Recommend a pair of headphones for me

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My iPod earphones are completely shitting out. Can anyone suggest some relatively cheap (< 50 American Dollars) headphones/earphones that still sound decent?

dan m (OutDatWay), Friday, 22 April 2005 17:47 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

"shitting out"? You didn't notice they were tinny pieces of garbage the first time you put them in?

happy fun ball (kenan), Friday, 22 April 2005 17:49 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Koss Porta Pros are good in that price bracket.

see also http;//

Ed (dali), Friday, 22 April 2005 17:49 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

i know this is more than you wanted to spend... but grado sr-60's frequently out-perform headphones 3 and 4 times it's price.


msp (mspa), Friday, 22 April 2005 17:50 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Just get a $20 pair of Sony headphones -- you can probably get them at a drugstore. And they will sound so much better than those Apple bud earphones, you will urinate on yourself.

happy fun ball (kenan), Friday, 22 April 2005 17:50 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

sennheiser px 200, $60

fe zaffe (fezaffe), Friday, 22 April 2005 17:51 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Oh, dan, I didn't notice it was you! I can give specific instructions, then: Go to Osco Drug.

happy fun ball (kenan), Friday, 22 April 2005 17:52 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

i must second the Koss Porta Pro, they sound very full and complete and are quite comfortable. they get poor marks for "80s looking design" but that is another big plus of course.

i yanked the cord on mine on a door and now they don't work. anyone have any experience with their full guarantee thing?

g e o f f (gcannon), Friday, 22 April 2005 17:56 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

While we're on the subject of headphones. My boss just bought these. They are some of the best headphones I've heard and they don't fall out of my ears. I want some.

Ed (dali), Friday, 22 April 2005 18:05 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Oh I knew they were tinny pieces of shit. But now they're tinny pieces of shit that are all staticy and the right one doesn't work a third of the time.

To Osco I will go!

dan m (OutDatWay), Friday, 22 April 2005 18:08 (thirteen years ago) Permalink is like the ILX of headphones.

Spencer Chow (spencermfi), Friday, 22 April 2005 18:49 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

One thing to remember is that some of the recommended phones are "open" and people around you will be able to hear what you're listening to (which may be annoying for them).

Spencer Chow (spencermfi), Friday, 22 April 2005 18:58 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Sony Budokans.

roxymuzak (roxymuzak), Friday, 22 April 2005 19:02 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I got these for being in a friend's wedding and they are so wonderful they make me weep.

J (Jay), Friday, 22 April 2005 19:03 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I've had Koss PortaPro's and Grado SR-60's and recommend both whole-heartedly. There's a lot of threads on ILX and ILM about headphones already, so you might want to search the archives.

stephen morris (stephen morris), Friday, 22 April 2005 19:35 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I also use and endorse Sennheiser PXC 300s. Jesus! They're a lot more expensive in the USA!

snotty moore, Friday, 22 April 2005 19:52 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

This thread should somehoe meld with the contraceptive thread.

happy fun ball (kenan), Friday, 22 April 2005 20:01 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I like my PortaPros. They are about to be sent in for fixing though, after 4 years of use and serious abuse - the right side doesn't work for some reason. I bought some mediocre Sony somethings that don't totally suck and were only $20 and do not hurt or fall out of my ears. It takes a while to get the PortaPros back from the fixing place, I'm told...

I'd like to think the Etymotic earplugs are like ear diaphragms, Kenan. Lube 'em up and you're good to go for hours, mang.

rrrobyn (rrrobyn), Friday, 22 April 2005 21:17 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I like my sony mdr ex71. Very comfortable and seal off the outside world. They usually run around $40.

Aaron W (Aaron W), Friday, 22 April 2005 21:30 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

my friend was just ranting about those sennheisers fe zaffe linked to today! in fact i even tried them out. they sounded pretty dece.

s1ocki (slutsky), Friday, 22 April 2005 22:39 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Sony Mdr EX71s seconded - great sound and comfort for the price.

