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Where do I begin? My netflix account is ready...

RoxyMuzak© (roxymuzak), Friday, 12 May 2006 15:46 (sixteen years ago) link

1. Lagaan (3:45 hour epic about cricket, imperialism, prejudice, and Aamir Khan without his shirt on)

2. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (college sweethearts who never manage to somehow hook up...suddenly, it's years later and things have changed! Also: MS. BRIGANZA!)

Haikunym (Haikunym), Friday, 12 May 2006 16:00 (sixteen years ago) link

Hey, I already added both of those using guesswork! Brilliant.

RoxyMuzak© (roxymuzak), Friday, 12 May 2006 17:42 (sixteen years ago) link

What are some good'ns from the 60s?

RoxyMuzak© (roxymuzak), Friday, 12 May 2006 17:42 (sixteen years ago) link

SHOLAY... everything you could desire from a movie.

sublime frequency (sublime frequency), Saturday, 13 May 2006 18:47 (sixteen years ago) link

That's on my list too. Sholay and Lagaan seem to come really highly recommended.

I just got a movie called Salaam Bombay! from netflix, and really, really loved it. Small Change meets Born Into Brothels.

RoxyMuzak© (roxymuzak), Tuesday, 16 May 2006 14:22 (sixteen years ago) link

one year passes...

I haven't seen Jhoom Barabar Jhoom but clearly Amitabh Bachchan already has the look of the year down:

Ned Raggett, Saturday, 16 June 2007 17:25 (fifteen years ago) link

As for older films, here was my take on Mughal-E-Azam.

Ned Raggett, Saturday, 16 June 2007 17:28 (fifteen years ago) link


Curt1s Stephens, Saturday, 16 June 2007 17:29 (fifteen years ago) link

I am an extra in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, during the Princess Diana funeral scene. Look out for me!

Just got offed, Saturday, 16 June 2007 19:26 (fifteen years ago) link


gershy, Saturday, 16 June 2007 19:49 (fifteen years ago) link

It translates as 'Dance Baby Dance', which, alas, does not accurately convey the solemnity of the situation.

Just got offed, Saturday, 16 June 2007 19:57 (fifteen years ago) link


Oh my god, I cried :-(

Stevie D, Saturday, 16 June 2007 20:05 (fifteen years ago) link

marmotwolof, Sunday, 17 June 2007 08:24 (fifteen years ago) link

I liked Bollywood/Hollywood, mostly for the fact that's a Canadian parody of Bollywood movies. Also, although sections are quite cheesy, Kandunkondain Kandunkondain "I Have Found It" (Sense & Sensibility update) has beautiful dance sequences.

jocelyn, Monday, 18 June 2007 02:52 (fifteen years ago) link

You've got to see Gadar, some of the most beautiful music I've heard in a Bwood film.

humansuit, Monday, 18 June 2007 03:02 (fifteen years ago) link

I couldn't make it through Sholay. It doesn't need to be as long as it is.

Lingbert, Monday, 18 June 2007 03:10 (fifteen years ago) link

five months pass...

Here is my review of Lagaan: Aamir Khan is extremely hot and never has much clothes on! The rest is kinda silly!

roxymuzak, Monday, 26 November 2007 01:35 (fifteen years ago) link

eleven months pass...

haha my sister and i did that bollywood workout all the time last spring ^^^

today, i'm a numbers machine (roxymuzak), Thursday, 13 November 2008 16:39 (fourteen years ago) link

three months pass...

coworker passed me some dvds, i've got 'dil chahta hai' (tagline: "welcome to a summer of their lives you will never forget" and "chupke chupke"

Tracy Michael Jordan Catalano (Jordan), Thursday, 5 March 2009 21:55 (fourteen years ago) link

wait i think i've seen dil chahta hai before, which is pretty crazy.

Tracy Michael Jordan Catalano (Jordan), Thursday, 5 March 2009 21:55 (fourteen years ago) link

I can't watch Bollywood movies (I've tried on a couple of different occassions.) Some cultural differences are just too vast.

Alex in SF, Thursday, 5 March 2009 21:56 (fourteen years ago) link

ten months pass...

Can't wait for this:

James Mitchell, Tuesday, 12 January 2010 09:01 (thirteen years ago) link

five months pass...

number 5 movie in the uk is apparently a bollywood film, 'i hate luv storys'

i don't know anything about it

it wasn't reviewed in, say, the guardian

whereas the no. 6 film, 'heartbreaker', also non-english-language, has generated a fair amount of pres

are british film critics racist or what?

frap your hands say yeah yeah yeah (history mayne), Thursday, 8 July 2010 10:27 (twelve years ago) link

Why don't you watch and review it somewhere then?

xyzzzz__, Thursday, 8 July 2010 15:49 (twelve years ago) link

seven months pass...

need more recs!

