Captain GetUp is Coming for Your Democracy Sausage

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Unprepared for the depths of stupidity this country will be plumbing over the next 37 days.

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Thursday, 11 April 2019 00:53 (two months ago) Permalink

Still, I hope we get to hear a bit about Queensland for once. And Western Sydney, too.

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Thursday, 11 April 2019 00:54 (two months ago) Permalink

important points of reference to give our international audience context:

  • the current government is total fucking shit
  • they will probably win because australians are stupid

seedy ron (Autumn Almanac), Thursday, 11 April 2019 01:14 (two months ago) Permalink

As an outer-south-western-Sydney-resident-doing-stupid-daily-work-commutes dickhead, watching the CUBs elect a generational, never lived in the electorate Liberal as their local member in the recent state election has made me a bit fearful. Save us, southern states!

Vernon Locke, Thursday, 11 April 2019 01:33 (two months ago) Permalink

xp - US citizen here. hmmmm. sounds familiar.

A is for (Aimless), Thursday, 11 April 2019 01:34 (two months ago) Permalink

I mean, I hope the LNP doesn't have a video of Shorten saying something racist, but

Vernon Locke, Thursday, 11 April 2019 01:34 (two months ago) Permalink

A pic I made of Tim Wilson a little while ago, but always evergreen:

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Thursday, 11 April 2019 02:41 (two months ago) Permalink

that is magical! nice job

Squeaky Fromage (VegemiteGrrl), Thursday, 11 April 2019 02:53 (two months ago) Permalink

Haha. Nice thread title. Certainly screamed "Strayan content" when casually glancing at the app. I shall quietly monitor the hot takes!

Nag! Nag! Nag!, Thursday, 11 April 2019 03:46 (two months ago) Permalink

I cede that the thread title is an improvement on my "Engadine McDonald's 1997"-related suggestion.

(For those who don't get the reference, I highly recommend googling it. Please.)

Vernon Locke, Thursday, 11 April 2019 05:23 (two months ago) Permalink

Haha, I had heard references to this without understanding what it was about. Excellent.

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Thursday, 11 April 2019 05:27 (two months ago) Permalink

This most excellent set of google results deserve preserving.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Thursday, 11 April 2019 05:40 (two months ago) Permalink

Sadly no one appears to have done anyone boneheaded so far in the campaign which must be a record and remarkable given the weekend. That said they did manage to call the election at the exact moment that allowed them to approve Adani but not have to answer any questions about it in estimates.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Thursday, 11 April 2019 06:17 (two months ago) Permalink

the electric cars own goal was pretty boneheaded

blokes you can't rust (sic), Thursday, 11 April 2019 07:47 (two months ago) Permalink

Tone’s wide-eyed discovery that Warringah had invented street libraries was pretty boney, but dude was already 84% bone, 6% brain, 10% extremely thinly-stretched skin already

blokes you can't rust (sic), Thursday, 11 April 2019 07:49 (two months ago) Permalink

I think Electric cars have been replace by Brussel sprouts and ice cream.

Captain getup or getup or someone is currently robocalling me with a teleconference town hall.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Thursday, 11 April 2019 08:34 (two months ago) Permalink

not looking forward to the next 36 days (and will be away for nearly half of it), but we’ve already been invited to a commiseration night with cheese and wine and tears and hugs

seedy ron (Autumn Almanac), Thursday, 11 April 2019 09:35 (two months ago) Permalink

the last five years have gutted me, i feel just completely hollow

seedy ron (Autumn Almanac), Thursday, 11 April 2019 09:36 (two months ago) Permalink

On the radio this morning - two Queensland famers called bruce arguing about the Adani coal mine.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Thursday, 11 April 2019 23:57 (two months ago) Permalink

dutton has attacked a wheelchair user

day 2 of 37

seedy ron (Autumn Almanac), Friday, 12 April 2019 01:10 (two months ago) Permalink

I'm refusing to look up this story and will just assume the sentence concludes "with his teeth"

blokes you can't rust (sic), Friday, 12 April 2019 01:16 (two months ago) Permalink

I love how inscrutable this thread title is, Ed you have settled into Aus nicely!

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Friday, 12 April 2019 01:23 (two months ago) Permalink

This is right out of the same book as Tony Abbott attacking a man dying of mesothelioma .

