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Chewshabadoo (Chewshabadoo), Thursday, 26 August 2004 14:44 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Hillairet, Jacques. Dictionnaire historique des rues de Paris, 2 vols. (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit, 1997).

Michael White (Hereward), Thursday, 26 August 2004 14:46 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

wednesday august 25th, 2004


detroit corner:

JON OZIAS : (blackbx, dorkwave)
MICHAEL DOYLE : (burnlab, dorkwave)
MIKE SERVITO: (untitled, dbdjs)

nyc corner :

DAVID ELLIOTT: (everquest)
COWBOY MARK: (aktion)

11pm-4am in the basement of lit.
93 2nd avenue.


thursday august 26th, 2004

(a.k.a. dorkweave bbq, a.k.a. sporkrave bbq)

w/ your hosts PLEXUS and HEARTTHROB.

28 n. 3rd st. (williamsburg/greenpoint)
at kent ave.


saturday august 28th, 2004

an untitled nyc preview.


a birthday celebration for:

sarah spratt
molly ozias
regina kim
mike servito

featured djs:

DEREK PLASLAIKO - ghostly, dbdjs, nyc transplant
MIKE SERVITO - blackbx, burnlab, dbdjs

debut live set by:

MARC HOULE of run stop restore - minus

music + drinks + bad behavior
detroit's untitled is coming to nyc this fall.

be an icon
be a consumer
be brand loyal
be legendary

be untitled.

presented by:

blackbx | enabler | the crucial getdown |
ghostly international | burnlab

happy ending nyc.
302 broome st. [between eldridge & forsyth]
10pm - late. this is a free event!


sunday august 29th, 2004

A Massive Protest at the RNC

assemble at 10:00AM
seventh Ave. @ 14th st.
march steps off at noon

fight the power...

phil-two (phil-two), Thursday, 26 August 2004 15:16 (fourteen years ago) Permalink


Sarah McLusky (coco), Thursday, 26 August 2004 15:19 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

( -- In a discovery that has left one expert stunned, European astronomers have found one of the smallest planets known outside our solar system, a world about 14 times the mass of our own around a star much like the sun.

It could be a rocky planet with a thin atmosphere, a sort of "super Earth," the researchers said today.

())(())()()()(()(LASER)()()()LA(Z)E(R)()()()((L)()()(A)(S(E)R()()()) (ex machina, Thursday, 26 August 2004 15:47 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

It’s quite exciting to be sleeping here in this new room
You’re my reason to get out of bed before noon
You know when we sat out on the fire escape talking
What did you say about running before we were walking

Sometimes when we’re as close as this
It’s like we’re in a dream
How can you lie there and think of england
When you don’t even know who’s in the team

Your sexual politics have left me all of a muddle
We are joined in the ideological cuddle

I’m celebrating my love for you
With a pint of beer and a new tattoo
And if you haven’t noticed yet
I’m more impressionable when my cement is wet

Politics and pregnancy
Are debated as we empty our glasses
And how I love those evening classes

You really know how to make a young man angry
Can we get through the night without mentioning family

The people from your church agree
It’s not much of a career
Trying the handles of parked cars
Whoops, there goes another year
Whoops, there goes another pint of beer

Here we are in our summer years
Living on icecream and chocolate kisses
Would the leaves fall from the trees
If I was your old man and you were my missus

Give my greetings to the new brunette

Velveteen Bingo (Chris V), Thursday, 26 August 2004 16:32 (fourteen years ago) Permalink
[I was going to revive a sharia thread based on a BBC story they're running on the web.]

Mr Noodles (Mr Noodles), Thursday, 26 August 2004 16:34 (fourteen years ago) Permalink


Sarah McLusky (coco), Thursday, 26 August 2004 18:31 (fourteen years ago) Permalink


dave225 (Dave225), Thursday, 26 August 2004 18:45 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

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This logical explanation doesn't always jibe with users' experiences. Dan Cedarholm, a Web designer in Salem, Mass., insists that his iPod has a predilection for the indie punk band Fugazi. Even though he only has two of the band's albums stored on his "vintage" 5-gigabyte device, the band seems to dominate his iPod to a degree wildly disproportionate to the amount of space it occupies on his player's memory, he said

cutty (mcutt), Thursday, 26 August 2004 19:08 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Harold Media (kenan), Thursday, 26 August 2004 19:10 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

damn, what a deal! I've found a new place to live, I think

s1ocki (slutsky), Thursday, 26 August 2004 19:11 (fourteen years ago) Permalink


Bruce S. Urquhart (BanjoMania), Thursday, 26 August 2004 19:49 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I think he thinks he sorted me out.

