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Today I was working from home. Predictably some might say this has involved me actually doing not a stroke of constructive work, for which I am getting paid. (I do feel quite bad about this, more for christ-where's-my-willpower-gone reasons than guilt reasons).

Is my case typical i.e. is working from home a skiver's charter? Or is the ideal a reality for some lucky and conscientious souls?

(PS The upshot of this is that no way must I spend all my time on ILE tomorrow so feel free to shout at me if I do.)

Tom, Tuesday, 16 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

possible reason feeling blue, tom? i worked at home for 2 months straight last year and came close to going bonkers. try picking up yr laptop and hoofing it to the park?

Tracer Hand, Tuesday, 16 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

i do less work at "work" these days: currently i am blaming the taliban

mark s, Tuesday, 16 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

i blame the taliban for my inability to get past level 9 in nes tetris.

working at home = dud for me. 6 mos. of freelancing for aol and i was ready to comit hara kiri with a letter opener.

jess, Tuesday, 16 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

i write essays from home and do alot of my prep work from home . Teachers and Students do about half there work from home.

anthony, Tuesday, 16 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

Ti ti tiki wikki! Whats it all mean Tom? destroy your desire

Mike Hanle y, Tuesday, 16 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

Regardless of where I am, I get nothing done. At least, at home, I get stuff done that's important to me. And I avoid carcinogenic inhalants.

David Raposa, Wednesday, 17 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

I tend to postpone work when I am home. Because I would get a slap on the wrists if work wasn't done, I have to do it late at night.

Helen Fordsdale, Wednesday, 17 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

I'd like to be able to work from home...I used to say "maybe I could take some books home and catalogue them there...or e-mail the inter- library loan requests from the comfort of my room"...but, hmmmmmm, my job was never deemed important enough to be able to direct operations from my base.

james, Wednesday, 17 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

I worked from home two days a week for 12 months in my last job (until there was a change of management and such privileges were taken away). The dial-up connection was never fast enough to allow effective multi-tasking, so the Oracle, VMS, Outlook Express and MS Word sessions had to yield to the Web. Unfortunate, but there you go. I enjoyed the 4-hour 'lunch-breaks' most of all.

Always got stuff done though - often at 9pm on the Sunday night when server traffic was quiet and my conscience was playing up.

Michael Jones, Wednesday, 17 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

I tend to get a lot of dusting done. I've got a Ken Dodd 'tickling stick' now, so every cloud has a silver lining. Insect eradication can be quite time consuming too, and the cistern's got a troublesome leak that I'm going to have to try and sort out sooner or later. As a first step I have turned the water off at the stop-cock, just to make sure. Step 2 is a mystery. I might ponder it at lunchtime. I think I'll need to get some kind of watertight sealant, and I'm buggered if I'm going to waste a weekend doing that.

Peter Miller, Wednesday, 17 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

Working from home brings the worst insticts to the surface. That is, that housewife lurking in the subconscious region of any woman's mind after years of hearing 'tidy your room, you are worse than a bloke'. I always end up flicking through some dusty copy of Delia's, popping to Sainsbury's to purchase the ingredients and when the cooking is over, I decide it is better to get along to the office for a cup of coffee and a chat because that is really sad and we are in the 21st century and I should be more like Sarah Jessica and her mates

Laetitia, Wednesday, 17 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

my brother got so mental when he was working at home (he's a web designer) that he made this website up about working from home! whenever i take a day off my real job to get stuff done at home (or work on my other stuff) i get nothing done. Apparently Magritte used to get up every morning and walk around the block as if he was leaving home and arriving at work, and he would do the same thing around teatime as if going home. Still he was rubbish at faces so what would he

ian scanlon, Wednesday, 17 October 2001 00:00 (twenty-two years ago) link

seven years pass...

working from home: classic
working from home when your flatmate has been made redundant and is mooching around the flat with his annoying boyfriend all day: DUD DUD DUD oh god just go awayyyyyyyyy

lex pretend, Friday, 8 May 2009 11:13 (fifteen years ago) link

two months pass...