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Friday, 12 April 2019 06:33 (two months ago) Permalink

In tony abbot news; tony abbot was a prick today. I had resolve to give some money to zalli stegal every time tony abbot was a prick but I’m not that rich.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Friday, 12 April 2019 08:49 (two months ago) Permalink

the great news is that we will end up with a modern progressive labor governme--

The election has been called #auspol #politas #AustraliaVotes

— Helen Polley (@polley_helen) April 11, 2019

JD Salinger - King of Trainers (King Boy Pato), Friday, 12 April 2019 13:31 (two months ago) Permalink


Ah the perils of the campaign street walk. Scott Morrison says “ni hao” to an Asian voter in Strathfield plaza, she responds: “I’m Korean.” #ausvotes

— Michael Koziol (@michaelkoziol) April 13, 2019

JD Salinger - King of Trainers (King Boy Pato), Saturday, 13 April 2019 03:35 (two months ago) Permalink

Dead Cat strategy is alive and well with the coalition.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Monday, 15 April 2019 03:47 (two months ago) Permalink

fucking back of the net

Dead Cat strategy is alive and well with the coalition.

dead set you are more australian than a lot of australians

seedy ron (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 15 April 2019 08:05 (two months ago) Permalink

Lynton Crosby brought that one to the UK so I’m learning from the very worst.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo but the Palmer United billboard in Nortcote was comprehensively vandalised. My only response to that is what took so bloody long. It seems to be socialists below separation street and anarchists to the north. Bloody socialists probably needed to form a committee to decide to spray red paint over Palmerston smug bastard face.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Monday, 15 April 2019 09:33 (two months ago) Permalink

lol marrickville (last year)

Tokyo Ghetto Stüssy (King Boy Pato), Monday, 15 April 2019 09:39 (two months ago) Permalink

I didn't expect that Captain GetUp was a creepy misogynistic fuck, just didn't see it coming.

Tokyo Ghetto Stüssy (King Boy Pato), Monday, 15 April 2019 09:44 (two months ago) Permalink

who’d have thought tony abbott would be behind an overblown self-righteous fuckwit who campaigns entirely on negatives and treats women like shit

seedy ron (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 15 April 2019 13:01 (two months ago) Permalink

did you hear the one about the blue-coloured political party that gave a lawn bowls club a giant novelty cheque valued at $1.5 million in front of cameras and much applause and yelling “DELIVERED!” on facebook, and then sent them a letter saying “don’t spend the money, it hasn’t been approved, also this letter is confidential so keep it quiet”

seedy ron (Autumn Almanac), Tuesday, 16 April 2019 07:24 (two months ago) Permalink

Still, I can't get enough of Downer Family Humiliations - that one's going straight to the pool room.

Tokyo Ghetto Stüssy (King Boy Pato), Tuesday, 16 April 2019 09:55 (two months ago) Permalink

This one was DIFFERENT from the Downer bullshit.

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Wednesday, 17 April 2019 01:07 (two months ago) Permalink

Really? If it was anyone but the Libs, I'd be surprised.

Tokyo Ghetto Stüssy (King Boy Pato), Friday, 19 April 2019 08:44 (two months ago) Permalink

Yup, still the Coalition, just this time they gave the giant novelty cheque, but also secretly wrote to them saying you haven't actually been committed the money yet, and also you can't tell anyone about this letter.

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Saturday, 20 April 2019 00:25 (two months ago) Permalink

No surprise but the LNP has a 4channer on their Queensland senate list.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Monday, 22 April 2019 20:35 (one month ago) Permalink

if they weren’t all stuffy old anti-tech fucken cockwits they’d all be 4channers

times 牛肉麵 (Autumn Almanac), Tuesday, 23 April 2019 08:21 (one month ago) Permalink

I guess if fraudy mcwobblebottom has a couple of posters in Northcote then $30m must be carpeting the rest of the country. One argument for First past the post is that Palmer, Katter and the Ginger Troll would all cancel each other out, instead we get the wheel of senate preference flows where it stops nobody knows; but there's a fair chance we'll be denied sensible climate policy by a tub of lard/ginger troll alliance.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Tuesday, 23 April 2019 11:29 (one month ago) Permalink

There's a huge Palmer billboard near me in suburban Adelaide.

One minor advantage to living in SA is that we have no real One Nation, Lib Dem, Palmer Vanity or Bullshit Nazi support here. Even the religious dipshit vote seems to have collapsed since Cory Bernardi swallowed up Family First.

Queensland needs to fucking sort itself out.

