The best Simpsons episode ever. Fact.

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Can't be done, you say? Homie The Clown.

Krusty lighting his cigar with a string of pearls - The clowns battering their way into Homer's daydreams - burning colleagues as clowns - mashed potatoes in the shape of the big top - "Yes, Homey? (do doo doodle-oo)" - "he invented the pie-fight, the pratfall, and the seltzer bottle, as far as I know" - "go forth and do all the other piddling little crap I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole" - Homer killing the Krusty Burglar - Homer threatening Dick Cavett - Krusty rebuilt as Krusty - Ned saved by a bible and a piece of The True Cross - "The same Benedict Arnold who plotted to surrender West Point to the hated British?" - The love theme from the Godfather - "You've made an old Italian stereotype very happy"

My friends, this is hit after hit after hit. There is not an inch of fat on this episode. It is time for us to proclaim it the best, and move on.

Andrew Farrell (afarrell), Monday, 13 January 2003 18:24 (nineteen years ago) link

"Seattle! hahaha"

naked as sin (naked as sin), Monday, 13 January 2003 18:29 (nineteen years ago) link

"you people have held me back long enough - i'm going to clown college!"
"wow, i don't think any of us thought he'd say that"

in terms of humor density, this episode is the king

dave k, Monday, 13 January 2003 18:52 (nineteen years ago) link

it's my joint fave, with "the front". that's where lisa and bart write cartoons, under abe simpsons name.

weasel diesel (K1l14n), Monday, 13 January 2003 18:57 (nineteen years ago) link

"I'm seeing double here, four Krustys!"

Vinnie (vprabhu), Monday, 13 January 2003 19:13 (nineteen years ago) link

"Ima justa poor old stereotype"

Ed (dali), Monday, 13 January 2003 19:13 (nineteen years ago) link

"He's spinning the ball on his finger! TAKE it! TAKE THE BALL!"

Jamie Thompson (Jamie), Monday, 13 January 2003 19:17 (nineteen years ago) link

It's in my top ten, but I think the best episode is the one where Burns is looking for his teddy bear. It's just perfect in every way. The "Citizen Kane" opening, Homer screaming "BRING BACK SHERIFF LOBO!", the Ramones appearance, Homer doing stand-up comedy, Smithers noting all the great things Burns already has ("King Arthur's Excalibur, the only existing nude photo of Mark Twain, and that rare first draft of the Constitution with the word 'Suckers!' in it!"), the bear passing from Lindbergh to Hitler to Maggie, the guys who go to the North Pole just to get ice ("We lost three men on this last expedition!" "If you can think of a better way to get ice, I'd like to hear it!"), Maggie holding up the bear in front of an oblivious Homer while Kent Brockman says "It could be IN FRONT OF YOU AS WE SPEAK," Homer refusing Burns' offer of a drink, Grampa crashing his car through the living room wall, Burns and Smithers trying to break in, Homer eating sixty-four slices of American cheese, the angry mob ("We've given the words 'angry mob' a bad name!"), the guy who keeps taking pictures of Burns, and the "Planet of the Apes" ending. I really can't think of anything better than that episode, even "Homie The Clown."

Justyn Dillingham (Justyn Dillingham), Monday, 13 January 2003 19:50 (nineteen years ago) link

i agree with Justyn - the 'BoBo' episode has been my favourite for a good 3 years now (but Justyn you forgot to mention the bit where Homer says to get the bear back mr Burns will have to give him his own recording studio!) after ousting the titanic 'Deep Space Homer' (this is the ultimate parody/pastiche episode) and before that 'Last Exit To Springfield' (the one with the dental plan)...'Homie The Clown' would probably be in my top 10 though

stevem (blueski), Monday, 13 January 2003 19:58 (nineteen years ago) link

another great thing about 'Homie The Clown' tho - krusty mentions that there can only be one Krusty imitator per city so each clown student calls out their city in turn until it gets to Homer who excitedly just shouts out his name, classique!

stevem (blueski), Monday, 13 January 2003 20:00 (nineteen years ago) link

I'll vote for Monorail...Monorail...MONORAIL!