Bill A (Bill A), Monday, 25 April 2005 07:46 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I sent my Koss PortaPros in for repairs, and I was shocked at how fast they came back - like 2 weeks or so.

The Yellow Kid, Monday, 25 April 2005 22:46 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...
koss portapros!

cozen (Cozen), Friday, 13 May 2005 08:17 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

the portapros are great, aren't they? although i'm not sure i'll use mine much now that i have the etymotic er-6is, it's hard to get used to hearing background noise again.

toby (tsg20), Friday, 13 May 2005 08:37 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

they really are great, I never realised how monstrous this vitalic album actually is.

cozen (Cozen), Friday, 13 May 2005 08:40 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Sennheiser PX100s. Almost everyone who has used mine for fie minutes has then bought their own pair.

Sick Mouthy (Nick Southall), Friday, 13 May 2005 14:13 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

yeah most Sennheisers are pretty great

()ops (()()ps), Friday, 13 May 2005 15:00 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

My PX200s are excellent, but a tip: don't buy them if yr bald, as they look really dumb.

Markelby (Mark C), Friday, 13 May 2005 15:06 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

g e o f f, did you ever try to see if your consumer negligence fell under the koss lifetime guarantee thing?

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Friday, 13 May 2005 16:04 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

I'm not g e o f f, but that's almost exactly how I broke mine, and it was no problem at all.

The Yellow Kid, Friday, 13 May 2005 17:36 (thirteen years ago) Permalink


Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Friday, 13 May 2005 17:59 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

four months pass...
does anyone know of any online shops who'll ship me a pair of koss pro4aa?

I want some for home listening but I can't find anywhere to ship them to me

: /

cozen (Cozen), Thursday, 15 September 2005 09:29 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

Didn't you just buy some? Have you got mugged or something?

Alba (Alba), Thursday, 15 September 2005 09:56 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

"for home listening"

I bought a pair of koss porta-pros which are great but I want a pair of those big bulky ones for lounging about at home; the porta-pros are spindly, and dig into my neck when I'm lying down

cozen (Cozen), Thursday, 15 September 2005 17:46 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

four months pass...
any UK ilxers know where I send my koss portapros within the UK to be repaired under their unlimited lifetime warranty? the koss website says to my nearest authorised dealer but I can't find tht information online

anyone have any experience?

cozen (Cozen), Wednesday, 8 February 2006 20:27 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Surely the place you bought them from is legally obliged to deal with it?

Alba (Alba), Wednesday, 8 February 2006 20:39 (twelve years ago) Permalink

a friend bought them for me : /

I think she bought them from amazon

cozen (Cozen), Wednesday, 8 February 2006 20:40 (twelve years ago) Permalink

anyway I e-mailed koss so we'll see...

cozen (Cozen), Wednesday, 8 February 2006 20:41 (twelve years ago) Permalink

the sony 71s were great but the cord just came apart like silly putty eventually, which is what the amazon customer reviews warned me of. now i just got some portapros and they're rilly awesome -- the bass response isn't what i'd like, but i prefer open-ear anyway, since it lets me hear my boss come up behind me, a car honk and tell me it's gonna run me over, etc.

Sterling Clover (s_clover), Wednesday, 8 February 2006 20:55 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I'm just about to buy some Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pros. I'm excited.

Ed (dali), Wednesday, 8 February 2006 20:56 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I believe Koss fixes them themselves, no proof of purchase or anything like that required.

Dan I., Wednesday, 8 February 2006 22:02 (twelve years ago) Permalink


Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Wednesday, 8 February 2006 22:09 (twelve years ago) Permalink

five months pass...
Another endorsement for the Sennheisers. I'm on my second pair -- the first pair was the standard $20 back-of-the-head model. They sounded great, but were none too durable. Which is to say, I broke them.

I picked up the HD20s first, because they were huge earmuffs and because they said on the package, "Perfect for DJs." Well, if they're good enough for DJs... actually, that didn't work. DJs have different needs than I do, apparently. The highs are tinny, the mid-range is muddy, and the bass is ri-freakin-diculous. It's boomy and with wayyyy too much sustain. Real crap for everyday listening. Avoid.

