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even Jonathan Franzen thinks so

g@bbneb (gabbneb), Wednesday, 24 August 2005 15:53 (sixteen years ago) link

Project Puffin

gabbneb (gabbneb), Wednesday, 24 August 2005 15:54 (sixteen years ago) link

M@TT PUFFIN, Wednesday, 24 August 2005 19:00 (sixteen years ago) link

youn, Friday, 26 August 2005 01:10 (sixteen years ago) link

Next time I download pix from my camera, I have a couple from the hummingbird feeder on my office window. (Camera was set up 3 feet from feeder.)

Rock Hardy (Rock Hardy), Friday, 26 August 2005 01:15 (sixteen years ago) link

two years pass...

Laurel, Wednesday, 23 January 2008 22:06 (fourteen years ago) link

even Jonathan Franzen thinks so


gabbneb, Wednesday, 23 January 2008 22:13 (fourteen years ago) link

is youn still searching for the ivory-billed woodpecker?

gabbneb, Wednesday, 23 January 2008 22:14 (fourteen years ago) link

two months pass...

Wow guyz there was a wren just sitting on the bin outside the window. I don't remember the last time I saw one of those.

Noodle Vague, Monday, 31 March 2008 16:12 (fourteen years ago) link

Reed Bunting in my folks garden the other day.

Handsome chap.

Jarlrmai, Monday, 31 March 2008 16:14 (fourteen years ago) link

bloody bird image hotlinking prevention

Jarlrmai, Monday, 31 March 2008 16:15 (fourteen years ago) link

thanks RSPB.

Jarlrmai, Monday, 31 March 2008 16:15 (fourteen years ago) link

We have a big climbing jasmine that is breaking down its puny trellis -- I was going to trim the vines and shore it up with a new trellis, but a robin started a nest in it last Saturday and now I don't want to disturb it. The nest is only 5' off the ground, so I'll be able to get pics of the nest and eggs and babies as spring and summer progress.

Rock Hardy, Monday, 31 March 2008 17:47 (fourteen years ago) link

three months pass...

like 15 minutes ago i was in a garage lights dimmed listening to music chilling and then there is a significant buzz next to my left shoulider ! i check and get the fear for a sec thinking it's a giant water bug about to bite me but it was an exhausted hummingbird , that managed to cling on some box and sort of passed out. a piece of string twirled around its beak, i could pull on it to free it and it wouldn't wake up n.e.way turns out it was pecking on a chunk of sticky stuff around one of it's foot, was obsessed by it. i wrapped it up in a piece of clothe and cleaned it with a tweezer. put it outside it managed to take off but took off straight up all confused feeling caught up under the roof of a porch. idk it landed , i took it up and put it in great wide open space and it took off in a similar way, sort of straight up til i lost sight of it. now i wonder if i should have done things differently to optimize it's chances of survival. not that it matters much, they are not close to being extinct i guess, but I'm under the impression there is a possibility it got high enough, got exhausted again and sort of fell to a critical injury and end up dying. hm. good luck little dude , u got me involved!

Sébastien, Sunday, 20 July 2008 03:10 (fourteen years ago) link

a surprise cute little memento mori, that i could have done without, but it's sort of always like that , with that sot of thing yeh

Sébastien, Sunday, 20 July 2008 03:17 (fourteen years ago) link

I was happy to see the hummingbirds come around this year anyway even though I didn't put out feeders for them.

Rock Hardy, Sunday, 20 July 2008 03:28 (fourteen years ago) link

hey look at those birds

gabbneb, Sunday, 20 July 2008 03:52 (fourteen years ago) link

yo YOC representin', i ain't forgotten u guys

Just got offed, Sunday, 20 July 2008 10:12 (fourteen years ago) link

four months pass...

Did you just say he contacts you through a fucking bird?

