Scrabble - Classic or Dud?

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"Qi is a word"

"No it's not!"

"Yes, it is it's in OSW. And the Q's on a TRIPLE LETTER SCORE, so it scores 31"

MarkH, Tuesday, 27 August 2002 10:42 (eighteen years ago) link

CLASSIC. Especially since I wrote a version for it on an obscure computer platform. (Yes that is a rubbish page - I haven't touched it in months)

Writing the computer opponent was a real challenge... in so far as doing some web research into the algorithms used and then implementing it in BBC BASIC is considered a challenge. Problem was trying to please everyone, ESPECIALLY with regard to the two letter words. Here's what I wrote in the "read me" that goes with my lexicons:

"The valid two-letter words always cause arguments. According to the makers of the Scrabble® game, there are a 109 2-letter words that are acceptable in the British English version of their game. Interestingly, though there are only 96 in the North American version, it is not a sub-set: there are 12 extra words not in the British English version (AB AG AL DE ED ET HM MM OP PE UH YA).

I have 3 half-megabyte lexcions: ChampOSPD2 and ChampTWL98 which both contain the standard North-American set of 96, and ChampENABL which contains all 121 (combining the English and North-American words)."

I won't post the lists for obvious dull-related reasons

Alan (Alan), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:04 (eighteen years ago) link

Actually classic for lots of good reasons too, including late night drunken rude word scrabble (recently adapted by some perverts into rude word crossword filling in)

Alan (Alan), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:06 (eighteen years ago) link

It is brilliant, but Toms rules are stupid! Okay they are in the rule book but that does not mean IT HAS NOT BEEN ALTERED. I think that the main word you form should be tripled if it's on a triple, but if this makes another word at the same time you do not triple it again!!! Haha I shall beat him next time though.

Scrabble is grebt and very VOCAB ENHANCING innit!

Sarah (starry), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:08 (eighteen years ago) link

One Christmas my parents thoughtfully bought the Book of Scrabble, which has all kinds of lists of special words and stuff. This of course led to endless arguments about whether words listed in the book but not in our dictionary were valid, and I don't think we've played since.

Graham (graham), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:09 (eighteen years ago) link

Qi? Uh, ya!

Colin Meeder (Mert), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:11 (eighteen years ago) link

At home it appears that me and my parents play by very harsh rules, ie not being able to check yr word in a dictionary before you put it down, and if you put a wrong word down you get no points and have to put yr tiles back and pick another set, yah boo sux.

Sarah (starry), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:13 (eighteen years ago) link

those are THE roolz, sarah. not special harsh roolz.

Alan (Alan), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:27 (eighteen years ago) link

Sarah your rules for Scrabble just get more and more mental.

Filthy Crossword is the greatest thing ever.

Tom (Groke), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:42 (eighteen years ago) link

Made-up word scrabble is even better (NB definitions are required) until you spot its pointlessness.

Graham (graham), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:44 (eighteen years ago) link

(Oh Tom whilst yr online - if yr at home can you get on to someone about the ahem "situation" in the bathroom?)

I am all for selective rules in Scrabble as it seems each person has their own variations. This should be declared at the start of each game, the same as 2 Men Down, wildcards ect ect. This solves a lot of problems and is how I started playing Scrabble when we got a house set.

I agree with Dirty Crosswords. Just in general. Todger Poo.

Sarah (starry), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:52 (eighteen years ago) link

Dud. Rubbish game, as my dad would always win.

jel -- (jel), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:55 (eighteen years ago) link

(Already done though I couldnt get his phone and he didnt answer last time I emailed so who knows how much use it will be. Bring on the septic tanXoR.)

UK Wopper.

Tom (Groke), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:57 (eighteen years ago) link

house rules are rubbish. this goes double in monopoly. all that stuff about fines going in the middle, then you get it all if you land on free parking, etc. though anything to speed up the dullest game in the world (tm) is fine by me, such as dishing out random properties at the start, or say, NOT PLAYING IT EVER.

Alan (Alan), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 11:57 (eighteen years ago) link

House rules in AD&D = grebt though.

Tom (Groke), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:00 (eighteen years ago) link

such as? -2 Hit points? oh you're just badly unconscious, sort of thing?

