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i love repairing things. here is a list of things i have recently repaired. post here when you repair something.

replaced faulty dc port
replaced thermal paste

replaced motor that turns plate

repaired various tears and worn areas in favourite denim shirt (with linen patches and japanese sashiko stitching)

plax (ico), Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:26 (three years ago) link

I enjoy undertaking light electronic repairs, i.e. replacing laptop batteries, brackets, hard drives and the like, but I've recently had to remap the 'o' key on my old Macbook due to an irreversible short circuit and it turns out the sole proper solution is replacing the entire keyboard outright. Merely scrolling through this guide is enough to give me a headache:

Publius Covidius Naso (pomenitul), Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:34 (three years ago) link

i fixed my toilet - cistern was taking literally hours to refill. i think there's a limescale buildup on the inlet valve so it was sticking shut.

koogs, Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:37 (three years ago) link

the toilet was also my most recent repair. the little rubber thing that sits at the top of the vertical tube thing had gotten all messed up, and as a result it was doing the thing where the toilet is always "filling up", because it couldn't detect when it had hit the upper water limit. very annoying! fixed it with twine tbh

let me be your friend on the other end! (Karl Malone), Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:42 (three years ago) link

i also recently repaired my toilet. it had been making noise for longer than i care to admit.

forensic plumber (harbl), Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:43 (three years ago) link

I fixed and painted my garden gate, I am happy with it but wish it could earn me money some day. Guess I won't have to pay for a new gate now?

Wuhan!! Got You All in Check (Camaraderie at Arms Length), Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:44 (three years ago) link

my 14' telescoping pole saw was stuck at full extension, but I fixed it by C-clamping it to our deck rail, spraying the locked-up part with WD-40, and wrestling it loose with channel-lock pliers

any day I repair a thing is a good day

Brad C., Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:51 (three years ago) link

14 feet? holy crap!

let me be your friend on the other end! (Karl Malone), Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:52 (three years ago) link

now I have no excuse for not pruning some trees

Brad C., Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:53 (three years ago) link

you could cut off a basketball net from the free throw line!

let me be your friend on the other end! (Karl Malone), Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:54 (three years ago) link

or you can't. sorry, that's 15 feet away (plus 10 feet up). gonna need a longer pole saw, 14' just won't _cut_ it

let me be your friend on the other end! (Karl Malone), Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:55 (three years ago) link

I can't fix shit and even without a quarantine I don't like to go anywhere, so if I can't mail it in I'm gonna order a new one, alas.

silby, Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:59 (three years ago) link

When my Simplyhuman pedal bin stopped working (the plastic hinges broke through wear and tear) rather than buying a new one I sliced some wine bottle cork and superglued it into the hinge. it worked a treat and the hinge is good as new.

calzino, Thursday, 9 April 2020 16:02 (three years ago) link

omg great repair!

plax (ico), Thursday, 9 April 2020 16:19 (three years ago) link

i need to repair my sheepskin slippers that i have had for probably around 12 years, there is a hole coming through from my big toenail. i think some kindof linen thread darning, but it will have to look nice, and i don't have any linen thread, although I was wondering if a weft from some line fabric would work. probably not, but possibly if I wound three together?

plax (ico), Thursday, 9 April 2020 16:21 (three years ago) link

Stevolende to thread!

calzino, Thursday, 9 April 2020 16:25 (three years ago) link

Man I love "fixing" things (or modifying, I guess, for things that aren't technically broken). I've rebuilt every bicycle and rewired every single guitar I've owned to some degree, swapped out a fried diode on guitar amp, switched out resistors on a 1979 Princeton Reverb to make the tremolo crazier and swapped out a potentiometer while I was in there, fixed laptops and chairs and cars and parts of houses and so on. I'm not necessarily great at it but it's so incredibly satisfying.