Alex in Doncaster (Alex in Doncaster), Thursday, 26 August 2004 19:51 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

The Central Vegetable Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has bred a new species of Korean cabbage

Anthony (Plato Guy), Thursday, 26 August 2004 19:53 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

So you don't want to start off too intensely?
No. You don't want to because women like the dirty talk, but they don't want to know that they're being talked dirty to.

So you say stuff like, "I can't wait to get some of that mmm mmm mmm v-a-gina." You see, that's how you do it. Flub it. Flip it. Tweak it a little. Tweakin', that's what it's all about.

What are some words you should never use to refer to genitalia?
Oh. Hmmm. You know, that cunt word, that's a pretty rough word. I'm sure it could be tweaked, but I haven't found a way yet. I'm working on it.

Why that word?
Well, you see, the thing is, the c is really what does it. That is harsh, whereas "pussy" has a little more mellowness to it. Pussy. Cunt. Pussy. Cunt. The "cunt" sounds too hail Hitler, you know, too much German, too much Nazi, that's the problem. You don't want to get in any trouble with the Anti-Defamation League. Stay away from "cunt" or there are going to be problems.

How do you get a slam poet to come home with you?
Buy the CD, that's a start.

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Andrew (enneff), Friday, 27 August 2004 02:13 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Is that staceyann chin?

Andrew (enneff), Friday, 27 August 2004 02:13 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Trayce (trayce), Friday, 27 August 2004 02:17 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I think this nullifies an intellectual copyrite I'm holding, but

Evanescent perspiration plasters hair to the her temples, her suit seems to have sagged deeply at the shoulders.

x j e r e m y (x Jeremy), Friday, 27 August 2004 02:44 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

shins - kissing the
snow patrol -
TV on the Radio - Staring at the

brian (brirob), Friday, 27 August 2004 04:58 (fourteen years ago) Permalink


Markelby (Mark C), Friday, 27 August 2004 08:28 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

(I have NO idea why "2" was on my clipboard, but there ya go.)

Markelby (Mark C), Friday, 27 August 2004 08:29 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Archel (Archel), Friday, 27 August 2004 08:34 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

two weeks pass...
European Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control

beanz (beanz), Monday, 13 September 2004 14:12 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Pixies show fucking CANCELLED!

Ned Raggett (Ned), Monday, 13 September 2004 14:38 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

mms (mms), Monday, 13 September 2004 14:38 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

We, too, had known golden hours
When body and soul were in tune,
Had danced with our true loves
By the light of a full moon,
And sat with the wise and good
As tongues grew witty and gay
Over some noble dish
Out of Escoffier;
Had felt the intrusive glory
Which tears reserve apart,
And would in the old grand manner
Have sung from a resonant heart.

Archel (Archel), Monday, 13 September 2004 14:40 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Revenant Records

brock (brock), Monday, 13 September 2004 14:40 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

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pending further info

Ste (Fuzzy), Monday, 13 September 2004 14:48 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

i might have started rod smith over peerless, but it wouldn't have hel

dan (dan), Monday, 13 September 2004 16:19 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

F:\Care Everywhere\QA\Environments\community overview signup.xls

Jordan (Jordan), Monday, 13 September 2004 16:21 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Seymour Johnson AFB, NC 27531

Sarah McLusky (coco), Monday, 13 September 2004 16:24 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

(symbol: AMTX.PK), To own shares, call your broker. The stock trades over the counter, symbol AMTX.PK.

firstworldman (firstworldman), Monday, 13 September 2004 16:32 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Neutral Milk Hotel - "Two-Headed Boy" - 23
Slowdive - "Allison" - 22
Five - "Keep On Moving" - 21
Hanson - “Mm