Alan (Alan), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:02 (eighteen years ago) link

HA HA not in MY HOUSE!!

The same goes for that C4rt3r record.

Sarah (starry), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:10 (eighteen years ago) link

In which case Sarah be grateful you weren't in the pub on Saturday having an extended Carter set sung at you.

Scrabble is silly. I would rather be lying on the sofa eating Quality Street (= the only other available Christmas activity).

Emma, Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:13 (eighteen years ago) link

"House Rules" = ignoring encumbrance, to hit penalties vs different armours, all the other bollocks G.Gygax put in to slow the game down.

I think our house would be perfect for a game Sarah particularly with its hem medieval plumbing.

Tom (Groke), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:18 (eighteen years ago) link

Emma must be rubbish at Scrabble! -- it being an activity you can potentially beat/humiliate people with via skillZoR, yet she thinks it silly, ho ho. also i recall a much longer (and worse/croakier/more drunken) carter set at mentalist towers not so very long ago

Alan (Alan), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:21 (eighteen years ago) link

Remind me not of that horror Alang.

RickyT (RickyT), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:26 (eighteen years ago) link

To be honest I have no idea what I'm like at Scrabble as it's been years since I played and the last time would've been against my family who only know about 3 words each. I used to like Junior Scrabble though.

Emma, Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:27 (eighteen years ago) link

I must block all Carter occurences from around the globe from my brane as now I can't remember myself what the hell I was doing on Saturday night.

I think it was yawning post-Friday staying up late festivities.

Alang if you remember ME joining in this Carter set then you are just sick and perverse. If I had been present I would have GLOWERED.

Actually Tom with your Cornish bouze our house is quite the medieval dungeon, albiet with a swedish sauna stylee living room.

Sarah (starry), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:29 (eighteen years ago) link

A measure of the mightiness of Scrabble is that Pam & I have returned to the game after vowing never to shake a green cloth tile-bag in each other's company again after several ugly scenes over a crammed board a couple of years ago. It was my fault for keeping track of the scores, and knowing I was on the verge of a ninth straight defeat.

Pam is much better than me; although I seem to have a slightly greater vocabulary, she has letter-juggling skills par excellence and seems to nail two or three seven-letter words per game. She averages up in the 360s, I nudge over 300 once every other game. I never know what to do with the 'K', and blanks just confuse me.

Michael Jones (MichaelJ), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:44 (eighteen years ago) link

My grebtest score was GASEOUS on a triple word score, WOO!

Sarah (starry), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 12:52 (eighteen years ago) link

Been a while since I played, though there was a spate of Boggle games at our house a few years back. Brian once scored with the word 'queef.'

Ned Raggett (Ned), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 13:42 (eighteen years ago) link

oh, totally classic! have any of you read 'word freak,' the book about competitve scrabble? not only was it a fascinating read, it taught me bunches about strategy.

maura (maura), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 13:48 (eighteen years ago) link

HOOM HOOM it sounds like something I should read as well! Maura when you come over for cake, will you lend it to me?

Sarah (starry), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 13:49 (eighteen years ago) link

Then of course there's Upwords in which you can cover up the tiles with new ones to make new words. Shame there's a five tile height limit tho. I suppose if that rule was revoked it could become perilously like Jenga.

MarkH, Tuesday, 27 August 2002 13:49 (eighteen years ago) link

my tragic scrabble past: i once came 3rd in the national under 16s championships. haven't played since.

toby (tsg20), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 14:13 (eighteen years ago) link

yes sarah! let's make a date

maura (maura), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 14:23 (eighteen years ago) link

Come over before the saffron cake I brought back goes bad.

Tom (Groke), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 15:16 (eighteen years ago) link

extra K's is just k-lame when there are so many k-grebt adjectives lying around to which you can prefix them.