I twisted my knee playing football last night (that's why I'd stopped playing!), and couldn't walk properly today as a result, so I emailed in sick to work, and told them I had various things I'd do online and that I'd be available via email and my work mobile. As result I've actually been marked down as "home working" today rather than on sick leave.

This is the first time I've done this (although I do, if off sick or on leave, generally check work emails reasonably regularly - especially when I was off after my hernia operation for instance), and it's been surprisingly productive; I've organised as many if not more things as I would have done had I been in the office, sent a gazillion emails chasing various things, edited a load of copy, drafted some new web pages, AND had a nap and stroked the cats. And all while wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that are full of holes and not fit to be seen in public.

I can't make my face turn into a heart (Scik Mouthy), Thursday, 30 July 2009 14:41 (fourteen years ago) link

three years pass...

i'm working from home today and it is fucking amazing.

-shouting abuse at co-workers who can't hear you in response to their emails
-singing along to records
-cooking your own lunch
-not bothering to pretend to work if there's a lull or you're done by 1600
-no commute obviously

Ballboy to Afghanistan (LocalGarda), Friday, 15 February 2013 13:04 (eleven years ago) link

one year passes...

I have been working from home for almost four years. I can only see advantages. If you're office based and you have Skype, Webex and so forth I really don't see any reason *not* to. The people who still insist on buying or renting huge energy consuming, Earth destroying office space (space which could be used so much more constructively, be it for housing, parkland or given back to nature) are truly behind the curve.

What I'm interested in -- and I'm interested to know if there has been research in these areas:

(a) Has anyone done serious calculations of how much energy we could save (inter)nationally if everyone who *could* work from home did so and secondly,

(b) from a sociological point of view, the focus has been on the negative ("you can't get to know/work properly with people who don't see and physically interract with, ergo groups of home working people are doomed to failure") but shouldn't we also consider the flipside, that home working allows for people to be judged on their true merits, rather than the ad hominem nasty stuff that comes to the fore when people have to share a space?

Grandpont Genie, Monday, 28 July 2014 20:53 (nine years ago) link

Heh, my wife just started doing this full-time and has liked it so far.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a couple people at my office must have asked about the possibility because the partners sent out this really passive-aggressive email at the start of the year about how it will never be a possibility here because, basically, "it is impossible to believe that anyone could work productively out of their home". It was just laughably obnoxious and reductive about any possible benefits. (Of course, several months later one of the partners' favorites moved to Texas with her husband and was suddenly approved to work "remotely")

Bus Sex Teen Busted After Queef Beef (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Monday, 28 July 2014 20:57 (nine years ago) link

five years pass...

I don't ever want to do it

with my immunocompromised status and the virus terror, I may have to


the plantation I contract for, at a pitiful wage, uses a "VPN" that requires use of your


which I do not have and do not want

fuck apps, fuck texts

brooklyn suicide cult (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 12 March 2020 04:51 (four years ago) link

is that app PingID?

sorry for butt rockin (Neanderthal), Thursday, 12 March 2020 04:52 (four years ago) link


brooklyn suicide cult (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 12 March 2020 04:56 (four years ago) link

Full time wfh since Oct 2012. Best thing ever. Makes work not suck. Def still look forward to the weekends but I no longer dread Monday. Limits my "advancement" options but I don't care; if I could maintain current position now thru retirement I'd be thrilled.

A True White Kid that can Jump (Granny Dainger), Thursday, 12 March 2020 05:03 (four years ago) link

makes personal traveling mid-week possible. it's harder now that I changed roles, but when I was working in implementations, all they cared about is that I worked, not where I worked from, so sometimes I'd head out of town mid week and bring my laptop.

did manage to go to Vegas midweek last year because i had no classes that week

sorry for butt rockin (Neanderthal), Thursday, 12 March 2020 05:04 (four years ago) link

I’m starting to wonder whether spending £4500 a year on train tickets so I can commute to London, sit in an office and have web conferences with my colleagues and customers around the world is the most productive use of my time and money. The big problem with working from home ime is that it is much harder to put a cap on the day. I’m more likely to agree to 7pm meetings or answer emails at 10pm than I am if I have physically left my place of work.