Our dryer stopped heating a few weeks ago and I got a new heating element and set of thermal fuses and thermostats to fix it, as well as a new belt and belt roller to replace while I'm in there. I've been sick so I haven't gotten around to it yet but for like $50 and maybe two hours of work it'll work again vs. several hundred dollars to have it repaired.

joygoat, Thursday, 9 April 2020 16:26 (three years ago) link

how would you rerepair an acoustic guitar where the bridge is starting to peel away from the body of the guitar? is there a correct glue to use, does it need to be properly peeled off and glued all together?

plax (ico), Thursday, 9 April 2020 16:54 (three years ago) link

Luthiers tend to use animal glues, IIRC. There are repair kits available online, that have a purpose-made clamp. Do check underneath to see if there are loose fittings - it might not be simply a glue issue.

cuomo money, cuomo problems (Ye Mad Puffin), Thursday, 9 April 2020 17:10 (three years ago) link

THought I'd messed up my sewing machine for a while a coupl eof days ago. Wound up taking part so fi t apart that I hadn't done before.
Wound up with the handwheel getting really stiff which had me wthinking I'd damaged something nastily.
Had another go at it the next day and got it back working and it seems to be working pretty smoothly.
& now I know there is a section under the bobbin case/needleplate area that I have access to and had a lot of lint in and bent pins and things and gear wheels and things taht had a load of gunk on them.

Probably needs a service, probably has done fora while . Could do with learning how to do that .
Especially if thisicurrent situation drags out.
Have wanted to for a while anyway.

BUt now hjave 2 new pairs of trousers. & I think I need to learn to actually draft rather than just customise clones.
SDhould be doing real bespoke jeans in like one go instead of several fittngs.

Stevolende, Thursday, 9 April 2020 18:50 (three years ago) link

& now I know there is a section under the bobbin case/needleplate area that I have access to and had a lot of lint in and bent pins and things and gear wheels and things taht had a load of gunk on them.

yes! that section! removing the gunk from that area is often the problem w/r/t sewing machine problems.

re: plax's slippers -- my thought would be to pad/patch from the inside with sturdy materials privileged over aesthetic, and then join that to the exterior to make that look nice -- could maybe do a double layer to reinforce?

sarahell, Thursday, 9 April 2020 18:56 (three years ago) link

Thinking about doing my first oil change -- OOH, my honda is approaching the needs service mark, OTOH I'm barely driving it so it could be a while before it actually gets there

longtime caller, first time listener (man alive), Thursday, 9 April 2020 19:38 (three years ago) link

guess that's not technically a "repair" though

longtime caller, first time listener (man alive), Thursday, 9 April 2020 19:39 (three years ago) link

i made my dad teach me when i was like 19. i like doing things myself but he tried to convince me it wasn't worth it and he was right. you have to have a place to take the oil to, also, don't you?

forensic plumber (harbl), Thursday, 9 April 2020 22:46 (three years ago) link

I used to change the oil myself, but then I bought a new car (my current VW Golf) that requires expensive synthetic oil in a weight so rare that Pep Boys didn't stock it until recently. Since buying my own oil + filter cost almost as much as paying someone else to do it, it became pointless DIYing this. I've done only the most basic of maintenance on this car myself - rotating the tires, changing the wipers, adding fluids, changing light bulbs.

Lee626, Thursday, 9 April 2020 23:10 (three years ago) link

I’ve never learned what the oil does, or why you need to change it.

silby, Friday, 10 April 2020 00:02 (three years ago) link

When you have a big long shaft-like thing repeatedly sliding in & out of a receptacle sleeve, you need proper lubrication to prevent discomfort and damage.