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 15:37 (eighteen years ago) link

I quite like Scrabble. As you might guess from my being good at TextTwist, I usually beat most people.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Tuesday, 27 August 2002 16:54 (eighteen years ago) link

I like Marlon Hill!
I have asked for a scrabble set for my birthday, from my parents.

spectra, Wednesday, 28 August 2002 03:47 (eighteen years ago) link

There were 49 Ks in one of the Little League World Series games! An instant classic.

felicity (felicity), Wednesday, 28 August 2002 03:54 (eighteen years ago) link

New Zealand's 185th ranked Scrabble player (that's where the bottom of the ranks they have listed on the web) is called Elvira Steel.

spectra, Thursday, 29 August 2002 06:16 (eighteen years ago) link

Alan (Alan), Thursday, 29 August 2002 08:30 (eighteen years ago) link

I prefer Boggle to Scrabble, but i love most word games

rainy, Thursday, 29 August 2002 08:51 (eighteen years ago) link

Love/hate. I am good with words/anagrams crossword skillz) but a poor strategist. I am sometimes hysterially competitive. I will cheat, but I will tell you this. I am a sore loser but a shamefully triumphalist winner. IN short, even if I did decide to reenter the psychological minefield that is Scrabble, I'd be lucky to find someone still prepared to play with me.

Ellie (Ellie), Thursday, 29 August 2002 10:17 (eighteen years ago) link

Felicity that's an amazing fact.

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Thursday, 29 August 2002 13:52 (eighteen years ago) link

one year passes...
soemone left word freak downstairs on the "communal bookshelf" in the laundry room. i can't wait to read it. i searched the ile archives and i'm not at all surprised by its popularity around here.

stockholm cindy (Jody Beth Rosen), Friday, 27 August 2004 20:58 (sixteen years ago) link

some girl on OKCUPID was talking to me about that book today! i still haven't read it. Can ILX have a Literati league? please?

Ian c=====8 (orion), Friday, 27 August 2004 21:00 (sixteen years ago) link

Can ILX have a Literati league? please?

i will kick ALL your asses

stockholm cindy (Jody Beth Rosen), Friday, 27 August 2004 21:00 (sixteen years ago) link

i would like to play scrabble. I should buy a board

kyle (akmonday), Friday, 27 August 2004 21:04 (sixteen years ago) link

you so should.

also, how can I be quite good at Scrabble, but not too good at Clive Doig's Trackword.

MarkH (MarkH), Saturday, 28 August 2004 14:37 (sixteen years ago) link

go see WORD WARS [scrabble documentary] , the companion film to word freak that i think just got released to video.

as for literati, i welcome all challengers. I'd watch out for JuliaA.

gygax! (gygax!), Saturday, 28 August 2004 16:12 (sixteen years ago) link

dud dud dud when you play with someone that has been reading the scrabble dictionary.

Carey (Carey), Saturday, 28 August 2004 17:34 (sixteen years ago) link

ILX Lit league? I'm in.

Rock Hardy (Rock Hardy), Saturday, 28 August 2004 17:44 (sixteen years ago) link

Literati has the nice feature of always giving you a blank. I think that's nice and friendly. Particularly if you're a blank-counting sod like me.

edward o (edwardo), Saturday, 28 August 2004 21:03 (sixteen years ago) link

More reassurance, from Stefan Fastis himself. So you can put "Dweezil" and "Zappa" on hold.

clemenza, Wednesday, 7 April 2010 21:08 (ten years ago) link

tbh, Words With Friends shot down my Triple Word-Triple Letter "Shinto" the other week, which absolutely would have won me the game, so I am in favor of this measure.

C-L, Wednesday, 7 April 2010 21:15 (ten years ago) link

eight months pass...

FFS. Just tried to play "fag" in the official iPad app and it wouldn't allow it. Just tested some swear words too and they're not allowed either. And there's not even an option not to censor the dictionary. When the fuck did this happen?

Alba, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:12 (nine years ago) link

played it for the 1st time ever in October, i'm now hooked.
can't believe it's taken me 37 years to actually play this game.

not_goodwin, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:16 (nine years ago) link

I started playing again, boy am I lousy.

i love you but i have chosen snarkness (Steve Shasta), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:19 (nine years ago) link

i really need to get back to playing this. I used to have several regular rivalries w/ folks whose formidable skillz challenged me to take this kind of seriously, at least to the extent that I memorized all the acceptable two-letter words & also developed quite a skill & making bingos. Once I got formed a bingo ending in S which also pluralized another, existing word ON A TIPLE WORD SCORE SPACE, no less, & also I believe I double or triple letter-scored a high-point letter in the same fell-swoop. The point total for that word (which escapes me at present, tho I have it written down somewhere) was, I believe, in excess of 250 pts. - so, yes, I am both a dork and a badass!

