years ago) link

multiple fire emojis!

Evans on Hammond (evol j), Thursday, 27 February 2020 21:20 (three years ago) link

god the song with caroline is fucking amazing

monotony, Thursday, 27 February 2020 22:11 (three years ago) link

italian ululation and then a huge haim-style chorus

monotony, Thursday, 27 February 2020 22:11 (three years ago) link

this is her best work

ufo, Friday, 28 February 2020 00:03 (three years ago) link

Yeah, this is all right

sbahnhof, Friday, 28 February 2020 06:59 (three years ago) link

(and the actual sounds)

sbahnhof, Saturday, 29 February 2020 12:17 (three years ago) link

This is a great EP. She just keeps getting better!

kitchen person, Saturday, 29 February 2020 16:09 (three years ago) link

two years pass...

new album delves into synth-heavy post-punk, kinda coldwave? a bit of a departure

apparently a second album is on the way too, produced by mike dean

i also didn't realise chris had been a relative flop, it was really good and a step up from the debut but i guess it didn't produce the same sort of hits somehow?

ufo, Friday, 11 November 2022 09:42 (four months ago) link

it's a weird listen because it still has much more of a pop sensibility than a lot of what it's drawing on but it's pretty raw and unstructured for a pop album

feels like after a few more listens i'll either think it's completely brilliant or be completely frustrated by its indulgences

ufo, Friday, 11 November 2022 10:31 (four months ago) link

interested in hearing the mike dean record

but the direction Redcar's gone in the past five years has been a real diminishment for me

sad that the change (imho diminishment) in music has coincided with his transition, and that he'll likely internalize the reaction to the former on the latter

the observer profile bummed me out

sean gramophone, Friday, 11 November 2022 13:59 (four months ago) link

both chris and la vita nuova were very good so i'm not sure what you mean

just this new one is a weirder more self-indulgent thing and i very much get why his label has no idea what to make of it but it sounds like things are tense and no one's happy

ufo, Friday, 11 November 2022 14:13 (four months ago) link

I don't follow C&tQ enough to have known that he transitioned this year, and have liked the stray song in the past and the recent one with Charli XCX and Caroline Polachek; but a quick listen to a bit of this Redcar album and I think it's really good! It's weird and arty and pretentious and I can see why people might be taken aback by this stuff. Anyway I'll probably listen to this some more.

akm, Sunday, 13 November 2022 22:33 (four months ago) link

Les étoiles is beautiful

ꙮ (map), Sunday, 13 November 2022 23:12 (four months ago) link

wow just sampling on bandcamp and this is wonderful

ꙮ (map), Sunday, 13 November 2022 23:16 (four months ago) link

For me the new record is a bit aimless and opaque, unfortunately, outside of "rien dire" which I adore. Between the loss of his mother, the broken leg, and label tensions it sounds like it's been a rough trot for him and I don't anticipate this album garnering the same level of critical or commercial praise as the prior releases, so I hope that doesn't make things worse for him on a personal level.

I think he is an extraordinary talent and the live show I saw a couple of years ago was one of the best ever. So I'm hopeful that the Mike Dean album might be more my speed.

monotony, Sunday, 13 November 2022 23:36 (four months ago) link

I've been enjoying this, but (at least on Spotify) the backing production is super muddy? It's like someone is playing 80s synthpop records in a wardrobe in another room, really loud.

TWELVE Michelob stars?!? (seandalai), Monday, 14 November 2022 00:42 (four months ago) link

Struggling to make sense of the new album. Agree with Monotony that Rien Dire is the clear standout. I did like the really one that samples Gina X Performance as well. I'll spend more time with it as I really want to love this album.

It's a strange situation that Chris was relative commercial disappointment. The album got universal acclaim, good radio play and seemed to be promoted really well. Girlfriend, Doesn't Matter and 5 Dollars should have all been huge hits. The debut seemed to be a success on Tilted alone. Chris was a big step-up and the EP was even better. It has been sad to see this new one come out with so little fanfare. The one video from the album so far appears to have no budget. The Guardian article is really worrying. I hope things get better for him. He's one of the biggest talents out there. I don't see this album doing that well and hope that doesn't mean the next album gets even less of a push.

kitchen person, Monday, 14 November 2022 02:08 (four months ago) link

three months pass...

first single from the album with mike dean sounds much better

album has three madonna (!) collabs

ufo, Wednesday, 8 March 2023 21:35 (three weeks ago) link

A triple album with the seventh track called "Track 10" (could it be a Charli cover???) It certainly sounds...intriguing, especially with all the Madonna features.

It was interesting too that when speaking with Clara Amfo on BBCR1 Chris didn't mention Redcar at all, and Clara was acting as though there hadn't been any new C&TQ material in ages. I wonder if Redcar and its songs will be dropped altogether from future tours, or if its dry coldwave will permeate through this new album too.

monotony, Wednesday, 8 March 2023 23:25 (three weeks ago) link

lol i hope it's a charli cover

ufo, Thursday, 9 March 2023 00:06 (three weeks ago) link

confirmation that madonna is just doing some spoken word bits (how did i know that's what it would be lol)

ufo, Sunday, 19 March 2023 02:29 (one week ago) link

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