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FF looking to go back into power, but I fancy a large swingback from transfers countrywide, leaving a Labour/FG government still a slight chance...

darraghmac, Friday, 25 May 2007 14:14 (twelve years ago) link

I didn't know there was one. Yay me!

PJ Miller, Friday, 25 May 2007 14:17 (twelve years ago) link

most of my peer group are about the same. but we live in ireland, so that's probably not very acceptable.

darraghmac, Friday, 25 May 2007 14:19 (twelve years ago) link

I am irritated beyond belief by the fact that my stupid housemates completely failed to get themselves on the electoral register and therefore did not vote. Useless eejits. And they're exactly the kind of people who whinge all the time about how shit the government is.

It looks like the usual suspects back in again. The only bright spot in the day could be the ousting of Michael McDowell. Please please please!

accentmonkey, Friday, 25 May 2007 15:47 (twelve years ago) link praying McDowell gets booted out after all his "don't vote in a flaky left wing government" crap.

Ronan, Friday, 25 May 2007 15:52 (twelve years ago) link

Joe Higgins look like he could be in trouble.

this election sucks on a number of levels, not least that I am going to lose our work election prediction competition big time.

The Real Dirty Vicar, Friday, 25 May 2007 16:49 (twelve years ago) link

higgins gone, i thought. on a local note, gerry cowley bit the dust a long time ago, to nobody's surprise.

i'm kinda glad to see the viable parties win out over the wacko extreme parties though. particularly the PD's and the greens.

darraghmac, Friday, 25 May 2007 16:51 (twelve years ago) link

Bland centrism for all. Next time around people can moan about how all the politicians are the same.

The Real Dirty Vicar, Friday, 25 May 2007 17:14 (twelve years ago) link

I am gutted and off to get drunk. Well I was going to do the latter anyway but still, I'm in Dublin South East and so far so good. According to the Irish Times at the moment Gormley is 200 votes ahead (so my vote worked!) which leads me to hope that McDowell will be removed. You never know though, until they've sorted through all the (really confusing!) transfers, nothing is certain sadly.

Had to work all day opposite a FFer who thinks McDowell is the best thing for Irish politics! It's been a long day to put it mildly :(

kv_nol, Friday, 25 May 2007 18:28 (twelve years ago) link

ROFL @ Ruari Quinn: "I've just come from the pictures and a bite to eat so I'm only now catching up with the figures. I was at Pirates of the Carribean in which a set of gangsters also won an election" I love him. Also said "Howya" to him on the canal yesterday (he only got my number 2).

Having first glass of wine. I promise first drunken rants will be on this thread if they happen. You're all so lucky.

kv_nol, Friday, 25 May 2007 19:16 (twelve years ago) link

Holy shit. Joe O'Higgins is gone! That is a level 10 on the scale of WTF!

kv_nol, Friday, 25 May 2007 19:21 (twelve years ago) link


kv_nol, Friday, 25 May 2007 19:41 (twelve years ago) link

haha so good! they chanted "cheerio cheerio cheerio" at him as he was making his pompous resignation speech.

arrogant prick...

Ronan, Friday, 25 May 2007 19:58 (twelve years ago) link

Totally! J0hn G0rmley was admirable in not calling him an arrogant prick!

Tr3v0r S4rg3nt on the TV, good man himself.

P4t R4bb1te on earlier. The man's a smug cnut but better him than McDowell. Any bets on who will be next government?

Good god! How bad is D4v1d D4v1n-P0wer's dye job. myeyesgogglesdonothing.jpg

kv_nol, Friday, 25 May 2007 20:29 (twelve years ago) link

I'm very impressed by the RTE radio commentators, who were on the air continuously from 12pm until at least 9.30 tonight, when I stopped listening.

The whole thing is, as the Vicar says, a victory for bland centrism. For people who want to protect their pensions and who don't give a shit about anyone who's a bit different. It's all very disappointing.

However, I do believe that the flight to the two major parties is a signal of something big coming around the corner, but I just can't quite figure out what that something is, other than the no-doubt upcoming economic downturn. I think the FF people got a bit of a fright this year, and that's why they ran for their first preferences, to keep themselves safe.

If I was Mary Harney, I'd be laughing my ass off right about now.

accentmonkey, Friday, 25 May 2007 22:11 (twelve years ago) link

I would have liked to have seen Beverly Cooper Flynn out on her arse as well. Shame.

accentmonkey, Friday, 25 May 2007 22:15 (twelve years ago) link

Our economy is not going to be doing too well in a year. It makes me very sad to know that I am buying a house (I hope) where the interest will be more than the increase in value... Still beats when my parents bought and it was at 17 or 19%. Madness!

