A thread for boring computer questions.

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This is the thread for minor computing questions that don't warrant their own threads.

Can someone recommend a Usenet Newsreader for Mac OS X? Or for that matter an X11 that'll compile for OS X. knode is not doing it for me.

Ed (dali), Monday, 14 April 2003 13:31 (seventeen years ago) link

But Ed, you're here to answer all the boring computer questions, not ask them! ;p

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Monday, 14 April 2003 13:34 (seventeen years ago) link

I use Thoth on 9.1, but it's also good for 10.1

chris j (chris j), Monday, 14 April 2003 20:02 (seventeen years ago) link

Alright I have one:

I've been using a freeware DOS music program for several years called Impulse Tracker. It's just about the only thing I enjoy using and I love it to bits. So when my dad bought me a new computer for a graduation cum birthday present expressly to make music on, i was overjoyed. Sadly I have had this computer for a year and i haven't been able to make a track since! The program runs very slowly and the sound is really hissy and horrible. On some other music programs, the computer comes up with an error about latency, which i assume links to this. Also I can't record anything from my CD player or microphone, no matter how much i fuck around with the sound settings. These problems also sometimes happen when I play DVDs - the sound is really hissy and granular ad often i have to turn the speakers right up to hear anything. What's going on?!!

dog latin (dog latin), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 00:52 (seventeen years ago) link

Ed, what was the name of the cheapish online computer reseller thatI'd never heard of anywhere else that you mentioned over christmas and can't find again.

Graham (graham), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 01:23 (seventeen years ago) link

dog latin, more details about yr computer and software please.

i am still interested in learning whether it's possible to re-mount a removable drive that's still plugged in without taking the cable out and reinserting it. windows xp

ron (ron), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 04:15 (seventeen years ago) link

graham, selling what kind of stuff? Did I mean EBuyer?

Dog latin, are your speakers plugged into the correct port, is the internal volume on the computer turned up. Try plugging the sound out from your computer through an amp. It sounds like the on the hiss front is caused by too low sound levels amplified up really far. It may ofcourse be a duff soundcard.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 06:45 (seventeen years ago) link


RickyT (RickyT), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 07:26 (seventeen years ago) link

What does trn mean? What does POX mean?

Mark C (Mark C), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 07:30 (seventeen years ago) link

trn = usenet newsreader that will run in your terminal
POX = dread illness and thread horror

RickyT (RickyT), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 07:50 (seventeen years ago) link

RickyT, can you point me at a site from whence I might digitally obtain a tarball of this trn of which you speak. Forsooth neither google nor sourceforge can fulfill my desires.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 08:38 (seventeen years ago) link

Ed, have you tried searching at freshmeat.net? It's usually the first place I try when I'm searching for software packages.

caitlin (caitlin), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 08:45 (seventeen years ago) link

Okay, so I downloaded Carracho (on ILX's recommendation), and it all looks good. BUT...when I enter a file to search for, the "search" button doesn't activate, or work at all. I'm not born to this, so it could be something quite obvious. Help me out, y'all...

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 08:47 (seventeen years ago) link

you need to load up some trackers, Tracker-Tracker Tracks Trackers. One you have some trackers entered into carracho you can get lists of servers which you can then search. You can enter trackers in Carracho->Preferences->Trackers.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 09:09 (seventeen years ago) link

trn vs slrn

why trn over slrn. I ask this because slrn is availible through fink and trn isn't and will be harder to install.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 10:09 (seventeen years ago) link

Mac people: is it worth upgrading to Jaguar? I run 10.1.5 at the moment and it seems fine. (I don't use the Mac for interweb bidniz right now, but I may do in the future.)

Jerry the Nipper (Jerrynipper), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 10:16 (seventeen years ago) link

Yes but if you're going to buy it you might want to wait until after the summer when Panther is due to ship. I might be able to slip you some cds at a future FAP.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 10:18 (seventeen years ago) link

I use Jaguar, but only because my version of FCP won't work on an earlier incarnation of OSX. Same for BT Broadband.