So I brought those back to the store and ended up with the PXC150s, and they sound BEAUTIFUL. Balanced, crisp, and the noise cancelling works wonders. (I'm afraid I'm setting myself up for being hit by a car.) Of course this means that I have an extra piece to my portable audio setup now -- the battery pack -- but I spend so much time with headphones on and they sound so great it's totally worth it to look like a bit of a dork wearing a belt clip.

Tab Hunter loves to take his shirt off (kenan), Saturday, 5 August 2006 00:07 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i was thinking about getting senn px 200s last week, but they're proving hard to find. was recommended audio technica's ath-se5s (i think that's the model), but they tried to jump off my head.

s1ocki (slutsky), Saturday, 5 August 2006 06:23 (twelve years ago) Permalink

there is no way i would ever buy headphones that required a battery pack. that would annoy me WAY too much.

s1ocki (slutsky), Saturday, 5 August 2006 06:24 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Upside: iPod batteries last much longer. Downside: AAA batteries. I'll have to get a charger that fits them.

Tab Hunter loves to take his shirt off (kenan), Sunday, 6 August 2006 18:18 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I love my PX200s, but sometimes I want to just take in-ear phones around with me.

Just ordered some CX300s for that.

Alba (Alba), Sunday, 6 August 2006 18:25 (twelve years ago) Permalink

one month passes...
My daughter is thinking about getting some noise-cancelling headphones because she has a noisy roommate. (Constant TV + 4-hr. calls to boyfriend.) I suggested the Sennheiser PCX-250s mentioned on an ILM headphones thread to her, but I also found these:

Plane Quiet NC6
Has anybody had any experience with Plane Quiet headphones? Recommendations yea or nay?

Danny Aioli (Rock Hardy), Saturday, 9 September 2006 01:03 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I think they only cance out constant noise like the hum in a plane, constant chit-chat may be a problem, unless of course she's a boring droner.

Might nbe better to get in ear ones that will block out the noise physically.

I just bought some Shure E2Cs and on the short run out they've had so far they're absolutely fantastic and a mile better than the sonys I've just replaced which I thought were pretty good in the first place but kept losing the sleeve (including once in my ear canal - resluting in some worried rummaging while walking along a tube corridor)

Porkpie (porkpie), Saturday, 16 September 2006 12:38 (twelve years ago) Permalink

nice. getting new cans is the best.

Spottie, Friday, 28 July 2017 23:14 (one year ago) Permalink

Happy with my B&O H6 but feel like their days are numbered cuz they're wired. Not sure whether to bite the biker and get some wireless HPs or maybe stick around with a "dongle" whenever I upgrade to latest iPhone later this year

licorice oratorio (baaderonixx), Saturday, 29 July 2017 15:12 (one year ago) Permalink

My my b-day a couple weeks back I got a used pair of HifiMAN HE-6, and love them. They are much more comfortable than the Audeze LCD-2.2 I had, and also less dark, at least when driven by my iFi iCAN Pro.

Coincidentally Massdrop just debuted a new collaboration with HifiMAN, the HE-4XX for $170. Great deal.

Fastnbulbous, Thursday, 3 August 2017 15:44 (one year ago) Permalink

are planar magnetic headphones really dropping in price that much? seeing them below $200 seems crazy

mh, Thursday, 3 August 2017 15:46 (one year ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Got these Philips SHP9500S after reading a bunch of stuff how they were a Sennheiser "killer"...they compare pretty favorably to any SH in the 500 model number range, not sure about 600s...

If anything I think I prefer them to the low end of Grado, I'd say they sound as good (a little less bright) but FAAAAAAR more comfortable, in fact they are super comfortable and well this price ($50), I can't imagine anything else comes close to the value for money...