ShariVari, Thursday, 12 March 2020 07:06 (four years ago) link

Full time WFH since May 2015. It is definitely harder to put a cap on the day, though I don't really have meetings or emails to answer (I'm a web dev)

Its the job content itself as much as the WFH but I've changed around my perspective to not see work in terms of hours or blocks of time like this, but blocks of stuff that I need to have built by the end of the week or month. This means the delineation between own time and work time is more entwined. Mentally I'm kind of always at work but also never at work, I don't know if its better or not but I don't miss my 90 minute each way commute!

cherry blossom, Thursday, 12 March 2020 07:23 (four years ago) link

I feel a lot of the risk could have been mitigated if more organisations were better at actually allowing people to work staggered or different hours - fewer people on public transport at peak times, less crowding on train/tube platforms (can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a crush of a few hundred people waiting to get on a tube train) and management doesn’t have to pretend it cares about having a coherent wfh policy. My parents have never worked more than ten minutes from where they live and I envy them.

gramsci in your surplice (gyac), Thursday, 12 March 2020 07:56 (four years ago) link

I feel a lot of the risk could have been mitigated if more organisations were better at actually allowing people to work staggered or different hours - fewer people on public transport at peak times, less crowding on train/tube platforms (can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a crush of a few hundred people waiting to get on a tube train) and management doesn’t have to pretend it cares about having a coherent wfh policy. My parents have never worked more than ten minutes from where they live and I envy them.

gramsci in your surplice (gyac), Thursday, 12 March 2020 07:56 (four years ago) link

WFH today. Probably one of many. Technically I am a 'remote worker' anyway, having been made one about a year ago, but I still come into the office as it's about 10 mins cycle away. Frankly I've nowhere to work at home - I have a small desk in my room that's uncomfortable to sit at, and my sofa and kitchen table are no better.

doorstep jetski (dog latin), Thursday, 12 March 2020 09:58 (four years ago) link

been asked to supply emergency contact info at work in case of


"adverse weather closing the office"

politics is the art of what cannot be said etc

BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Thursday, 12 March 2020 10:10 (four years ago) link

The big problem with working from home ime is that it is much harder to put a cap on the day. I’m more likely to agree to 7pm meetings or answer emails at 10pm than I am if I have physically left my place of work.

We have a pretty flexible working culture with a lot of working from home and honestly it's great, but it only works if you're prepared to treat people like grown-ups. TBH I'd retain the same boundaries as you do in the office. I don't especially mind working a bit later if I'm not going to be commuting home, but if you do have a 7pm meeting what's to stop you taking a longer lunch break or similar. As long as you get the work done when you're supposed to, who cares?

International meetings make things harder, but one way psychologically to put a cap on the day is just to make a clean break by immediately doing something that absolutely says to yourself I Am Not At Work Any More. Cooking, opening a beer, playing a video game, whatever. If you just start tapering off it becomes very easy to get dragged back into it.

Matt DC, Thursday, 12 March 2020 11:01 (four years ago) link

I'm a freelancer, about 80% of my work is on-site at various places, just had my first conversation this morning about an office shutdown, guessing that most everywhere else will follow, shit is going to get tight.

Maresn3st, Thursday, 12 March 2020 11:07 (four years ago) link

no wonder u ppl are on ilx all fucking day

brooklyn suicide cult (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 12 March 2020 11:08 (four years ago) link

Been WFH since 2017. Love it. Possibly starting a 9-5 office job on Monday, though, and not sure how I feel about that (besides “thanks for the money”)...

but also fuck you (unperson), Thursday, 12 March 2020 11:18 (four years ago) link

The lifeblood of ILX the entire internet is bored office workers, moreso without the office.

Andrew Farrell, Thursday, 12 March 2020 11:32 (four years ago) link

its a turning point in history

mark s, Thursday, 12 March 2020 12:25 (four years ago) link

in a bad way

mark s, Thursday, 12 March 2020 12:25 (four years ago) link

let's run all the megapolls we've been fantasising about

strangely hookworm but they manage ream shoegaze poetry (imago), Thursday, 12 March 2020 12:29 (four years ago) link

i hope office buildings empty out like suburban malls and are repurposed into affordable housing.