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 10:20 (seventeen years ago) link

"trn vs slm. why trn over slrn. I ask this because slrn is availible through fink and trn isn't and will be harder to install."

It's a bit like Ed's malfunctioning, isn't it?

Mark C (Mark C), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 10:33 (seventeen years ago) link

Is he like Hal? Will he turn evil and destroy ILX?

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 10:35 (seventeen years ago) link

OK, someone suggest a good entry-level semi-pro soundcard. (Windows Me system).

Stereo playback quality is far more important than lots of inputs (I won't be using it for multi-track recording) or 5.1 capability. An S/PDIF I/O would be nice, as would some bundled analysis/DSP software (Cool Edit, Sound Forge, etc). Are the ones with breakout boxes the only ones guaranteed to be low noise?

I'm hoping to pay less than £100 but I may be out of luck unless I import from a US online retailer or score on eBay. Creative Audigy, M-Audio Audiophile, Echo Mia...

Michael Jones (MichaelJ), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 10:40 (seventeen years ago) link

M-Audio get my vote Audiophile 2496. Having said that I've just bought and Audiotrak maya and quality is reasonable, but I valued number of outs over sound quality because its for laptop djing.

Soundkartenkatalog has a good selection to browse.

Watch out for customs duty and VAT on importing stuff from the US.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 10:51 (seventeen years ago) link

Unfortunately, if it's in German, and it wasn't on a Laurie Anderson album, chances are I don't understand it. But ta for the price links. And that's two votes for M-Audio (friend has one on his G4).

By 'import', I probably meant 'ship to friend in US and get them to stick it in their luggage next time they visit'.

I know SoundBlaster have a rotten rep (though why I'm not sure), but the Audigy 2 is only £99 at Maplins. Elsewhere I've found a good stripped-down card in Terratec's EWX24/96 (£119 from Digital Village) which is bundled with WaveLab Lite and GigaSampler LE.

Michael Jones (MichaelJ), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 11:32 (seventeen years ago) link

Terratec are meant to be good, I've had no experience though. The audigy's aren't that bad and they share chips with an EMU sound card (or at least they did). It might be a good buy, a friend has that soundcard and he has no problems with it for music making, even gigs with the pc with it in.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 11:35 (seventeen years ago) link

(I forget which EMU but EMU own soundblaster or vice versa)

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 11:36 (seventeen years ago) link

That's the place Ed, though it seemed better last time I saw it.

(Also, it was probably last August when you mentioned, which says something about how memorable that term was)

Graham (graham), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 11:46 (seventeen years ago) link

Dog latin, are your speakers plugged into the correct port, is the internal volume on the computer turned up. Try plugging the sound out from your computer through an amp. It sounds like the on the hiss front is caused by too low sound levels amplified up really far. It may ofcourse be a duff soundcard.

ed, yeh it's all plugged in corretically and I run my sound through a stereo amp anyway. the hiss only happens when there's sound playing and only when i do certain things like play DVDs. So when people are talking it sounds like "Yeahscchhhhhh I knowhhhhh..." and there's a quiet digital crackle. It sounds even worse when I play it through Impulse Tracker.
I'm surprised by how few outputs there are on the soundcard - there are three sockets - SPK, LIN and MIC. I can't work out whether LIN is line out or line in so I just use SPK.
I never know the specs on my computer but it's running Windows ME with summat called C-Media Wave Device as the mixer. what other info might you need?

dog latin (dog latin), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 12:27 (seventeen years ago) link

SPK would appear to be the correct output. Check your drivers are the most up to date. Check every possible volume control within the computer. It sounds like something is set really low somewhere and then amplified to fuck elsewhere, high transients would cause the digital crackle.