jel -- (jel), Monday, 13 September 2004 16:38 (fourteen years ago) Permalink


dave225 (Dave225), Monday, 13 September 2004 16:44 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Ace of Base - The Sign
Add N To (X) - Avant Hard
Afghan Whigs - Black Love
Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen
Afghan Whigs – 1965
African Head Charge – Songs of Praise
Air - Moon Safari
Alice in Chains - Dirt
All Saints - All Saints
American Music Club – Mercury
Tori Amos – Songs From the Choirgirl Hotel
Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works Vol II
Aphex Twin - SAW 85-92
Fiona Apple - When The Pawn…
Aqua – Aquarium
A*Teens - The Abba Generation
Autechre - Amber
Autechre - LP5
Autechre - Tri Repetae
The Auteurs - How I Learned To Love The Bootboys
The Auteurs - New wave
Bardo Pond - Lapsed
Bark Psychosis - Hex
Basement Jaxx - Remedy
Basic Channel - Basic Channel
Beastie Boys – Check Your Head
Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty
Beat Happening – You Turn Me On
Beck - Mellow Gold
Beck - Midnite Vultures
Beck – Odelay
Belle and Sebastian - The boy with the Arab Strap
Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister
Belle & Sebastian - Tigermilk
Ben Folds Five - Ben Folds Five
Ben Folds Five - Whatever and Ever Amen
Betty Boo – Boomania
Biosphere - Substrata
Bjork - Homogenic
Bjork – Post
Black Moon – Enta Da Stage
Blur - Modern Life is Rubbish
Blur – Parklife
Boards of Canada – Music Has the Right to Children
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – I See A Darkness
The Boo Radleys - C'mon Kids
The Boo Radleys - Giant Steps
Boredoms: Chocolate Synthesizer
Boredoms - Super AE
Billy Bragg and Wilco – Mermaid Avenue
Brainiac - Bonsai Superstar
Brainiac - Hissing Prigs In Static Couture
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Built to Spill - There's Nothing Wrong with Love
Caifanes – El Silencio
Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night
Capone and Noreaga – The War Report
Carcass – Heartwork
The Cardigans – Life
Mariah Carey – Emotions
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call
The Charlambides – Market Square
The Chemical Bros. - Dig Your Own Hole
vic chesnutt - the salesman and bernadette
chico science - da lama ao caos
The Chills - Submarine Bells
Clouds - Penny Century
Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas
Cornelius - Fantasma
The Coup - Steal This Album
The Cure - Wish
Curve - Pubic Fruit
Daft Punk - 'Homework'
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
The Dead C - Harsh 70s Reality
The Dead C - The White House
De La Soul - Buhloone Mindstate
De La Soul – De La Soul Is Dead
The Delgados - Peloton
Denim - Back in Denim
Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith & Devotion
Depeche Mode - Violator
Destiny’s Child – The Writing’s On the Wall
dEUS - In a Bar, Under the Sea
Disco Inferno - DI Go Pop
Dismemberment Plan - Emergency and I
DJ DB - A History of Our World Vol. 1: Breakbeat and Jungle Ultramix
DJ Quik - Quik is the Name
DJ Shadow – Endtroducing
Dog Faced Hermans - Those Deep Buds
Dr. Dre - The Chronic
Drive Like Jehu - s/t
Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime
Duran Duran - Medazzaland
The Dust Brothers - Fight Club
Eels – Beautiful Freak
Eels - Electro Shock Blues
808 State – Ex: El
Mark Eitzel – 60 Watt Silver Lining
Elastica – Elastica
Missy Elliott – Supa Dupa Fly
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP
En Vogue - Funky Divas
Eve – Let There Be Eve….Ruff Ryders’ First Lady
Th'Faith Healers - Lido
Faith No More - Angel Dust
The Fall - Extricate
The Fall "The Infotainment Scan"
Fatboy Slim - On the Floor at the Boutique
Ibrahim Ferrer - Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer
Firewater - Get Off the Cross, We Need the Wood for the Fire
Flaming Lips - clouds taste metallic
The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin
The Flaming Lips – Zaireeka
Robert Forster – Danger In the Past
fugazi - 13 songs
The Fugees – The Score
Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Spinning Around The Sun
Goldie – Timeless
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: Barafundle
Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep
Green Day - Dookie
The Grifters - Crappin' You Negative
Grooverider - Hardstep Selection II
Ground Zero - Consume Red
Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes
Guided by Voices - Bee Thousand
Guitar Paradise of East Africa – V/A
A Guy Called Gerald - Black Secret Technology
Gza - Liquid Swords
Hammer – 2 Legit 2 Quit
Happy Mondays – Pills n Thrills n Bellyaches
PJ Harvey – Dry
PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love
Herbert - Around the House
Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Hole - Live Through This
Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted
i-F - Mixed up in the Hague
In the Woods - Omnio
Michael Jackson - Dangerous
Jay-Z - Volume 3: The Life and Times of S. Carter
Jeru The Damaja - Wrath Of The Math
Jesus Lizard - Goat
Jesus Lizard – Liar
Freedy Johnson - Can You Fly
Julee Cruise - Floating into the Night
Juvenile - 400 Degreez
Kelis - Kaleidescope
Kenickie - At The Club
Killing Joke - Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions
Kitchens of Distinction - The Death of Cool
KLF - Chill Out
Kristin Hersh - Hips and Makers
Kruder and Dorfmeister – The K&D Sessions
Kyuss: Welcome To Sky Valley
Labradford - Mi Media Naranja
Lamb - Lamb
Lambchop - How I Quit Smoking
K.D. Lang - Ingenue
Leila - Like Weather
The Lemonheads – It’s A Shame About Ray
don lennon - maniac
LFO – Frequencies
The Lilac Time – Astronauts
The London Boys – The 12 Commandments of Dance
LTJ Bukem Presents Logical Progression Vol. 1
Lullaby For the Working Class – Blanket Warm
Luna - Penthouse
Lycia - The Burning Circle and Then Dust
Madonna – Erotica
Madonna - Ray Of Light
The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs
Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible
Mansun – Six
Victor Manuelle: A Pesar de Todo
Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - Muy Divertido
