Homicide: Life on the Street: classic or the best show ever created?

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as i just quoted homicide in another thread, i thought id find out if anyone else loves the show as much as i do. i cant imagine anyone finding it a dud...but i guess maybe someone, somewhere didnt appreciate the amazing storytelling, cinematography, and character development that went virtually unnoticed by anyone but its fans and the critics for 7 years. catch the reruns on court tv at 11pm weekdays! also, if you love it, who's your favorite character??? id have to go with bayliss, followed so incredibly closely by munch.

amy, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Its alright.

Pete, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

i liked it, but channel4s crap scheduling meant i always missed it

gareth, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Andre Braugher = GRATE. Muntz = betta!! YAPHET KOTTO = best!!

Not best ever prog ever made (=B*ff*), but way way up there.

mark s, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

When the cast included the redhead, the Baldwin brother, Ned Beatty, and Jon Polito, it was fantastic! Even the few years following Beatty's & Polito's departure. I lost track after a while, though. But I really wish Andre Braugher acted in more ... stuff.

And, of course, Yaphet Kotto = classic. (_Midnight Run_ is quite the underrated flick.)

I loved that episode where Bayliss was revealed to be this freaky Internet web-site guy, and everyone in the office ostracized him. (I think it also had something to do with homosexuality, too - wasn't following the show too closely to know, though.)

David Raposa, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Bayliss = TV's top bisexual: I'd forgotten that. And the egg-like hispanic one who was obsessed with who-really-assassinated- Lincoln nutjob conspiracies...

mark s, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Midnight Run isn't underrated by me. In top ten films of the Eighties in my book. One of the worst swearing dubbed movies on TV ever though.

Pete, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

I've seen it a few times. Never really got into it though. The same people who produced "Homicide" also made a really brutal and bleak prison drama called "Oz" which was shown on C4 before. "Oz" is damn classic especially the way it has no consideration for the normal rules of TV drama. 'Good guys' end up being bitches. 'Bad guys' do mind-boggingly cruel stuff with no consequences.

Michael, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Oh, very classic. Don't know if it's the best show ever created, but it's way way up there.

However, the later episodes with the terrible Jon Seda, Michael Michele and that annoying brunette women brought the show down quite a bit. I don't how Andre Braugher could stand to be in the same room with such stank actors.

I loved that episode where Bayliss was revealed to be this freaky Internet web-site guy, and everyone in the office ostracized him. (I think it also had something to do with homosexuality, too - wasn't following the show too closely to know, though.

He had his own site, which revealed his thoughts about being a bisexual buddhist. Don't recall everything about this episode, but I think both the bisexuality and the buddhism made everybody a bit uncomfortable.

Nicole, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Ah, OK. The only thing I really remember about that episode was the Internet killer person. Knowing that, it makes their reactions more sensible. Well, I understand them better, anyway - not sure if they really make sense, but.

David Raposa, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

"annoying brunette woman"?

the cool forensic pathologist with bob = woman i wd most like to snap my neck w. her legs ahem

are we at odds?

mark s, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

"annoying brunette woman with bob" = Michelle Forbes, who also played Ensign Ro in a few episodes of ST:TNG. Sexiest facial mole on telly.

Andrew L, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

i think the annoying brunette woman being referred to is not julianna cox (michele forbes) but laura ballard (callie thorne). she Was annoying. as was jon seda, and michael michele, and giancarlo esposito, and peter gherety...in fact a vast majority of the later- added characters. but bayliss was still there...i love how the whole series can been seen as a giant character arc for tim bayliss, the bisexual zen detective. actually, homicide is one of my two favorite programs ever, buffy being the other one. what can i say? i love well developed characters in shows that are true to themselves!

amy, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Amy was right...twas Callie Thorne I was referring to and not Michelle Forbes (she was actually pretty cool). There was a rumor that Callie Thorne was dating the producer of Homicide, which is really the only explicable reason I've come across for her being on the show. But then again, they did hire Jon Seda as well.

Nicole, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

One of the best shows ever (everything comes after the Simpsons if animated shows count). The episode where Crossetti (Polito) commits suicide is some of the best television ever made! Think about it this way, a Baldwin was actually in something that they needn't be embarrassed about. Wow!