Try and track the signal path within the computer when doing these tasks, it can be a pain because its all virtual. I know much more about doing it in macs than in pc's i'm afraid. I do hope its not hardware.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 12:49 (seventeen years ago) link

Can you get sound from the CD player, other than from its own headphone socket? If not, the drive doesn't have its audio cable connected.

Graham (graham), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 12:55 (seventeen years ago) link

OK, Dr. Ed, how do I stop my quicktime video/audio playback from stuttering. The video playback is particularly bad, and often gets further and further out of sync with audio. I know, this is more of an editor's question, but worth a try. NB I am not using QUicktime Pro-is this in fact the problem?

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 12:59 (seventeen years ago) link

A question to which I have no answer, you shouldn't need quicktime pro. Quicktime has a known problem with some audio track encodings, particularly mp3 audio with divX. What sort of files does this happen with?

Graham, yes, you need to get the cd player to pass the audio to the computer digitally and have the computer interpret it, this is a pc question isn't it, I don't know how to do this but there are ways. I remeber reading something about it on http://www.usb-audio.com/

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 13:10 (seventeen years ago) link

This happens with mp3s and uncompressed DV.

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 13:11 (seventeen years ago) link

I've read lots of places that quicktime is a bit iffy about getting mp3 and video to line up properly. The only real work around is to encode the audio as something else.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 13:19 (seventeen years ago) link

"Can you get sound from the CD player, other than from its own headphone socket? If not, the drive doesn't have its audio cable connected."

Yes if you are using XP/2k go to the the CD Drive in Device Manager, goto properties and tick Enable Digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device, this will allow programmes access to CD audio data across the IDE cable.

No other cable will be needed.

Jarlr'mai (jarlrmai), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 13:26 (seventeen years ago) link

another thing that might cause that audio distortion is if there is a mismatch of sampling frequencies somewhere. if yr mixer prog were set at 32khz and can't accurately play the 44.1khz dvd stuff, for instance. just an idea

ron (ron), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 14:20 (seventeen years ago) link

Can you get sound from the CD player, other than from its own headphone socket? If not, the drive doesn't have its audio cable connected.

Yeh, the CD player PLAYS but I can't get the computer to record either from mic or CD. I've checked all the levels on everything and theoretically it should work but it just doesn't. I think the shop sold me a crap soundcard (even though I did explain I wanted the computer to do music on - wankas!).

dog latin (dog latin), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 16:19 (seventeen years ago) link

xan someone recommend, quickly, a good programme for ripping cds to mp3 on win xp.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 16:38 (seventeen years ago) link

Can someone recommend a Usenet Newsreader for Mac OS X?

Thoth all the way. Halime as a second choice.

Or for that matter an X11 that'll compile for OS X. knode is not doing it for me.

Why not use the pre-compiled one from Apple?

Chris Barrus (Chris Barrus), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 16:52 (seventeen years ago) link

that's what I use for the windowing system. knode's a kded news reader

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 16:56 (seventeen years ago) link

Depending on how the cable is hooked up through the soundcard, you may want to check to see if it's hooked up through the CD in or the AUX in jack on the card. Also maybe open up your volume control icon in the system tray at the bottom right, by double-clicking it, and see if all of the volume sliders are up and make sure they're not muted. (Note, you may need to click on the advanced option and add extra sliders to your volume control, if the ones you are using aren't there.) Lastly, check through the options in the program you're using to see if there aren't any other audio in options that may have changed between your two configurations (source, perhaps).

Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 17:14 (seventeen years ago) link

ed, i only just downloaded Freerip - it's not bad for that kidna thing - avoid Audioactive it's desperately slow.

dog latin (dog latin), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 17:42 (seventeen years ago) link

ed, i recommend exact audio copy, which also requires an encoder, many use LAME. i'm pretty sure there are links to it on the same pages as the exact audio copy stuff.

downside is it's slow (although you could probably fiddle with the settings to speed things up at the expense of quality)

upsides: free, slim program, have a lot of control over the encoding process. most importantly, this setup is not clipping the ends off of my music files, as many many other progs do

ron (ron), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 23:05 (seventeen years ago) link

geek check: I'm using DHTML to position stuff on a website (in divs, with position:absolute), and can't resolve some Netscape 4.x issues. I *have* to fix them, lots of users on campus here are still running the old browsers.