What's interesting for me is that there is an old maxim along the lines of: When stocks are rising, buy a house. When Houses are rising, buy stock. If I wasn't desperate to buy a house I'd be trying the stock market.

But yeah, I'm really disappointed. I had real hopes that the Greens would make a real splash. I never wanted them to be a leading party in the day to day but I wanted them to have some kind of environmental influence. I do think they did though, politicans do like to be seen as hip to da groove etc.

MH didn't look like she was laughing. It's probably a bit tough to see the party that she gave so much to (I am trying to be nice here) used as the scapegoat by the party that she and others split from. It's like an abusive partner turning around after 10 years off the booze and lamping you on a bender. I suppose.

kv_nol, Friday, 25 May 2007 22:46 (twelve years ago) link

I'm pretty sure, though, that she must be delighted that Mad Dog presided over the demise of the party rather than her, and that after hounding her out of the leadership position, his ludicrous arrogance and thorough unpleasantness lost it for him.

Kev-lol, if you're buying a house because you want somewhere to live, then you'll be fine.

accentmonkey, Friday, 25 May 2007 22:56 (twelve years ago) link

True enough re. PD.

That's what I'm going on at the moment. I'd love a clear sign that hey, a house is the best thing to buy right now :)

kv_nol, Friday, 25 May 2007 23:16 (twelve years ago) link

LOL @ David of the bad dye job on the tv re. Nazi boy:

"His wife and sons haven't seen much of him over the past 5 years so this is a cloud with silver lining"

Bad journalism I call you RTE! Bad suits, I call you the weatherman, Inspira Carmere I call you ruin! Good night my dears, I'm off to bed. It's a FF government tomorrow but at least my constituency is safe. Keep it local (and personal), that's my motto.

kv_nol, Saturday, 26 May 2007 00:13 (twelve years ago) link

they chanted "cheerio cheerio cheerio" at him as he was making his pompous resignation speech.

That struck me as being a bit boorish. I am now starting to feel sorry for Maccer.

Am I the only person who dislikes the PDs less than Fianna Fáil?

The Real Dirty Vicar, Saturday, 26 May 2007 11:07 (twelve years ago) link

You're joking! I don't think you're alone really, I would have more time for them if they had a) seemed more independent (not so reliant on FF) and b) had chosen different leaders over the past few years.

kv_nol, Saturday, 26 May 2007 11:35 (twelve years ago) link

If Harney is the only PD elected, does that make her an independant?

I know, right?, Saturday, 26 May 2007 11:53 (twelve years ago) link

No, she is a member of a party (in the same way that Joe Higgins is, say).

But she would count as an Independent for Dáil rules, as a parliamentary group needs to have at least seven members.

The Real Dirty Vicar, Saturday, 26 May 2007 12:18 (twelve years ago) link

You're joking!

SRSLY, you'd rather have Chris Andrews as your TD?

The Real Dirty Vicar, Saturday, 26 May 2007 12:19 (twelve years ago) link

No, I voted Gormley, Quinn and Creighton. Also Andrews is young but based on personal experience (he taught one of my best friends and when I visited said school for an open day he was v friendly and decent joking about his brother [the bloody awful David McS4v4ge, the twit in Temple Bar or Grafton Street with the drum on his back] who was based in Denmark at the times) I would have plenty of time for him. I would actually have voted for him if he had been with any other party (even PD if only to get rid of Michael)!

kv_nol, Saturday, 26 May 2007 12:55 (twelve years ago) link

why do you keep google guarding all these names?

do you reckon McDowell will have to get a job in the Centra in the triangle in Ranelagh? Or maybe he will get some kind of entry level job as a technical writer. I hear Liz O'Donnell is starting in McDonalds soon.

The Real Dirty Vicar, Sunday, 27 May 2007 12:57 (twelve years ago) link

I googleproof out of habit I suppose :)

I hear that Godfather's pizza is looking for deliverymen, I know I'd tip heavily if he came to my door lest he "make shit of my driveway" (sic). Liz O'Donnell hasn't worked before so she won't start now. I'd say Mr O'Donnell will be pulling extra shifts now! [/sexism]

kv_nol, Sunday, 27 May 2007 13:26 (twelve years ago) link

That struck me as being a bit boorish. I am now starting to feel sorry for Maccer.