What particular species... of bird?

very very serious (gabbneb), Monday, 15 December 2008 03:31 (thirteen years ago) link

two months pass...

f f murray abraham (G00blar), Sunday, 8 March 2009 17:42 (thirteen years ago) link


they probably drink corporate water (country matters), Sunday, 8 March 2009 17:42 (thirteen years ago) link

i fucking love gulls

they probably drink corporate water (country matters), Sunday, 8 March 2009 17:43 (thirteen years ago) link

That's kind of horrifying for me. I'm sort of scared of birds. :-(

Too Into Dancing to Argue (ENBB), Sunday, 8 March 2009 17:44 (thirteen years ago) link

Herring Gulls are just so garrulously kickass and obnoxious in a sort of totally awesome way

they probably drink corporate water (country matters), Sunday, 8 March 2009 17:48 (thirteen years ago) link

They all scare me.

Best gull story ever is that one time when they were little my friends Kevin and Jef where swimming in the ocean and Jef picked his nose and smeared it on Kevin and then ate the rest. Kevin was so grossed out that he puked right then and there in the ocean immediately after which a seagull flew down and ate the puke. True story.

Lesson? Gulls eat vomit and are therefore gross. My friends are gross too but also v v awesome.

Too Into Dancing to Argue (ENBB), Sunday, 8 March 2009 17:55 (thirteen years ago) link

All seabirds (and indeed most birds) eat vomit. When adults feed their young, they do so at first largely through regurgitation.

they probably drink corporate water (country matters), Sunday, 8 March 2009 17:59 (thirteen years ago) link

What a delightful conversation!

they probably drink corporate water (country matters), Sunday, 8 March 2009 18:00 (thirteen years ago) link

Scary! But yes, great caption.

Too Into Dancing to Argue (ENBB), Sunday, 8 March 2009 18:27 (thirteen years ago) link

The url reminds me of the Zoolander speech - no matter how many friends you lose or people you leave dead and bloodied along the way, just so long so you can make a name for yourself as an investigatory journalist, no matter how many friends you lose or people you leave dead and bloodied and dying along the way...

Ned Trifle II, Sunday, 8 March 2009 18:35 (thirteen years ago) link

one month passes...

A robin is nesting in an archway thing in my parents' backyard:

a sweet ballet dancer (ENBB), Sunday, 10 May 2009 03:23 (thirteen years ago) link

So blue!

Enemy Insects (NickB), Sunday, 10 May 2009 20:26 (thirteen years ago) link

What sort of robin? A real robin or yr silly "American robin" which is actually a thrush?

sorry for british (country matters), Sunday, 10 May 2009 20:30 (thirteen years ago) link

x-post Aren't they awesome? I got a bunch of cool pics. I keep trying to get one of the mama but she flies away when I get within 3 ft of the nest. :-(

LJ - I don't know, I guess an American one? One of the brown and orange ones.

a sweet ballet dancer (ENBB), Monday, 11 May 2009 01:26 (thirteen years ago) link

'real' robin. I'm sure it will be this, the american robin is also brown and orange but larger.

They're nosey little birds, and will get very close to you if you're minding your own business. I think you getting close to their nest is not a great idea. I'm always greeted with friendly robins when I'm out fishing, stealing my maggots.

camping in wales once, i was awoken to a robin that had hopped into our tent.

Ant Attack.. (Ste), Monday, 11 May 2009 10:04 (thirteen years ago) link

We have Blackbirds nesting in our garden and they have lovely blue eggs too. I imagine it's a "don't eat me" message to other animals. Not that it stops the bastid squirrels who will eat anything.

Ned Trifle II, Monday, 11 May 2009 10:13 (thirteen years ago) link

Thrush eggs are speckled blue incidentally so these are mos' def' robins.

Ned Trifle II, Monday, 11 May 2009 10:15 (thirteen years ago) link

Ste is right about the noseyness too, as soon as we start gardening they'll come hopping along and sneak any worms dug up. They get bullied by the sparrows in our garden but they can mostly hold their own.