1) The "background-color:white" property for a center <div> is not understood by the browser. I don't know how to fix it! Something with <layer> tags? I have tried, and no luck. Is there a hack?
2) When there is a lot of content in the center <div>, the browser scrunches it all up so that it prints over itself ! What to do?

daria g, Tuesday, 15 April 2003 23:29 (seventeen years ago) link

are you sure it's "background-color" ?? i'm looking at some example tags and they just have {background: color}

ron (ron), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 23:49 (seventeen years ago) link

note: i'm no html expert by any means

ron (ron), Tuesday, 15 April 2003 23:52 (seventeen years ago) link

eh, nevermind, background-color works fine in this browser anyway (opera)

ron (ron), Wednesday, 16 April 2003 00:08 (seventeen years ago) link

background-color is standard. background alone will also accept values for any background-* setting either on their own or bunched together, so you can save time, space and neatness by specifying "background: white url('pic.jpg') no-repeat fixed center" instead of setting background-color, background-image, etc, separately.

Daria: apologies if this is patronisingly obvious and that was an example of a much more general case, but what if you specify the colour as a hex code, i.e. background-color: #FFFFFF? But Netscape 4.x is really not good with CSS; I've seen that scrunching problem many times and apart from doing a drastically simplified NS stylesheet - no messing with floating or "position:"s either absolute or relative and half my paddings and margins removed, ugh! - I never found a way round it. I have had problems like the first too but can't remember how or whether I fixed it.

Quick hacky way to do extra styles for IE without bothering with any JS or server-side client checking: the line of CSS "@IMPORT url(ie-styles.css);" will work in IE but not in Netscape - I don't remember which way other browsers behave - so you can put your basic styles in one stylesheet and add an import line in it for the IE stuff.

Unfortunately if you're doing anything very fancy with DHTML and CSS I have a nasty feeling you may have to do a cutdown version for Netscape users. Having said that, I too did some work for a university campus with a lot of stubborn NS4.x users and didn't actually have to do anything too drastic apart from the trick above.

Disclaimer: I don't know too much DHTML myself, and for my previous jobs it's been fine to settle for less than perfection in order to meet deadlines. I was also lucky enough to be the most knowledgeable about HTML of anyone there, frightening though that is considering my ineptitude, so if I said something wouldn't work then nobody else would contradict me. There are some fancy pieces of DHTML out there that work fine in Netscape, so maybe I just don't know enough. But from the CSS end Netscape is definitely a mess, even newer versions than 4.


Dog Latin: Impulse Tracker doesn't like Windows very much, unfortunately. IT3 has now reached beta stage, but it's taken a very long time to get that far, so who knows if it'll ever really happen? Besides, I am rather suspicious of it because Pulse is no longer on the coding team. I have a feeling that the finished product, if it arrives, will turn out different enough in feel to IT that I won't get used to it but still be a long way behind a lot of its current rivals (from Buzz and Psycle in the based-on-trackers arena to all the expensive professional stuff out there). My disappointment with Sk@le (basically Fasttracker 2 remade for Windows) and Renoise makes me wary.

About IT: use the MPU401 drivers if they work at all! Try it S19 and hope it will autodetect; if not, look for the settings in control panel and try specifying them manually. I think this is the closest IT can come to using your modern soundcard to full effect. Unfortunately this doesn't always seem to work even with cards that should be MPU401-compatible. It works now and autodetects on my SB Live but I remember last time I tried it didn't. I have no idea why this might have changed. Unfortunately I can't get any further because of memory and graphics mode problems. I used to get around that with a boot disk but with XP I'm not sure there's anything I can do. I'll try later.