Lee626, Friday, 10 April 2020 00:21 (three years ago) link

Why does the gasoline explode but not the oil

silby, Friday, 10 April 2020 00:23 (three years ago) link

Why they hide the bodies under my garage

El Tomboto, Friday, 10 April 2020 00:25 (three years ago) link

Tombot explain cars to me

silby, Friday, 10 April 2020 00:26 (three years ago) link

just put oil in your gas tank too it's fine and cool

forensic plumber (harbl), Friday, 10 April 2020 02:24 (three years ago) link

it's all made of carbon, it's the same

let me be your friend on the other end! (Karl Malone), Friday, 10 April 2020 02:26 (three years ago) link

I mean, right?? Why not put fullerenes in the tank

silby, Friday, 10 April 2020 02:29 (three years ago) link

That's how I changed the oil in my first car. Enough of it would leak through the dry-rotted gaskets (from sitting in my grampa's garage too long), burning out the tail pipe. I just had to dump a quart of it in every month or so.

But yeah, I don't change the oil in my cars anymore myself either.

But I did fix these nice vertical blinds we have the other day! One of the little plastic rider/worm screw assemblies got jammed. I pulled it all apart and fixed it. Feels nice.

Mostly I appreciate that my previous house owner was a completely crazy fixer, making a giant welded cast-iron i-beam workbench I still use. He was also a dangerously incompetent electrician, but the house is still standing,

fajita seas, Friday, 10 April 2020 03:24 (three years ago) link

That's how you changed the oil in old "foreign" cars with two-stroke engines - just pour a small amount of oil in with the gasoline/petrol. Some small engines that power lawn mowers or chainsaws still work like that.

Lee626, Friday, 10 April 2020 04:07 (three years ago) link

stevolende, dm me yr email and i will send you the best trouser draft I have ever found online. alternatively you can find it on the forum which i highly recommend checking out regardless

plax (ico), Friday, 10 April 2020 10:58 (three years ago) link

sarahell, that sounds much smarter than my plan. and now that you mention it i could probably do something with a fairly large patch....

plax (ico), Friday, 10 April 2020 10:59 (three years ago) link

I replaced the igniter in our old clothes dryer when someone wanted $300 to fix it. My wife told me it was such a turn on, lol.

Why, I would make a fantastic Nero! (PBKR), Friday, 10 April 2020 11:44 (three years ago) link

I am good at electrics but wish I could do plumbing. I don’t know if it counts as repairs but I am pretty pleased with myself for putting a sensor and timer on the hall light so it comes on when we come through the front door.

Embarrassed that I had to get a guy out to fix the dishwasher and it turned out to be a blocked waste pipe.

Not a sparky, but I’ve been doing electrical stuff for years at work ( I even had a guy working for me for a bit that sat on the committee that writes the wiring rules for Australia). I get electricity and I can stay safe with electricity, with plumbing and water I just don’t have the same intuition. I really want to put an outdoor tap on the deck on the water line that feeds the boiler, but I don’t even know where to start.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Friday, 10 April 2020 11:57 (three years ago) link

dishwashers are a lost cause often. I had a dishwasher that broke my heart repeatedly. i had to replace the same seal on it over and over again.

plax (ico), Friday, 10 April 2020 19:32 (three years ago) link

the rollers on the drawers had corroded, meaning the drawers no longer lined up properly and thus new seals got busted after only maybe a month of use. I eventually got rid of it. my current dishwasher is great!

plax (ico), Friday, 10 April 2020 19:33 (three years ago) link

"I even had a guy working for me for a bit that sat on the committee that writes the wiring rules for Australia"

as an ex-sparkie I've met plenty of these reg-worm types who can accurately quote amendment 1 section 274 blah blah.. but they are basically incapable of doing the most basic electrical installation work! You are right about plumbing though, it's much harder than it looks.

calzino, Friday, 10 April 2020 20:15 (three years ago) link

I was hearing a few stories about people's attempts at attaching bidet hoses on podcasts a couple of weeks ago. People thinking they would be able to do it withouit hassle and then finding the attachments didn't seal properly or something similar.

Would be a good skill to have though. Plumbing like. Always useful.

