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New year, new thread.

Oh! I Always Get Those Two Mixed Up! [Started by New Mark H (New MarkH) in January 2007, last updated two minutes ago by Lavator Shemmelpennick on I Love Everything] 2 new answers
Elon Musk [Started by but with socks instead of football (darraghmac) in October 2012, last updated two minutes ago by ๐” ๐”ž๐”ข๐”จ (caek) on I Love Everything] 15 new answers
Jim O'Rourke [Started by strgn in August 2007, last updated three minutes ago by flappy bird on I Love Music] 2 new answers POLL results

Soup on my lanyard (Tom D.), Thursday, 2 January 2020 18:38 (three weeks ago) link

elon musk will coax an experimental turn out of wilco yet

imago, Thursday, 2 January 2020 18:43 (three weeks ago) link

andrew sullivan c/d [Started by mookieproof in May 2011, last updated thirty-six seconds ago by Blues Guitar Solo Heatmap (Free Download) (upper mississippi sh@kedown)]

Parasite (new Bong Joon Ho movie) [Started by self-clowning oven (Murgatroid) in September 2019, last updated one minute ago by Josh in Chicago]

Ned Raggett, Tuesday, 7 January 2020 03:22 (three weeks ago) link

You know you're getting old when... [Started by Trayce (trayce) in February 2003, last updated twenty-six minutes ago by | (Latham Green)] 1 new answer
Boston - Third Stage [Started by โ’นโ“ก. (Johnny Fever) in August 2013, last updated one hour ago by A perfect transcript of a routine post (Dan Peterson)] 2 new answers POLL results

a bevy of supermodels, musicians and Lena Dunham (C. Grisso/McCain), Tuesday, 14 January 2020 19:23 (two weeks ago) link

Least promising Sequel/Remake/Franchise Flick of 2020 is kind of a gift here

Andrew Farrell, Friday, 17 January 2020 11:25 (one week ago) link

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