Anthony Miccio (Anthony Miccio), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 00:57 (nineteen years ago) link

the one with the Planet Of The Apes musical is definitely top 5, PURELY for having a Planet Of The Apes musical in it...

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 01:23 (nineteen years ago) link

I still go for the Gummi De milo one (Homer Bad Man). runner-up would be the one where Homer befriends Ned.

Michael Bourke, Tuesday, 14 January 2003 08:50 (nineteen years ago) link

Angry Mob in Homer Bad Man: "2-4-6-8! Homer's crime was really great! 'Great' meaning 'huge' or 'immense'! We mean it the pejorative sense!"

robster (robster), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 09:18 (nineteen years ago) link

I'm agreeing on the Homer Bad Man episode. At the end when the tv show portrays Willie as a peeping-tom, .."But Marge, listen to the music.."

Fuzzy (Fuzzy), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 10:59 (nineteen years ago) link

My vote goes to "Homerphobia". It has John Waters in it.

Tag, Tuesday, 14 January 2003 11:06 (nineteen years ago) link

Well, I've had my day in the sun.

Andrew Farrell (afarrell), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 11:14 (nineteen years ago) link

I love the one where Ned kills his wife and they have the swimming pool with the bathings suits and the Lisa and the broken leg and the telescope and... yeeees.

Nick Southall (Nick Southall), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 11:17 (nineteen years ago) link

All good, especially the rear window parody, but nothing suggested has come up to the standard of 'Homie the Clown'

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 11:21 (nineteen years ago) link

i really love a recent one with ling-wo the linguistic robot.

chaki (chaki), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 11:26 (nineteen years ago) link

I always forget which bits are from which episodes, how the hell do you all remember?

Ronan (Ronan), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 11:31 (nineteen years ago) link

Oh, come on, is there anything on the level of "Bart Sells His Soul"?

"We take the best part of the chicken, the neck, and marinade it in secret hobo spices".

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 11:32 (nineteen years ago) link

What about "Homer the Smithers"? If that's its title. "Hello Mr Burns this is your Mother" and so on...

Andrew Thames (Andrew Thames), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 12:13 (nineteen years ago) link

last night's episode on sky one (one of the only perks in being exiled in hotel in fareham for the first half of the week) was based on the prisoner. which was nice.


koogs, Tuesday, 14 January 2003 13:01 (nineteen years ago) link

to counter Ed, NOTHING else here can quite toppled the Bobo episode! and 'Homer Badman' is also as good if not better than 'Homie The Clown'...if anything because it tackles a sensitive social issue and makes about a thousand fantastic jokes out of it whereas Homer becoming a clown is hilarious but much more 'obvious' humour involved.

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 14:16 (nineteen years ago) link

fav lines - Bart is a cop for the evening and Lou states as driving through an alley - "Damn boxes" always makes me laugh just for the dead pan execution.

Secondly when homer wants a hotdog and the vendor keeps turning up - Marge asks if he is following homer, "lady he's putting my kids through college"

james (james), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 14:34 (nineteen years ago) link

can anyone explain the line from Mr Burns in the Laddy the wonderdog episode where he meets Laddy and gravely says "Smithers, I believe this dog was in Skull n' Bones"

whats that about?

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 14:37 (nineteen years ago) link

I still like the one where everyone wonders where all of the photos of Maggie are. Maybe not a laff riot, but it was a really well-written episode.

Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 14:50 (nineteen years ago) link

Carl "way to beat the boss' head like a drum Homer!"
Lenny "he's gettin a good sound of that old guy's head!"

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 14:54 (nineteen years ago) link

Sean, that episode WAS a laugh riot

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 14:55 (nineteen years ago) link

Lenny and Carl are my favourites.

"that's Mount Carlmore, I carved it one summers day...."

"what does Carl think"

"we don't like to talk about it".

Ronan (Ronan), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 14:57 (nineteen years ago) link


Andrew Thames (Andrew Thames), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 14:59 (nineteen years ago) link

The one where Homer falls in love with Mindy, tres Classique 'So the egg council got to you to huh!) and you see the egg running away
When Bleeding Gums Murphy dies 'I'd like another faberge egg please' 'sir, I think you've had enough'
'Honey, we can go to the pound and get you a new jazz man'
' nobody ever suspects THE Butterfly'

nellskies (minna), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 16:56 (nineteen years ago) link

I do love the whole vincent price egg magic subplot of the super bowl episode. The rest of the episode is, so so.