Stevolende, Friday, 10 April 2020 20:29 (three years ago) link

there is no amount of pro-tips/online guides that is a substitute for the skills you attain doing the same shit every day.

calzino, Friday, 10 April 2020 20:38 (three years ago) link

I've worked at a few companies that had a mechanical side as well as electric but never talked seriously with plumbers. It took me years to realise you turn both the taps off where the silver flexi pipe connects the boiler with the water main when you need to add water because of low pressure fault. I'd just turn the secondary tap off where it connects to the boiler so it was slowly adding extra pressure to the boiler! I'm a fucking idiot though.

calzino, Friday, 10 April 2020 21:13 (three years ago) link

I remember having a big existential crisis about calling a plumber to seat a toilet - I’d done it once or twice but always fucked up the wax ring in the process and I didn’t want to worry about it leaking. But it’s such a straightforward thing that I felt like a sucker hiring someone to do it for me.

The plumber was a youngish guy and we talked for a while and it was cool - he told that he’d installed hundreds of toilets and me paying $100 for the peace of mind was totally worth it, and that he had no idea how to do my job and had no shame about that. It made me much more comfortable deciding what I was comfortable with and what I wanted to entrust to experts.

joygoat, Friday, 10 April 2020 21:21 (three years ago) link

I'm shit around the house but primed and painted the box around the gas meter and laid some matting (all in the porch) and goddamn I feel good. Also bought myself a laplander saw with no real idea what I'm going to do with it.

My old man was a gas fitter and plumber, the father-in-law was all manner of shit: made ship's lanterns, fitted out gas tanks, carpet fitter. I'm generally in awe of tradesmen.

Currently fixing not being pissed.

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Friday, 10 April 2020 21:25 (three years ago) link

Also listening to Outfit by the Drive By Truckers and weeping about being shit with a paintbrush.

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Friday, 10 April 2020 21:27 (three years ago) link

if you ever wanted to bang some extra sockets in a stud wall with fast fix boxes your laplander saw is your friend. When I was in the game we called them "pad saws" but there is a lot of different names for that particular tool.

calzino, Friday, 10 April 2020 21:33 (three years ago) link

Yes! Also great for fiddly jobs in the garden (like dealing with rhododendron in tight spaces, I've found). The thing is so pretty and compact.

Vanishing Point (Chinaski), Friday, 10 April 2020 21:39 (three years ago) link

Portable oil radiator stopped working.
Disassembled and tested continuity. The tip-over safety switch seemed to have gone.
Removed it, joined the contacts.
Radiator works.
Another safety feature, successfully disabled!

woof, Thursday, 22 December 2022 18:04 (one year ago) link

I will simply not knock it over.

woof, Thursday, 22 December 2022 18:05 (one year ago) link

if it's plugged into a circuit protected by an RCBO it'll be reet! Although I say this about all dodgy electrical appliances, perhaps one day I'll be wrong!

calzino, Thursday, 22 December 2022 18:29 (one year ago) link

this year i have fixed both of my toilets.
didn't really have an option as getting a plumber to help out re a small issue in the uk these days is quite literally impossible.
both toilets had problems with the flushing system.
one of which i had to completely replace the inner workings of the cistern tank and then stop massive water leaks due to crap seals,
the other was a simple washer issue but stopped a toilet from making a weird amd annoying droning sound after every flush.

and yeah, fixing these issues = personal highlights of 2022.

mark e, Thursday, 22 December 2022 18:37 (one year ago) link

a barbarous attempt at darning moth holes in my jumpers. two of them will i think be serviceable, and in fact with the last one I did I think I felt a glint of what might have been pride. the cotton/wool one was just too fine a weave and I gave up.

this year everything's going in the freezer at the end of the season and then in bags.

Fizzles, Monday, 2 January 2023 13:58 (one year ago) link

had the shade of plaxico looking over me sceptically as i worked.