Ned Trifle II, Monday, 11 May 2009 10:17 (thirteen years ago) link

i think i still immediately think of christmas when i see robins, from when i was a kid and seeing them on christmas cards all the time.

Ant Attack.. (Ste), Monday, 11 May 2009 10:20 (thirteen years ago) link

xp, yeah i think they stick to the same 'zone' more than most other birds, so when other birds enter their territory they can become very defensive.

Ant Attack.. (Ste), Monday, 11 May 2009 10:23 (thirteen years ago) link

The UK Robin is limited to Europe, you don't get them in North America. Those are definitely American Robin eggs too, ours lay 5 or 6 little pale brown jobs.

Enemy Insects (NickB), Monday, 11 May 2009 10:28 (thirteen years ago) link

new garden has Coal Tits nesting in a box on a Scots pine

Jarlrmai, Monday, 11 May 2009 10:31 (thirteen years ago) link

The robins in our garden are being very charming at the moment. One of them, presumably the male, keeps coming to the feeder to get a sunflower seed, then flying up to a nearby branch to feed it to his mate as a sort of little love offering.

x-post - we've got blue tits, kind of apprehensive about the chicks first few days 'in the wild' what with all the cats round our way (the furry bastards).

Enemy Insects (NickB), Monday, 11 May 2009 10:34 (thirteen years ago) link

yikes, that sounds like a thing

i cannot help if you made yourself not funny (forksclovetofu), Thursday, 23 December 2021 03:32 (seven months ago) link

Quiz question (for which I don't have the answer): what type of bird does Alain Delon/Jef Costello have in his apartment?

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Thursday, 23 December 2021 10:59 (seven months ago) link


a finch of some kind

koogs, Thursday, 23 December 2021 11:21 (seven months ago) link

white rump, black cap, buff belly = female bullfinch

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Thursday, 23 December 2021 14:54 (seven months ago) link

better known as a cowfinch

imago, Thursday, 23 December 2021 14:55 (seven months ago) link

just kidding, it isn't

imago, Thursday, 23 December 2021 14:55 (seven months ago) link

I popped to the library earlier (I know how to enjoy Christmas) where I found a copy of Melville on Melville and by jingo if NickB isn't correct. Mellville said he wanted it to be dull in colour, to match the room. You win a bottle of Evian.

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Thursday, 23 December 2021 15:17 (seven months ago) link

According to Rui Nogueira (author of the book "Melville on Melville" published in 1976), the caged bird shown as Jef Costello's pet in "Le Samourai" was the only casualty of the fire that destroyed Jean-Pierre Melville's studio in 1967.


Number None, Thursday, 23 December 2021 16:08 (seven months ago) link

four weeks pass...

on the one hand these albatrosses are v funny but also do they do this all day? is it a mating thing? so cool & strange

Look at these idiots. Are they friends or enemies. What do they think they’re accomplishing here. Come on, guys.

— Paul F. Tompkins (@PFTompkins) January 20, 2022

terminators of endearment (VegemiteGrrl), Friday, 21 January 2022 02:22 (six months ago) link

Could be talking bollocks here, but i think it's a ritual they do when they're reunited - if they're like other albatrosses, they mate for life but spend months at a time out at sea so don't really see they much of each other, so this is them reaffirming their bond.

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Friday, 21 January 2022 06:15 (six months ago) link

omg that’s the BEST explanationn
i support it fully, true or not <3

terminators of endearment (VegemiteGrrl), Friday, 21 January 2022 06:48 (six months ago) link

yeah that's what it is. sometimes the cutest explanation is the right one. but only here, on BIRDS

imago, Friday, 21 January 2022 12:04 (six months ago) link

*rubs bills with imago*

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Friday, 21 January 2022 13:06 (six months ago) link


goldfinch 4
blue tits 2
chaffinch 2
jackdaw 4
black cap 1
blackbird 4
pied wagtail 1
magpie 1 for sorrow
collared dove 2
starling 2

