"Monica Lewinsky says her White House liaison is a liability on the dating scene."

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Tonight, in useless news!

Ned Raggett (Ned), Thursday, 20 November 2003 06:11 (eighteen years ago) link

give her my number

the surface noise (electricsound), Thursday, 20 November 2003 06:13 (eighteen years ago) link

"If I were a guy and I'd heard all those things about a girl, I don't know that I'd want to take her out," Lewinsky told the men's magazine.

Now, only a woman would say that...

@d@ml (nordicskilla), Thursday, 20 November 2003 06:15 (eighteen years ago) link

I hate everybody. This species is going to die out in another 1000 years or less and LOOK WHO'S NOT SORRY.

TOMBOT, Thursday, 20 November 2003 06:45 (eighteen years ago) link

you watched Nova last night, Tom?

Bryan (Bryan), Thursday, 20 November 2003 06:47 (eighteen years ago) link

"The one thing I don't do well with, with a guy, is ambivalence," she said. "I want to shake them and say, 'C'mon, just like me! Do what I say!"'

And she thinks its the CLINTON thing stopping her from getting dates?

Damn, woman. Fuckin' drink some beers or something.

Trayce (trayce), Thursday, 20 November 2003 06:53 (eighteen years ago) link

god bless you, Trayce

mookieproof (mookieproof), Thursday, 20 November 2003 06:54 (eighteen years ago) link

Yeah, I just hate girls who suck cock and then beg for it later, especially when they have backstage passes to Sonic Youth shows. Too bad I'm not Jewish.

Pleasant Plains (Pleasant Plains), Thursday, 20 November 2003 07:58 (eighteen years ago) link

nine years pass...

Subsequent life

The affair led to pop culture celebrity for Lewinsky as she became the focus of a political storm.[21][22] In 1999, Lewinsky declined to sign an autograph in an airport, saying, "I'm kind of known for something that's not so great to be known for."[23]

On March 3, 1999, Lewinsky was interviewed by Barbara Walters on ABC's 20/20. The program was watched by 70 million Americans, which ABC said was a record for a news show.[24] She cooperated with Andrew Morton in his telling of her life and her side of the Clinton affair in Monica's Story.[24][25] The book was published in March 1999 and also was excerpted as the cover story in Time magazine.[24][25] Lewinsky made about $500,000 from her participation in the book and another $1 million from international rights to the Walters interview, but was still beset by high legal bills and living costs.[26] Lewinsky made a cameo appearance as herself in two sketches during the May 8, 1999, episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live, a program that had lampooned her relationship with Clinton over the prior 16 months.

By her own account Lewinsky had survived the intense media attention during the scandal period by knitting.[26] In September 1999, Lewinsky took this interest further by beginning to sell a line of handbags bearing her name[27] under the company name The Real Monica, Inc.[26] They were sold online as well as at Henri Bendel in New York, Fred Segal in California, and The Cross in London.[26][27][28] Lewinsky designed the bags—described by New York magazine as "hippie-ish, reversible totes"—and traveled frequently to supervise their manufacturing in Louisiana.[26]

At the start of 2000, Lewinsky began appearing in television commercials for Jenny Craig, Inc.[29] The $1 million endorsement deal, which required Lewinsky to lose 40 or more pounds in six months, gained considerable publicity at the time.[26] Lewinsky said that despite her desire to return to a more private life, she needed the money to pay off legal fees and that she believed in the product.[30] A Jenny Craig spokesperson said of Lewinsky, "She represents a busy active woman of today with a hectic lifestyle. And she has had weight issues and weight struggles for a long time. That represents a lot of women in America."[29] The choice of Lewinsky as a role model proved controversial for Jenny Craig, and some of its private franchises switched to an older advertising campaign.[26][30] Jenny Craig stopped running the Lewinsky ads in February 2000, concluded her campaign entirely in April 2000, and paid her only $300,000 for her involvement.[26][30]

