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I'm not one for "I've seen this done elsewhere", nor do I think calling back upon Wild Wild West is anyway anyone can consider themselves hot shit. The point is really that a writer (or writers) should do well enough for someone not to notice. The eye thing has been done many, many times before, and it is usually a pretty cheap trick when someone's written themselves into a hole/can't be bothered to come up with something better. And the Aliens gag was weak.

I think I just find the world they've set up to be jarring and inconsistent. I don't mind being derivative, certainly not of genre tropes in a genre show, but they've got to help the viewers a bit. If you want to make a campy sci-fi/horror show, then do it. If you want a scary, serious thriller, then do that. There is no sense of humour in this show as far as I can tell, unless the cow thing was meant to be funny.

Kerm OTM, but at least Whedon seemed to have a sense of humour. He would willingly acknowledge from the get-go that the Hellmouth and Willow's hacking abilities was just an easy out for the writers, who were more interested in character anyway. I was hoping for a quality X-files deal, and I'll take a campy paranoid fantasy in its stead, but I can't be bothered with some inconsistent series aiming for somewhere in the middle, especially when it's as dull as this one.

I think I'm just disappointed, really. Hopefully it will get better, but I'm worried that it feels like they ran out of ideas in the second episode. Sorry if I offended you David R.

Agent Leee ;)

everyone on our side is a fun-hating po-faced emo

which is funny considering it's their universe that's disintegrating. (how weird is it talking about our and their universes like they actually exist btw?)

any theories on how they're going to deal with the inevitable return of Peter (Joshua Jackson is still listed in the main cast so he's not going anywhere)?

like would it reset back to the time he was in the machine - which i don't think would happen because it would make everything that's going on right now moot - or would they just suddenly start remembering him again? Feel like they're getting into dangerous territory with this whole "he never existed" thing.

Newgod, Sunday, 20 November 2011 08:12 (twelve years ago) link

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