IT's sound drivers are out of date and your modern soundcard's backwards compatibility with cards that existed when it was written is probably a bit dodgy. This could mean that the driver autodetect selects isn't the best - try choosing some others, if you haven't done so - or that you have to use a driver much worse than your card is capable of. On my SB Live the SB Pro driver works but isn't the one autodetect selects and the SB16 and SB AWE (both better soundcards than the Pro) drivers won't work at all, so by default I'd end up using the SB2 drivers. I had a Soundblaster 2 a decade ago. I don't want my computer to sound like that now.

What kind of soundcard do you have? My motherboard has onboard sound but I found it too noisy to use. I don't think it's that the chip itself is that bad, though it's obviously fairly cheap; it's more that it picks up so much interference from other board activity. If you're using a sound chip built into your motherboard I recommend not doing so. If you're using a separate soundcard, try rearranging your card slots so that the soundcard is in the furthest slot from the main section of the motherboard and not immediately next to any other cards.

One last thing: I believe Modplug tracker will read and write (not 100% identically to IT but it sounds fine most of the time) .IT files and can be set up so that the command codes and keyboard layout are as IT's was. I can't stand Modplug personally, so I can't confirm that, nor do I particularly recommend it. I just thought it might be worth a look since it was designed for Windows and will use your card's Windows sound drivers.


Apologies for such a long post when I suspect none of this will be any help to either of you. I may write boring and badly phrased posts like the above but I'm not really much good at techy things.

Frazer, Wednesday, 16 April 2003 01:12 (seventeen years ago) link

Thanks for the advice ! It's very clear, and I appreciate much that you took all the time to write it out. I'll see what I can tweak to get it running, but it'll have to wait a day or two.. I did try the hex code, I am nearly certain, although I'll double check b/c I may well have overlooked an obvious solution w/o knowing. However, the scrunching and such is *not* I believe an effect of the CSS, since positioning isn't done through CSS, it's done directly through DHTML - this prob wasn't clear from my earlier post since I didn't notice that the ILX software *read* my code tags and didn't print them. Let's try again:
[page content would be here]

Netscape 4.x won't read background-color and is scrunching content. Argh! But don't trouble too much about it, I can always bother my techie brother, he might know. :)

daria g, Wednesday, 16 April 2003 04:48 (seventeen years ago) link

Ooops! One more time.

<div id="bodytext" style="background-color:white;position:absolute;visibility:visible;width:700px;left:165px;top:
144px;"> [page content would be here] </div>\

Netscape 4.x won't read background-color and is scrunching content. Argh! But don't trouble too much about it, I can always bother my techie brother, he might know. :)

daria g, Wednesday, 16 April 2003 04:51 (seventeen years ago) link

to do this stuff without the css, would you have to use tables??

ron (ron), Wednesday, 16 April 2003 06:11 (seventeen years ago) link

“Film collection” um hmm

calstars, Friday, 23 November 2018 14:41 (one year ago) link

I don’t understand the original question but if you just want to back up your old backup disk, just plug it and the new drive (formatted as AFS) into your MacBook and copy the files over. Mac OS can read NTFS fine, just can’t write to it. You need your new backup to be AFS if you want to use it with time machine

calstars, Friday, 23 November 2018 14:45 (one year ago) link

two months pass...

When using Recovery Mode on a Mac to wipe the hard drive and do a new instal of OS X, are Apple apps like Photos, iMovie, Pages, etc installed along with the OS, or do those need to be downloaded separately afterwards from the App Store?

early rejecter, Wednesday, 23 January 2019 15:59 (one year ago) link

They should be installed along with the OS

calstars, Wednesday, 23 January 2019 16:02 (one year ago) link

two weeks pass...

k forgive me for asking this, but there's a huge chance I already have in the past ten years but...