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Wednesday, 24 April 2019 01:34 (one month ago) Permalink

Breaking news!

They can't help it though, their brains are cooked.

blokes you can't rust (sic), Wednesday, 24 April 2019 02:27 (one month ago) Permalink

Has the Xenophon phenomenon faded then? What's the go with the Centre Alliance? (genuine q)

Vernon Locke, Wednesday, 24 April 2019 06:11 (one month ago) Permalink

I’m sitting in the Alice springs qantas club and Palmer is on every sky news break - “zero emissions with nuclear power and 50% cheaper”

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Wednesday, 24 April 2019 06:39 (one month ago) Permalink

I promise I’m not going to liveblog every Palmer commercial but he is good a a magical thinking - he’s going to set iron ore prices a $100 an tonne.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Wednesday, 24 April 2019 06:43 (one month ago) Permalink

Has the Xenophon phenomenon faded then?

James may know more of his local activities, but yes, when he failed to be elected to the South Australian lower house after quitting the Federal Senate, his national political influence was definitely reduced, and he quit his new SA party last year

blokes you can't rust (sic), Wednesday, 24 April 2019 09:02 (one month ago) Permalink

Yup. CA is running Senate candidates in SA, maybe one or two will get in, and Rebekah Sharkie will surely trounce useless Georgina Downer again. xenophon's gone back to lawyering.

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Wednesday, 24 April 2019 13:22 (one month ago) Permalink


Vernon Locke, Wednesday, 24 April 2019 23:38 (one month ago) Permalink


times 牛肉麵 (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:01 (one month ago) Permalink

As usual when Labor lose "unloseable" elections it's down to hubris and the smugness of the messaging - conservative middle-of-the-road Australians see schoolchildren taking the afternoon off school to hold up "Stop Adani" signs as a supposed grassroots movement, when let's be honest most kids would never have heard of Adani if it hadn't been a carefully orchestrated message, plays into the reactionary mindset. Messaging about the "top end of town" and smug right-on Instagrammable movements spell "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" to your average rural Tasmanian or north Queenslander, who thinks "right, screw you guys" and votes for the familiar bunch of accountants and lawyers representing resistance to change and a desire to keep my money rather than give it to the pinkos and the dole bludgers. Idealism, especially choreographed self-righteous idealism, is poison at the ballot box.

an incoherent crustacean (MatthewK), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:14 (one month ago) Permalink

absolutely do blame queenslanders, they are wanton dickheads glorying in their ignorance and insularity and bigotry and sticking it to the “lefty’s”

estela, Monday, 20 May 2019 00:18 (one month ago) Permalink

the idea of idealism being poison at the ballot box is depressing

Dan S, Monday, 20 May 2019 00:21 (one month ago) Permalink

Compulsory voting is a bad idea because it violates freedom of expression, it doesn’t matter what other effects it has.

compulsory enrolment in no way violates your freedom to draw a dick on your ballot, or to not bother turning up on the day, or from numbering 105 boxes in the order you want to

(also, what freedom of expression?)

even working at a federal election and having to explain to belligerent 18-yo tradies why they’re “supposed” to vote while their 17-yo gfs apologise over the top of them has not turned me off popular enrolment

blokes you can't rust (sic), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:28 (one month ago) Permalink

matthewk: not that i disagree with you in principle at all, but i think the more hostile bigots will vote for bigotry whether kids are holding “STOP ADANI” placards or not. entitled fucks will always find an excuse to be entitled fucks, and it will always be someone else’s fault that they’re entitled fucks. remember all the “gays are wearing rainbow shoelaces IN MY TOWN and that’s why i will vote against their marriage rights” rhetoric from a couple of years back.

times 牛肉麵 (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:37 (one month ago) Permalink

QLD really is a bit of another country compared to evrywhere else.

But people also forget regional NSW. Where I grew up is an exception (I guess eden monaro has canberra to boost it a bit to the left?) but everywhere west and south of the blue mountains people seem to forget about, and its all fairly centrist/slightly right in my experience. Not rabidly pro-mining/anti-reffoes/anti gay exactly but just... really whitebread?