April March - Chrominance Decoder
Massive Attack - Blue Lines
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Masters at Work - Nuyorican Soul
Mazzy Star, She Hangs Brightly
Mekon - Welcome to Tackletown
Mercury Rev – Boces
mercury rev - deserter's songs
Mercury Rev - Yerself Is Steam
Midi Maxi and Efti – Midi Maxi and Efti
Jeff Mills - mix-up vol. 2 (aka live at the liquid room)
Mimeo - Mimeo
Kylie Minogue - Impossible Princess
Mobb Deep - The Infamous
Moby - Everything Is Wrong
Monster Magnet – Dopes to Infinity
Moodymann – A Silent Introduction
Moonshake - Eva Luna
Moose - Live a Little, Love a Lot
Morrissey - Vauxhall and I
Mos Def - Black on Both Sides
Motorbass - Pansoul
Mr. Bungle - California
Mr T Experience - Love Is Dead
My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
My Life Story - Mornington Crescent
Sainkho Namtchylak – Lost Rivers
Nas - Illmatic
The Necks - Hanging Garden
Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
Nirvana - In Utero
Nirvana – Nevermind
Stina Nordenstam- and she closed her eyes
Notorious BIG - Ready to Die
Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Oasis – What’s the Story Morning Glory
Old 97's Wreck Your Life
The Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage
Omni Trio - Vol 1: The Deepest Cut
Omoide Hatoba - Black Hawaii
One Dove - Morning Dove White
The Orb – The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
The Orb – U.F.Orb
Orbital - Brown Album
Orbital - In Sides
Orbital - Middle of Nowhere
Orbital – Snivilization
Outkast - Aquemini
Oval – 94 Diskont
Palace Brothers - Days in the Wake
Pale Saints - Comforts of Madness
Pan Sonic - A
Paperclip People - Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich
Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted
Pavement - Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
Pet Shop Boys – Behaviour
Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife
Pet Shop Boys – Very
Liz Phair – Exile in Guyville
The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde
Piano Magic - Low Birth Weight
pinback – pinback
pixies - trompe le monde
Pizzicato Five - Happy End of the World
Pole - 1
Polvo - Exploded Drawing
Portishead – Dummy
Prick - Prick
Primal Scream – Screamadelica
Primal Scream - 'Vanishing Point'
Prince - Diamonds and Pearls
The Prodigy - Experience
The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation
Propagandhi - Less Talk More Rock
Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet
Pulp - Different Class
Pulp - His'n'Hers
radiohead - the bends
Radiohead - OK Computer
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
Rancid - And Out Come The Wolves
Reactivate 10: Snappy Cracklepop Techno – Various (mixed by Blu Peter)
Red House Painters – Red House Painters (rollercoaster cover)
R.E.M. - Automatic For The People
R.E.M. – New Adventures in Hi Fi
R.E.M. – Out of Time
The Renderers – I Dream of the Sea
Ride - Going Blank Again
Ride – Nowhere
Rocketship - A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness
Roni Size – New Forms
Roots Manuva - Brand New Second Hand
Royal Trux - Sweet Sixteen
Ruins - Hydermastgroningem
Sade - Love Deluxe
Saint Etienne - Continental
Saint Etienne - Foxbase Alpha
Saint Etienne - Good Humor
Saint Etienne - So Tough
Saint Etienne - Tiger Bay
Paul Schutze - New Maps Of Hell
Screaming Trees – Dust
Sonny Sharrock - Ask The Ages
Shellac – At Action Park
69 - The Sound of Music
Sleater–Kinney – Call the Doctor
Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out
Sloan - One Chord to Another
Slowdive - Souvlaki
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness
The Smashing Pumpkins - Pisces Iscariot
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
Elliott Smith - Either/Or
Smog - Julius Caesar
Smog - Red Apple Falls
Snoop Doggy Dogg – Doggystyle
Soundgarden – Superunknown
Sparklehorse - Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot
Spice Girls – Spice
Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Spiritualized - Lazer Guided Melodies
Spoon - A Series of Sneaks
Squarepusher – Hard Normal Daddy
Stereolab - Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night
Stereolab - Emporer Tomato Ketchup
Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet
Stereolab - Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements
Stereolab – Dots and Loops
Stereo MCs - Connected
The Sundays - Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic
Super Furry Animals - Guerilla
Super Furry Animals – Radiator
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
Talk Talk - Laughing Stock
Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque
Telescopes - Telescopes
terrorvision - how to make friends and influence people
They Might Be Giants – Flood
The 3rd and the Mortal - Tears Laid In Earth
David Thomas - Meadville
Three 6 Mafia - Chapter 2: World Domination
Throwing Muses - The Real Ramona
Throwing Muses - University
Tindersticks - Tindersticks (2nd)
TLC - crazysexycool
Amon Tobin – Permutation
Tool - Aenima
A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory
Tricky – Maxinquaye
Turbonegro - Ass Cobra
Shania Twain - Come On Over
2Pac - All Eyez on Me
Ultramarine - Every Man And Woman Is A Star
Underworld - Beaucoup Fish
Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman
Underworld - Second Toughest in the Infants
Unrest - Imperial ffrr
Utah Saints - Utah Saints
U2 – Achtung Baby
µ-Ziq - Lunatic Harness
Velocity Girl – Simpatico
The Verve - A Northern Soul
Scott Walker - Tilt
Warrant - Cherry Pie
The Wedding Present - Seamonsters
Ween - GodWeenSatan
Ween - The Mollusk
Ween - Pure Guava
Weezer – Pinkerton
Weezer – Weezer
Paul Weller – Stanley Road
Whiskeytown - Faithless Street
Wilco - Being There
Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Woob – Woob 11:94
World of Twist – Quality Street
The Wrens - Secaucus
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang: The 36 Chambers
Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One
Otomo Yoshihide - Cathode
The Young Gods - Only Heaven