I actually went to Baltimore once, to check out the area the taped the show. I have a picture of myslef standing in front of the station wearing shirt/tie trench coat. I also had a beer at the bar that the cops own in the show-got a cool t-shirt with a chalk outline of a body on the back.

Tom, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Did anybody see the recent TV movie-thing where all the cast comes back for "one final case"? What happened?

Tracer Hand, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

well, what happened was...giardello (yaphet kotto) was running for mayor and someone shot him. so everyone came back for moral support and to investigate the case and stuff. it was kind of contrived but it was great to see all the old characters again. the subplot was that bayliss admitted to frank that he murdered the internet killer from the last season, which was an open question in the last offical episode of the season. it was incredible, highly emotional, and it wrapped up the series nicely...from the first episode which was bayliss' first day in the homicide unit to him admitting that he committed a murder...and then the end of the movie had gee dying, and meeting felton and crosetti in the afterlife...sounds cheezy but it was skillfully done, at least i thought. the episode where crosetti commits suicide is one of my absolute favorites. i recently got to meet clark johnson (who plays lewis, crosetti's old partner) and got his autograph and stuff...it was at the friar's club roast of richard belzer, who plays munch. which rocked, by the way.

amy, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

Yeah, I got to talk to Belzer a little bit a couple years ago when I went to a reading of his conspiracy book at Boston Univeristy.

Tom, Monday, 2 July 2001 00:00 (eighteen years ago) link

one year passes...

Horace Mann (Horace Mann), Thursday, 30 January 2003 16:38 (seventeen years ago) link

Pretty much best show ever created.

Why did Channel Four fuck with it so much? We never got to see the end.

I think the reason why I love it so much were the details they got so right. There was an episode where a kid gets shot dead in a mall, the parents are called into a room, completely numb from what's just happened. Then someone pops their head round the door and says "Does anyone here own a black buick, reg no. whatever" and the father looks round, distracted from his thoughts and goes "Huh, oh yes that's mine, I'll move it" and goes out to move the car. It was the contrast between the sheer ordinariness of having to shift his car with the trauma of what had just happened to him, and the fact that he just switched into auto-pilot and did it, that made the moment ten times more poignant than it would have been. I'm probably not capturing it very well but the show was full of situations like that - just written and acted with that bit more imagination.

And it's hard to think of a show making better use of a telephone ringtone and a board with marker pens.

Favourite character - Munch because of the way he revels in his unpopularity.

James Ball (James Ball), Thursday, 30 January 2003 17:15 (seventeen years ago) link

so good to see that law and order/homicide split epsiode on 5 the other month

i find it hard to remember the details about homicide, i just remmeber growing up with it and loving it

ilx regulars will know about my love for oz

zemko (bob), Thursday, 30 January 2003 17:23 (seventeen years ago) link

at first i saw b*ff* and thought "...biffo?"

zemko (bob), Thursday, 30 January 2003 17:26 (seventeen years ago) link

I didn't know too much about Homicide: LOTS until I came across it on Bravo, I think, while flipping through channels one night. They ran old episodes of the series pretty much every weeknight, and I was rapidly hooked.

One thing I didn't realize when I was watching the show was that the guy who played Meldrick had actually spent a lot of time in Canada, and spent half his time living here. I found that out when I was in the Chapters on Bloor street, walked around a corner into (I think) the photography aisle, and there he was flipping through something. Also found out that he's Molly Johnson's brother. Neat!

Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Thursday, 30 January 2003 17:33 (seventeen years ago) link

Clark Johnson is also on his way to becoming a hotshit director. He won a bunch of awards ( a Peabody, I think) for Boycott and is currently doing a Sam Jackson action flick (which could be really bad, come to think of it).
Meldrick Lewis is probably one of the best-realized cop characters ever. Cuz he wasn't really a smart guy, and he could be lazy, and sometimes he was a real prick, but he was always awesome.

All the characters on HLOTS (except for those brutal last few seasons, only brutal in comparison to the sheer genius of the first five or six) were SO complete.

Horace Mann (Horace Mann), Thursday, 30 January 2003 17:43 (seventeen years ago) link

Clark Johnson was on the Littlest Hobo.

rosemary (rosemary), Thursday, 30 January 2003 18:14 (seventeen years ago) link

still my favorite tv drama evah

James Blount (James Blount), Thursday, 30 January 2003 22:50 (seventeen years ago) link

The Littlest Hobo?