(note: they are SUPER open, perhaps even leakier than Grados if that's even possible)

Universal LULU Nation (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Tuesday, 26 September 2017 19:59 (one year ago) Permalink

def like these more than the sub-$100 AKGs that people recommend a lot too

Universal LULU Nation (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Tuesday, 26 September 2017 20:00 (one year ago) Permalink

(AKG K240s)

Universal LULU Nation (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Tuesday, 26 September 2017 20:00 (one year ago) Permalink

could you recommend something like that, but closed/over-ear?

Nhex, Tuesday, 26 September 2017 20:15 (one year ago) Permalink

yeha ive been looking at those xps but pulled the plug on the HD6XX so i guess i have to wait til those show up in december to see if i like them or not.

Spottie, Tuesday, 26 September 2017 20:27 (one year ago) Permalink

i'd doubt the philips will beat the HD6XX but I also bet the HD6XX isn't four times better either

nhex - these are on sale at sennheiser, closed for $50, not the most awe inspiring headphone but solid for the price and a good all arounder esp if you need isolation

but for $20 more you could get the Sony MDR 7506 and, honestly, probably be satisfied for years to come. I've never owned a pair but used them in professional, radio and studio settings and they are in almost every studio or radio station in the world for a reason and are very comfortable, well built, sound great for closed back and will last.

Universal LULU Nation (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Tuesday, 26 September 2017 20:34 (one year ago) Permalink

oops $30 more actually, $80

still a hall of fame headphone in the sub 100 space with Grados, AKGs etc

Universal LULU Nation (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Tuesday, 26 September 2017 20:36 (one year ago) Permalink

thx UMS, will look into those

Nhex, Tuesday, 26 September 2017 20:51 (one year ago) Permalink

one month passes...

bought two pairs of these sony xb650s on special, had to get one pair replaced once, the other pair replaced twice (and got a refund), each with a different fault. the last pair even had dust in the box. maybe they're half price because they're all fucking broken.

rove mcmanus island (Autumn Almanac), Friday, 10 November 2017 08:34 (eleven months ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...

These seem like a good deal and I love sennheisers. OTOH they're fucking ugly.

IF (Terrorist) Yes, Explain (man alive), Friday, 1 December 2017 00:02 (ten months ago) Permalink

just got mine in the mail a couple weeks back! they are not ugly!

competitive shooter - - - - (Spottie), Friday, 1 December 2017 00:03 (ten months ago) Permalink

Hm I want those.

harbinger of failure (Jon not Jon), Friday, 1 December 2017 00:22 (ten months ago) Permalink

Just bought my fourth or fifth pair of Sony MDR-ZX600s. I replace them when the leather ear coverings start to fray, which happens after about two years of daily use.

grawlix (unperson), Friday, 1 December 2017 01:02 (ten months ago) Permalink

how much are the Senns?

Nhex, Friday, 1 December 2017 01:29 (ten months ago) Permalink


competitive shooter - - - - (Spottie), Friday, 1 December 2017 02:04 (ten months ago) Permalink

thx. still a bit too much for me to impulse buy

Nhex, Friday, 1 December 2017 04:50 (ten months ago) Permalink

yeah I'm also not buying them because I just bought a $300 condenser mic and a sound shield and a new pair of shoes.

IF (Terrorist) Yes, Explain (man alive), Friday, 1 December 2017 07:20 (ten months ago) Permalink

are you sneaking up on someone

attention vampire (MatthewK), Friday, 1 December 2017 09:47 (ten months ago) Permalink

In the other headphone reccomendation thread I mentioned wanting the LZ-A4 hybrid iem. It was on massdrop and I got it for around $180 I think. I love it.

Oddly, the things people worry about with getting iems over headphones weren’t a problem for me. I’m very happy with the amount of bass and the wonderful soundstage. I don’t need complete noise cancelattion and this won’t give you that.

My only minr grievances are that the very high end isn’t as detailed as I would like it to be and the blue interchangeable tips that expand the high end frequency range seem like they may be nerfing other frequencies. (The default black-front/black-back ended up being my favorite combo of the highly customizable attachment pieces).