Aaliyah - "Are You That Somebody?"
Aaliyah - "One In A Million"
ACEN _ “Trip II the Moon (Part III)
Adorable – “Sunshine Smile”
Christina Aguilera - "Genie in a Bottle"
Aimee Mann - "Amateur"
Air – “All I Need”
Altern8 - Activ8
Eddie Amador – “House Music”
Amira – “My Desire (Dreem Teem Mix)”
Tori Amos – “Professional Widow” (Armand Van Helden remix)
Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Song
Aphex Twin - "Windowlicker"
Aphex Twin - Xtal
Aqua – “Dr Jones”
Arab Strap – “The First Big Weekend”
Archers of Loaf - "The Lowest Part is Free"
Archers of Loaf - "Web in front"
ATB – “Till I Come”
Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall
Autechre: Arch Carrier
The Avalanches - "Electricity"
Babybird – You’re Gorgeous
Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way"
Buju Banton - "Untold Stories"
Bark Psychosis - "A Street Scene"
Basement Jaxx - "Rendez-Vu"
Beastie Boys – “Intergalactic”
Beatnuts - “Watch Out Now”
Beck - "Loser"
Chris Bell – “I Am The Cosmos”
Belle & Sebastian - "Stars of Track and Field"
Belle & Sebastian - "The State I Am In"
belle and sebastian - string bean jean
Joey Beltram - "Energy Flash"
Belvedere Kane - "Never Felt As Good"
The Beta Band - "She's The One"
Betty Boo – “Where Are You Baby?”
B-52s – “Roam”
Bikini Kill – “Rebel Girl”
Björk - "Human Behaviour"
Bjork "Hyperballad"
Björk - "Jóga"
Bjork – “Venus As A Boy”
Black Sheep - "Similak Child"
Blackstreet - "No Diggity"
Blame - "2 Bad Mice Take You"
Mary J. Blige - "Real Love"
Blink 182 - “Dammit”
Blur – “Coffee and TV”
Blur - "For Tomorrow"
Blur – “No Distance Left To Run”
Blur - "Parklife"
Blur – “Song 2”
Boards of Canada – “Turquoise Hexagon Sun”
Bone Thugs-n Harmony – “Tha Crossroads”
Boo Radleys: Lazarus
Boredoms - "Super Going"
The Breeders - "Cannonball"
Jeff Buckley - "Hallelujah"
The Cardigans – “Lovefool”
Mariah Carey - "Vision Of Love"
Catherine Wheel - "Black Metallic"
Chaka Demus and Pliers - "Murder She Wrote"
Cher – “Believe”
Allen Clapp - "Something Strange Happens"
Cocteau Twins - "Summerhead"
Julian Cope - "Safesurfer"
Cornershop - "Brimful of Asha"
Corona – “Rhythm of the Night”
The Cure – “Letter To Elise”
The Cure - "Pictures of You"
Cypress Hill - "Hand on the Pump"
Daft Punk - "Around the World"
Daft Punk – “Da Funk”
Dead Dred – “Dread Bass”
Deadeye Dick – “New Age Girl”
Deee-Lite "Groove is in the Heart"
De’Lacy – “Hideaway (Deep Dish mix)”
De La Soul – “A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays”
Dem 2 - "Destiny (Sleepless)"
Iris Dement – No Time To Cry
Depeche Mode - "Enjoy the Silence"
Destiny's Child - "Bills, Bills, Bills"
destiny's child - say my name
Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance
Dinosaur Jr - "Start Choppin'"
Disco Inferno - "It's A Kid's World"
Disco Inferno - "Love Stepping Out"
Disco Inferno - "Summer's Last Sound"
Disco Inferno - "The Last Dance"
Dismemberment Plan - "The City"
DJ Shadow - "High Noon"
DJ Tim Dj Misjah – “Access”
Doop – “Doop”
Dr. Dre – “Keep Their Heads Ringin’ “
Dr. Dre – “Nuthin’ But A G Thang”
Dubstar - "Stars"
Eminem - "My Name Is"
Eno / Cale - "Cordoba"
En Vogue – “Free Your Mind”
Everything but the Girl - "Walking Wounded"
Eyeless In Gaza - "To Cry Mercy"
Fatboy Slim - 'Santa Cruz'
Fat Pat - "Ghetto Dreams"
Five - "Keep On Moving"
Folk Implosion - "Natural One"
The Foo Fighters - "Everlong"
Foul Play – “Open Your Mind”
Fountains of Wayne - "Radiation Vibe"
Freak Nasty – Da Dip
The Future Sound of London - "Papua New Guinea"
Diamanda Galas - Gloomy Sunday
Galaxie 500 – “4th of July”
Gang Starr feat. Nice n Smooth - "DWYCK"
Geto Boys - "Mind Playing Tricks on Me"
Gin Blossoms – “Hey Jealousy”
Ginuwine - "Pony"
Grooverider - Hardstep Selection II
Grupo Niche: "Cielo de Tambores"
Guided By Voices - Echos Myron
Guided by Voices - "Game of Pricks"
Guided by Voices - Motor Away
Keiji Haino - 'Affection'
Hanson - “Mmmbop”
Happy Mondays – “Kinky Afro”
Hardfloor - Acperience
Heavens To Betsy, "My Red Self"