Are you kidding? He's one of the most arrogant, insulting, obnoxious people in public life and he deserves to be treated poorly. He treats other people poorly. Screw him. It's not like people booed Liz O'Donnell when she lost. Anyway, she's popular enough that she could actually get a proper job doing something else.

I am depressed about the whole election. Irish people are idiots.

accentmonkey, Sunday, 27 May 2007 15:54 (twelve years ago) link

Irish people are idiots.

Fixed :)

I think that DV might have been winding us up. I hope so anyway...

kv_nol, Sunday, 27 May 2007 16:39 (twelve years ago) link

No, I don't think he is. He is a sporting gentleman who believes people should be treated in a civilised way, even if they are Mad Dog.

I disagree.

accentmonkey, Sunday, 27 May 2007 16:44 (twelve years ago) link

Oh dear! Well it's good to know that there are people out there like that anyway!

kv_nol, Sunday, 27 May 2007 17:08 (twelve years ago) link

Yes, yes it is. I would not want to stoop to McDowell's level.

The Real Dirty Vicar, Sunday, 27 May 2007 19:24 (twelve years ago) link

Stupid question, is there a complete list of the election results anywhere on the Interweb?

The Real Dirty Vicar, Sunday, 27 May 2007 19:28 (twelve years ago) link

I don't know. Sorry. Not very helpful.

accentmonkey, Sunday, 27 May 2007 21:01 (twelve years ago) link

Irish Times website was pretty good throughout.

kv_nol, Sunday, 27 May 2007 21:22 (twelve years ago) link

I found it very annoying - I kept getting e-mails from people telling me that person X or Y had lost their seat, with nothing obvious about it on the text based Internet. RTE was pretty rubbish too, unless you were using streaming audio.

The Real Dirty Vicar, Monday, 28 May 2007 12:15 (twelve years ago) link

RTE's website was truly dreadful wasn't it?

Just a big mess with some gigantic picture taking up space where info should have been. Amazing in this day and age.

Ronan, Monday, 28 May 2007 12:49 (twelve years ago) link

I suppose we can be grateful that it didn't have a song in the background or smily faces at the end of every article!

kv_nol, Monday, 28 May 2007 12:52 (twelve years ago) link

Or the Lizard King.

The Real Dirty Vicar, Monday, 28 May 2007 16:49 (twelve years ago) link

I... I don't understand...

kv_nol, Monday, 28 May 2007 17:28 (twelve years ago) link


The Real Dirty Vicar, Monday, 28 May 2007 17:45 (twelve years ago) link

Oh right, cheers for pointer towards thread. That boy works so hard!

kv_nol, Monday, 28 May 2007 19:15 (twelve years ago) link

I was pretty pleased with the election results, all told. I must have vastly different priorities to EVERY OTHER IRISH ILXOR. I do agree that the coverage was terrible. I was in the UK on Thursday pm, Friday and Saturday and found it very difficult to track progress.

I think that the result could have been easily foretold from a 50/50 perspective - with the mud-slinging fantango before polling the vote was going to swing violently in the direction of FF and FG, those that lost out (primnarily the PDs) did so on the basis of a leader who spoke unreservedly, which our electorate didn't appreciate.

McDowell was in my constituency and I am delighted with that result. I agree that Mary Harney must have had quite a chuckle behind closed doors.

Lara, Monday, 28 May 2007 19:23 (twelve years ago) link

I thought the coverage (TV & Radio) were fantastic! Papers, not so much sadly enough.

McDowell was brought down by his ego, pure and simple. He couldn't leave things alone, took everything personally (something well pointed out by that other egomaniac Adams during the debate) and couldn't help but preen near a camera. He was determined to lead the PDs and was blinded by his own greed to the fact that he was being handed a poisoned chalice. Truth be told, I think Harney acted in a mercenary manner but anyone could have seen the writing on the wall really!