Problem: iCloud drive space = tiny
phone drive space / mac drive space / portable HDs = plenty o'space
dropbox space - ok but not that big

getting tired of deleting random photos from my phone to stop hitting the 5 GB limit but I refuse to pay for more cloud space when I have so many other options and my phone itself is like 256gb now

using my own backup HDs and iPhoto, I assume - and maybe something like Dropbox or Google Photos which I didn't realize was available until now - what's the best to have a reliable and/or accessible backup source of photos so i don't get nagged by Apple all the time?

current guess: create a separate library in iPhoto that isn't the "main" library, it gets no iCloud sync. back that up with Dropbox/Google/Time Machine/whatevs

Nhex, Wednesday, 6 February 2019 19:53 (one year ago) link

or just say screw it all and turn off iCloud photo sync on my phone

Nhex, Wednesday, 6 February 2019 19:55 (one year ago) link

Are you married to the idea of having an iPhone? I'm in a similar situation as yourself but am looking for another phone in the future for personal use (work phone seems like it always be iPhone).

Jersey Al (Albert R. Broccoli), Wednesday, 6 February 2019 20:09 (one year ago) link

yeah i'm pretty much locked into Apple at this point. i gave in and got an XS a few months ago and still feel gulity about it

Nhex, Wednesday, 6 February 2019 20:21 (one year ago) link

Yeah I'm convinced iPhones are merely an expensive marketing campaign for iCloud. I'd go with your external sync option (whether it be from dropbox or some other export utility).

Jersey Al (Albert R. Broccoli), Wednesday, 6 February 2019 21:12 (one year ago) link

turn off iCloud photos, cable sync your phone and store the backups on your computer, open Photos while phone is attached and import - all is safe, 5GB limit untroubled

an incoherent crustacean (MatthewK), Wednesday, 6 February 2019 21:33 (one year ago) link

“but I refuse to pay for more cloud space “

Dollar a month for 50 gigs, bro. Just sayin -v-

calstars, Wednesday, 6 February 2019 22:39 (one year ago) link

External memory is so cheap right now bro, you can get an 8TB HD for $150.

160x more memory for the same cost as <3 years of iCloud.

Jersey Al (Albert R. Broccoli), Wednesday, 6 February 2019 23:36 (one year ago) link

the last thing I want to do anymore is fuck around with files, if my whole digital life dissolved into ether I'd just sigh and move on

Norm’s Superego (silby), Thursday, 7 February 2019 00:28 (one year ago) link

Fscking around with files is like so 2003

calstars, Thursday, 7 February 2019 01:50 (one year ago) link

I was using Flickr but they just capped their free acct at 1000 photos, so I switched to Google Photos. They give you unlimited space for photos 16MP and under, and anything over that they'll just resize to 16MP. Also their app automatically uploads your camera roll in the background.

vision joanna newsom (Stevie D(eux)), Thursday, 7 February 2019 14:47 (one year ago) link

seven months pass...

Can a kindred spirit help me out here? I've a folder on a Mac 10.10.x that I share with all other colleagues in our network (every user can read & write). Is it possible to apply a setting that any file added to said folder, also receives the file permissions changed to 'read/write everyone'? I get a lot of wetransfer files from third parties, and wetransfer seems to give files a 'read only' permission, or permits it just for the user who downloaded the file. What I want is: if I save that file to the shared folder, the permission should automatically be set so that everyone can read/write (aka work with) it.

Is this possible?

Le Bateau Ivre, Tuesday, 1 October 2019 09:36 (eleven months ago) link

hazel can do that but is not free.

or you can do it by creating a "folder action" (i.e. a series of steps that run when the contents of a folder changes) in automator but that will be a little fiddlier.

𝔠𝔞𝔢𝔨 (caek), Wednesday, 2 October 2019 17:06 (eleven months ago) link

on osx safari, when i type some characters in the address bar to get autocomplete lookups of my history/top sites going, my ilx lookup ALWAYS brings up a site-global item as well as the top hit in my history (usually ile) and if i down-error in the menu that comes up, something in the autocomplete algorithm takes some time to kick in or something and re-sets the cursor position back to the unwanted first item before things stabilize enough to let me go down to the item i wanted. this is SO ANNOYING, how to fix?

j., Wednesday, 2 October 2019 22:24 (eleven months ago) link

Thankig u caek! <3 Just fiddled around w/ the free version, but will buy it if it does the job.