The Hit Parade – Autobiography
Hootie and the Blowfish – “Hold My Hand”
The House Crew, "Euphoria (Nino's Dream)"
House of Pain – “Jump Around”
Huggy Bear - "Her Jazz"
Hyper-on Experience - "Lords of the null lines"
Ice Cube - "It Was A Good Day"
Ice Cube - "The Nigga You Love To Hate"
IO - Claire
Isolee - “Beau Mot Plage”
Jam & Spoon feat Plavka - "Find Me (Odyssey to Anyoona)"
James – “Laid”
Jay-Z - "Big Pimpin'"
Jeru the Damaja - "Come Clean"
Jeru the Damaja - 'You Can't Stop The Prophet'
Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Full Grown"
Jordan Knight - "Give It To You"
Jude – “I Know”
The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu – “It’s Grim Up North (Pt 1)”
Kelis - “Get Along With You”
R. Kelly feat. Keith Murray - "Home Alone"
Kitchens of Distinction - The Death of Cool
KLF and Tammy Wynette - "Justified and Ancient"
The KLF - "Last Train to Trancentral"
Kula Shaker – “The Sound of Drums”
Kyuss "El Rodeo"
Laika - "Sugar Daddy"
Lamb - "Gorecki"
Leftfield - Open Up
Lilys - "Ginger"
LL Cool J - "Around The Way Girl"
LL Cool J - "Mama Said Knock You Out"
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - "Matador"
Love Inc. - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
The Lyte Funky Ones – “Summer Girls”
Madonna – “Deeper & Deeper”
Madonna - "Ray of Light"
Madonna - "Vogue"
The Magnetic Fields – Dancing In Your Eyes
magnetic fields - the luckiest guy on the lower east side
Magnetic Fields - No One Will Ever Love You
Magnetic Fields - "100,000 Fireflies"
Manic Street Preachers - 'Faster'
Manic Street Preachers - "Stay Beautiful"
Mano Negra – “King Kong Five”
Marvelous Cain – “The Hitman”
Massive Attack – “Angel”
Massive Attack - "Karmacoma"
Massive Attack - "Unfinished Sympathy"
The Mavericks – “Dance the Night Away”
Mazzy Star - "Fade Into You"
Lisette Melendez - "A Day In My Life (Without You)"
Mercury Rev - "Car wash hair"
Meshuggah - New Millennium Cyanide Christ
George Michael – “Fast Love”
Kylie Minogue - "Better the Devil You Know"
Missy Elliott - "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"
Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt II
Mogwai – “Mogwai Fear Satan”
Monaco - "What Do You Want From Me?"
Montell Jordan - "This is How We Do It"
Mark Morrison - "Return of the Mack"
Mos Def - "Universal Magnetic"
The Mountain Goats - "Going to Georgia"
My Bloody Valentine - "Soon"
My Bloody Valentine - "To Here Knows When"
My Bloody Valentine "When You Sleep"
Naughty By Nature - "OPP"
Neutral Milk Hotel - "Two-Headed Boy"
New Order - "Regret"
New Radicals - "You Get What You Give"
Next – “Too Close”
Nightmares on Wax – “I’m For Real”
Nirvana - Drain You
Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Nirvana – “The Man Who Sold the World”
N-Joi – “Live in Manchester pt.1”
Noreaga - Superthug
Notorious BIG - "Hypnotize"
Notorious BIG - "Juicy"
Notorious BIG f/ Puffy and Ma$e - "Mo Money Mo Prolems"
Notorious BIG - "Things Done Changed"
The Notwist – “Puzzle”
Oasis – “Live Forever”
Sinead O'Connor - "Nothing Compares 2 U"
Ol' Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo
Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Got Your Money"
Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"
Old 97s - Timebomb
OMC, "How Bizarre"
Omni Trio - "Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mix)"
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
Orbital - "Belfast"
Orbital - "Chime"
Orbital - "Halcyon"
Orlando - "Contained"
Orlando - "Just for a Second"
Joan Osbourne - "Right Hand Man"
Palace Music - “New Partner”
Paris Angels - "All On You (Perfume)"
The Pastels - Speeding Motorcycle
Pavement – Shady Lane
Pearl Jam – “Smile”
Pepe Braddock - "Deep Burnt"
Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring
Pet Shop Boys - "Can You Forgive Her"
Pharoahe Monch - "Simon Says"
Photek - Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu
Piano Magic - "Wrong French"
Pinback - "Loro"
Pixies - "Alec Eiffel"
Pizzaman - 'Trippin' On Sunshine'