Dan Perry (Dan Perry), Thursday, 30 January 2003 22:53 (seventeen years ago) link

It was like Cdn CHiPS, only instead of motorcycle cops, it was a german shepherd.

Horace Mann (Horace Mann), Friday, 31 January 2003 03:55 (seventeen years ago) link

Credit to Melissa Leo and Richard Belzer as the only actors to even ATTEMPT the Beltimore accent -- Leo's was fairly convincing.

I know so many damn extras in episodes of HLOTS that it's silly.

Colin Meeder (Mert), Friday, 31 January 2003 10:20 (seventeen years ago) link

it was ace! i have fond memories of being allowed to stay up late and watch it with my dad.

minna (minna), Friday, 31 January 2003 15:29 (seventeen years ago) link

i heard a rumor it was coming out on dvd soon- anyone know if i made that up in my head?

amy (amy), Friday, 31 January 2003 18:21 (seventeen years ago) link

Probably my favourite TV show ever. Andre Braugher as Frank Pembleton may be my favourite performance in a continuing TV series ever too. I still can't believe that C4 didn't pick up the final series.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Friday, 31 January 2003 21:58 (seventeen years ago) link

god I loved this show. I'm wondering if I'd like it as much now that I'm not hung all up in the serialness of it, but damn...supergreat. Great enough to deserve the indulgent finale movie it got. Last dramatic serial TV show I ever watched.

Anthony Miccio (Anthony Miccio), Friday, 31 January 2003 23:55 (seventeen years ago) link

three weeks pass...
I have nearly the complete series on videotape (I couldn't bring myself to watch the last season), and broke out the first episode the other night.
So amazing. Hadn't watched the show since the last airing of the movie (during the Oscars of '01, i think???), and it was like going to your mom's for dinner.
Crosetti, Felton, Deeee-tective Munch. so so classic

Horace Mann (Horace Mann), Thursday, 27 February 2003 18:44 (sixteen years ago) link

My wife and I were walking on the chichi part of sunset and we noticed a familiar guy sitting at an outside cafe table. We both got a momentary sense of menace before we placed him as LUTHER MAHONEY! (Erik Todd Dellums)
My favorite star sighting ever - the vertigo of anxiety,recognition and finally bemusement that I had confused a person for a tv character.

The only show i've ever felt emotionally attached to - reading the description upthread about the finales made me sad all over again.

b zuraw (bryan zuraw), Thursday, 13 March 2003 18:14 (sixteen years ago) link

I hung out with jazz singer Molly Johnson one night a few months ago and I was like, "y'know, you're pretty cool, but your brother is like the coolest guy ever."
and she was like, "yeah, he is isn't he"
her brother is Clark Johnson, aka Lewis Meldrick

Horace Mann (Horace Mann), Thursday, 13 March 2003 18:43 (sixteen years ago) link

There's a guy who occasionally rides the same tube as me out to East Ham here in London who looks quite a lot like Andre Braugher/Frank Pembleton, if a touch heftier. I don't know if he's noticed me looking at him a lot...

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Friday, 14 March 2003 18:47 (sixteen years ago) link

If you've seen Hack, then you'd know that Braugher is putting on some p-o-u-n-d-s (whisper so he doesn't kill me). Maybe it is him. You should go up to him and ask him for a hug.

Horace Mann (Horace Mann), Friday, 14 March 2003 18:49 (sixteen years ago) link

three weeks pass...
DVD May 23!

Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Monday, 7 April 2003 16:18 (sixteen years ago) link

Thanks Sean! This is grebt news.

Nicole (Nicole), Monday, 7 April 2003 16:47 (sixteen years ago) link

I will be getting this oh yes

James Blount (James Blount), Monday, 7 April 2003 16:53 (sixteen years ago) link

two weeks pass...
well, just having a quick look at the tivo's todo list and i noticed that on 5th may, channel 5 is showing Sideshow, an episode from season 7 that hasn't been on english tv before (it's the second part of a two part crossover episode which starts with law and order shown immedaitely before it and not, unfortunately, the start of channel 5 showing the entire 7th season)


koogs (koogs), Thursday, 24 April 2003 22:24 (sixteen years ago) link

Andy, that one has been shown - I saw it a few months ago. It was great to see all the characters again, but a massive pity it was as a one-off.