(Gloucestershire garden, 10-11 today. sparrows and the robins very shy today, as we the other two magpies. goldfinches often flock in their 8s or 10s but not today. jackdaw numbers also low given that walking down the road you'll see a pair on every other chimney top)

koogs, Sunday, 30 January 2022 11:40 (six months ago) link

i am being a bit sneaky and collating mine from various peeks over yesterday, today and tomorrow. you only put birdfood out when it's the garden birdwatch, imago! yeah but i've also had to revise the positioning and configuration of my feeders to desquirrel them. putting in the hours.

anyway. it's been parakeet city so far. a maximum of 6 in the frame at once. that aside, a couple of great tits, a couple of dunnocks, a wren, some woodpigeons, a blackbird. can hear some goldfinches so i'll count them. wondering whether it would be ethical to bung in the grey wagtail that's visited my garden a few times over the last couple of weeks. i mean it's so much more impressive than the others that i probably have to, right

imago, Sunday, 30 January 2022 13:14 (six months ago) link

love a nice grey wag! <3

anyone had any greenfinches recently? realised the other day that I haven't seen one for ages and there used to be loads round here

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Sunday, 30 January 2022 13:28 (six months ago) link

pretty sure i saw one an hour later, but didn't have the best view

koogs, Sunday, 30 January 2022 13:30 (six months ago) link

there is a huge parakeet colony in my area and has been for decades. I saw this jogger the other day who was exclaiming surprise at seeing a group of them flying past. I presume wild ones must be quite rare outside of London because I've seen local newbies completely surprised at their presence a few times before.

calzino, Sunday, 30 January 2022 13:33 (six months ago) link

yeah they seem to be insanely well-suited for both the uk climate and suburban living!

at my parents' i've seen far more greenfinches again in recent years; think they're having a bit of a resurgence after some very fallow years

imago, Sunday, 30 January 2022 13:43 (six months ago) link

fuck I THOUGHT I'd desquirrelled it but I just watched one of rhe bastards slowly size up and then successfully perform a leap of a metre sideways x a foot upwards from a fence to land on the peanut feeder. astonishing and hateful stuff, big respect

imago, Sunday, 30 January 2022 13:51 (six months ago) link

ah that's good news! I know that they really got walloped a few years back by that virus which was largely being transmitted by them congregating at birdfeeders xp

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Sunday, 30 January 2022 13:52 (six months ago) link

keep moving the feeder by a few inches just to see exactly how far a hungry squirrel can jump

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Sunday, 30 January 2022 13:54 (six months ago) link

that could be tomorrow's project...

imago, Sunday, 30 January 2022 14:15 (six months ago) link

Mark e smith otm re squirrels

covidsbundlertanze op. 6 (Jon not Jon), Sunday, 30 January 2022 15:10 (six months ago) link

My parents have parakeets visiting the feeder in their new garden in birmingham, the rspb says that they're only resident around london and elsewhere they're winter visitors. had only seen them in the distance before, clinging to a garden bird feeder they look massive!

for 200 anyone can receive a dud nvidia (ledge), Monday, 31 January 2022 11:53 (six months ago) link

they've been living wild in my area for at least 20 years according to an old bloke from the farm. I've been regularly seeing them for probably 10 years now.

calzino, Monday, 31 January 2022 12:16 (six months ago) link

all year round I should add.

calzino, Monday, 31 January 2022 12:21 (six months ago) link

need to get David Peace on the case, they are living in the rural end of Dewsbury, quite near where he grew up. I call London centric bullshit on the rspb here!

calzino, Monday, 31 January 2022 12:30 (six months ago) link

surprise birdwatch wildcard around these parts: a heron, which has been seen in gardens eyeing up the goldfish.

koogs, Monday, 31 January 2022 12:34 (six months ago) link

christ these cunts can shimmy up narrow metal poles too, game over. unless i construct some sort of conic obstacle

imago, Monday, 31 January 2022 12:59 (six months ago) link

a sheath up the pole made from stacked large plastic drinks bottles with the bases cut off does that trick i believe.

for 200 anyone can receive a dud nvidia (ledge), Monday, 31 January 2022 14:05 (six months ago) link

'the trick', i just don't know what part of my brain these wild substitutions come from.

for 200 anyone can receive a dud nvidia (ledge), Monday, 31 January 2022 14:06 (six months ago) link

Just vaseline your pole imago, their momentum gets them about three feet up before they just slide back down again

o shit the sheriff (NickB), Monday, 31 January 2022 15:23 (six months ago) link

three months pass...