Placebo - "Pure Morning"
Portishead - "All Mine"
Portishead - "Sour Times"
Pram - "Chrysalis"
Prince - "Gett Off"
The Prodigy - Break & Enter
The Prodigy – Breathe
The Prodigy - Everybody IN the Place
The Prodigy – Poison
Pulp - "Babies"
Pulp - "Something Changed"
Pulp - "Common People"
Pulp - "Disco 2000"
Pulp – “do you remember the first time”
Pulp – “This Is Hardcore”
Quad City DJs - "C'Mon Ride It (The Train)"
Radiohead - "Airbag"
Radiohead - "Paranoid Android"
Radiohead – “The Bends”
Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah & Nas - 'Verbal Intercourse'
Red House Painters - "Have You Forgotten?"
Red House Painters – “Japanese To English”
Reel 2 Real - "I Like to Move It"
R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"
Remarc - “RIP”
Ride – “Close My Eyes”
Right Said Fred – “I’m Too Sexy”
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth - "T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)"
Rocketship - "Your New Boyfriend"
Royal Trux "I'm Ready"
Rufige Kru - 'Terminator'
Ed Rush, Optical, and Fierce – “Alien Girl”
Sabres of Paradise – “Wilmot”
Saint Etienne – “Avenue”
Saint Etienne - "He's on the Phone"
Saint Etienne - "Like a Motorway"
Saint Etienne – “Nothing Can Stop Us”
Saint Etienne – “You’re In A Bad Way”
Scarlet - "Independent Love Song"
Shampoo - "Bouffant Headbutt"
Shanice - "I Love Your Smile"
Shellac - "Doris"
Talvin Singh ft. Amar - "Jaan"
Sixpence None The Richer - "Kiss Me"
69 - Rushed
Skeleton Key - "Wide Open"
Sleater-Kinney – “Call the Doctor”
Sleater-Kinney - "Get Up"
Slowdive - "Allison"
Slowdive - "Avalyn"
Smashing Pumpkins - "Cherub Rock”
Snap – “Rhythm Is A Dancer”
Sneaker Pimps - "Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)"
Snoop Dogg - "Murder Was The Case"
Soho – “Hot Music”
Sonic Youth - "The diamond sea"
Sonic Youth – “Four”
Sonic Youth - "Skip Tracer"
Sonic Youth – “Wish Fulfillment”
Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era – “Far Out”
Soul Asylum - "Somebody to Shove"
Souls of Mischief - '93 'Til Infinity
The Source feat. Candi Staton – “You Got the Love (remix)”
Britney Spears - "Baby One More Time"
Spinanes - "Hawaian Baby"
Stardust - "Music Sounds Better With You"
Stereolab - "Crest"
Stereolab - "French Disko"
Suede - "Film Star"
Sugar Ray - "Someday"
superchunk – “question is how fast”
Superchunk - "Slack Motherfucker"
Supergrass – “Caught By the Fuzz”
Swervedriver - "Never Lose that Feeling"
SWV - Right Here
Teenage Fanclub - "The Concept"
Teenage Fanclub – “December”
This Ascension - "August Rain"
TLC - "Creep"
TLC - "No Scrubs"
T99 - Anasthasia
Tom Waits - "Who Are You"
Tony Toni Tone - "If I Had No Loot"
Tortoise, "Djed"
TQ - "Westside"
A Tribe Called Quest - "Award Tour"
A Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxation"
A Tribe Called Quest – “Luck of Lucien”
A tribe called quest- “scenario”
Tribe Of Issachar featuring Peter Bouncer - "Junglist"
Trick Daddy feat. Trina - "Nann Nigga"
Tricky – “Black Steel”
Tricky - "Christiansands"
Tricky - "For Real"
Shania Twain - "Any Man of Mine"
2 Bad Mice - "Bombscare"
2Pac feat. Dr. Dre – “California Love”
2Pac - "Dear Mama"
2Pac – “How Do You Want It?”
Underworld - "Born Slippy NUXX"
Underworld - Cowgirl
Underworld - "Jumbo"
Underworld - "King of Snake"
Unique 3 - "The theme"
U.N.K.L.E. f/ Thom Yorke - "Rabbit in Your Headlights"
Urban Cookie Collective - 'The Key, The Secret'
Utah Saints - "Something Good"
Vangelis feat. Stina Nordenstam – “Ask the Mountain”
Velocity Girl - "My Forgotten Favorite"
Vengaboys - "We Like To Party"
Ricardo Villalobos - "808 the Bassqueen"
Violent Femmes- "I Held Her In My Arms"
Warren G feat. Nate Dogg - "Regulate"
White Town – “Your Woman”
Windy and Carl – “Antarctica”
World of Twist - "Sons of the Stage"
Wu-Tang Clan - “C.R.E.A.M.”
Wu-Tang Clan – “Shame on a Nigga”
Wu-Tang Clan - "Triumph"
Yo La Tengo - "Moby Octopad"
Yo La Tengo - Nowhere Near
Yo La Tengo - "Tom Courtenay"
Zombie Nation - "Kernkraft 400"