What are your priorities Lara? My concern was that I wanted to remove the established old boys club for a new one (sigh). Also I wanted the Greens to have more of an effect, I would have been happier with them being bigger because while their policies are fairly limited I do want them at cabinet level for discussion. I hope that there will be one or two changes but I'm not sure that they'll really happen.

kv_nol, Monday, 28 May 2007 19:32 (twelve years ago) link

given the possible bump coming in the economy, i think consolidation was always going to be the order of the day coming up to this one.

is it possible FF knew it too, and played to it?

darraghmac, Monday, 28 May 2007 19:34 (twelve years ago) link

It's kind of an interesting one, because, as you say, the flight to the two main parties obviously means that the electorate is jittery about something, and the coming five years could possibly not be great for whoever's in government, so why do FF want it so bad right now, when possibly the smart thing to do would have been to soft pedal a bit and maybe let the others take over and screw up. Maybe FF reckons things aren't going to be so bad.

I am highly amused that the first business day after the election results and the Mahon tribunal is right back with the massive irregularities in Bertie's testimony regarding his money.

accentmonkey, Monday, 28 May 2007 19:44 (twelve years ago) link

Quite right and I wonder what effect this commentary will have on the formation of our new government?

To be honest I think our often a-political electorate voted for the people who ran the best campaigns - on a local and national level. Those who didn't convince in the TV debates lost in waves. McDowell and Adams are most notable here.

I was in the UK and it was virtually impossible to find out what was going on. UK coverage = almost nil. Limited web coverage too.

Lara, Monday, 28 May 2007 19:49 (twelve years ago) link

McDowell did v badly on the debate 'tis true! I don't think it was the debate that threw it away for Adams, I think people got spooked by the idea of SF being in government! Lucinda Creighton totally proves your point though, she managed to get through on v little except fluff, that says she does seem really copped on and ready for what's next.

Mahon tribunal appears to have already messed up with their timing sadly enough. I don't really hold any faith in the tribunal system any more. It's not like I had much to begin with.

Everyone's expecting a bump, it's making houses cheaper but scares the shit out of me re. buying at the moment. All that crap about Stamp Duty didn't help.

kv_nol, Monday, 28 May 2007 20:08 (twelve years ago) link

SF was surely a long shot but Adams was terrible on economic policy, health service etc. It appeared that they (SF) had a single policy agenda.

Creighton is apparently brilliant, although I hate Enda Kenny too much to have voted FG. She's a non-practicing barrister. She and Varadkar seem to be the new breed of FG.

Is there any possibility of putting a stop to these tribunals? I predict a much more emphatic vote of togetherness if we were given that opportunity. And the savings could cover the cost of Stamp Duty!

Lara, Monday, 28 May 2007 20:14 (twelve years ago) link

SF's former acquaintances commonly derided as Trots by the theoretically-orthodox Official IRA iirc

seandalai, Monday, 10 February 2020 23:10 (two weeks ago) link

FF will win the last two I think but they’ll just be one seat ahead of SF. FG are two behind. 12 for the greens is incredible

hyds (gyac), Monday, 10 February 2020 23:12 (two weeks ago) link

theres a lot of good stuff happening

lets hope the govt formed wont stymie all enthusiasm

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Monday, 10 February 2020 23:14 (two weeks ago) link

Slight double take in seeing my brother announced as a Fianna Fail TD for Wicklow. I must tell him in the morning

High profile Tom D (Tom D.), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 00:32 (two weeks ago) link

twas a fuckin major shock to the sd voters last time around when he announced it himself after a few months

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 00:54 (two weeks ago) link

ok i think this is a good space and time to check something

having reaffirmed that our process is the best in the world, and the thread having by and large been a real cracker, and lookit still having a good deal of craic to go, and possibly even a government out of it

can we think about how we can assist and advise our cousins

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 02:12 (two weeks ago) link

or does our mishmash of a system allow us buffers that let things breathe that may not be the case in the polthreads of less civilised countries

even fred can behave himself in here, like. we def have something here.

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 02:20 (two weeks ago) link

Well here’s the thing, until, minimally, the Democratic presidential nomination process becomes a national primary w ranked choice voting the system guarantees constant screaming, hectoring, Morbs being Morbs, shakes being shakes, etc.

Swilling Ambergris, Esq. (silby), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 02:25 (two weeks ago) link

ok good, good

how do we get from *here*, ok, to *there*, hmm?

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 02:27 (two weeks ago) link

It’s one of those things I think where the ppl benefitting from the system in place are the ones wielding the power required to change it and so I really don’t know.

Swilling Ambergris, Esq. (silby), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 02:29 (two weeks ago) link


can you leave it with me, we'll get some very good people on it first thing.