Le Bateau Ivre, Thursday, 3 October 2019 09:32 (eleven months ago) link

one month passes...

Is there a standard protocol for 2.4GHz wireless mice / keyboards?

Noel Scott Emits (Noel Emits), Wednesday, 13 November 2019 10:28 (ten months ago) link

Boring enough for you?

Noel Scott Emits (Noel Emits), Wednesday, 13 November 2019 10:33 (ten months ago) link

Bluetooth is the standard. I think Logitech does their own thing.

DJI, Wednesday, 13 November 2019 18:08 (ten months ago) link

Hmm. No I mean the ones that come with a USB dongle. I don't think it's Bluetooth exactly but wonder if they are generally interchangeable. I suspect not.

Noel Scott Emits (Noel Emits), Wednesday, 13 November 2019 18:16 (ten months ago) link

the Microsoft ones are worse than that -- they're paired with the individual dongle they come with and won't work with any other

stet, Wednesday, 13 November 2019 18:17 (ten months ago) link

That's what I'm talking about. I think those dongles use some proprietary protocol.


DJI, Wednesday, 13 November 2019 18:17 (ten months ago) link

I've seen recent Logitechs that can switch between Bluetooth and their dongle - handy. I have one Bluetooth mouse that I would use on more than one system if it didn't need to be re-paired to move between them.

maffew12, Wednesday, 13 November 2019 21:23 (ten months ago) link

The Logitech - Mac Bluetooth connection is shit. Really buggy.

stet, Wednesday, 13 November 2019 21:50 (ten months ago) link

To be fair the Bluetooth connection to their own Magic Trackpad is crap too.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Wednesday, 13 November 2019 22:18 (ten months ago) link

one month passes...

because Windows 7 is getting cut loose in january and I'm not giving a penneth to micrsoft I downloaded and installed a torrented version of Windows 10. It works fine but isn't activated because of my lack of a legit key code. There is annoying little watermark in bottom right of my screen telling me to activate it. I just wondered if anyone knows if there are any security issues with having an unactivated operating system or if there is anywhere you can get bent key codes to activate it.

calzino, Sunday, 15 December 2019 15:25 (nine months ago) link

try r/redditbay?

chet san telmo (alomar lines), Sunday, 15 December 2019 16:11 (nine months ago) link

not heard of that. do you mean for bent license keys?

calzino, Sunday, 15 December 2019 17:09 (nine months ago) link

lol first look at redditbay is people selling pornhub premium accounts

calzino, Sunday, 15 December 2019 17:11 (nine months ago) link

i found out from a thread on there that people sell product keys on e-bay, got one for £1.74 that has done the trick.

calzino, Sunday, 15 December 2019 19:48 (nine months ago) link

you don't actually have to ever activate W10, it just has the nag screen on forever iirc. unless this changed in the last year

Nhex, Sunday, 15 December 2019 23:54 (nine months ago) link

you can still get security updates

Nhex, Sunday, 15 December 2019 23:55 (nine months ago) link

I'm in more or less the same situation, but not done a win10 install yet. Read that it's still possible to update 7 -> 10, but unsure how legit this claim is - could be that I'm left with unregistered as well.
If I try tonight and all goes wrong it will be full linux build time. It's my secondary pc so not that bothered, as long as i can run java minecraft on it and some rudimentary paint packages meh.