Woon... Doopee Time (FlopsyDuck), Friday, 1 December 2017 13:13 (ten months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

I wound up buying the Sennheiser 6xx's back in December through MassDrop. Turns out they don't ship til the end of March, which is kind of annoying. But I guess they're like $100-200 cheaper than comparable headphones so w/e.

IF (Terrorist) Yes, Explain (man alive), Thursday, 18 January 2018 23:08 (nine months ago) Permalink

worth it! i waited 4 months i think.

Spottie, Thursday, 18 January 2018 23:14 (nine months ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...

i have had a mid range hi-fi set up for a few years now, and love it, however, i have to be careful when the booze flows not to piss off the neighbours.
i have never really sorted out some decent headphones for myself - just some old shabby £20 sony set i have had for years.
well, last week a non-audio geek friend gave me some new ones for my birthday.
ok, i suspect they dont tick any boxes for audiophiles, but damn, they are gorgeous to listen to.
rediscovering orbital via these is an absolute revelation.

oh, and they are made of wood !,-HiFi-Wooden-Headset-with-Comfortable-Ear-Cushion-and-Unique-Wood-Grain,-SV005-Walnut-Wood-496928305.jpg

mark e, Thursday, 8 February 2018 19:54 (eight months ago) Permalink

what brand?. they are nice looking

It's not delivery, it's Adorno! (upper mississippi sh@kedown), Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:14 (eight months ago) Permalink maybe?

mh, Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:16 (eight months ago) Permalink

my friend did some research, and thought that these were in her budget and would sort me out.
she was absolutely spot on.
open (not a fan of closed), and comfortable, and sound really good.
now i cannot compare to others as i have been starved of such devices,
but i picked up some midlevel Sony sets for mk1 a couple of years back and the bass was far too intense for me and my ears hurt after 5 mins.

mark e, Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:22 (eight months ago) Permalink

yeah open's the way to go

Winter. Dickens. Yes. (Jon not Jon), Thursday, 8 February 2018 21:02 (eight months ago) Permalink

I have these ones (from when they were branded as MB Quart), and they sound great, and are completely indestructible):

Great for DJs or working musicians who want quality and toughness.

DJI, Friday, 9 February 2018 18:32 (eight months ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...

really wanting the sony 1000xm2 (flying in two weeks), not sure whether to buy them at a shitty 10% off or hope for a 20–25% off sale

reverse-periscoping (Autumn Almanac), Tuesday, 6 March 2018 23:34 (seven months ago) Permalink

I got the mark 1 for £100 off and they’re fantastic. Can’t see anything about the mk2 that make them worth the extra.

stet, Wednesday, 7 March 2018 00:17 (seven months ago) Permalink

phonons initially pretty uncomfortable and tinny sounding for $300 dj headphones (i snagged an open box deal and got a pair for half that)

but they’re breaking in ... better sound and more comfortable after a few weeks

will reserve judgment ...

the late great, Wednesday, 7 March 2018 00:20 (seven months ago) Permalink

I got the mark 1 for £100 off and they’re fantastic. Can’t see anything about the mk2 that make them worth the extra.

they appear to resolve the cracking issue, and reviews claim the anc is better. also i can’t remember the last time i saw the mark 1 in a shop.

reverse-periscoping (Autumn Almanac), Wednesday, 7 March 2018 01:24 (seven months ago) Permalink

found them for $100 off. the guy in the shop immediately offered to price match them against some web site i’ve never heard of. i didn’t even get around to asking about price. no idea what they’re like because i am out drinking

reverse-periscoping (Autumn Almanac), Wednesday, 7 March 2018 08:07 (seven months ago) Permalink

this is the first time i’ve spent more than au$200 on headphones (not counting airpods) and they are absolutely incredible. the app seems to forget my equaliser settings but maybe i stuffed something up. everything else is better than i expected, especially the lows/highs. because it comes with a cable, it even replaces my billion year old budget sennheisers which have always hurt my ears.