Yerac, Thursday, 12 March 2020 12:56 (four years ago) link

Does anyone do this with kids in the house? Seems kind of impossible without turning child into tv zombie

Muswell Hillbilly Elegy (President Keyes), Thursday, 12 March 2020 12:59 (four years ago) link

Looks like this will be me from next week, or even maybe tomorrow. My plan is to move to the conservatory and stock up on educational software / film downloads for them.

Wuhan!! Got You All in Check (Camaraderie at Arms Length), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:03 (four years ago) link

I cannot work with kids disturbing me, this is going to be hard.

Wuhan!! Got You All in Check (Camaraderie at Arms Length), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:03 (four years ago) link

turn child into book and board game zombie imo

my carrom board is finally gonna get some use, v excited to get good

strangely hookworm but they manage ream shoegaze poetry (imago), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:04 (four years ago) link

i hope office buildings empty out like suburban malls and are repurposed into affordable housing.

― Yerac, Thursday, 12 March 2020 12:56 (ten minutes ago) bookmarkflaglink


BSC Joan Baez (darraghmac), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:07 (four years ago) link

I wish I could find that faux-pamphlet from a few years back about an office building gradually turning into an overgrown post-apocalyptic ecosystem

bold caucasian eroticism (Simon H.), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:13 (four years ago) link

I've worked from home for almost 19 years. I expect it to all come crashing down around my ears any day now.

Miami weisse (WmC), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:14 (four years ago) link

i don't maintain much of a social circle outside of work (mostly just my wife, my parents, and my cat) so I do think I benefit from the social aspects of coming into an office every day and interacting with people. i'm lucky in my position that I typically don't HAVE to do much interacting in any given day if I don't feel like it, but if I do then there are always people around who want to shoot the shit.

Evans on Hammond (evol j), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:14 (four years ago) link

Does anyone do this with kids in the house? Seems kind of impossible without turning child into tv zombie

i do but there's always another carer around. she (child not carer) occasionally comes up to spin around on my chair but generally respects the sanctity of the office space.

Paperbag raita (ledge), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:20 (four years ago) link

that sanctity in full:

mark s, Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:25 (four years ago) link

Spare a thought for us poor sods who can't work from home, we're dead.

God gave toilets rolls to you, gave toilet rolls to you (Tom D.), Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:26 (four years ago) link

My first day of working at home. Not without its downsides, but I did watch an episode of Kojak during my lunch hour, and so without coronavirus I would possibly never known about this meeting of the titans

Ward Fowler, Tuesday, 17 March 2020 20:33 (four years ago) link

k) four people stood around the desk next to mine. two are actually working.

koogs, Tuesday, 27 February 2024 13:27 (three months ago) link

after a couple of years of trying to encourage employees to go to the office, it looks like my employer has given up and decided that it actually is a waste of money to pay for office space that is barely used. I only ever went once, but from what I heard, even the people who were in teams that regularly went always had to do the meeting through teams because there was always at least one person who was not there in person, so basically nobody got much of the benefits of actually being at the office. Coffee at that office was really good though.

silverfish, Tuesday, 27 February 2024 13:54 (three months ago) link

the last time i had an office job, the coffee was great, but that was because i worked for a local branch of a food service company and the locals were snobs about coffee.

butt dumb tight my boners got boners (the table is the table), Tuesday, 27 February 2024 15:55 (three months ago) link

i just get coffee from any of the coffee places around my office 🤷‍♂️

close encounters of the third knid (darraghmac), Tuesday, 27 February 2024 16:17 (three months ago) link

(i left at 14:00, having been there since 06:45. another one of these next month, but i have holiday to burn...)

koogs, Tuesday, 27 February 2024 16:22 (three months ago) link

e) shared toilets

this one is big for me... there were some odd shit happening in our shared bathroom pre-pandemic, and not nearly enough stalls for how many people were in the office

Here at home, I have an old magazine and quality TP

Andy the Grasshopper, Tuesday, 27 February 2024 17:27 (three months ago) link

for me the benefit of tinkling at home is a bidet and cheap washcloths (i can't just shake it and shove it back into my pants anymore, and toilet paper tends to get stuck to it).

of course a lot of places you also have _gendered bathrooms_. all of that trans bathroom shit, you don't get that here so much, and even if you did i got passing privilege, but god gendered bathrooms are fucking stupid. i'm sorry. they just are.