Classic, obv.

jerkstore cowboy (Pillbox), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:21 (nine years ago) link

Steve do you play Words Free on your iphone?

Fig On A Plate Cart (Alex in SF), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:26 (nine years ago) link

"Once I got formed a bingo ending in S which also pluralized another, existing word ON A TIPLE WORD SCORE SPACE, no less, & also I believe I double or triple letter-scored a high-point letter in the same fell-swoop."

Whoever let you get access to a triple word score off a pluralized word should be shot. That's terrible play right there.

Fig On A Plate Cart (Alex in SF), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:27 (nine years ago) link

The word ASININE just spelled itself on my rack, which I played for a bingo. A suitable comment on Mattel's removal if "fag" from the dictionary.

Alba, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:28 (nine years ago) link

iirc, I believe I was set myself up for that, betting against the other player being able to utilize the chance & then it just so happens I got the tiles to not only use the s for both words, but also to make a bingo.


jerkstore cowboy (Pillbox), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:29 (nine years ago) link

xp lol

jerkstore cowboy (Pillbox), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:30 (nine years ago) link

I am playing Scrabble in face to face environment, not isc nor wwf. i had one game with 500+ points but several sub 400 point efforts including a low 300 point game which was pretty :-(.

i love you but i have chosen snarkness (Steve Shasta), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:34 (nine years ago) link

I think I'm about 75-5 against random opponents on Words w/Friends. When we started the ILX Literati tourney a few years ago, Edward III beat me so bad I gave the game up for a few years.

pixel farmer, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:36 (nine years ago) link

Anybody ever want to play a non-rated game on isc, let me know. It's got to be non-rated, though, to save me from myself.

clemenza, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:40 (nine years ago) link

personally, I am afraid to start playing online b/c of the distractibility factor. I barely have enough self-discipline to get any work done as it is.

jerkstore cowboy (Pillbox), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:47 (nine years ago) link

It's not a distraction for me. It simply takes over my life.

clemenza, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:49 (nine years ago) link

o I def think it is a worthwhile endeavor, for the brain workout & all, it is just that I don't get paid to do it. nor do I get paid to drink booze or post on ilx :-(

jerkstore cowboy (Pillbox), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:57 (nine years ago) link

Had to give this up. Every game was either a) me winning by so much it was embarrassing; ii) me losing by so much it was embarrassing; or 3) a tense nailbiter with hours of mental torture trying to wring every last possible point and tactical advantange out of every move. None of these things were fun.

e.g. delete via naivete (ledge), Tuesday, 21 December 2010 23:11 (nine years ago) link

hahaha great description *sigh*

dayo, Tuesday, 21 December 2010 23:51 (nine years ago) link

Scrabble has provided me with many hours of harmless enjoyment, so I will rate it on the classic side of the equation. Among my siblings and I it caused fewer internecine feuds than, say, Monopoly or Risk, and had more scope for skill than, say, Candyland or Stratego.

But no one should ever, ever, ever make the mistake of thinking that Scrabble has more than a passing connection to one's aptitude for language.

Aimless, Wednesday, 22 December 2010 01:13 (nine years ago) link

more of a spatial logic challenge ime

jerkstore cowboy (Pillbox), Wednesday, 22 December 2010 01:16 (nine years ago) link

But no one should ever, ever, ever make the mistake of thinking that Scrabble has more than a passing connection to one's aptitude for language.

That's something I learned pretty quickly when I started playing online seven or eight years ago (triggered by Fatsis's book). It basically comes down to: 1) ability to anagram, 2) board and rack management, and 3) mastery of goofy Scrabble words--kaf, zoon, atonies, etc. (For me, #4 would be facility with goofy "-ers" bingos: moaners, nodders, milkers, etc.) Everyday working vocabulary ranks about ninth on the list. Knowing a lot of words will get you out of a tough spot occasionally.

clemenza, Wednesday, 22 December 2010 01:24 (nine years ago) link

Having said that, I'm a big fan of moaners.

clemenza, Wednesday, 22 December 2010 01:29 (nine years ago) link

seven months pass...