Also at the start of 2000, Lewinsky moved to New York City, living in the West Village and becoming an A-list guest in the Manhattan social scene.[26] In February 2000, Lewinsky appeared on MTV's The Tom Green Show in an episode in which the host took her to his parents' home in Ottawa in search of fabric for her new business. Later in 2000, Lewinsky worked as a correspondent for British Channel 5 on the show Monica's Postcards, reporting on U.S. culture and trends from a variety of locations.[26][31]
In March 2002, Lewinsky, no longer bound by the terms of her immunity agreement,[26] appeared in the HBO special, "Monica in Black and White", part of the America Undercover series.[32] In it she answered a studio audience's questions about her life and the Clinton affair.[32]

Lewinsky was the host of the reality television dating program, Mr. Personality, on Fox Television Network in 2003.[21] There she advised young women contestants who were picking men hidden by masks.[33] Some Americans tried to organize a boycott of advertisers on the show, in protest of Lewinsky capitalizing on her notoriety.[34] Nevertheless, the show debuted to very high ratings,[33] and The New York Times said that "after years of trying to cash in on her fame by designing handbags and other self-marketing schemes, Ms. Lewinsky has finally found a fitting niche on television."[35] The ratings, however, slid downward each successive week,[36] and after the show completed its limited run, it did not reappear.[37] The same year she appeared as a guest on the programs: V Graham Norton in the UK, High Chaparall in Sweden, and The View and Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the U.S.[37]

After Clinton's autobiography My Life appeared in 2004, Lewinsky said in an interview with the British tabloid Daily Mail:[38]

He could have made it right with the book, but he hasn't. He is a revisionist of history. He has lied. [...] I really didn't expect him to go into detail about our relationship. [...] But if he had and he'd done it honestly, I wouldn't have minded. [...] I did, though, at least expect him to correct the false statements he made when he was trying to protect the Presidency. Instead, he talked about it as though I had laid it all out there for the taking. I was the buffet and he just couldn't resist the dessert. [...] This was a mutual relationship, mutual on all levels, right from the way it started and all the way through. [...] I don't accept that he had to completely desecrate my character.

By 2005, Lewinsky found that she could not escape the spotlight in the U.S., which made both her professional and personal life difficult.[21] She stopped selling her handbag line[27] and moved to London.[21] In December 2006, Lewinsky graduated with a master's degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics[39] where she had been studying since September 2005.[40] Her thesis was titled "In Search of the Impartial Juror: An Exploration of the Third-person effect and Pre-Trial Publicity." Since then she has tried to avoid publicity.[21]

Lewinsky corresponded in 2009 with scholar Ken Gormley, who was writing an in-depth study of the Clinton scandals, maintaining that Clinton had lied under oath when asked detailed and specific questions about his relationship with her.[41]

your holiness, we have an official energy drink (Z S), Friday, 10 May 2013 01:59 (eight years ago) link

what a life

your holiness, we have an official energy drink (Z S), Friday, 10 May 2013 02:00 (eight years ago) link

All because of a single shot web on her dress.

StanM, Friday, 10 May 2013 04:26 (eight years ago) link

No other presidential mistresses were ever treated as badly as Monica was.

Aimless, Friday, 10 May 2013 05:59 (eight years ago) link

yeah i feel bad for her. i don't think it's fun to be monica lewinsky.

whiskey and ice cream sandwiches (Treeship), Friday, 10 May 2013 06:09 (eight years ago) link

what the shit @ my first post itt

ptsd.psd (electricsound), Friday, 10 May 2013 06:16 (eight years ago) link

Ned had your number?

Mark G, Friday, 10 May 2013 09:37 (eight years ago) link


ptsd.psd (electricsound), Friday, 10 May 2013 10:55 (eight years ago) link

I was the buffet and he just couldn't resist the dessert

da croupier, Friday, 10 May 2013 12:43 (eight years ago) link

And when electricsound told me that on the phone I was intrigued.

Ned Raggett, Friday, 10 May 2013 13:20 (eight years ago) link

eight years pass...