Ed (dali), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 16:58 (nineteen years ago) link

I just greatly enjoyed the one where Bart joins the Junior Campers during an all-syrup Squishee bender. Best thing: during Bart and Milhouse's "Broadway-style" interlude, the sailor who comes in singing "New York" and then, pointed toward New York, tips his hat broadly and says "Thanks, kid!" Also:

BART: We were just planning the annual father/son raft race.
HOMER: Heh. You don't have a son.

nabisco (nabisco), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:16 (nineteen years ago) link

'bart sells his soul' is very very very good - the opening scene!! the organ solo!!- but 'homie the clown' is a comedic panther. the episode that gets me closest to tears is the ralph wiggum-choo-choo-choose episode

dave k, Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:18 (nineteen years ago) link

"Guys and Dolls, we're just a bunch of crazy Guys and Dolls"

(see also "Theme... from a Summer place, it's the Theme, from a Summer Place, the Theme, from a Summer, Place"

Mark C (Mark C), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:19 (nineteen years ago) link

oh man, the Egg Council/fleeing egg thing from the Stonecutters episode is just about the funniest thing ever right now

either that or the idea of getting a new jazz man from the pound

great work nellskies :)

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:19 (nineteen years ago) link

In the garden of eden honey

and the lighters go up

very funny

chris (chris), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:22 (nineteen years ago) link

>can anyone explain the line from Mr Burns in the Laddy the wonderdog
>episode where he meets Laddy and gravely says "Smithers, I believe
>this dog was in Skull n' Bones"

Skull 'n' Bones is a s00per seKrut society at Yale. They have some sort of s00per seKrut handshake. When Burns shook Laddy's hand, the dog must have performed it.

George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush were both members.

fletrejet, Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:25 (nineteen years ago) link

thanks fletrejet that makes perfect sense now, Burns is a Yale man after all

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:29 (nineteen years ago) link

My personal favorite was the one where Bart gets a Big Brother and then to spite Bart, Homer gets a little brother ("I'm not the only one who can abuse a non-profit program!").

fletrejet, Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:34 (nineteen years ago) link

i havent seen that episode on TV for a long time - why not?

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 17:57 (nineteen years ago) link

Is the Cap'n in the Clownschool episode?

DV (dirtyvicar), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 18:01 (nineteen years ago) link

Oh come now, if it hasn't got Sideshow Bob in it, then it can't be the best one. "Cape Fear" kills me every time. The Gilbert and Sullivan, Bob's attempt to reply to Bart menacingly, the scene with the rakes...oh God, the rakes. Although the episode where Krustee is forced to relocate his TV studio to a trailer somewhere in the desert is classic for the Stingy & Battery Show: "They light! and bite! and light and...[groan of dejection]"

J0hn Darn13ll3 (J0hn Darn13ll3), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 18:27 (nineteen years ago) link

my favourite is the ice hockey one. the way homer sets up the competition between bart and lisa is great.

Julio Desouza (jdesouza), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 18:30 (nineteen years ago) link

sorry many others are coming in. its impossible actually.

Julio Desouza (jdesouza), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 18:31 (nineteen years ago) link

>i havent seen that episode on TV for a long time - why not?

I don't know if you are in the UK or US, but in the US there is a certain system to the syndication of episodes which results in long periods of time where they show only recent (= the last 3-4 seasons') episodes over and over and over. Therefore you hardly ever see older episodes in syndication. I just download episodes from kazaa now to get my Simpson's fix.

fletrejet, Tuesday, 14 January 2003 18:59 (nineteen years ago) link

its pretty random on Sky One in the UK...and the BBC now for that matter. I think the 'softball' episode was shown about ten times last year on either channel but other episodes from that glorious season dont get much of a look-in...havent seen 'Mother Simpson' for ages (but thats good cos i was a bit sick of it)

fletrejet - every time i download an episode from KaZaa i notice bits missing and/or cut out - beware!

