Who on this bitch plays bridge?

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Common, I heard someone mention ducking as a cheap trick in an ILx bridge game.

Mr Noodles (Mr Noodles), Thursday, 6 March 2003 03:37 (seventeen years ago) link

i have only played a bit years ago but i have always wanted to learn

ron (ron), Thursday, 6 March 2003 03:39 (seventeen years ago) link

I play, but my parents and grandparents play more (every month and for money too)

A Nairn (moretap), Thursday, 6 March 2003 04:14 (seventeen years ago) link

I play pinocle, but bridge is too much for my little brane.

Matt Maxwell (Matt M.), Thursday, 6 March 2003 04:23 (seventeen years ago) link

I know how to play except how the scoring works. Still, I'm up for a game that uses rubbers.

Leee (Leee), Thursday, 6 March 2003 04:35 (seventeen years ago) link

actually i just want to do the bidding part. playing the hand sux because i am too mentally lazy to count the cards

ron (ron), Thursday, 6 March 2003 04:36 (seventeen years ago) link

I can't score the game worth crap. For the most part yes, but once I try figuring out whats above and below the line for making a game contract with an overtrick while redoubled and vunerable, just forget it. But at a dime a point its a lot, not that its ever happened to me. Its also the un-offical company lunch game since we lost our cribbage boards.

Mr Noodles (Mr Noodles), Thursday, 6 March 2003 04:43 (seventeen years ago) link

I used to work with a guy who played computer bridge by himself all the time. He never wanted to play with anyone else, which infuriated me, even though I didn't even know how to play bridge, nor would have wanted to.

slutsky (slutsky), Thursday, 6 March 2003 05:11 (seventeen years ago) link

For a short while I played pinochle, but really bridge and even pinochle suck most of what I like out of games -- they are too much like puzzles or cotillions, not enough like pleasant social fun. So I usually play euchre or cribbage (depending on whether I'm in a group of 4 or 2). (For 3, play Mille Bornes.)

Chris P (Chris P), Thursday, 6 March 2003 07:41 (seventeen years ago) link

Our sub-district of middle and high schools has recently become big on this. I actually have the TAG teacher scheduled to teach me the basics so I can help coach our team. I'll keep you posted.

That Girl (thatgirl), Thursday, 6 March 2003 07:43 (seventeen years ago) link

My grandmother would be really happy if I learned to play bridge.

gabbneb (gabbneb), Thursday, 6 March 2003 07:49 (seventeen years ago) link

Matos, Felicity & Paul Eater TO THREAD.

Mary (Mary), Thursday, 6 March 2003 07:54 (seventeen years ago) link

badly and I'm a reckless biddder

Ed (dali), Thursday, 6 March 2003 09:18 (seventeen years ago) link

I'm much more of a cribbage man.

Ed (dali), Thursday, 6 March 2003 09:18 (seventeen years ago) link

used to play loads just before finals; now i play approx once a year. i still love it, though mostly as a social activity; i have friends who play it on the internet and i really don't see the attraction.

toby (tsg20), Thursday, 6 March 2003 09:19 (seventeen years ago) link

Used to play quite a bit, but haven't for ages through lack of people to play with; everyone I know seems to prefer the down and dirty aesthetic of poker rather than the Imperial gentility of bridge bah.

(I am also a reckless bidder).

Dave B (daveb), Thursday, 6 March 2003 11:08 (seventeen years ago) link

I don't play bridge, but I just wanted to say that the title of this thread is CLASSIC.

Jody Beth Rosen (Jody Beth Rosen), Thursday, 6 March 2003 11:12 (seventeen years ago) link

I played bridge back in high school, where I had a group of friends who were really into it. Yes, we were complete geekwads.

I knew the standard rules but never got into the bidding conventions and such.

fletrejet, Thursday, 6 March 2003 12:27 (seventeen years ago) link


felicity (felicity), Thursday, 6 March 2003 12:30 (seventeen years ago) link

My mom gave me a quick lesson about a month ago. Am I right in assuming that bidding is just another way of saying 'table talk'? (ie letting your partner know what's in your hand)

I never got over the fact that if you win the bid your partner just lays his cards out face up and doesn't play from his own hand. It haunts me to this day.

lawrence kansas (lawrence kansas), Thursday, 6 March 2003 14:06 (seventeen years ago) link

Bidding does indeed tell you what your partner has, also tells your opponents provided your playing the same convention.