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:38 (one month ago) Permalink

I just always assume that people who don’t show up to vote are uin favor of more liberal politicians/policies . At least it seems that way in the United States

Dan S, Monday, 20 May 2019 00:42 (one month ago) Permalink

the idea of idealism being poison at the ballot box is depressing

isn't it? but it's very clear from multiple recent elections worldwide that giving the shy fascist vote a "political correctness" target to rally against, will blow up in your face every time. I have Queensland family who often talk about the out of touch inner-city idealists fond of telling rural Australia how to live. The urgency of change imposed by the global refugee crisis and climate change are deeply unpalatable, especially in rural areas hit hard by imports and the supermarket duopoly - it's much more comforting to have a bunch of deluded pinko greenies to punish, than to take action which requires a less selfish outlook. Especially if you don't have much to sacrifice because Woolies want to sell your milk for $1.10 a litre and pay you 45c of that.

an incoherent crustacean (MatthewK), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:43 (one month ago) Permalink

Compulsory voting and preferential voting are good not bad
Australians are bad not good

And according to some websites, there were “sexcapades.” (James Morrison), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:44 (one month ago) Permalink

This is heartening at least. I have plenty more to say but work to do right now.

Our statement on secure jobs and a safe climate.

— NUW (@NatUnionWorkers) May 20, 2019

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:45 (one month ago) Permalink

AA I agree with you but I think the notions of social justice / humane treatment of refugees / indigenous recognition / sexual and gender diversity / climate action / anything not resembling the 1950s can be very conveniently wrapped up in the "political correctness" bundle for those who dislike even a couple of those notions. Bigotry is a bad look but if you're against "more bloody political correctness" you're a dead set Aussie legend, have another snag. The smug and self-righteous way that the ALP, Greens and supporters delivered their messages basically facilitated the bundling and made it easy to justify rejecting it at the ballot box. Don't get me wrong, I fall on the left side of all of those issues and vote accordingly, but I wince when I see how they are presented to middle Australia. For all his faults Kevin Rudd understood this. As did Kim Beazley.

an incoherent crustacean (MatthewK), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:50 (one month ago) Permalink

(as did Bob Hawke, of course)

an incoherent crustacean (MatthewK), Monday, 20 May 2019 00:51 (one month ago) Permalink

I'm in agreeance with Matt tbh.

Look at Dan Andrews. He's Labor/left but hes playing the middle and Getting Shit Done, he wont get into slagging matches about the other side, he doesnt press ht button issues, he just rolls up his sleeves.

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Monday, 20 May 2019 01:03 (one month ago) Permalink

(sorry for my very disjointed replies i rly should be working lol)

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Monday, 20 May 2019 01:04 (one month ago) Permalink

just saw on wechat that a friend campaigned for frydenberg. fucking hell. couldn’t delete him fast enough.

times 牛肉麵 (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 20 May 2019 01:16 (one month ago) Permalink

matthewk: right there you’ve hit on the enormous gulf between what australians think they are and what they actually are

times 牛肉麵 (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 20 May 2019 01:18 (one month ago) Permalink

I think it's a bit of a cop-out to just say the Liberals won because Australians are racist bigots. I mean they are, but no more so than they were when they were voting in Labor governments, which has happened recently even in Queensland. A Labor victory was possible - Labor couldn't control what the Libs or the right-wing media did, but could control their own message and presentation of it. They got some of that strategy wrong.

Zelda Zonk, Monday, 20 May 2019 01:40 (one month ago) Permalink

not much of it, really. the eradication of Fairfax, and the massive rise in proportional Facebook use amongst geriatrics, are probably huuuge factors in this election and the surprise re: polling beforehand

blokes you can't rust (sic), Monday, 20 May 2019 02:55 (one month ago) Permalink


blokes you can't rust (sic), Monday, 20 May 2019 05:22 (one month ago) Permalink


times 牛肉麵 (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 20 May 2019 05:24 (one month ago) Permalink

Penny 2025

blokes you can't rust (sic), Monday, 20 May 2019 05:57 (one month ago) Permalink

now you can't tell me this isn't inspirational from a prospective leader

— jeremy poxon (@JeremyPoxon) May 20, 2019

blokes you can't rust (sic), Monday, 20 May 2019 06:22 (one month ago) Permalink

When are they going to finish counting the votes?

Popture, Monday, 20 May 2019 10:58 (one month ago) Permalink

After mine arrives.

tfw you are not easily whelmed (sic), Monday, 20 May 2019 11:07 (one month ago) Permalink

Stephen Conroy: Australian's sent the message. They're not prepared to suffer further increases in electricity prices without a practical path forward. Labor has to step back from the @Greens and @GetUp led demonisation of coal.