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 19:09 (nineteen years ago) link

the scene with the rakes...oh God, the rakes.
I loved this episode, but I never NEVER did understand the rakes. Is it an allusion to something else? I always just considered it a way to fill up another 10 seconds.

Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Tuesday, 14 January 2003 19:10 (nineteen years ago) link

i cant stand to watch Season 1...i have the Season 2 DVD but much of that also seems a bit dud (i only call you a-dud compared to a-seasons 3 to 8-a!) now - maybe i've just seen them too many times. regardless i await Season 3 (where things really kick off for me) with the most baited of breath

stevem (blueski), Thursday, 16 January 2003 12:19 (nineteen years ago) link

'Best' is always hard to do, but my favourite is definitely "Insane Clown Poppy", simply for the sequence at the beginning where Bart and Homer fix things using fireworks. Oh, and the "How did you find me? Well, my mom always said that my father was a sad old clown" and the "Somebody here is a snitch" bits are both brilliantly funny.

SittingPretty (sittingpretty), Thursday, 16 January 2003 12:37 (nineteen years ago) link

seven months pass...
Recent research indicates that, while the with-heart episodes may not be better than the without-heart ones, there's a good reason for the Simpsons to go back to with-heart: On the vicious surreal black comedy front, The Family Guy kicks its ass.

Andrew Farrell (afarrell), Monday, 18 August 2003 11:50 (eighteen years ago) link

but the 'with-heart' (as in the ones where the family were still likeable despite flaws) ones WERE better dagnabbit

stevem (blueski), Monday, 18 August 2003 11:59 (eighteen years ago) link

How on Earth can you extol the virtues of "Homie the Clown" and not mention the bicycle trick!?! I totally collapsed a lung laughing at that bit!

nickalicious (nickalicious), Monday, 18 August 2003 12:29 (eighteen years ago) link

Bike trick = scatalogical humor = we don't need that now do we, ILX?

Leee (Leee), Monday, 18 August 2003 21:23 (eighteen years ago) link

I can't believe you mentalists left out 'Lisa's Valentine'!

The pointless busywork! Miss hoover demonstrating the safety scissors' bluntness on her arm! "It says be, and there's a picture of a bee on it!"
Ralph walking Lisa home from school: "so, do you like...stuff?" and later, "the doctor said i wouldn't get so many nosebleeds if i kept my finger out of there"!
KBBL accidentally playing 'Monster Mash' several times!
Krusty's live spectacular - "and now my favourite part of the evening, talk to the audience??! *groan, mumble* this bit always kills me"

damn i miss the daily repeats. k-lassic.

petra jane (petra jane), Tuesday, 19 August 2003 12:07 (eighteen years ago) link

i still think 'Homie The Clown' is top 5 - Andrew nailed it so well originally.

stevem (blueski), Tuesday, 19 August 2003 12:18 (eighteen years ago) link

one year passes...

krusty gets cancelled. all the way.

piscesboy, Thursday, 6 January 2005 19:26 (seventeen years ago) link

Over the last month I've watched pretty much all of the last few years (finally) and: That heart isn't gone at all, it's just dispaced and done strangely. It's all about repeating themes with minor characters that seem like throwaways at first but which build up to something more meaningful. Nelson's home life, Moe's suicidal tendencies, even Lenny parade of medical problems, Mrs. Krabapple dealing with Skinner -- this is where the "heart" of the show is invested now.

It's very odd.

Casuistry (Chris P), Thursday, 6 January 2005 19:51 (seventeen years ago) link

Who "came out of the closet" in that recent episode a couple months ago? they were advertising it but the way Fox jerks around the Simpsons schedule, I missed it. Was it the obvious: Smithers? Or did they pull out a surprise that was great?

Triple Ho, Thursday, 6 January 2005 19:55 (seventeen years ago) link

I thought the Pieman episode from last season was very funny.

Casuistry otm.

laurence kansas (lawrence kansas), Thursday, 6 January 2005 19:59 (seventeen years ago) link

Stephen-Hawking-referring-to Homer to Springfield-taking-over-talking gazebo-standing-on nerds including Vulcan-mating-ritual-abiding Comic Book Guy:
"Larry Flynt is right, you guy's stink!"