reverse-periscoping (Autumn Almanac), Wednesday, 7 March 2018 09:45 (seven months ago) Permalink

The Mk2s? I haven’t bothered with the app yet

stet, Wednesday, 7 March 2018 11:52 (seven months ago) Permalink

I finally smashed my Pioneer cans to bits because they were fucking terrible (and Pioneer DJ is terrible and I hate them, but that's for another thread). So bought myself a pair of HD25s and have been happy with them, especially with a $10 coiled cable via eBay. Not sure if they'd appeal to non-DJs but they haven't been mentioned in the thread and apparently are somewhat iconic:

Eventually if I have cash to burn it would be nice to have a really high end pair of Grados or the like. OTOH with tinnitus maybe it's probably best for me not to wear headphones all the time anyhow, IDK.

davey, Wednesday, 7 March 2018 13:47 (seven months ago) Permalink

xm2s distinctly lopsided last night, fine this morning. no idea what to make of that.

reverse-periscoping (Autumn Almanac), Wednesday, 7 March 2018 21:11 (seven months ago) Permalink

Finally got my Massdrop Sennheisers, which are really the first “good” pair of headphones I’ve had as an adult, and damn. It’s actually hard to do anything else when I’m listening on them because the music becomes so enveloping. Time slows down.

Fedora Dostoyevsky (man alive), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 02:53 (seven months ago) Permalink

yeah theyre super nice!

they call me melo gelo (Spottie), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 03:10 (seven months ago) Permalink

I still say they’re kind of ugly though.

Fedora Dostoyevsky (man alive), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 03:43 (seven months ago) Permalink

i think the dark blue was a weird choice. they're so close to black that it looks like a mistake.

they call me melo gelo (Spottie), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 03:46 (seven months ago) Permalink

In non-audiophile/sport use, has anyone used the recent aftershokz trekz stuff? I'm now just trying the older titanium model in a still, quiet environment (with Loma). In this quiet place, they are not as full and rich as my usual favorite, the plantronic fitbit.

Both Fitbits and these are very active/usage-specific, so not for everyone. I've gone through three pairs of fitbits over years, I love the depth, reasonable clarity, and the fact they don't block out surrounding ambient. nor do they bleed in quiet areas. I know few other fitbit users, but two who are super committed, as I am.

As quiet as I have the treks set now, I don't feel the "bone conduction" at all...

Hunt3r, Tuesday, 13 March 2018 04:09 (seven months ago) Permalink

i think the dark blue was a weird choice. they're so close to black that it looks like a mistake.

― they call me melo gelo (Spottie), Monday, March 12, 2018 10:46 PM (yesterday) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

Oh, mine are black, they just have a really weird shape and are too big (although I guess the size is related to how good they sound). It's fine though bc I never walk around with headphones and I'm only going to use my beaters in the gym.

Fedora Dostoyevsky (man alive), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 14:05 (seven months ago) Permalink

I guess it's cliche, but it's really true about how much more DETAIL you can hear in the music. One of the first things I put on was Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard, and I was able to hear stuff I never heard before like Coltrane tapping his foot on the stage to count off a tune, or, at one point, a very faint ring of a telephone inside the club.

I also put on a recording of a Bach harpsichord concerto where the harpsichord previously always sounded a little buried in the mix to me and suddenly I could hear everything.

Fedora Dostoyevsky (man alive), Tuesday, 13 March 2018 14:07 (seven months ago) Permalink

two months pass...

What's better, the cheapest Philips or the cheapest Sennheiser?

Robert Adam Gilmour, Saturday, 26 May 2018 08:25 (four months ago) Permalink

Philips appear to have stopped doing their cheap over-ear model, so I might just go Sennheiser.

Robert Adam Gilmour, Saturday, 26 May 2018 08:27 (four months ago) Permalink

Just got these red Sony headphones bigger style. Sound is amazing and they were 60 bucks

California scheming (Ross), Sunday, 27 May 2018 18:46 (four months ago) Permalink

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