James Ball (James Ball), Friday, 25 April 2003 00:29 (sixteen years ago) link

We should all watch it, in the hope that C5 then pick up that final season.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Friday, 25 April 2003 10:59 (sixteen years ago) link

james, i think there have been two. this is the second part of a crossover with law and order and (i think) the one you're talking about was the first part of a different crossover with law and order shown, yes, a few months ago. that one was a repeat, this one should be new. i could be wrong.

btw, i meant the 3rd when i said the 5th. it's saturday.


koogs (koogs), Friday, 25 April 2003 18:38 (sixteen years ago) link

yes, look:


NEW YORK (CNN) -- The last time "Law & Order" joined forces with its NBC partner "Homicide" to solve a case, the shows' detectives were looking for a suicide bomber. The crossover episode proved popular with viewers from both shows, and gave each drama a Nielsens infusion.

So it only makes sense that the two programs' producers would seek out another joint venture. This year, crossover director Ed Sherin says, the teams are trying to solve "the mysterious death of a beautiful model, who happens to be 14 years old."
end quote...

that said, this was posted in 1997 so...

and here (http://www.lawandorder-fr.com/guide_episodes/crossovers.php3) it says (in french no less) that this is actually the third:

A ce jour, Law & Order (New York District) compte quatre cross-overs répartis comme suit :

one i didn't know about:
6.13 - Charm City 1/2 (Panique dans le métro) dans L&O (NYD).
4.12 - For God and Country 2/2 (Pour le bien du pays) dans Homicide.

this was the last one:
8.06 - Baby, It's You 1/2 (Mon enfant) dans L&O (NYD).
6.05 - Baby It's You 2/2 dans Homicide.

this one on saturday:
9.14 - Sideshow 1/2 (Querelles de clochers) dans L&O (NYD).
7.15 - Sideshow 2/2 (Dans les hautes sphères) dans Homicide.

isn't google a wonderful thing. 8)


koogs (koogs), Friday, 25 April 2003 18:48 (sixteen years ago) link

Well if it's the third I missed the first two, unfortunately. The one I saw was the one with the young model.

Of course they could be showing them the other way round and putting on one of the earlier ones. Either way I'll definitely watch it.

James Ball (James Ball), Saturday, 26 April 2003 12:25 (sixteen years ago) link

eight months pass...
Anyone got the Season 3 DVD set? I'm on the second disc now... can't wait till I get to Gordon Pratt. I saw this on the first run when I was 15(?), so it's kinda cool to check it out that many years later.

My favourite character arc has to be Kellerman. The handling of Bayliss' character always seemed forced to me, especially towards the end.

alex in montreal, Monday, 5 January 2004 03:14 (sixteen years ago) link

SON OF A...when did they release season three? Distribution for these are so poor up here that you can barely find the first set. Sadness.

Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Monday, 5 January 2004 03:46 (sixteen years ago) link

i LOVE this show -- though THE WIRE is maybe just as good, and of course also shot in b'more...

yetimike (McGonigal), Monday, 5 January 2004 03:49 (sixteen years ago) link

They started last Friday. I was excited, but having got the first night of ITV4 via Sky on the Men & Motors channel (don't ask me), it's no longer available. It's also reshowing Larry Sanders from the beginning. And I can't get it. 200 other fucking channels, but not this.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Monday, 7 November 2005 13:43 (fourteen years ago) link

Aw, Martin, that sucks!

A good friend tells me that the video editors for The Wire work next door to him, so I might get some advance poop on the new season, set to start in March. Ideally, you know, their edit suite would be some Narnia-like room where I could suddenly become the rookie cop on the show, but I'm not sure exactly how that works so I don't want to get too excited in advance if that part doesn't work out.

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Monday, 7 November 2005 13:56 (fourteen years ago) link

martin: found this on digital spy forums:

"itv 4 will launch in full on sky on 07/11/05... itv4 will be on epg at 120..."

so it should be available now.