Ken L (Ken L), Thursday, 6 January 2005 20:07 (seventeen years ago) link

They haven't done any coming out yet, I think.

Casuistry (Chris P), Thursday, 6 January 2005 20:08 (seventeen years ago) link

Shit! Sean beat me by two years and without moronically extra hyphen inserted.

Ken L (Ken L), Thursday, 6 January 2005 20:08 (seventeen years ago) link

Duffless (Homer gives up drinking?!?!

This one contains one of my favoritest lines ever from this show.

HOMER (out walking, not drinking, feeling good, says something about never drinking again)

MOE: Alright boozy, you're late for your drunkening!

nickalicious (nickalicious), Thursday, 6 January 2005 20:23 (seventeen years ago) link

'Max Power, he's the man who's name you'd love to touch,
but you musn't touch!
His name sounds good in your ear, but when you say it,
you musn't fear.
'Cause his name can be said by anyone!'

azob (azob), Thursday, 6 January 2005 20:31 (seventeen years ago) link

Last night they showed the rerun where Homer and Barney duke it out to go to space. So many good lines/sightgags in that one.

Bart: Wow, my father an astronaut. I feel so full of...what's the
opposite of shame?
Marge: Pride?
Bart: No, not _that_ far from shame.
Homer: [quavering] Less shame?
Bart: [happy] Yeah...

cathy berberian (Jody Beth Rosen), Thursday, 6 January 2005 20:35 (seventeen years ago) link

I'm so glad someone quoted lyrics to the Max Power song! I've been looking for those for ages...

sugarpants (sugarpants), Thursday, 6 January 2005 21:02 (seventeen years ago) link

King Size Homer

Pears can just fuck right off. (kenan), Thursday, 6 January 2005 21:13 (seventeen years ago) link

I'm a fan of the episode where Homer becomes a babysitter.

jay blanchard (jay blanchard), Thursday, 6 January 2005 21:17 (seventeen years ago) link

- bart sells his soul to milhouse
- guatemalan insanity peppers
- scorpio

peter smith (plsmith), Thursday, 6 January 2005 21:18 (seventeen years ago) link

I'm so glad someone quoted lyrics to the Max Power song! I've been looking for those for ages...
-- sugarpants (signalsfadin...), January 6th, 2005.

Lyrics to tons of Simpson songs

Alan Ralph (azob), Thursday, 6 January 2005 21:22 (seventeen years ago) link

And lots of pop-ups. (And one virus warning.)

nickn (nickn), Thursday, 6 January 2005 21:35 (seventeen years ago) link

big ups to hank scorpio.

mark p (Mark P), Thursday, 6 January 2005 22:18 (seventeen years ago) link

The Brazil episode is brilliant.

''So it's oppisite land!!! Crooks chase cops, cats have puppies, hot snow falls up'

azob (azob), Thursday, 6 January 2005 22:33 (seventeen years ago) link

"Bart Sells His Soul" is a classic.

"Secret hobo spices!"

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Thursday, 6 January 2005 22:38 (seventeen years ago) link

that's just a variant on Bart vs Australia tho ("hamburgers eat people" etc.)


Stevem On X (blueski), Thursday, 6 January 2005 22:43 (seventeen years ago) link

I don't think so.......homie don't play dat.

papa november (papa november), Thursday, 6 January 2005 22:58 (seventeen years ago) link

All I've gotta say is this -

Cover me, sarge, I'm goin in for Bart's soul!
If the ayatollah can't have it, no one can!

Zack Richardson (teenagequiet), Thursday, 6 January 2005 23:04 (seventeen years ago) link

the laughing steamroller-type thing driver

Stevem On X (blueski), Thursday, 6 January 2005 23:13 (seventeen years ago) link

"Homers Barber Shop Quartet"

latebloomer (latebloomer), Friday, 7 January 2005 02:30 (seventeen years ago) link

My favorite line from the B-sharps episode:

"Oyster Lucy! You'll love Oyster Lucy! Oh Mister Mooney, I've just got to meet Bob Cummings.... Viiiiiiiiiiv."

dave225 (Dave225), Friday, 14 January 2005 13:31 (seventeen years ago) link

I was just about to make the same arguments for the same episode. Mindy's the greatest. Except I misquoted the egg thing from the stonecutters episode, thanks Stevem.