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CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.getMessages

messages LEFT OUTER JOIN links
ON messages.MsgID = links.MsgID
messages.MsgID DESC

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To receive credit for the course, you must score X% or better on this exam. You may repeat the exam as necessary.

mookieproof (mookieproof), Monday, 13 September 2004 17:45 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Despite the fact that they almost singularly embody everything that is wrong, false, corrrupt, bloated, avaricious, non-sensical, empty, childish and wilfully stupid about rock'n'roll, I am forever chained to fandom for KISS.

noodle vague (noodle vague), Monday, 13 September 2004 23:41 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Children - I don't think I even really liked them when I was one. They're just awkward, you know, what's their deal?
Nu Metal fans*, as stated above; don't feel agressive towards them, just a bit wary, cuz it's very likely that we won't get along.

* isn't it odd how there still isn't a real term for this sub-culture, even tho they're as easily identifieable by their look/clothing as mods or hippies or punks or b-boys or whatevah?

-- Daniel_Rf (filosofiaebolacha...), September 14th, 2004.

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WHERE contracts.dbo.T_Contract_Site.[Elec_Contract_Status]1

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On Error GoTo Err_cmdSearch_Click

Dim stDocName As String
Dim stLinkCriteria As String

stDocName = "Any Word Search"
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria
Forms(stDocName).Tag = Me.Name
Forms(stDocName).Caption = "Search " + Me.Name

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_cmdSearch_Click

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+ octet[0] + "|"

(VB ken?)

koogs (koogs), Tuesday, 14 September 2004 10:33 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

twisted paradox

the neurotic awakening of s (blueski), Tuesday, 14 September 2004 10:33 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

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