Kate (rushomancy), Tuesday, 27 February 2024 17:37 (three months ago) link

i don't want a lady to hear me taking a crap, are you crazy

that's why when my wife and i are both working at home i use the outhouse

Humanitarian Pause (Tracer Hand), Tuesday, 27 February 2024 17:40 (three months ago) link

obviously not a subscriber to the henny youngman school of gender studies

Kate (rushomancy), Tuesday, 27 February 2024 17:43 (three months ago) link

In my dream home (not yet a reality), the bathrooms and showers are outside and can't be reached without leaving the house

Andy the Grasshopper, Tuesday, 27 February 2024 17:52 (three months ago) link

lol rush i did think that just as i hit "submit".. i guess that simplifies things

Humanitarian Pause (Tracer Hand), Tuesday, 27 February 2024 17:55 (three months ago) link

we had an earnings call and we had a fairly disastrous year, rumors of layoffs swirling.

pro: layoffs result in severance, get 2 weeks for each year of service (I have 19)
con: i am likely the highest salaried in my department (excluding the managers) - easy target
pro: i know how to do things nobody else does on this team
con: this company has proven nobody gives a shit about that
pro: i've survived every round of layoffs before
con: i've survived every round of layoffs before

CEO Greedwagon (Neanderthal), Monday, 4 March 2024 18:33 (three months ago) link

office much nicer today with exactly 0 people in it. coffee still gak though.

it is just a coincidence that today is the last opportunity i will get to use the company bandwidth to download episodes of doctor who ahead of them turning off desktop downloads and me being on holiday for a week.

koogs, Friday, 8 March 2024 11:25 (three months ago) link

Neanderthal: that is almost exactly my position, right down to the years of service! Town Hall next Thu. I guess I would hear something before that.

Most teams now have "anchor days", where they're required to come on-site once a week. I'm not included in this requirement (in fact, no one has spoken to me about WFH/office policy in over a year). We've greatly reduced our physical office space (it started pre-covid) and now - for generic hot-desk set-ups - it's a single floor (100 capacity) in the western hub (industrial estate, Z4), and a single floor (65 capacity) in the central hub (old Victorian building, Z1). Canteen in former closed permanently spring 2020. If it's free food truck day, the place is packed. The Z1 office is generally pretty full, judging by the booking app. There are also activities in this business that can't be done (easily) remotely, and those teams have always been coming in (different wing of the Z4 office).

I choose to go the Z4 hub on quiet days, once every few weeks, and never to the Z1 hub. Better ambient lighting and temperature than I have at home, especially in winter. Monitor and chair lottery, however. Free coffee, tea, toast, etc. I feel like a bit of a ghost.

I think the return-to-office was much more keenly pursued in other locations.

Michael Jones, Friday, 8 March 2024 11:50 (three months ago) link

(we were told, mike, that the industrial estate that we share(d) with you was being sold off and required a very expensive move somewhere else - all the climate controlled storage etc had to go. did that not affect you?)

koogs, Friday, 8 March 2024 12:11 (three months ago) link

((you probably saw the auction of a bazillion vinyl albums...))

koogs, Friday, 8 March 2024 12:12 (three months ago) link

I'm never there often enough to notice what happens at other units (it's pretty vast!) but, no, I don't think that closure affected us. That place was the only reason to want to come to that part of the world! I think I'd be pretty happy archiving that stuff for the rest of my working life, instead of doing... whatever it is I do.