Nellie (nellskies), Friday, 14 January 2005 13:54 (seventeen years ago) link

"Oh Mindy, you came and you gave me a turkey"

Markelby (Mark C), Friday, 14 January 2005 14:17 (seventeen years ago) link

How come the funniest moment ever hasn't been mentioned? Probably because it has been mentioned on other threads.

"You have selected... regicide. If you know the name of the king or queen being murdered, press 1"

Markelby (Mark C), Friday, 14 January 2005 14:18 (seventeen years ago) link

I saw the one where Bart and Homer become carnies yesterday - is this a new one? I roffled my ass off!

dog latin (dog latin), Friday, 14 January 2005 14:26 (seventeen years ago) link

the chili cook-off has to be my favorite. you can't go wrong with homer psychedelic hallucinations and johnny cash starring as a coyote.

Jay-Kid (Jay-Kid), Friday, 14 January 2005 14:37 (seventeen years ago) link

It's funny how people love moments that just make you shrug, I guess it just shows how many levels it works on.

Nellie (nellskies), Friday, 14 January 2005 14:43 (seventeen years ago) link

and johnny cash starring as a coyote.

say what now??

I saw the one where Bart and Homer become carnies yesterday - is this a new one?

i think that's from around '99/'00 DL

Nellie OTM

Stevem On X (blueski), Friday, 14 January 2005 15:09 (seventeen years ago) link

the worst thing is when you know someone quoted it wrong - a) you're annoyed because they quoted it wrong, b) you're annoyed that you're annoyed about this, c) you ARE now officially the most annoying person in the world regardless of whether you correct them or not, no-win

Stevem On X (blueski), Friday, 14 January 2005 15:11 (seventeen years ago) link

and johnny cash starring as a coyote.
say what now??

trudat. i'll ship it over to you on gmail if you like.

Jay-Kid (Jay-Kid), Friday, 14 January 2005 15:25 (seventeen years ago) link

Hank: Uh, hi, Homer. What can I do for you?
Homer: Sir, I need to know where I can get some business hammocks.
Hank: Hammocks? My goodness, what an idea. Why didn't I think of that? Hammocks! Homer, there's four places. There's the Hammock Hut, that's on Third.
Homer: Uh-huh.
Hank: There's Hammocks-R-Us, that's on Third too. You got Put-Your-Butt-There?
Homer: Mm-Hmm.
Hank: That's on Third. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot... Matter of fact, they're all in the same complex; it's the Hammock Complex on Third.
Homer: Oh, the Hammock District!

Lance du Lac, Friday, 14 January 2005 15:26 (seventeen years ago) link

ha ha, the Hank Scorpio one is the GREATTITS!

Hank Scorpio: By the way, Homer, what's your least favorite country, Italy or France?
Homer: France.
Hank adjusts a giant laser
Hank Scorpio: Heh heh. Nobody ever says Italy.

nickalicious (nickalicious), Friday, 14 January 2005 15:30 (seventeen years ago) link


nickalicious (nickalicious), Friday, 14 January 2005 15:33 (seventeen years ago) link

The 2 episodes that have Homer and Ned's Vegas wives in always leave me in bits

azob (azob), Friday, 14 January 2005 15:38 (seventeen years ago) link

Hurricane Neddy is SUCH a winner.

"Lousy Beatniks!"

Lance du Lac, Friday, 14 January 2005 15:48 (seventeen years ago) link

"Everybody dance now!"

Markelby (Mark C), Friday, 14 January 2005 15:53 (seventeen years ago) link


Sean Carruthers (SeanC), Friday, 14 January 2005 16:03 (seventeen years ago) link

hurricane neddy is indeed an excellent episode

peter smith (plsmith), Friday, 14 January 2005 16:04 (seventeen years ago) link

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