Mr Noodles (Mr Noodles), Thursday, 6 March 2003 14:40 (seventeen years ago) link

"Table talk" is any talk (including body language) about your cards *other* than bidding, and is very against the rules. The real challenge in Bridge is to use bidding to figure out what everyone else has in their hands.

fletrejet, Thursday, 6 March 2003 14:44 (seventeen years ago) link

"I bid three" = I have nothing. I had to relearn the whole idea of card playing after that lesson.

lawrence kansas (lawrence kansas), Thursday, 6 March 2003 14:57 (seventeen years ago) link

I used to play a lot and be very good - it was a fairly big thing in my boarding school, and I was always champ. Hardly placed since, however.

BTW, you give info to your opponents whether they know your conventions/systems or not. They are entitled to ask the meaning of a bid. You obviously don't have to tell them what is in your hand, but you do have to say how many points it means or whether it indicates a four-card major or how many kings or a take-out double or what.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Thursday, 6 March 2003 18:38 (seventeen years ago) link

I was acting under the impression they might mistake conventions, like assuming strong twos when your playing weak.

Mr Noodles (Mr Noodles), Thursday, 6 March 2003 19:43 (seventeen years ago) link

Yes, you're clearly right that mistakes can be made, but that is different from not giving them information. Anyway, weak twos is mentalist!

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Thursday, 6 March 2003 21:00 (seventeen years ago) link

I play during any scrap of free time when three willing people can be found. Love it.

Misunderstood and misleading conventions are all part of the game. E.g., opening your weakest minor!

Paul Eater (eater), Thursday, 6 March 2003 21:10 (seventeen years ago) link

Weak twos isn't mentalist, weak 3s can be but I love them so.
Splinter is good fun for all.

Mr Noodles (Mr Noodles), Thursday, 6 March 2003 21:56 (seventeen years ago) link

I'm sort of in favour of pre-emptive threes on long suits even if weak. Weak twos may not be mentalist, but I think they do tend to lead too often to major undertricks.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Thursday, 6 March 2003 22:26 (seventeen years ago) link

it's like they're talking aramaic

lawrence kansas (lawrence kansas), Friday, 7 March 2003 13:51 (seventeen years ago) link

one year passes...
I just won £13.95!

Gravel Puzzleworth (Gregory Henry), Monday, 25 October 2004 02:55 (sixteen years ago) link


Paul Eater (eater), Monday, 25 October 2004 13:25 (sixteen years ago) link

Hi Paul!

You've Got to Pick Up Every Stitch (tracerhand), Monday, 25 October 2004 13:45 (sixteen years ago) link

Hi! Your nickname is becoming quite seasonal.

Tell me the rules for domino bridge again?

Paul Eater (eater), Monday, 25 October 2004 14:03 (sixteen years ago) link

We got our crib boards back. Yeehaw.
Now we can have rubber bridge vs cribbage fite.

Mr Noodles (Mr Noodles), Monday, 25 October 2004 15:46 (sixteen years ago) link

I used to love bridge, I played it a lot near the end of high school, I read books about it, etc. Then my interest tailed off once I started university because none of my friends played it. I should have joined the bridge club or something.

MindInRewind (Barry Bruner), Monday, 25 October 2004 16:20 (sixteen years ago) link

three months pass...
I have to CAPTAIN Wadham for cuppers! We are so totally boned.

Gravel Puzzleworth (Gregory Henry), Monday, 31 January 2005 23:10 (fifteen years ago) link

Translation please?

Also, any NYC bridgies up for a game when Matos is in town?

Paul Eater (eater), Monday, 31 January 2005 23:23 (fifteen years ago) link

Wadham is my university college, cuppers is the intercollegiate competition. Some colleges have THEIR OWN BRIDGE CLUBS. It will be fun carnage.

Weak twos are not mentalist!

Gravel Puzzleworth (Gregory Henry), Monday, 31 January 2005 23:38 (fifteen years ago) link

I am suck at conventions, as are my friends the rare times we ever play. When someone goes to 4NT we have to remind each other "hypothetically" what the response bids are.

ps are there any decent bridge freeware programs?

mookieproof (mookieproof), Tuesday, 1 February 2005 00:08 (fifteen years ago) link

weak twos are totally mentalist! (i think!)

mookieproof (mookieproof), Tuesday, 1 February 2005 00:08 (fifteen years ago) link

I dunno! I'd like to find one too. We should all play on yahoo!