Michael Jones, Friday, 8 March 2024 12:23 (three months ago) link

I like to go out for lunch to break up the monotony of the day, work a little while out, then go home and finish the day.

today, I forgot somehow that I had a meeting at 1:30, and I only arrived at the McDonald's at 1:15. oh well, I'll attend it from here. this McDonald's is quiet, and it's a short meeting.

no sooner than the meeting starts, a very noisy pair sit very close to me and the barely audible muzak suddenly turns into a very loud Usher/Lil Jon "Yea"

lol....lesson learned.

CEO Greedwagon (Neanderthal), Thursday, 14 March 2024 17:35 (three months ago) link

The place I work for part-time is interested in increasing my hours starting in June; meanwhile, the place I work for "full-time" as a contractor is giving me additional responsibilities and there's talk of hiring me as a full-time employee. I really hope the part-time spot doesn't want me to go full-time as well; juggling both would probably start to feel like real work.

Tahuti Watches L&O:SVU Reruns Without His Ape (unperson), Thursday, 14 March 2024 17:44 (three months ago) link

lol, it was a valiant effort Neando.

Maxmillion D. Boosted (jon /via/ chi 2.0), Thursday, 14 March 2024 17:45 (three months ago) link

Going out for a walk at lunchtime and forgetting about that 1pm meeting is something I do a bit too often. Likely to happen a bit more often in the coming weeks with the spring weather.

silverfish, Thursday, 14 March 2024 18:04 (three months ago) link

I walk down to a park a few blocks from my house almost every day, usually stopping to buy a bottle of Guinness on the way.. rain or shine
Nice to get out of my place, even if just for a half-hour

I was inspired by my trip to Stockholm last summer, seeing people laying in the grass sunbathing: "what are theses people doing? don't they have work or school? Wait, I'm gonna start doing that too."

Andy the Grasshopper, Thursday, 14 March 2024 18:08 (three months ago) link

another monthly Face to Face day where everybody is meant to come into the office. but...

one is crying off with 'diarrhea since early morning' (thanks for that)

and the one who instigated these face 2 face days has just posted 'would love to have been there, but have to wait in for delivery'

elsewhere people are commuting in having moved away during lockdown, hours of train travel and literally £100 in one case.

koogs, Monday, 25 March 2024 09:57 (two months ago) link

the other two senior managers are a) travelling in after 11 after not feeling well this morning and b) on holiday today

but nigel HAS made it in from Penge. and a colleague who nobody has seen since in person since march 2020 is here.

after last time i booked a desk on the quiet side, away from the desk-eaters and the shouty people. nice view of white city, if such a thing is possible.

koogs, Monday, 25 March 2024 10:42 (two months ago) link

Going out for a walk at lunchtime and forgetting about that 1pm meeting is something I do a bit too often.

Having the dev scrum dailies right in the middle of my lunch break (it's not anyone else's 1:30pm) is a new intrusion into routine. Walking around the rec ground, earbuds in, trying to follow a screen-share on a phone.

Going in tomorrow: the Xmas gifts have arrived! Corporate-branded merch that the kids like. Ironically perhaps. In three years we've gone from: 200 'credits' to spend in our online store, shipped to yr house in Dec, to: choose two things only, it'll be three months before you get them, collect from the office.

Michael Jones, Monday, 25 March 2024 10:55 (two months ago) link

The best thing about working from home (which I’ve done, for, gasp, 11 YEARS now) is the lunchtime walks in relatively mellow surroundings. Just essential for clearing my head. Every now and then the work day is too crazy or the weather sucks, but without the ability to do this I might lose it

Marten Broadcloak, mild-mannered GOP congressman (Raymond Cummings), Monday, 25 March 2024 13:56 (two months ago) link

Koogs, your description of your office is straight out of Barbara Pym's Late Quartet.

I would prefer not to. (Chinaski), Monday, 25 March 2024 20:21 (two months ago) link

another in-office day on... Tuesday, the day after Easter holiday weekend. i can guarantee people haven't seen this in their calendars because nobody looks beyond the current week, especially if the week before is short.

koogs, Thursday, 28 March 2024 18:14 (two months ago) link

(and last Monday all the mixer taps were out of order so no hot drinks (short of popping to starbucks))

koogs, Thursday, 28 March 2024 18:16 (two months ago) link

Dear Andrew ****,

You have 1 assignment that is 1454 days overdue.