Halfway through Impeachment (or at least I hope so--on the fifth episode). I'll finish, because I'm averse to bailing past a certain point, but pretty bad, I'd have to say. The thing I really don't get is that Lewinsky is listed as one of the producers: this is how she wants to see herself portrayed? I also don't get that it's supposed to be based on Jeffrey Toobin's A Vast Conspiracy. Over a decade since I read that, but I remember it as a polemic defense of the Hillary Clinton phrase that provided the book's title; I don't remember it as specifically being about Lewinsky and Tripp.

clemenza, Saturday, 8 January 2022 19:58 (one week ago) link

Maybe getting a producer credit (and the compensation attached to it) was the price she demanded to be cooperative. What she could do for them is give firsthand expertise on lots of details. Seems unlikely she contributed enough money or insider connections to be given personal control over how she was portrayed.

more difficult than I look (Aimless), Saturday, 8 January 2022 20:34 (one week ago) link

I think I made it through three eps before deciding life's too short.

Max Hamburgers (Eric H.), Saturday, 8 January 2022 20:55 (one week ago) link

Still plowing ahead, finished 8/10 episodes. Seventh and eighth were pretty compelling, although I wouldn't say the performances got much better.

The Rolling Stone reviewer thought Paulson as Linda Tripp was terrible, and the actresses playing Lewinsky and Paula Jones were the best thing about the series. For me, the complete opposite. Lewinsky comes across as a breathless 14-year-old (why I asked above if she was happy seeing herself portrayed that way), and the creators seem especially cruel towards Jones; Tripp, on the other hand, does have some shading, even if her motivations at any given moment can be obscure.

They lay on the prosthetics so much in this, it often takes me an episode or two to recognize certain actors and actresses. Weirdest sighting yet is Patrick Fischler (Jimmy Barret in Mad Men, Lynch favourite) as Sidney Blumenthal. I don't know what Clive Owen is doing. He's not Clinton.

The most fascinating casting to me is Edie Falco as Hillary. Takes her a while to show up. I find it hard to gauge the accuracy, I have such strong images of performer and character. The fascination is in the symbolism. The wife of both Bill Clinton and Tony Soprano: intentional or just circumstantial, I can't think of a clearer signal that the makers view WJC as a monster.

clemenza, Tuesday, 11 January 2022 19:47 (one week ago) link

Maybe getting a producer credit (and the compensation attached to it) was the price she demanded to be cooperative. What she could do for them is give firsthand expertise on lots of details. Seems unlikely she contributed enough money or insider connections to be given personal control over how she was portrayed.

the NYT profile of lewinsky last year was kind of confusing on her intentions & the extent of her involvement imo. it said that the show was going ahead with or without her, she would have preferred it not get made at all, but she accepted the producer credit when the showrunner ran into her at a party & offered it to her. the article was much about her difficulty finding steady paying work so i'm sure the check was a major factor.

but theres also this: "There is Lewinsky the producer, who advised on everything from dialogue to wardrobe, said Brad Simpson, an executive producer, and who — despite the creators’ best efforts to not center the show on sex — encouraged them to include that infamous moment when she flashed her thong at the president (even though it makes her cringe).

of course, he y could be shining the truth there to make it look like she was more hands-on than she was, since its better for everyone if it seems like monica was super involved. so who knows.

nobody like my rap (One Eye Open), Tuesday, 11 January 2022 20:49 (one week ago) link

Interesting. The actress who plays Lewinsky, Beanie Feldstein, has gotten better the last couple of episodes, but I don't think they do her any favours before that.

clemenza, Tuesday, 11 January 2022 21:05 (one week ago) link

Glad I stuck around. The best scene in the whole thing, I thought, was Lewinsky's Grand Jury testimony in E9, especially when she asks the FBI guy to step out of the room. The most chilling line, having to do with Juanita Broderick, came later in the same episode. Funniest scene was when--still relatively early internet days--the Starr Report is posted online and no one can load it (Lewinsky's mother describes a little spinning hourglass). When the Broderick interview finally airs, the film gives it a Don't Look Up spin.

Without giving her a pass on taping her friend, I think the series is ultimately sympathetic to Tripp. I'm sure I would have taken notice when she died in April 2020.

Laura Ingraham and Lindsey Wagner were dating at one point? Uh, okay. Lovely couple.

clemenza, Wednesday, 12 January 2022 05:44 (one week ago) link

Lindsey Graham, I mean! (Where the fuck did that come from?)

clemenza, Wednesday, 12 January 2022 06:03 (one week ago) link

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