Weak two aren't mentalist! You can totally express any point count with rebids, so it makes total sense to have nasty obstructive pre-empts in the system, I reckon...

Gravel Puzzleworth (Gregory Henry), Tuesday, 1 February 2005 00:16 (fifteen years ago) link

Plans are in motion, Paul.

Tracer Hand (tracerhand), Tuesday, 1 February 2005 01:36 (fifteen years ago) link

I wish I had friends who play cards.

Autumn Almanac (Autumn Almanac), Tuesday, 1 February 2005 02:06 (fifteen years ago) link

I play once a week, which wouldn't be enough if I didn't have so much other stuff to do. But I do look forward to it. It has helped my playing of every other card game.

"Game of games", we call it.

peepee (peepee), Tuesday, 1 February 2005 02:16 (fifteen years ago) link


Matos-Webster Dictionary (M Matos), Tuesday, 1 February 2005 03:38 (fifteen years ago) link

two years pass...

OK 4 years on I think it may be bridge time again. Except, I haven't played in 4 years, and Colette has never played, and we'd like to at least get the basics down before seeking people out for games. Are there good ways to do this with just two of us (possibly involving computers/the internet)? Any good introductory books/gateway games (I think I got into bridge via hearts, for example).

toby, Monday, 8 October 2007 02:12 (thirteen years ago) link

two years pass...

I love this game, but no one i know plays it.

NOT FUNNY NEEDS MORE CGI (jjjusten), Wednesday, 11 August 2010 16:50 (ten years ago) link


mookieproof, Wednesday, 11 August 2010 16:52 (ten years ago) link

I played a bit with my champion gram as a kid, but I'd love to re-learn it.

kate78, Wednesday, 11 August 2010 17:25 (ten years ago) link

When I was 13, a teacher at school offered to show a group of us how to play bridge. We declined and started playing D&D instead.

Les centimètres énigmatiques (snoball), Wednesday, 11 August 2010 17:34 (ten years ago) link

Love the bidding - endlessly interesting - but find the play has this weird plateau after you understand basic 'take the certain tricks + try to finesse' strategy where you basically don't get much better for a *long* time? Did anyone else find this?

Gravel Puzzleworth, Wednesday, 11 August 2010 17:54 (ten years ago) link

Never played bridge, but that was def the case when I played Spades a lot during college.

My totem animal is a hamburger. (WmC), Wednesday, 11 August 2010 18:35 (ten years ago) link

i just started with some friends

snooki stackhouse (s1ocki), Wednesday, 11 August 2010 18:39 (ten years ago) link

who on this bridge plays bitch?

painini (admrl), Wednesday, 11 August 2010 19:50 (ten years ago) link

Gandalf to thread...

Les centimètres énigmatiques (snoball), Wednesday, 11 August 2010 19:53 (ten years ago) link

Used to play with work friends, but when that ended I stopped.

nickn, Wednesday, 11 August 2010 20:35 (ten years ago) link

playing no trump is always a challenge. i dunno, it takes a certain awareness of where cards are likely to be to successfully finesse. and keeping track of how to get back and forth between your hand and the borad. a lot of it is just ~memory~

but yeah it's the bidding that separates the women from the girls

mookieproof, Wednesday, 11 August 2010 20:36 (ten years ago) link

eight years pass...

I am ridiculously good at most games and tend to master new ones quickly. The problem is: I'm no fun to play with. My friends warn each other not to play me in Scrabble because it's too humiliating. After my bf taught me a card game called Big Two and after two hands I started roundly trouncing him, and he got angry at me, I decided that it'd probably be worthwhile to try and learn Bridge because a. we can play on the same team, and b. I've heard it's really difficult and complicated? and might be fun

But pretty much immediately it became clear that it's far too complicated for him, and maybe for me also. I have spent the last few nights playing Bridge Trainer before bed and feeling insane about how poor my play is. All the methods I had at securing wins in Hearts and Spades and 9-5-2 and so on-- completely useless. I think I might hate this game

flamboyant goon tie included, Monday, 13 August 2018 13:23 (two years ago) link

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