There are 390,000 Jedi Knights in the UK!

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It's official! Though, it was all a hoax about it becoming a recogonised relegion.

jel -- (jel), Thursday, 13 February 2003 17:38 (eighteen years ago) link

(this is the site I go on at work instead of ILX, I Love Statistics!)

jel -- (jel), Thursday, 13 February 2003 17:39 (eighteen years ago) link

H***** forwarded me this this afternoon. Well, that took exactly 3 hours to get round the internet. That kinda scares me, how interconnected the world is.

kate, Thursday, 13 February 2003 17:41 (eighteen years ago) link

white wizards are also on the increase

stevem (blueski), Thursday, 13 February 2003 18:02 (eighteen years ago) link

I put pantheist

jel -- (jel), Thursday, 13 February 2003 18:08 (eighteen years ago) link

I out Jedi. I'm sorry. The census arrived at our third-year uni residence. Ben and I were pissed on absinthe when we completed it. At the time it was exceptionally funny.

Nick Southall (Nick Southall), Thursday, 13 February 2003 23:42 (eighteen years ago) link

It was also on the BBC and Ananova sites very prominently so I don't think the scary speed of the interweb is entirely to blame.

Tom (Groke), Thursday, 13 February 2003 23:46 (eighteen years ago) link

Is Great Britain filled with Comic Book Guys?

Nicole (Nicole), Friday, 14 February 2003 02:19 (eighteen years ago) link

Alan Moore comes from there, it has to be so. Besides which, do you not remember Al Ewing's epic The Reader?

Ned Raggett (Ned), Friday, 14 February 2003 02:25 (eighteen years ago) link

(Nicole is secretly covering up for her Trek-worshipping boy toy, of course. Meanwhile, I am shameless -- how many more times could I see The Two Towers if I really wanted to, I wonder...)

Ned Raggett (Ned), Friday, 14 February 2003 02:25 (eighteen years ago) link

Oh I am married to a Comic Book Guy (kind of), but I'm just sayin'...

Nicole (Nicole), Friday, 14 February 2003 02:26 (eighteen years ago) link

At least if we need a new group to persecute, we know where to look.

Martin Skidmore (Martin Skidmore), Friday, 14 February 2003 21:02 (eighteen years ago) link

Ned, have you got The Reader? I'm going half mad trying to find it...

Al Ewing (Al Ewing), Friday, 14 February 2003 22:01 (eighteen years ago) link

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