(i have episode 2 if you need it)

koogs (koogs), Tuesday, 8 November 2005 14:47 (fourteen years ago) link

Yeah, it's all good -- they just started the channel a week late on Sky Digital (if that's what you've got, Martin). Interestingly, they are also showing daily episodes of the thirteen-year-old-boy's favourite, Dream On.

Chuck_Tatum (Chuck_Tatum), Tuesday, 8 November 2005 15:33 (fourteen years ago) link

thanks - I had noticed, Andy, as I kept checking to see if it was around.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Tuesday, 8 November 2005 18:51 (fourteen years ago) link

one month passes...
My favourite two episodes ever have just been on - the one where it's all in the squadroom on the hottest night in years, and a sexy young black cleaning lady is almost the only outsider was on recently; but we have just had the one I wrote about on Freaky Trigger a while back (http://www.freakytrigger.co.uk/see/2004_03_01_dys_archive.html#107999327862701916) and that scene with Braugher is as breathtaking as ever.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Sunday, 11 December 2005 22:58 (fourteen years ago) link

i think i remember seeing the robin williams episode the first time it was shown. the nurse hathaway with a violin episode rings a bell as well but it's been a while. (series 2 only had 4 episodes, i wonder why). (the first episodes i can actively remember are the ones where the squad was followed around by that film-maker who later turned up as a demon in various buffy episodes)

was wondering this morning whether anyone had a complete list of the names on the board and which episodes they feature in.

koogs (koogs), Monday, 12 December 2005 09:29 (fourteen years ago) link

four months pass...
so, it was steve buscemi all along...

itv4 are dicking around with the schedules a bit, episodes are being dropped for random films and stuff (between parts 2 and 3 of the last storyline for instance) and this week there appears to be a friday episode on top of the sunday episode.

(i have started the aforementioned list of names on the boards in my palm pilot. some numbers have 3 names associated with them.)

koogs (koogs), Tuesday, 18 April 2006 15:52 (thirteen years ago) link

Also, "Thief" with Andre Braugher on Sky One tonight.

Chuck_Tatum (Chuck_Tatum), Tuesday, 18 April 2006 16:16 (thirteen years ago) link

Is that any good? I can't remember when/where it's on in Canada, but it looks kinda good.

Huk-L (Huk-L), Tuesday, 18 April 2006 16:40 (thirteen years ago) link

'theif's an f/x show so it's probably decent, i feel sorta bad for not watching it but i'll probably catch it on reruns or dvd maybe.

j blount (papa la bas), Tuesday, 18 April 2006 19:31 (thirteen years ago) link

I'm watching it now - Braugher is as great as ever, but I'm not sure about the rest of the show yet. He has a very charmless adolescent daughter.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Tuesday, 18 April 2006 20:32 (thirteen years ago) link

His daughter is Egg/Ann/Bland from Arrested Development. Their interaction is the worst part of the show, which is somewhere between "brooding" and just "slow." The New Orleans elements ring hollow, though the shady, wheezy cop is a great touch, as are Linda Hamilton and her manservant. The rest of the gang are such whiny bitches that I wonder why Braugher's businesslike superthief even bothers with them.

adam (adam), Tuesday, 18 April 2006 20:54 (thirteen years ago) link

one year passes...

More Homicide / CSI crossover. the one i watched last night (actually from the night before) was the one with the suicide that gets fatally shot on the way down. before she started telling this tale (at an ME convention) the bloke before her was telling them about how his department has just located the place of death using the bugs found in the body using their newly appointed forensic entomolgist. "Forensic Entomolgist!?". much laughter...

tivo episode descriptions are currently one episode out.

koogs, Friday, 17 August 2007 09:41 (twelve years ago) link

two weeks pass...


That one guy that hit it and quit it, Thursday, 6 September 2007 09:27 (twelve years ago) link

two months pass...

adam, are you there? can you hear me? can you feel me near you?

I have been GORGING on homicide these past few days

esp. seasons II and III

detective frank pembleton/andre braugher and giardello/yaphet kotto are my new gods

czn, Monday, 19 November 2007 22:22 (twelve years ago) link

haha me too holmes.

pembleton > all other screen characters.

That one guy that hit it and quit it, Tuesday, 20 November 2007 11:02 (twelve years ago) link

seven months pass...

they've been showing it again, from the beginning, on itv4 but appear to be finishing at the end of series 3 (next week)

i've been writing down the names on the board as i spot them but figured it'd be on the web somewhere. a quick google for "visciglia liddell" (2 of munch's cases from 1994) gave me:

http://members.aol.com/jimking/ which is stunning.