You must complete the following assignment(s):

- Executive Series: Securely Working From Home with Quiz

Andy the Grasshopper, Friday, 5 April 2024 18:05 (two months ago) link


Esteemed character actress (sunny successor), Friday, 5 April 2024 19:54 (two months ago) link

I am working from home tomorrow but cannot because kids are on Easter holiday and mother-in-law in staying and I will not be able to focus for one minute. So I need to go to a cafe or a pub, however though I live in a city (Cambridge) there are no cafes or pubs within half an hour's walk.

No point here, just thought I would have a whinge.

This is Dance Anthems, have some respect (Camaraderie at Arms Length), Wednesday, 10 April 2024 20:59 (two months ago) link

Coffe grounds and hard boiled eggs

calstars, Monday, 15 April 2024 22:44 (one month ago) link

two weeks pass...

anybody else used speech to text in meetings to transcribe boring, unnecessary meetings when your mind inevitably drifts

ain't nothin but a brie thing, baby (Neanderthal), Wednesday, 1 May 2024 14:19 (one month ago) link

Someone I know online just got a job at some startup offering this service

G. D’Arcy Cheesewright (silby), Wednesday, 1 May 2024 15:18 (one month ago) link

(Xp) we use Teams and I think it transcribes all meetings that are recorded. The problem is asking everyone at the beginning is they consent to be recorded.

If someone is giving me some long list of tasks/grievances etc in a meeting I just pull the old ‘please send that to me in an email so I I have a record of it’ trick. Makes them very less likely to do it again.

Esteemed character actress (sunny successor), Saturday, 11 May 2024 13:20 (one month ago) link

Company just decided to go from 2 days in the office to three. I am not happy.

dan selzer, Saturday, 11 May 2024 14:31 (one month ago) link

we had another in-office day and someone got upset because someone else had booked the one standing desk

and i inadvertantly sat in someone else's desk (they are all in the booking system but some obviously have residents like 50% of the time, residents who don't book their own desks)

nobody really benefited from being there afaict

koogs, Saturday, 11 May 2024 15:38 (one month ago) link

i feel like it doesn't work unless there's a regular sked. i like 1 day a week, everybody in the department shows up boom you can talk to whoever you want to or need to and then that's it. you can develop understandings and habits etc

Humanitarian Pause (Tracer Hand), Saturday, 11 May 2024 18:08 (one month ago) link

boss sends me and another guy a video of a meeting we missed as we were on PTO and tells us to watch it asap.

he turned transcript on. I ain't watching shit lol.

RICH BRIAN (Neanderthal), Tuesday, 14 May 2024 16:03 (one month ago) link

Also posting for amusement for LOLs at clueless leaders. We changed our telephony technology two years ago to move to a cloud based application. It has been a complete disaster, as it's been very poor and overcomplicated a simple process, but then leaders were stunned yesterday to find out that employees found a loophole to avoid work that nobody knew about.

Under all of our previous telephony applications, agents had two lines - a personal and a business line. If you were on a personal call and a work call came in, and you refused to answer it, you'd still be next in line and keep getting calls until you did. And it was easy for managers to tell you were refusing to take calls.

Our new application has one line. Yes, there is a personal call option on it, but it's from the same line - it just turns off the call recording technology and makes the agent's direct phone number visible on caller ID.

Leaders mistakenly thought these were actually two separate lines. Agents otoh discovered that if they were on a personal call, it would prevent a work call from coming in, AND would put them at the back of the line for call routing.

You can figure out the rest. Lol...