Saw in the paper this morning that the big NSC tournament is about to start, and supposedly the favorite to win is a woman from Toronto:

But when I checked NASPA's own page, they've only got Daniel ranked third in the province:

So I don't why she'd be deemed the favorite--maybe she's in the midst of a DiMaggio-like hit streak. Anyway, I like that Ontario's ranked #1.

clemenza, Monday, 8 August 2011 12:26 (nine years ago) link

The reader's comments on the first piece really make one proud to be Canadian.

clemenza, Monday, 8 August 2011 12:29 (nine years ago) link

I would suggest that the media focused on a woman as she's one of the few women who play in the top section in North America - Scrabble is still seen as a curiosity that the media needs an "angle" into, and women stand out amid a sea of largely interchangeable nerdy men. She's certainly a good player but I'd be very surprised if she finished top 10. Before the event my money would have been on Nigel Richards or Kenji Matsumoto.

unskinny blap (edwardo), Monday, 8 August 2011 14:09 (nine years ago) link

(And no, pretty much nobody at the event would be rating her among the favourites to win)

unskinny blap (edwardo), Monday, 8 August 2011 14:11 (nine years ago) link

I have to say that the internet has taken much of the fun out of the game for me (too much time in online Scrabble groups).

I could go for a game of Candyland or Life right now.

ReRecorded, ReMastered (Mount Cleaners), Monday, 8 August 2011 14:38 (nine years ago) link

one year passes...

I've been on the wagon for five or six months, so I didn't need to read this, but fascinating nonetheless:

(They must be trying to honor the game with the pointlessly lengthy URL.)

clemenza, Saturday, 18 August 2012 14:31 (eight years ago) link

queequeg (peter grasswich), Saturday, 18 August 2012 14:45 (eight years ago) link

Mordy, Sunday, 19 August 2012 05:47 (eight years ago) link

one year passes...

"Hashtag," "selfie," "mixtape," "bling" (I've been waiting for that one--had it turned down by various computer opponents many times), etc. That's good. I hope they don't get stupid and start adding internet acronyms, though. Those things need to be eliminated from the world, not encouraged. (I can guess the next post.)

clemenza, Wednesday, 6 August 2014 20:42 (six years ago) link

one month passes...

What happens when you play too much Scrabble: you're looking at E-F-L-O-R-W-?. You immediately spot F-L-O-W-E-R-S, but you pause, because you're not 100% sure it's a word. "Flower...something that flows...yes, that should be a word."

clemenza, Friday, 26 September 2014 00:06 (six years ago) link

one year passes...

Had to laugh when Meadow Soprano laid "oblique" (season 3, the episode where she's sick and playing with Jackie Jr. in her dorm) in such a no-big-deal way. I've never played "oblique"--not even sure I'd recognize it on the rack if the letters were scrambled enough. She didn't mention the 50-point bonus, either.

clemenza, Saturday, 20 August 2016 01:37 (four years ago) link

three years pass...

Same scene, three years later: Jackie Aprile, Jr., worst Scrabble player ever. (Three words: "ass," "poo," "the"...laid two s's so he could get four points. (Actually was after more than that, but that didn't work out either.)

clemenza, Sunday, 21 June 2020 19:33 (three months ago) link

Totally legit: "quashing" on a triple-triple for 216 + 50 = 266 points (729 for the game). I knew I was headed for a high game score, so I wanted to take a screenshot right when the game ended--it was Pogo against the computer--but I forgot they immediately go to a different screen, so I didn't get a chance to.

clemenza, Thursday, 25 June 2020 05:53 (three months ago) link

legit flex

assert (MatthewK), Thursday, 25 June 2020 06:17 (three months ago) link

If you were trying to figure out the theoretically highest-scoring play you could make, I have to believe "quashing," situated so that you could hook an 's' onto the beginning for "squashing" (a triple score) and start a triple-triple in a downwards direction (you'd need to hook onto another letter in the middle of that word), would be part of it. You could probably score over 400 points on a single play.

clemenza, Thursday, 25 June 2020 06:26 (three months ago) link

I'm still sore about this 12 years later:

SK(A)TINGS, 167pts penultimate move, overcoming my 155pt lead.