(the last 3 i've seen have had Steve Buscemi, John Waters and Tim Russert guest starring / cameos). but the way they are showing them out of order bugs me (end of season three was episodes from before the shootings / bolander's scar, for instance.)

koogs, Sunday, 6 July 2008 17:44 (eleven years ago) link

I have been thinking of watching this when I finish S5 of The Wire. How does it compare?

Meg Busset, Saturday, 19 July 2008 17:51 (eleven years ago) link

For its time, it was really about as good as it gets. C4 UK passed up on the final season, which is probably where the rot set in for them.

Having recently seen a BBC2 piece on The Wire, but never watched it, I'm in the opposite situation of feeling I should really catch up with a box set.

Soukesian, Saturday, 19 July 2008 18:26 (eleven years ago) link

I don't know how much it compares as I haven't seen much of the Wire, but it's generally considered about as realistic, but more episodic. Nearly everyone I've come across who loves one loves the other.

Duane Barry, Saturday, 19 July 2008 19:23 (eleven years ago) link

Everyone needs The Wire in their life.

I'm just worried that Homicide will be like The Wire, only not quite as good. Only one way to find out, I guess!

Meg Busset, Saturday, 19 July 2008 19:26 (eleven years ago) link

two months pass...

well, according to the current Tivo listings, on 4th october itv4 here in the UK is showing "La Famiglia" which is episode 1 of series 7 and i think is the first time it's been aired on english tv. (is, as usual, 2:55 in the morning but...)

(last night's was 6.16 The Abduction which is roughly where they stopped the last lot of repeats)

koogs, Thursday, 25 September 2008 22:26 (eleven years ago) link

one year passes...

In anticipation of this placing on the '90s poll, just thought I'd point out that Amazon at this very moment has an insane sale on the complete series. 60% off, dudes!!!

Pooping And Crying (Deric W. Haircare), Thursday, 10 December 2009 05:16 (ten years ago) link

nice. the wire complete set on sale too

too shart (am0n), Thursday, 10 December 2009 06:08 (ten years ago) link

four weeks pass...

Pretty much best show ever created.

My husband would agree. We're only through season 1 and started watching s2. But he's hooked. And thinks it's the best show evah.

Me? I really like it. S1 was good, S2 seems even better. I did not like the Gyllenhaal directed ep, I have to admit. Hated it. Not the storyline, just the style of directing was totally off (imo)

Nathalie (stevienixed), Thursday, 7 January 2010 15:57 (ten years ago) link

two years pass...
one year passes...

man why did no one ever tell me andre braugher was on kojak

j., Sunday, 28 April 2013 03:31 (six years ago) link

three years pass...


RIP jon polito

lots of the obits will be about his coen bros parts but crosetti was his best part

j., Friday, 2 September 2016 16:45 (three years ago) link

three years pass...

in the movie, when everyone finds out about REDACTED, is the sound cut out? my stolen internet copy has silence there except a bit, somewhat out of sync i thought, with kellerman turning up the radio, and then comes back in once pembleton is informed. i thought it could be some extreme technique but maybe it was blotted out for some kind of copyright reason, who knows (the opening song wasn't, though).

j., Friday, 8 November 2019 03:26 (three months ago) link

huh, i guess it was a copyright thing, happens at the end too

j., Friday, 8 November 2019 05:19 (three months ago) link

Possibly? I haven't seen it since the original broadcast, but I do remember Beck's "Beautiful Way" appearing prominently over a montage.

a bevy of supermodels, musicians and Lena Dunham (C. Grisso/McCain), Friday, 8 November 2019 05:34 (three months ago) link

hmm yes must be a copyright evasion thing, i got peter tosh 'pick myself up' in the opening and definitely no beck for the two later montages which were silent.

j., Friday, 8 November 2019 06:21 (three months ago) link

No idea but I'm glad to see the thread bumped because I love this show so much. "Crosetti" is the best hour of television I have ever seen.

Lily Dale, Friday, 8 November 2019 07:10 (three months ago) link

I'm rewatching this with my wife, who's seeing it for the first time. We're about 1/4 through season 3 and she hates the first replacement character (Russert). Unfortunately, that's a pattern likely to continue.