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 02:47 (two weeks ago) link

Good breakdown of those SF surpluses and the boost to left candidates.

hyds (gyac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 06:11 (two weeks ago) link

Yeah, that's good - my ascendancy friend is wary of them, and not without some justification, but they will need to keep up the leftism for a while in this three party state holy shit.

Andrew Farrell, Tuesday, 11 February 2020 08:03 (two weeks ago) link

2020. bernie sanders party is the biggest of the now three significant parties in america, despite not running in all the states due to a clerical error. figures show that without this error he would dominate whatever ridiculous setup ye have that controls the money and the power. he might agree to a programme of govt with hilarys dems for stabilitys stake, but he wants to see if he can form one with the communist party of america firstx just for the lols.

in this scenario, bernie sanders party were killing nypd in the 90s and defend it today.

maybe that clarifies the kind of shift we're talking, idk

― BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac)

checked into this thread to see how 2020 ilx could get 420 new answers in an irish politics thread, was not disappointed

deems you're such a fascinating person, the soul of ilx in so many ways and in other ways so utterly exceptional and sui generis, i know nothing at all about irish politics (they had some sort of election i gather?) but i love reading how you view american politics

if we accept a three-party system, the issue with hillary's party - which is a party i used to belong to - is that they have in the end no policy and no principles other than compromise, which happens to be a principle that both bernie's party and trump's party both categorically reject - bernie stands for principle for its own sake, and trump stands for power for its own sake, with all other considerations being secondary.

there's my crackpot view of american politics, no fucking clue how this relates to irish politics, sorry for intruding

you know my name, look up the number of the beast (rushomancy), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 08:11 (two weeks ago) link

He had to go eat after posting that

xyzzzz__, Tuesday, 11 February 2020 09:16 (two weeks ago) link

It struck me after a few chats in the count centre that nobody in FF/FG really understands what just happened. Their narrative is still "idiots with unrealistic ideas". I know a 22 year old who voted SF after losing friends to suicide. What did you think he'd do?

— Colin McGovern (@cmcgovern) February 10, 2020

xyzzzz__, Tuesday, 11 February 2020 09:16 (two weeks ago) link

fg in particular have top-to-bottom been public and explicit in their disappointment with the impatience of the electorate, theyre going into "unpopular parent" mode

rush, the post was to try to impress to aimless the structural changes in Irish politics, i couldn't stand over the comparison at all really but it was a long weekend and ...i was hungry, also in the middle of a fight about ramekins

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 09:31 (two weeks ago) link

xp this is very true in my experience of that age group, they are much more political than my age group (understandably, and thankfully). Deems, any thoughts?

I was looking at photos of my old pair when they had me last week, and they looked like babies to me. They had me and a house of their own at an age that seems unreachable now, and it’s happened so fast that it’s no wonder people are voting the way they are. Yes, the young have always emigrated, but the ones who stay in the country have usually been able to afford housing and to send their children to local schools and stay part of the community. It’s one of the things I really took for granted about home, and I didn’t miss it when I left, but it’s an anchor the country needs.

And yeah, as long as FF/FG keep telling the young (and not-so-young) that the things their parents achieved without working themselves to the bone, with a normal income and even in many cases with one parent working are fantasies and they just need to shtop with the notions? This trend will continue.

hyds (gyac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 09:58 (two weeks ago) link

i think that they are, following a worldwide trend, enabled pretty clearly by the politicisation of youth spaces online, much more *theoretically* politically interested.

i think theres a danger of handwaving upwards chronologically to other generations, as much as the generation im at the tailend of (in some ways, in some ways not) is prone to handwaving down.

the stuff you're hitting there in yr post, it runs deep. the pace of change has been enormous. no small country in europe has stood still, but yeah the differences in what our parents (im not that much fuckin older u chancer) *expected* and what we did, then what we didnt, is enormous. an enormously unsettled time with huge lack of empathy and understanding between successive generations and in that i think some of the 50s/60s/70-80s parallels with the states do ring true as set againt ireland 80s/90s/00s-now

the ireland that afforded family living on a single wage with the father securing steady work at 16 had so much wrong with it, and im not going to say baby out with bathwater, and for sure i know that you in particular would never idyllise what we were back then!

i think that- and we all may look the same to you- the leaving cert years (imo, right off the pan hot, this to me is our divider, not age, tbh) of the end of 80s and through the early 90s found that the world was good, that they were raised expecting to be able to make their mark on their own lives but not have it easy- london called, merikay called, aiming for rich was a mugs game (tho if it came, it came, it certainly wasnt prohibited) but middle class anywhere was in their sights and falling short of that would be a process or gradation not disaster

they did what they had been told and theyd been warned that the brits would be against them, that the yanks would work them hard but pay them well, that keeping yr head down, following the rules would keep you safe as long as you were known at the church and the club.