☠ (roxymuzak), Tuesday, 15 February 2011 19:47 (twelve years ago) link

I hoping Endhiran winds up on netflix:

The End is Nigher (Sanpaku), Tuesday, 15 February 2011 21:40 (twelve years ago) link

two weeks pass...

just watched There'll Always Be Stars in the Sky. It's p interesting, but also kinda judgmental and insulting - at one point the narration says "though the audience believes the actors are actually singing, the songs are ACTUALLY sung by playback singers." ru serious? i'm sure 99% if not the entirety of the audience knows that

☠ (roxymuzak), Friday, 4 March 2011 16:51 (twelve years ago) link

"at times gypsies serenade their snakes with tunes they have unwittingly borrowed from films"

☠ (roxymuzak), Friday, 4 March 2011 17:01 (twelve years ago) link

don't be sad I saw that movie

puff puff post (uh oh I'm having a fantasy), Friday, 4 March 2011 20:26 (twelve years ago) link

Asoka bombed with the Hindi press and struggled with the public but i'd rate it as one of the best action/adventure/romance epics ever made. The direction / cinematography by Santosh Sivan are stunning, the music (mostly Sunidhi Chauhan on vocals) is great and the story is gripping. It's the classic Hindi kitchen sink film with loss, betrayal, love and a whacking great pitched battle with dudes on elephants.

ShariVari, Friday, 4 March 2011 22:48 (twelve years ago) link

one year passes...

Did anyone see Fashion?

flag this post and die (roxymuzak), Friday, 1 February 2013 20:07 (ten years ago) link

one year passes...

dylannn, Saturday, 15 February 2014 19:46 (nine years ago) link rahat fateh ali khan

dylannn, Saturday, 15 February 2014 19:47 (nine years ago) link

return of madhuri.

dylannn, Saturday, 15 February 2014 19:48 (nine years ago) link priyanka is new old school love in the desert whisper in the ear number

dylannn, Saturday, 15 February 2014 19:51 (nine years ago) link


dylannn, Saturday, 15 February 2014 19:59 (nine years ago) link

what else recent to see?

dylannn, Saturday, 15 February 2014 20:02 (nine years ago) link

one of the cinemas here shows a new Bollywood movie every Sunday night, i need to find somebody to go with, this

was on the other week

the undersea world of jacques kernow (Noodle Vague), Saturday, 15 February 2014 20:03 (nine years ago) link

one month passes...

i have a thing for alia bhattttt

dylannn, Monday, 24 March 2014 00:20 (nine years ago) link

dylannn, Monday, 24 March 2014 00:32 (nine years ago) link

eight years pass...

My recent adventures beyond Bollywood....


Yamadonga (2007) - Directed by the same guy as RRR and featuring N.T. Rama Rao Junior, who plays one of the leads in that. It is supposedly about a mortal challenging the God of Death, though in true Indian cinema fashion this really only comes into play over an hour into the film. Before that there's a lot of fun action, with N.T. a thief being chased through streets (remember Rajamouli put the Disney Aladdin on his S&S list). Things actually get a bit less exciting once he arrives in the Afterlife - the sets are gorgeous but things get much more talky and dependent on cultural context I don't fully possess. There's an amusing sequence where N.T. mounts a dirty electoral campaign to overtake the God. There's also a scene where he dances with his grandfather, who was also a Tollywood star, and who is revived as a deepfake; Tollywood def ahead of the curve here in 2007. Interesting that the Hindu pantheon seems very close to ancient Greek or Norse gods - fickle, proud, no great claim to moral superiority.

Aditya 369 (1991) - Total banger! Directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, who rules, and featuring Nadamuri Balakrischna, this is like if a rad 90's kid's sci-fi film got crossed with a Hong Kong action thriller, with some Errol Flynn swordplay thrown in. This one too actually got less entertaining for me once the supposedly main entertainment, in this case time travel, kicked in, as again it gets talky and there's lots of in jokes concerning old Telugu court habits and poets. But as soon as Balakrischna introduces the court to 50's Rock & Roll I was back in. There's a quick jump to the future with some Star Wars copyright infringement and then it's back to the present for a big action scene. Ends on a joke and a freeze frame. Hell yeah.