Fizzles, Monday, 2 January 2023 14:05 (one year ago) link

My recent fixing achievement was to patch a skylight leak using that smelly sticks-even-on-wet-sutfaces caulk and some foam tube. It held through yesterday's historic rains. I'll get a roofer out in the spring when the Bay Area dry season starts and get it fixed for real.

fajita seas, Monday, 2 January 2023 15:01 (one year ago) link


pvr broke. it would start up but wouldn't find the disk. so i pulled out and put it in a caddy and, well, there was smoke. bought replacement disk, found one on sale, 6x larger than the original. put it in tonight, turned it on. nothing. no lights, no fan.

next time maybe i won't leave it over a year...

koogs, Thursday, 5 January 2023 19:13 (one year ago) link


turned it on and left it on and the front panel lit up. switched TV over to correct input. strains of bbc one, but no picture. scratching sound coming from device. screen flashed green. burning smell. visible smoke (from the aerial out?). 8(

looks like i have a new external drive at least.

koogs, Thursday, 5 January 2023 19:40 (one year ago) link

that smell really lingers

koogs, Thursday, 5 January 2023 20:59 (one year ago) link

I had a wall bracket to fix up for a television in the bedroom. My 24v battery hammer drill is superficially in good condition but the batteries have degraded so badly because I've barely used it in 10 years.

It will charge up enough to drill 1-2 holes at most before sputtering to a slowing level of uselessness. I didn't think it had enough life left to do it so I ordered a basic cheap plug in 230 drill for £50 that I can't really afford.

Then I thought maybe by charging and fully discharging the batteries repeatedly by taping the drill trigger might spark a bit more life into the batteries and after doing this for hours it started to charge up enough to drill 4 holes which is almost like overkill for a bracket that is probably slightly heavier than the smallish tv it's holding up. If I'd kept the faith that you can make old knackered stuff work through dogged persistence sometimes, then I wouldn't have wasted £50, damn it.

calzino, Saturday, 7 January 2023 20:00 (one year ago) link

Can you return the mains powered drill? If it’s undamaged it’s probably worth trying? I’m not sure about consumer law in the UK but “change of mind” within a day or two seems reasonable.

assert (matttkkkk), Saturday, 7 January 2023 20:11 (one year ago) link

yeah probably could, lol it doesn't arrive until tomorrow. But then again it will probably be worth holding onto so next time much less fucking about. So probably not a waste of money, more like a purchase I probably won't need for a few years.

calzino, Saturday, 7 January 2023 20:19 (one year ago) link

one month passes...

I cleaned the front of my telly with a bit of spray and a duster and just noticed a few flickering lines running vertically up the screen. I barely made any contact with it at all! I've fucked it, haven't I?

Shard-borne Beatles with their drowsy hums (Chinaski), Saturday, 4 March 2023 19:46 (eleven months ago) link

maybe check to see if any cables are a bit loose

Brad C., Saturday, 4 March 2023 20:00 (eleven months ago) link

Don't let moisture or dampness get into a flat screen or you will regret it.any more liquid is even worse

Stevo, Saturday, 4 March 2023 21:36 (eleven months ago) link

Did finally manage to get the stereo out and clean the laser on it . But still not playing a few things properly.
Tried Marquee Moon on it again and got a load of fuzz still after first couple of tracks sounded pretty thin.
Soft Machine Third still iffy as to whether it will play through or just hit a random point and stop go to still where yo see the full disc tinming etc.
& the Lee Perry thing i bought a couple of weeks back still doing the same.

I guess the thing is getting pretty old. I bought it in 2005. But still would be good to get a few more years out of it.

Stevo, Sunday, 5 March 2023 10:00 (eleven months ago) link

two months pass...

a thing I've never thought about, until it broke, is the light in a fridge. it broke the other day whilst i was defrosting (i think it got dripped on because the glass is cracked)

anyway, odd though it looked, stumpy little thing, replacements are available in supermarkets for £2. led as well, 1.8W. hilariously it gives the kwh used on the side of the box, for something that's on about 30 seconds a day.