RICH BRIAN (Neanderthal), Tuesday, 14 May 2024 16:27 (one month ago) link

in-person day again today including 3 hours of meetings in the other building, about 2 hours of which were attempting to get the corporate wifi working (no success, ended up using my phone). the instructions on the intraweb talk about removing profiles. mac tool for disabling profiles has the '-' button greyed out and a message that 'this mac is supervised and managed by [corporate overloads]'

when not in meetings i've been using bandwidth to do the outstanding mandatory training. my main dangers are neck ache from a badly setup chair but the training videos are full of war correspondants getting shot at.

it also turns out that bribes are not ok, but paying bribes to get through armed roadblocks if you are a war correspondant is ok. swings and roundabouts i guess.

koogs, Tuesday, 28 May 2024 15:29 (two weeks ago) link

mac tool for disabling profiles has the '-' button greyed out and a message that 'this mac is supervised and managed by [corporate overloads]'

i love when corporate equipment restrictions actively prevent you from doing the things you're expected to do or expose your machine to risk. at my place, the software updates are restricted by IT to just those the system automatically pushes out to you, or those available in the appstore, which is fine with competent admins, but...not ours.

one time, Java published a security update to prevent against a recent exploit that was of severe high importance. our admins apparently missed the memo, and continued to push out/host a very outdated version of Java.

which lasted until several people had their laptops basically rendered inoperable due to the exploit in question.

Iacocca Cola (Neanderthal), Tuesday, 28 May 2024 16:10 (two weeks ago) link

six people were let go from WFH positions for not, well, doing ANY work during their training class. they were saying 'hello' during role call and disappearing for the rest of the day.

every time I see this I secretly think "you're going to get WFH taken away from us, jerks". there's already talk about possibly moving some training back to in-person because of things like this, but I don't know how that would work as we stopped hiring people based on proximity to our offices in 2020. nevermind that it's a tiny number of people that are the problem.

I fortunately don't think I'd ever be forced to go into the office as our Orlando office has sold off so many floors to other companies, there's barely any room to conduct trainings there.

Iacocca Cola (Neanderthal), Friday, 7 June 2024 14:59 (one week ago) link

(I've been WFH for 12 years, so...not exactly pining for a change)

Iacocca Cola (Neanderthal), Friday, 7 June 2024 14:59 (one week ago) link

My contract for my part-time job expires next Friday, and the vast corporate hydra for which I work has a policy that you can only be a contractor with them for 18 months. Somehow I managed to dodge auto-culling for a while (probably because they kept firing my supervisors, ha ha) and stayed with them for two years and change, but now the axe has finally fallen. It's not a grievous loss; I was only billing them for 15 hours a week and have a full-time job as well. But funnily enough, I got an email today from a different recruiter than the one who got me the job offering me... the same job! Except it's a dollar less an hour, and they've added a requirement that the candidate must provide a weekly report accounting for their time, including listing which projects they've worked on. Hahahahaha, good luck, whoever gets my old job!

Instead of create and send out, it pull back and consume (unperson), Saturday, 8 June 2024 01:40 (six days ago) link

work message board:
> I may not be able to attend the early meeting as I will be commuting to work

this is how things have changed. people used to be expected to be here for 9:30 every day but after 3 years of mostly wfh, commuting now feels like something done on the company's time, not the employee's.

koogs, Monday, 10 June 2024 08:17 (four days ago) link

I meet 'em halfway

nashwan, Monday, 10 June 2024 08:45 (four days ago) link

After 2.5 years of being managed out of N America, I'm back to having a UK based mgr. He goes into the Z1 hub most days and while there's "no pressure" to come in, he is running 60min workflow meetings once a week from the conference room at that facility and I'm the only London person dialling in remotely. At far end of the room he makes notes on a whiteboard which, of course, I cannot possibly read from a webcam 5m away. So time to start frequenting Bond St Crossrail.

(I have been to the Z1 facility once this year; it's a hot-desky single-floor remnant of a previously warren-like cinema production house (and in that form it was my regular place of business for two very strange weeks in summer 2018). Was fine but not a single power supply fitted my ancient laptop; went rooting through cupboards for an old PSU after the old fella's battery shut down mid-morning. IT support does not exist.)

Michael Jones, Monday, 10 June 2024 09:37 (four days ago) link

I normally get to wfh 2 days a week but this week it will be 4 days and I am overjoyed. Lot of laundry gonna be getting done.

Ima Gardener (in orbit), Monday, 10 June 2024 13:16 (four days ago) link

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