Michael Madana Kama Rajan (1990) - Also by Singeetam, but working in Tamil as opposed to Telugu. This starts with the director singing a song about the movie and inviting you to watch it, as more films should. There's a lot in here that's just boring static medium shots but then every now and then the director hits you with an action sequence straight out of the silent era, a MGM calibre musical number or a terrifying stunt. The plot is pure farce (quadruplets get separated at birth, all played by Tamil star Kamal Hassan). Last 50 minutes or so are pure screwball heaven as romantic interests confront sundry Kamals they think are "their" Kamal. Also there's a really big dude. Both these Singeetam films are on Amazon Prime in really run down copies and I won't pretend it doesn't make me feel cool and "in the know" to be watching something that's escaped restoration to this extent.

Thinivu (2023) - Saw this in the cinema. Perhaps the least interesting of this batch, though still good entertainment. Starts out as a crime thriller that just twists and twists, had me lost entirely by the intermission. It eventually resolves in a satisfactory manner and then becomes an anti-capitalist screed which hey, I'm always up for. Mostly I just loved the audience reaction at protagonist Ajith Kumar, a fucking STAR of the kind the West doesn't produce anymore. Which lead me to...

Mankhata (2011) - One of A K's defining roles, this was more bitter and cynical than any of the other films mentioned here (though still with plenty of comic relief and musical numbers). Has a very 10's yellow tint that was a bit difficult to get past, too. But Kumar makes for a great anti hero and Raai Laxmi is a smouldering femme fatale. The blood was blotted out in ways that made it seem like weird cosmic portals were being opened by bullet wounds.

Daniel_Rf, Wednesday, 8 February 2023 15:51 (one month ago) link

There is no non-embarrassing way to reveal that you are a fifty-something white woman who has recently become obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan, so I'm just going to fess up to it here and leave it at that.

trishyb, Thursday, 9 February 2023 21:23 (one month ago) link

Seeing his new one tomorrow! Excited. Also watched his Letterman ep, the interview felt very surface level and unfocused but Khan was super charming and the segments between interviews worked better - Khan and Letterman in the kitchen especially.

Daniel_Rf, Friday, 10 February 2023 08:47 (one month ago) link

The number of times I have rolled my eyes in the last six months and said "FFS, Rahul, cop the fuck on."

Good non-SRK Indian film I have seen recently: An Action Hero (now on Netflix). Exciting, funny film about an Indian action hero who gets into serious real-life trouble. It makes some good points about how celebrities are covered in the media as well as being a solid bit of kickpunching. Obviously as an outsider my perspective on politics in India is limited, but I catch a bit of what's going on.

trishyb, Friday, 10 February 2023 11:22 (one month ago) link

Seeing his new one tomorrow! Excited.

We had opening night IMAX tickets for Dublin, but Irish Rail let us down badly and we missed it. Very annoying.

trishyb, Friday, 10 February 2023 11:24 (one month ago) link

Coming to Netflix tomorrow!

trishyb, Monday, 13 February 2023 10:14 (one month ago) link

Pathaan was good, a very well made version of a kind of film (spy blockbuster) that I don't particularly care for. Much closer to American blockbuster stuff than to what I've seen come out of Tollywood and Kollywood, and so a bit less interesting to me (aware this opens me up to charges of exoticism). Khan was charming of course, and holy shit what a six pack for a 59 year old man! At one point he delivers the line "I'm so sexy" so perfectly - not boasting or joking around, just a gruff calculation that his hotness might be an obstacle. Only two songs boo.

Fascinated by the political balancing act this film does: you can leave the film believing either that it sends a message about how India's actions in Kashmir escalated tensions with Pakistan and were a mistake, or that it's a celebration of India emerging triumphant against anyone who'd criticise these actions. Indian secret agent and Pakistani secret agent fall in love seems to be a mainstay of the franchise, from my wikipedia'ing; I guess Bond had something similar in From Russia With Love. Obviously the star being who he is the islamophobia is kept in check. Ultimately the measure of a person's worth seems to be their loyalty to their nation (whether that be India or Pakistan), and the perfect distillation of the villain's evil is his speech about feeling allegiance to no country, and his country being "wherever he lives" - the dreaded cosmopolite!

Audience seemed uncharacteristically subdued too, was disappointed at the lack of applause. Biggest round actually came at the appearence of a special guest star, whom I won't reveal as spoilers.

Khan's interview alerted me to the chasteness of Bollywood and indeed although there were three occasions where ppl almost kissed, it never ended up actually happening. Not to be an apologist for censorship but maybe they're doing something right, because despite that this movie was way sexier than anything modern Hollywood has going.