(light bulb and battery technology has really come on in my lifetime. i remember lugging around old bike lights that took two A cells)

also fixed the toilet inlet, again, so the tank fills up. just needs loosening up every 6 months or so because of the likely build up. i realise that there will come a time when this will not work.

koogs, Saturday, 13 May 2023 19:36 (nine months ago) link

I recently changed to LED fridge lights not for the trivial energy savings but rather to be able to use 5000°K daylight bulbs, which give off natural sunlight-like illumination rather than the overly warm candlelight look from incandescent lamps. Hard to describe, but easy to see the difference - colours really jump out at you.

Lee626, Sunday, 14 May 2023 03:02 (nine months ago) link

two months pass...

The A/C in our car has been acting weird for a few years, with the fan sometimes blowing hard but no actual cold air coming out. This would happen intermittently for long stretches and then stop happening, with no rhyme or reason to it. Recently the A/C finally seemed to go out for good. There are any number of things it could have been. The ambient air sensor (which is a PIA to reach, involving removing the front bumper), a hidden fuse (literally, you have to take some things apart to find it), the compressor (expensive). There's also just a good old fashioned leak, discovery of which would entail draining, refilling with dye, and then waiting. But doing some research I found that it could also be something called an EVAP Sensor, the temperature sensor in the car air conditioning system. That part costs $25, and in our case is located in the driver's side foot well, right by the gas pedal, relatively easy to access. I didn't change it myself, but the $25 OEM part I ordered online fixed the problem. Very satisfying, not least because cars are becoming harder and harder to work on without the right proprietary tech/tools.

Josh in Chicago, Friday, 21 July 2023 15:12 (seven months ago) link

It is such a relief when you tick off the possible causes of a problem, and the easiest solution is the one that offers the fix.

For example, there's a known problem with Mercedes where the car won't start if the brake lamp is out. Going from "whatthefuck,how am I going to afford this" to smiling real big and going "are you fucking kidding me?" can be quite the ride.

pplains, Friday, 21 July 2023 15:24 (seven months ago) link

My biggest auto-related AYFKM moment was finding out that one of the most common reasons for the useless "Check Engine" alert to activate was because of a worn out gas cap seal.

Elvis Telecom, Saturday, 22 July 2023 18:12 (six months ago) link

one month passes...

"Apple told a California legislator that it is formally supporting a right to repair bill in California, a landmark move that suggests big tech manufacturers understand they have lost the battle to monopolize repair, and need to allow consumers and independent repair shops to fix their own electronics."

Elvis Telecom, Thursday, 24 August 2023 01:42 (five months ago) link


out-of-print LaserDisc edition (sleeve), Thursday, 24 August 2023 01:53 (five months ago) link

bring back radioshack

werewolves of laudanum (VegemiteGrrl), Thursday, 24 August 2023 02:02 (five months ago) link

two weeks pass...

one of the most common reasons for the useless "Check Engine" alert to activate was because of a worn out gas cap seal.

which can lead to your car failing a smog/emissions test ... so not 100% useless ime

sarahell, Saturday, 9 September 2023 18:48 (five months ago) link

Had a microwave poop out on us the other day, which I diagnosed as the door switch (the fuse-like thing inside that makes sure the door connection is sealed before it puts out heat). Wasn't something I was comfortable fixing myself, but it didn't matter, since, at 10, they no longer make out model or parts for it. We had a guy out who apologized for being unable to do anything with it, so I had to get a new one, though I was able to reinstall the trim (it's an under the counter model).

Weirdly, at the same time our top loading washing machine broke, or specifically, the hubcap-looking wheel/agitator came loose, which thankfully just means swapping out for a new one. Pretty straight forward.

Josh in Chicago, Saturday, 9 September 2023 18:56 (five months ago) link

Shit like that *always* happens at the same time. Rule of threes and all that.

Our overflow pipe has been pissing out water for the last couple of weeks - the one from the water tank in the loft that comes out under the eaves of the roof. I've worked out how to turn the water off in the street, so I did that, then got up in the loft, removed the ball valve and bent the metal shaft down slightly, hoping that means the tank will fill slightly lower and not reach the overflow.