I took the day off from work so my wife and I could go look for a Sora that had been spotted this morning at a wetland preserve in the north suburbs. We saw two (!) and they totally made my week.

j.o.h.n. in evanston (john. a resident of chicago.), Monday, 9 May 2022 20:58 (three months ago) link

Oh awesome, congrats! We saw a sora unexpectedly while failing to see the cinnamon teal we were looking for and it was super exciting.

Vaguely Threatening CAPTCHAs, Monday, 9 May 2022 22:34 (three months ago) link

one month passes...

Birds outside my window had a 10-second conversation that I wish I could have recorded for you. It wasn't the usual call and response. What were they talking about?

youn, Thursday, 7 July 2022 10:29 (one month ago) link

Bought my wife a brilliant little transparent house-shaped feeder that suckers onto the kitchen window for our smaller birds to have a go on, instant joy.

Then a blackbird tried to land on it and couldn't settle so instead shat all over it in spite, BIRDS

MaresNest, Thursday, 7 July 2022 12:32 (one month ago) link

bumper day for magpies down the park today. 18 in total, including one bopping around that was obviously new - slightly ill-defined feathers, making feed-me motions to the parents, but already like 80% the size of the parents

koogs, Friday, 8 July 2022 08:45 (one month ago) link

there is a bird that appears to have a nest somewhere in the top of my overgrown hedge. I'm so crap at bird identification but it might be a starling. It keeps getting closer and closer to me and doesn't take flight if I move. Even my dog who chases pigeons is chill with it and just sits and curiously observes it hopping around the garden.

calzino, Sunday, 17 July 2022 12:20 (four weeks ago) link

two weeks pass...

what are those birds outside every morning at about 5:30 (West London) making the comedy laser beam noises? whoop whoop. piaooooo.

koogs, Thursday, 4 August 2022 05:02 (one week ago) link

I don't know but the Birdnet app should tell you.

dear confusion the catastrophe waitress (ledge), Thursday, 4 August 2022 06:55 (one week ago) link

it is none of these:

koogs, Thursday, 4 August 2022 07:48 (one week ago) link

Well, starlings are mimics, so their range of sounds is much wider than what is represented there. Plus they commonly congregate in urban areas. So my money is on our dear old friend Sturnus vulgaris.

Grandpont Genie, Thursday, 4 August 2022 08:18 (one week ago) link

Maybe someone's been playing the Go-Kart Mozart version of Roger Whittaker's New World in the Morning within their earshot, who knows?

Grandpont Genie, Thursday, 4 August 2022 08:20 (one week ago) link

Could well be ring-necked parakeets? Noisy bastards.

Shard-borne Beatles with their drowsy hums (Chinaski), Thursday, 4 August 2022 12:59 (one week ago) link

whoop whoop piaaaaooooo definitely sounds like a starling

covidsbundlertanze op. 6 (Jon not Jon), Thursday, 4 August 2022 19:47 (one week ago) link

i love how starlings talk! i once heard two of them quietly making car alarm sounds to each other and it was mighty cute i tell ya

The real nazis are the friends we made along the way. (cat), Thursday, 4 August 2022 19:50 (one week ago) link

i think it'll be too quiet to get a recording (and f downloading an app just for this tbh). will try and spot the culprit(s) tomorrow.

there was a 4am blackbird but I've not heard him for a while. every morning, just before it started getting light. and then he'd stop.

koogs, Thursday, 4 August 2022 20:06 (one week ago) link

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