(I'm not really; Pam used to kill me on a regular basis.)

Michael Jones, Thursday, 25 June 2020 11:48 (three months ago) link

and a callback to the first post in the thread!

assert (MatthewK), Thursday, 25 June 2020 12:45 (three months ago) link

"Skatings"--I'll never understand some of the permissible pluralizations of -ing words in Scrabble. Even "skating" as a noun seems weird to me ("We had a great skating yesterday afternoon"?--wouldn't you just say "We had a great skate"?).

I thought about (s)quashing, and I don't think you could get over 400. If you hooked on "sizzlers," with the first 'z' a blank and the common 's' in the top left corner, you'd get:

squashing = 22 x 3 = 66
sizzlers = 26 x 9 = 234
bonus = 50

total = 350

Which is less than the record play, 392 for "caziques."

Now I'm compelled to figure out "caziques" hooked onto "quashing." That might do it.

clemenza, Thursday, 25 June 2020 14:08 (three months ago) link

looked @ some screenshots, its almost the 4 yr anniversary of someone playing 'uniquest' on me for 275 pts in wwf (final score of that game was 737-428, i kept it respectable lol)

johnny crunch, Thursday, 25 June 2020 14:14 (three months ago) link

two weeks pass...

This has already been a big issue a couple of times in the past (going back to the late '70s, I think).

clemenza, Friday, 10 July 2020 01:58 (two months ago) link

This was a good article on the debate, especially on the reasons not to ban them:

neith moon (ledge), Friday, 10 July 2020 09:33 (two months ago) link

Thanks, I'll read that for sure. It was Stefan Fatsis I blame for my addiction in the first place--his Word Freak got me started 15 years ago.

clemenza, Friday, 10 July 2020 13:08 (two months ago) link

That was interesting, thanks. Yeah, it's a tough call. Words are often offensive based on how they are used, or certainly how they are received, but they're still ... words, with meanings, offensive or not, that could and do appear in books, and music, and movies, in all sorts of contexts, sometimes to be offensive, sometimes to comment on offensiveness, and so on. Removing these words from Scrabble play seems like a slippery slope, not because of censorship or because it's any great loss, but because there must be countless dumb semi-words in the Scrabble dictionary that probably have equal basis for removal once you apply some sort of (non-point) value to it. At the same time, there are some words whose complete erasure from the English language would probably make the world a better place, so ... I dunno.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 10 July 2020 13:32 (two months ago) link

Hmm, thinking about it a couple of more minutes more, I think a better solution could have been to allow those words but penalize their play. Fewer points, or subtracting a few points, something like that, which would both disincentivize their use and also acknowledge their offensiveness. Just like in professional sports, there are certain things you can do to foul or draw a foul or otherwise do something wrong on purpose strategically, even if it comes at a cost. Playing these words could have been recontextualized as desperation moves that come at a price, which I assume is kind of how they were often played, anyway.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 10 July 2020 13:56 (two months ago) link

one month passes...

Kudos to Gabriel in The Americans (Frank Langella), who plays both "phlox" and "stygian" against a very skeptical Philip. (Philip lays "askew," no blanks visible, and is credited with 20 points on a double-word score. The only way that works is if he extended "as" with the "kew," but why would either of these very good players have played "as"?)

clemenza, Saturday, 22 August 2020 02:08 (one month ago) link

three weeks pass...

Usual disclaimer: against the Pogo computer, where you're allowed to "steal" a blank (i.e., if the blank's on the board and you have the matching letter on your rack, you can switch). So scoring is much easier (I'm over 400 about 90% of the time).

I think this is my highest single-game score ever, and also the first time I laid two triple-triples ("quainter" and "braiders"--the first was for 203 points). I took a screenshot of the board right before my final play, but then accidentally replaced it with this.

clemenza, Wednesday, 16 September 2020 03:14 (one week ago) link


error prone wolf syndicate (Hadrian VIII), Wednesday, 16 September 2020 03:17 (one week ago) link

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