It's currently the hottest September on record in the UK and fuck ME was it hot up there. I was running with so much sweat I couldn't see and when I came down I smelt like a swamp. It's not dripping right now, so fingers crossed...

Slays two. Found gassed. Thinks of cat. (Chinaski), Saturday, 9 September 2023 19:13 (five months ago) link

when I was doing an electrical apprenticeship I sweated out in so many dusty lofts. The worst one was the housing office in Bradford during a heatwave. All the dust sticks to you. I constantly felt like passing out, knowing that if I did there was only a thin piece of plasterboard between the widely spaced ceiling joists protecting me from a 50 ft plummett to certain injury or death!

vodkaitamin effrtvescent (calzino), Saturday, 9 September 2023 19:58 (five months ago) link

Nothing like an existential threat to keep you conscious!

Slays two. Found gassed. Thinks of cat. (Chinaski), Saturday, 9 September 2023 20:13 (five months ago) link

toilet leak, the seal where the pipe from the cistern enters the bowl has worked use over the years and now it trickles along the outside of the bowl when i flush. but a) it's clean water and b) it's only during the flush, so like an eggcup-full.

landlord's plumber has been around and because it's boxed in and access is difficult he's proposed replacing the entire thing, cistern, bowl, etc. and the *unrelated* vanity unit when it's really only one seal that needs attention.

he's also the gas check man and had already talked about replacing the cooked (doesn't meet current regs) and the boiler (inefficient).

ironically, the one non-working thing in the flat is the washing machine, none of the above is fatally broken. so all basically off-topic, sorry.

koogs, Monday, 11 September 2023 12:02 (five months ago) link

which can lead to your car failing a smog/emissions test ... so not 100% useless ime

― sarahell, Saturday, September 9, 2023 2:48 PM (two days ago)

that's cause you live in commiefornia

, Monday, 11 September 2023 12:08 (five months ago) link

this is essentially what happened to me a few years ago and i wound up paying something like £800 for the parts and labour, it was totally insane. i feel that i got completely swizzed. but if your landlord's paying for it...


Tracer Hand, Monday, 11 September 2023 12:22 (five months ago) link

i can't help but feel that these several thousand pounds worth of changes (most of which don't really need doing) will affect my rent sooner or later.

(next door's rent was put up 17% after she complained that the water pouring through her ceiling was making the pace uninhabitable. 6 months later the flat is for sale and she has to find somewhere new)

koogs, Monday, 11 September 2023 12:36 (five months ago) link

two weeks pass...

got a new washing machine and half way through its first wash cycle was getting the error code for water issues and was furiously convinced I'd been sold a dud. Couldn't find any kinks in the hose or waste pipe, and even heard the water rushing into the tank when I turned the it on. I spent a fruitless hour fucking about with the machine and then the same booking a hotpoint engineer. Then I checked again because you get charged £70 if the engineer finds out the fault is your own dumbass doing. After further investigation I discovered when the machine was out of the bay the hose was ok and then was being stressed back into a water blocking kink out of my sight when it was pushed back towards the wall...duh. So now I realise in future: don't turn the water on until you've pushed the machine back towards the wall in the bay because at least then it won't even start a wash cycle if this irksome shit happens and you'll know what the problem is straight away.

vodkaitamin effrtvescent (calzino), Thursday, 28 September 2023 14:55 (four months ago) link

four months pass...

the plumber took the cupboard door off its hinges to give himself better access. (he then left it outdoors for 3 weeks until i brought it in, but hey). four and a half months later(!) he has finished in the cupboard but the door is still unattached. the screws, god knows where those are.

i went and had a look for new screws yesterday. i need exactly 9, they sell them in packets of 250.

koogs, Wednesday, 7 February 2024 14:35 (two weeks ago) link

There's an old-school hardware down the street that sells screws and bolts individually, for 8¢ or 12¢.