Excited for that Netflix thing!

Daniel_Rf, Monday, 13 February 2023 11:18 (one month ago) link

Khan's interview alerted me to the chasteness of Bollywood

Even by the standards of the industry, SRK seems to be pretty prudish, to the extent that it is quite funny to see the lengths he will go to NOT kiss a co-star. I realized that I'd got completely used to this when I watched Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone kissing up a storm in Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela. (They are married to each other now, but they weren't at the time.)

trishyb, Monday, 13 February 2023 14:35 (one month ago) link

two weeks pass...

I don't know about the rest of the world, but Netflix in Ireland is telling me that Om Shanti Om will expire on March 31st. It is probably my favourite of all the films I've watched in the last few months. Do I get all the references? No. Maybe ten percent of them. But the songs are fantastic, everyone looks so beautiful, the story is crazy, and it's really funny.

Thinivu (2023) - Saw this in the cinema.

Is it this film? Just turned up on my Netflix recommendations if so.

trishyb, Sunday, 5 March 2023 12:18 (three weeks ago) link

Yeah! I was a bit hard on it in my write-up there, it's well worth seeing. The ending credits song has a line about how even Ghandi had an account with Swiss.

Daniel_Rf, Sunday, 5 March 2023 14:30 (three weeks ago) link

Cool. Added to my list!

trishyb, Sunday, 5 March 2023 15:18 (three weeks ago) link

Rajinikanth rules. Both films with him I've seen cast him as a blue collar underdog: in Thalapathi he's an orphan who gets involved in organized crime - this is the most single minded and grim I've seen commercial Indian cinema get, there's almost no comic support and while there's plenty of songs they're all very sad. Baasha is more in the line of the wild tonal shifts I've come to expect: our man's a taxi driver who gathers money to give to his colleagues when they need medical assistance or a dowry for a wedding. But he has a mysterious past! Flashbacks keep happening and the action becomes clearer each time, like in Once Upon A Time In The West. Also loved the song where female lead Nagma gets thirsty for Rajinikanth and starts seeing him everywhere, including a group of five Rajinikanths working out at the gym.

Daniel_Rf, Wednesday, 15 March 2023 11:45 (two weeks ago) link

Pathaan has finally hit the small screen. I am unfeasibly excited, but I'm being good and waiting for the husband so we can both watch it. We watched Raees the other night -- husband definitely prefers action SRK to romance SRK.

trishyb, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 10:50 (one week ago) link

saw Pathaan at a local cinema a month ago - great fun, not an empty seat, big vibe

corrs unplugged, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 11:05 (one week ago) link

I'm trying to branch out a bit from the action, What If A Guy Was Awesome? side of Indian cinema.

Watched Andhadhun yesterday. The first hour or so of it reminded me of 80's Hong Kong cinema (I know I go to this comparison a lot) in that the general aesthetic (in this case, prestige pop starbucks millenial shit) would be unbearable for me in a Western film but somehow once it gets filtered through another culture it becomes almost unbearably stylish and awesome. Loved how twisted things got at one point. That being said, once Tabu poisons the guy to actually go blind, I felt the twists started coming off as forced, and the main relationship I was invested in got sidelined. I also suspect the stuff with the auto driver and his wife is casteist in that way that you could easily miss as an outside viewer but that becomes obvious once you've been alerted to it.

Def looking forward to the Azanavour Combo's concert in Main Square, Somewhere in Europe tho!

Daniel_Rf, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 11:13 (one week ago) link

did you see Queen? good fun

corrs unplugged, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 11:58 (one week ago) link

Added to my letterboxd watchlist, I like the idea of a reverse Eat Pray Love.

Daniel_Rf, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 12:03 (one week ago) link

I'm trying to branch out a bit from the action, What If A Guy Was Awesome? side of Indian cinema.

This is a very good description.

trishyb, Wednesday, 22 March 2023 12:29 (one week ago) link

Pathaan was great. The only thing I would've liked is a couple more songs. Amazing the personal training regime you can keep up when you spend two years in a Russian prison.

trishyb, Thursday, 23 March 2023 08:39 (one week ago) link

Like, I feel that if I captured Pathaan (see my upcoming three-part adventure on An Archive of Our Own), the first thing I would do is stop him from training all the time. The man's a menace.

trishyb, Thursday, 23 March 2023 08:41 (one week ago) link

the after credits scene was my favourite

Daniel_Rf, Thursday, 23 March 2023 09:32 (one week ago) link

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