there were shibboleths and associations and sins of transgression and civil war politics were a huge feature of life but theyd learned to exist, grandad was dead or old.

that was the politics as they stepped into the age of discussing politics, and instead of the above payoff, the rules fell to pieces as the world fell before them unexpectedly.

right i better post this, i do all this on a temperamental phone yknow

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 10:41 (two weeks ago) link

this is blather off the cuff obv, david mcwilliams im not, thank fuck, so i havent sat down and put a cute sticker over any one suffering group like the mother's prodigy he is

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 10:44 (two weeks ago) link


i think that- and we all may look the same to you- the leaving cert years (imo, right off the pan hot, this to me is our divider, not age, tbh) of the end of 80s and through the early 90s

I am in meetings most of today so take yr time! I also phone post so don’t use that as an excuse. Btw I read the Pope’s Children shortly after emigrating and it’s aged like milk. Fucking awful.

hyds (gyac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 11:04 (two weeks ago) link


im only saying that the subdivisions in generations get relevant imo, the 25 year grading falls apart, every generation is reacting to the seismic events as affect them in a wide enough swathe


im not that fuckin old


imo the way (well, one way that im not sure ive seen) to most interestingly break things up for random musings like this is your era as a school leaver

i may have to read it all again in order to capture my own thread before moving on to the ireland online leaving cert years, as well as reminding everyone of how the goodfellas energy of the "fuckin hell getting rich is *easy*" LC89 crew went

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 11:15 (two weeks ago) link

I heard when you did it, it was called the Inter Cert.

Ok, I’m really going now.

hyds (gyac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 11:26 (two weeks ago) link

firstly fp

secondly inter cert was the junior cert you fuckin tadpole

what do they be bloody teaching ye

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 11:37 (two weeks ago) link

lol am not gonna get near spitting out the remainder of most of this today, but cmere

golly what a day of politics we have planned for you, folks

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 12:43 (two weeks ago) link

xp in most of the country you do both state exams, maybe not in the wesht though

I look forward to yr response

hyds (gyac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 16:28 (two weeks ago) link

when twas the inter cert, boys would be on the boat to london the next day, bedad

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 16:49 (two weeks ago) link

yerra youd be lucky man to do your inter cert

Saxophone Of Futility (Michael B), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 16:50 (two weeks ago) link

my aul fella had to be compelled to sit even the inter cert with promises he could go out on the fishing boats if he did his best

he landed up to the house with the results, second in the school, "chrisht" his aul man exclaims, "you'll be a priesht!"

he ran away that night to dublin, hopped aboard the first vessel that would take a 15 year old on and spent two years in norway on the boats.

he had made peace over the phone with the parents in the intervening, but hadn't returned until his 18th just in case

en route down the island home he spotted that it was biker's weekend, says jaysus ill have a look, spent from friday thru sunday night on the piss down the sandybanks and passed the house on the back of a harley wavin hallooo to the mother cos he was late to get back to dublin, disnt see them again another two years

thats my inter cert story now. an awful man.

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 16:56 (two weeks ago) link

explains a lot

Saxophone Of Futility (Michael B), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:12 (two weeks ago) link

xp this story is so similar to An Béal Bocht that I am moved, not for the first time, to compare you to yr civil service predecessor Brian O’ Nolan.

great names the family had as well

Brian was the third of 11 children, Gearóid, Ciarán, Roisin, Fergus, Kevin, Maeve, Nessa, Nuala, Sheila, Niall, and Micheál.

hyds (gyac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:16 (two weeks ago) link

solid names def

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:22 (two weeks ago) link

Looking good

Join Sinn Féin.

— Gerry Adams (@GerryAdamsSF) February 11, 2020

xyzzzz__, Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:29 (two weeks ago) link

Still incandescent with rage that there’s no link to that video of him doing results chat in his Antrim GAA jersey and opening the chat with “coola boola”.

hyds (gyac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:37 (two weeks ago) link

youve the pics at least

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:45 (two weeks ago) link

i caught it live, look theres no point denying it, it was glorious tbh

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:45 (two weeks ago) link

non-emigrant privilège at its worst

hyds (gyac), Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:57 (two weeks ago) link

I've no words for this 🤷‍♀️

— Fíona Ní mhistéil 🇮🇪 (@fionamitchell56) February 11, 2020

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:04 (two weeks ago) link


BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:04 (two weeks ago) link

I'm finding it difficult to parse what point he thinks he's making

plax (ico), Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:27 (two weeks ago) link

listen again!