And each time I go in, this old man follows me back there and watches me like a hawk as I pick them out from the giant drawers.

What's the worst that's going to happen? I grab a handful and make out like a bandit with $1.56 worth of stock?

pplains, Wednesday, 7 February 2024 14:50 (two weeks ago) link

I think taking them out and putting them back but mixing them up would be worse!

brain (krakow), Wednesday, 7 February 2024 15:34 (two weeks ago) link

local hardware place sells screws individually and because they were visibly different i got enough to replace the hinges on all 3 doors, not just the one that's currently unhinged. so, 27 (actually 30) rather than 9. £2. which is a bargain until you consider they were only £3.50 for 250 screws which makes this v expensive on a per-screw basis.

koogs, Saturday, 10 February 2024 10:37 (one week ago) link

(42p for 30 at box prices so i paid almost 5x)

koogs, Saturday, 10 February 2024 10:40 (one week ago) link

door now attached. hadn't figured on having to jack the door up a bit to get it to reach the hinges but it was nothing a few bits of cardboard couldn't cure. had forgotten how cock-eyed the door used to hang anyway because, like every single thing in this flat, it was done on the cheap.

(another example of this is the line of blue tiles in amongst the 5 lines of white tiles in the bathroom, one colour metric, the other imperial so the joins don't line up)

koogs, Sunday, 11 February 2024 16:04 (one week ago) link

(another example being the bedroom door, which is an old front door, compete with yale lock)

koogs, Sunday, 11 February 2024 16:06 (one week ago) link

What's the worst that's going to happen? I grab a handful and make out like a bandit with $1.56 worth of stock?

have been working on my pops kitchen sink/dishwasher situation lately, and patronizing his local home depot

and it is fascinating, the usual sales associates wandering around, but also there are no checkout lanes, only individual self checkout stations however each station has a cashier, just kind of standing there to scan your things

could be a geographical anomaly but I suspect theft is such an issue that we don't deserve hardware stores anymore

Florin Cuchares, Sunday, 11 February 2024 16:21 (one week ago) link

As per the commentary on the 'continuing with CDs' thread, my kid got given a CD player. It had a 3-pin connector plug on it, so I figured I'd just cut that off and put on a regular UK plug. But there's no earth wire in there - just the blue and brown ones. I've wired the thing up, just to see if the CD player works as much as anything but am I going to a) give someone an electric shock or ii) burn the house down?

I've done some basic Googling and not *all* devices require the earth wire apparently - saw things like electric drills and vacuum cleaners mentioned.

I would prefer not to. (Chinaski), Sunday, 18 February 2024 19:50 (three days ago) link

If it is expecting a 120vac 60 Hz power input and you hit it with 230vac then option ii is a possibility. But if it expects UK power and not weedy US power, then no.

Jaq, Sunday, 18 February 2024 20:00 (three days ago) link

Option a can happen with an ungrounded device and also don't touch any capacitors if you are poking around inside the guts.

Jaq, Sunday, 18 February 2024 20:03 (three days ago) link

there's a bunch of interesting details in the link from the other CD thread where this came up

I painted my teeth (sleeve), Sunday, 18 February 2024 20:04 (three days ago) link

It's probably not modern compliant, but it is to British Standard. The design means the earth pin connects before the others. The non-compliant bit is that the sockets aren't shuttered. IIRC, the socket is part shrouded, so the pins are covered when they're live and not fully inserted, so safe enough.

I painted my teeth (sleeve), Sunday, 18 February 2024 20:06 (three days ago) link

Thanks Jaq and sleeve (and NickB elsewhere). This place continues to be the sanest place on the web.

I would prefer not to. (Chinaski), Sunday, 18 February 2024 21:14 (three days ago) link

Interesting! Thanks for that link sleeve, have never seen one of those.

Jaq, Monday, 19 February 2024 01:15 (two days ago) link

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