MORE: #amagenda

— Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) May 21, 2019

This makes me so mad. Coal is a fucking furphy. The major driver for the increase in costs of electricity over the last 10 years has been the costs of the transmission and distribution networks which were either privatised or shined up to be privatises. Every dollar of capital that gets put into these networks gets a guaranteed return; so guess what, these networks have been over built and over capitalised. We have some of the highest network tariffs in the world whilst our wholesale prices for energy are middling, although even these are gamed by the oligopolistic gentailers (I know I used to work for one). Electricity retail competition is a sham, if labour wants to take a position on this they should advocate for nationalising the networks and consumer energy retail, move to wards a state owned version of the California model, or fuck it allow then to vertically integrate and regulate the hell out of them.

Coal is dead, it is more expensive than solar, more expensive than wind and it's not even reliable - watch what happens to the energy market when one of AGLs MacGen or LoyYang generators trips out ad compare it to what happens when the wind doesn't blow in a a small part of this very very big country.

That said labour really fucked up the whole Adani thing. Fisrt off they had quite a lot of room to manoeuvre because the Greens were nothing in this election. They could have left that flank unattended because the greens were going after liberal seats in Melbourne not Labour ones. Secondly they should have pushed the 'Green new Deal' angle and made it about mining - Put Matt Fucking Canavan on the back foot by establishing a Renewable materials infrastructure fund (or something) Invite the world to come and get their Cobalt and Graphite and Lithium and Silicon right here in Australia. Say to those miners in Queensland and the Hunter yes coal is ending but mining isn't - you and your children and your children's children will have a bright future because everything needed for the green revolution is under the ground in Australia.

Green Jobs should have been front and centre of a jobs and wages agenda.

It's really galling because their was some important stuff on the slate, restoring penalty rates to hops workers who got rorted. The Cancer care things was good, not least because there is a collection going on in my local cafe for someone who is has a lymphoma and is now getting hit with all these random medical bills she can ill afford. But that is not enough - we need to have a serious talk about medicare and the insurances system because guess what, it's fucked. I had surgery earlier in the year and I'm still getting random bills - it's like the surgeon just invited all his mates into the theatre whilst I was knocked out and told them to set they meters running. I'm all right but for many people there seems to be less and less service through medicare, insurance doesn't even let you cover everything - if you can afford it, and out of pocket costs can be crippling.

Basically Labour should go big or go home a lurch to the right isn't going to help, but it does need to build a big tent. It also needs a vision that inspires a ground game - Gould piece in the graun about Zali Stegals effort - labour needs that level of passion everywhere.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 02:11 (four weeks ago) Permalink

I like this post but as a non-Australian this is a lot to contemplate

Dan S, Tuesday, 21 May 2019 02:15 (four weeks ago) Permalink

a boomer, Ed - such great insight

an incoherent crustacean (MatthewK), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 03:05 (four weeks ago) Permalink

A rhetorical shift to the right for Labor is pretty inevitable right now but it doesn't necessarily mean an awful lot with the election 3 years away. They're not going to be wheeling out any big policies now or in fact at any time I imagine given what happened in the election. They're just going to wait for things to go wrong for Morrison, which they almost certainly will.

Zelda Zonk, Tuesday, 21 May 2019 03:08 (four weeks ago) Permalink

It’s go big or go home. Any kind of nuance will get twisted on social media. By all account people were going to the polls with death taxes and shorten as a granny mugger thanks to Facebook so the messages has to be loud clear and unambiguous.

incrementalism and nuance just don’t work. Fixing Medicare for cancer suffers doesn’t work as a message - you have to go out and say ScoMo wants to make you pay every time you go to the doctor labour will make sure you never have. Labor get fucked every time on costsings and nuance and the coalition get to lie through their teeth and I think vision is the only way to override that.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 03:26 (four weeks ago) Permalink

You're right. But sadly I doubt many in Labor see it that way. They tried the rolling policy strategy and lost, so next time they'll try to eke out a win playing the small target game and leave the vision thing to the Greens...

Zelda Zonk, Tuesday, 21 May 2019 03:45 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Maybe it's because of where I live but the greens never even turned up to this election. Their strategy seems to have been to keep quiet and assume aa certain proportion of labor voters will preference them first in the Senate.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 03:52 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Its what I did, I only votd Lab with greens 2nd prefs and nothing else at all. They were all a festering pile of nope.