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:29 (two weeks ago) link

So when do the bids get unsealed

Swilling Ambergris, Esq. (silby), Wednesday, 12 February 2020 16:36 (two weeks ago) link

Oh my God I just burst out laughing at your man. The head on him! Very reminscent of my JC history class where a friend’s answer to the question “Why wasn’t De Valera shot by the British?” was “He gave them a bribe.”

Constant Mark O’ Bhich indeed

hyds (gyac), Wednesday, 12 February 2020 16:46 (two weeks ago) link

conn markobitch gave his life fyi

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Wednesday, 12 February 2020 16:50 (two weeks ago) link

the FG no to sf has remained firm

the FF no looked v weak but is firming up

the odds on FF/FG/Green halved over night

total agreement, here we gooooo

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Thursday, 13 February 2020 11:22 (two weeks ago) link

best political system in de wordeld, obv

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Thursday, 13 February 2020 11:22 (two weeks ago) link

They’ll be laughing on the other side of their faces when it inevitably collapses & SF wins 120 seats in the rerun

hyds (gyac), Thursday, 13 February 2020 11:27 (two weeks ago) link

theres so much in play

as far as i can think it through, it all rests on the nebulous expectations each of the three main players have for the coming term of govt, which is gonna be a matter of political calculus that theyd each want to be very certain of getting right

ff most to lose, for all of the reasons. theyre the party most suited to, best placed to, with the most pressing political reasons (michéal taoiseach, biggest party, running out of time to recover, and losing imo (by roundabout via fg for a decade) their voters to sf) to enter sf coalition

fg best off out of govt but if they think they can snatch back (and i think, even to other parties like ff/sd/lab tbh) that 12% from sf by:

forming a stable (big assumption) four/five year govt:

that provides large amounts of affordable homes for those swing voters, ie

-not rental (not bought wholesale by funds)
-not at or near current prices
-and, i cynically think tbh myself, not swallowed up in large part by social housing nor approved housing bodies

and just for fg (obv for ff this is lifeblood stuff) i dont think they actually *want* to do any of this stuff. they dont think everyone deserves a house, but if its in the rules and they ~have to, jeez~ then owning is for our lot, and renting is for your lot, buy in or fuck off has been their approach for the past three years when things became viable again

ok, take a breath, phew, thats a lot for a coalition (surely would have to be a full coalition govt this time, which would still be a significant step for the lads) to manage and bank on, who have we to get the numbers....

the greens? jesus thats optimistic. not very likely, seeing the progress theyre enjoying in this moment, to sign up to a programme that puts emphasis on houses! now! quickly! anywhere!

independents? more prone than most to fracture and in particular towards the popular momentum, besides which will the electorate tolerate a FF led clientelism based govt again? FG hardly got away with that, and at least had the appropriate sniffy air towards the whole sordid setup

lab/socdem? i mean, if i knew what they were for i could make an argument against it, but....?

the amount of things that would have to be agreed so firmly to hold it together, and then go perfectly......i think its a mad risk.

and so obviously a grand coalition of keepball against SF that the optics are not good.

im surprised this is swooping this way, but id be more surprised if its not kites, nor if its not the strangest kites we see flown between now and mickey d signing off on a rabble.

still think ff will form a stable govt with sf

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Thursday, 13 February 2020 11:59 (two weeks ago) link

sf, as you note, only lose in the least likely scenario- a coalition govt, starting out on an awful footing optically, gets everything right over a long enough term to win back voters, and over a short enough term that something unseen (or their own pretty likely failings as a group) doesnt intercede to ruin it all anyway.

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Thursday, 13 February 2020 12:10 (two weeks ago) link

Was last week's result despite a great amount of teh electorate not being able to vote before next Saturday or did that get taken care of?
Heard a sizable chunk of people couldn't actually vote before 15th of February and would probably vote more left after taht point so the election was pushed forward to prevent them counting.
So if there was a need for a revote or anything it would be difficult to keep them excluded. Or did they get earlier clearance or something?

Stevolende, Thursday, 13 February 2020 14:37 (two weeks ago) link

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