Ste, Monday, 16 December 2019 11:50 (nine months ago) link

three months pass...

question from someone very ignorant and dumb about IT/network stuff in general:

when i'm at home on my personal laptop i can log into my work email via outlook.office.com, which requires duo verification. not installing anything, just using the website. what kind of access is this giving my employer if any? are they able to see traffic/data usage or any sort of activity while i'm logged in?

i wasn't spooked by this until i realized i can open and edit docs (in chrome) that are hosted on the work network, which hasn't come up until recently (for obvious reasons)

℺ ☽ ⋠ ⏎ (✖), Thursday, 19 March 2020 02:15 (six months ago) link

no local access if that is all you’re doing. there’s no web browser permission to allow traffic spying without permission, file access is sandboxed

unless they have other shit or a truly heinous browser extension installed, which outlook doesn’t do, they have your actions in email and other office bits

absolute idiot liar uneducated person (mh), Thursday, 19 March 2020 02:27 (six months ago) link

that is to say, they have as much access as ilxor

absolute idiot liar uneducated person (mh), Thursday, 19 March 2020 02:27 (six months ago) link

nice, ty!

℺ ☽ ⋠ ⏎ (✖), Thursday, 19 March 2020 04:17 (six months ago) link

two months pass...

I've got a UTF-8 text file with smart quotes and such created on MacOS. cat and vim see it fine. I sftp it over to a FreeBSD machine. "file" reports it as UTF-8, but cat shows all the extended characters like so: <80><90><70>. And vim thinks it's latin1, shows extended characters as gibberish, and throws up when I try to force utf-8.

hexdump gives the same bytes for the file on both systems. If I sftp it back to MacOS, it displays fine.

I just ...

lukas, Thursday, 21 May 2020 23:43 (four months ago) link

Is your locale set to UTF8 on the FreeBSD machine?

silby, Friday, 22 May 2020 00:29 (four months ago) link

That is, if your LC_CTYPE environment variable is not set to a locale with UTF-8 in it, none of those behaviors would entirely surprise me.

silby, Friday, 22 May 2020 00:31 (four months ago) link


that worked, thank you

lukas, Friday, 22 May 2020 00:55 (four months ago) link


silby, Friday, 22 May 2020 01:07 (four months ago) link

lol character encoding

mh, Friday, 22 May 2020 15:16 (four months ago) link

have just bought a new laptop after my 10yr old one basically became unusable and since it is brand new i feel i should adopt good practices from the get-go. i am however mostly clueless, beyond extensions on firefox: what are the things i really need to do? anyone have recommendations or a good website listing essentials?

Jibe, Friday, 29 May 2020 08:46 (three months ago) link

three months pass...

i recently bought a brand new Dell to replace my old 2012 Windows 7 Asus. It's proved nothing but useless since I got it out the box. I get intermittent lagging/freezing whihc happens every few minutes. File Explorer menus often take several seconds to load up when being accessed from my external HD, even if there are only a few files in the folder. When I'm using Serato, the wave animations are juddery and hard to look at. Never had anything like this with my old laptop which is significantly lower spec.

I've tried to get Dell to help me but all they've done is run a few stress tests and asked me to try it on Safe Mode for a day (as if I've got loads of time on my hands to do this).

It's been a few weeks and I've spent most of my free time trying to diagnose issues and work out whether the problem is to do with the computer, whether it's down to external devices, following online optimisation guides (a lot of the settings and options in these guides appear to have been hidden by Dell in my version of Windows), and now I'm at the end of my tether.

I've asked Dell if they would be able to refund me, and they've said I'm past my cooling period. I'm sure I can argue that much of the cooling period has involved me trying to fix the problems inherent since unboxing the machine, but I would really rather just get to the root of the issue.

Anyone else experienced this kind of thing before I start kicking off properly at them?

Leighton Buzzword (dog latin), Monday, 14 September 2020 12:31 (two weeks ago) link

Sounds like some rogue process running in the background , have you checked task manager ?

calstars, Monday, 14 September 2020 15:26 (two weeks ago) link

What model/specs? And have you had any success updating drivers w Dell Update?

vision joanna newsom (Stevie D(eux)), Monday, 14 September 2020 19:02 (two weeks ago) link

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