Were you ever a "tapehead"?

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I.e. somebody who had a borderline-OCD habit of recording to audio or video tape?

I did from about the late 80s til maybe 2001 or so. I gave the majority of my VHS collection(which were mostly MST3K eps by that point) to my buddy when I moved across the country in 2004.

Recently, I found a tape just labeled "Random TV." So far, I see an episode of WWF's Smackdown circa 2000-2001, an ep of Conan, and God knows what else on there.

How about you? Did you ever continually tape shit like 120 Minutes or random tv or even random radio broadcasts?

And yes, we've all see the John Cusack/Tim Robbins movie.

kingfish, Sunday, 24 January 2010 09:46 (twelve years ago) link

i was definitely a tapehead

manichean ramen (latebloomer), Sunday, 24 January 2010 10:31 (twelve years ago) link

i did this. usually taping off the radio (sometimes including concert listings so i would remember what was coming through town at the time) but also tv. one of the weirdest mixes i have from high school is all from the college radio station, but then in the middle of "pure and simple" (lol lightning seeds) is a clip from "ice ice baby" and then the tape flipped over so you can hear "here comes a regular" backwards from the other side. i liked this. it happened another time when i was taping stuff from the library and "el tiburon" somehow became crossed with rosemary clooney "come on a my house".

i didn't realize this was a thing. didn't everyone do this?

figgy pudding (La Lechera), Sunday, 24 January 2010 14:35 (twelve years ago) link

a bit

I'm FINNISH!!!! (s1ocki), Sunday, 24 January 2010 15:08 (twelve years ago) link

I taped all the indie charts from the Chart Show for a couple of years. Think those have disappeared now, though.

emil.y, Sunday, 24 January 2010 15:10 (twelve years ago) link

I religiously taped my own college radio programming, gave a ton of them to a friend, but I still have a lot.
I like to trawl through other people's collections of self-recorded VHS tapes. I once borrowed a milk crate full of VHS dubs of Dr. Who (taken from Kansas City public access TV) that also had episodes of Mystery! and other public TV fodder mixed in, as well as the occasional 15 minutes or so of MTV. Hours of entertainment.

Trip Maker, Sunday, 24 January 2010 17:34 (twelve years ago) link

Not public access TV but PBS, duh.

Trip Maker, Sunday, 24 January 2010 17:34 (twelve years ago) link

When I lived in Salt Lake City & knew no one but had cable for the first time in my life, I spent a lot of time taping random clips of stuff I thought was great. 30 seconds of b&w Popeye strutting around in a dress, two minutes of a dog show, a local mattress store ad, a back alley fight from some generic action flick, Dr. Ruth explaining what "good" meant on a kid's show, part of a Lawrence Welk dance sequence, two women trying to sell each other a dildo in a bad softcore porn, etc etc etc.

vacation to outer darkness (Abbott), Sunday, 24 January 2010 17:53 (twelve years ago) link

I had 3 or 4 tapes of this, wish I still had them.

vacation to outer darkness (Abbott), Sunday, 24 January 2010 17:53 (twelve years ago) link

my sister and i used to record our own radio shows---we'd jabber on for a bit, say "now here's [popular song]" and then pause the tape, switch over to the radio, and ~wait~ for that song to come on, and then record it

well that's what she did, i didn't figure out the pausing thing and would just switch over to the radio and record like half a commercial, some frantic tuning, and then go with whatever sounded good at the time

mage pit laceration (gbx), Sunday, 24 January 2010 17:56 (twelve years ago) link

^ ha, me & my brother did the same thing, except we'd tape the chart rundown, time how long the gaps were between each song, and then take it in turns to hit record & jabber away over the dj bits while the other one was in charge of the watch. so organised!

zappi, Sunday, 24 January 2010 18:07 (twelve years ago) link

My daughter, the serial obsessionist, carefully taped complete runs of X-Files, Buffy and Farscape, but ditched them all when the DVDs became available. She was careful to get everything in order -- if she missed an episode, she'd put that tape aside and wait however many months it took for FX to get back to that spot in the rotation.

I used to know a guy who collected radio stations. He'd travel all over the country by car with five or six portable AM/FM/cassette decks and record station IDs at the top of the hour. Apparently there is a community of these folks, though I'd never heard of such a thing until I met him.

the end times are coming, but they're just the beginning (WmC), Sunday, 24 January 2010 18:07 (twelve years ago) link

I bought some unlabeled VHS tapes at the flea market once and one of them was hours of home shopping network footage of woman's shoes/clothes. v creepy.

tube socks and a box of krispy kreme (los blue jeans), Monday, 25 January 2010 03:18 (eleven years ago) link

My parents were tapeheads cos a VHS cost like a hundred bucks when they bought their first one, and we were lower-middle class so for the most part if we wanted a movie we'd tape it off TV or dub it from the dollar rental place if it was something really good (like Flight of the Navigator or Conan The Barbarian or something). Eventually we got into taping Ghostbusters cartoons and I remember editing out most of the commercial breaks. Of course now there are whole youtube channels devoted to 80s commercial breaks.

I need to capture this one tape my dad made of some good 80s NOVA episodes on Chaos Theory and Einstein. The tape also includes a wonderful special on then-current computer graphics.

Around ten years ago I was talking about 120 minutes with a friend who let me borrow his 2-dozen tape collection of episodes, which I compiled onto a 2-hour videotape. At the time I was also dubbing art films from a local TV channel.

Adam Bruneau, Monday, 25 January 2010 03:44 (eleven years ago) link


Adam Bruneau, Monday, 25 January 2010 03:44 (eleven years ago) link

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