The Robin Williams episode co-written by David Simon is even better than I remember. The resolution of the serial killer plotline that opens season 3 unfortunately is ludicrous.

This show is similar to Twin Peaks in that it's a bridge between old network TV tropes and "prestige TV," resulting in a disorientating mix of experimentation with the form and concessions to dopier network-mandated convention.

Chris L, Friday, 8 November 2019 13:37 (three months ago) link

the episode with Vincent D'Onofrioeoeo in the subway is one of the best hours of network tv in history.

akm, Friday, 8 November 2019 15:23 (three months ago) link

Russert is terrible but I like Kellerman just fine. I like his doofy voice and extreme angst.

Yeah, that three-part serial killer thing is ridiculous, but I think the third season is overall my favorite. Just so many incredibly strong episodes.

Lily Dale, Saturday, 9 November 2019 05:49 (three months ago) link

concessions to dopier network-mandated convention


j., Saturday, 9 November 2019 05:57 (three months ago) link

The last episode we watched was the one where Lewis and Bayliss both fell in love with the woman who slept in a coffin. The whole tone was very sitcommy and jarring; reminded me of Twin Peaks season 2.

Chris L, Saturday, 9 November 2019 14:25 (three months ago) link

two weeks pass...

Thought I would remind everyone that Homicide has a really good Thanksgiving episode, "Hate Crimes." Lewis negs a redheaded lie detector technician into going out with him, Bayliss agonizes about his sexuality, Kellerman agonizes about being Kellerman, Pembleton is a badass as usual, and Munch goes skiing. It's a classic.

Lily Dale, Thursday, 28 November 2019 02:04 (two months ago) link

i miss watching this live when it first aired
felt like this amazing secret that only cool ppl knew

terminators of endearment (VegemiteGrrl), Thursday, 28 November 2019 06:54 (two months ago) link

we're still cool

j., Thursday, 28 November 2019 07:13 (two months ago) link

are u tho


terminators of endearment (VegemiteGrrl), Thursday, 28 November 2019 18:22 (two months ago) link

i… i…


j., Thursday, 28 November 2019 18:43 (two months ago) link

I just recently realized how good this show is and binge watched almost all of it. I haven't been able to find the final season yet tho *sobs*.

I won't say it's the GOAT, personally I'm still partial to Six Feet Under but The Wire has maybe aged better than 6ft.

viborg, Saturday, 30 November 2019 23:44 (two months ago) link

I'm definitely going to come back and read the whole thread asap but my hot take is that it's bothersome how the network did their best to kill the show after the 1st season (and continually disappeared great characters for not good reasons).

viborg, Saturday, 30 November 2019 23:46 (two months ago) link

If you haven't seen the final season yet, you probably want to lower your expectations. There's a major drop in quality imo. The series finale is good though.

Lily Dale, Sunday, 1 December 2019 17:37 (two months ago) link

the series finale is quality and the reunion movie is good

mostly i tune out around season 6, though of course season 6 was the one with "subway" so it's not an absolute thing. i find the entire character of kellerman (he lives on a HOUSEBOAT) kind of excruciating, which is also how i feel about the "buying a bar" plotline.

i'm not sure how i feel about the "bayliss is bi" plotline. i think it's a good idea but i don't know that it was handled particularly well. still, i figure they get credit for trying. if the show was made today he'd probably be non-binary as well. the show wouldn't be made today because a show starring mostly "good" murder police wouldn't have room for non-binary characters, just like actual murder police wouldn't have much room for non-binary detectives

that's the challenge about "homicide" for me, at the end of the day i am supposed to empathize with the police, the moral heart of it is an approach to justice that, if it existed in the first place, was gone by the time "the wire" was made

Agnes Motörhead (rushomancy), Sunday, 1 December 2019 20:32 (two months ago) link

I liked the "Bayliss is bi" plotline because I thought they set it up very well. Every season from Season 2 on had a "Bayliss is weird and conflicted about sex" episode, and then it got clearer and clearer that he was in love with Pembleton, so by the time he actually came out it made a lot of sense.

Lily Dale, Sunday, 1 December 2019 21:01 (two months ago) link

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