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 03:55 (four weeks ago) Permalink

OTM re the Medicare business. To be honest, that Medicare-for-cancer stuff hardly grabbed my attention at all. And I'd had recurrent cancer since 2004! LOL. I don't doubt some people receive big bills somehow (probably weird gaps in the system that could apply equally to other patient types?) but as far as I knew, cancer patients pay virtually nothing under Medicare as it is. If I was underwhelmed then it's hard to imagine those with no particular interest in that one condition being swayed.

Nag! Nag! Nag!, Tuesday, 21 May 2019 04:06 (four weeks ago) Permalink

To be fair to the Greens, they have relatively few media opportunities. They're lucky if they get on something like Q&A much more than half-a-dozen times a year. (They'll be dissed every week though, of course, by the obligatory Labor and coalition representatives.) Whatever they did seemed to work. Their vote held up well. Significant increase in Queensland, even, last I saw.

Nag! Nag! Nag!, Tuesday, 21 May 2019 04:31 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Medicare infuriates me. I earn enough that I have to get insurance, I'd rather just pay more tax but fair enough. I recently snapped a tendon in my leg. I went to my GP because I thought it was just a bad sprain, my GP doesn't bulk bill but hiss surgery its in a convenient location, I like him and I do n't go that often but that was charge number 1. He said I should get an MRI, this isn't covered by medicare for out patients so charge number 2. GO back to the GP (charge Number 3) he says I need to see an orthopaedic surgeon, why not try the one with consulting rooms down the hall. I check he's on my medicare Gap cover list with my insurer and then go an see him (charge number 4).

Surgeon says I need surgery and quickly because the tendon is retreating up my leg and he has a slot in a few days.. He says he doesn't do surgery for the gap cover rate only, I look pained and nearly faint as he describes the surgery - this is apparently a good negotiating technique because he says he'll do it for $500 over the gap cover rate (charge number 5). He sends me for a moon boot (charge number 6).

Next Monday I get to the hospital for admission, they hit me up for the insurance excess (7) and a pre buy on my drugs (8). Admission nurse looks at my coverage and says oh, Australian unity they are notorious for not paying and making you go and sue someone to recover the costs (given I did the initial injury in Japan, I really don't want to do this. ) After surgery I start to lose count of chargers for drugs, anaesthetists, anaesthetists assistants, casts, follow up consults.

It's a good job I already owned a pair of crutches.

Conceivably this would have tuned out differently if I'd gone to the ER of a public hospital or had a mythical bulk billing GP; but by the time I got to the GP I was in a lot of pain and wanted it fixed. I wasn't going to shop around surgeons for the best deal. As it is the insurer still hasn't paid the hospital and who knows if they will. I'm lucky enough that I could eat the cost if it came to it but it would be a pretty significant chunk of change.

As it is its cost close on aa couple of thousand dollars to get this fixed, I'm just lucky I work some billable hours lying on the sofa to keep the money rolling in.

All in all I would rather pay more tax and get a medicare system that actually covered everything for every body and a long way in second preference have a medical insurance system that was in some way comprehensive. Although having lived in the States and had some gold plated insurance paid for by my employer, you can see, very easily how a private health system goes into a cost spiral.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 04:37 (four weeks ago) Permalink

a great post Ed

Dan S, Tuesday, 21 May 2019 04:40 (four weeks ago) Permalink

I get the feeling it's when you get private health insurance that it all goes wrong and it starts costing a fortune. I don't have private insurance and my GP bulk-bills and I've paid for very little down the years. I spent a night in a sleep lab and paid only $80 of the $900 fee, I've had free physio, free colonoscopy. I'm resigned to the fact that one day I'll need some elective surgery and won't want to wait 2 years to have it done in the public system but it will be cheaper just to pay for it as a one-off than pay years of insurance. My brother is an oncologist and he doesn't have insurance! He tells me if you ever have anything seriously wrong with you, just front up to ER or get referred to a public teaching hospital because not only will it be free but you'll get much better care than in a private hospital. Of course the current govt will try to force everyone to go private...

Zelda Zonk, Tuesday, 21 May 2019 05:05 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Why wasn't medicare an issue. This was the government that tried to put a tax on going to the doctor. This is the government that has frozen medicare rebates to GPs and almost everything else for years. Doctors (presumably with massive HECS debt) have to choose between get $36 a time in rural Queensland treating ordinary people or $90 a time for treating Ed's stupidity in Melbourne (if some one offers you a go on an aircraft escape slide - don't do it). No-one was even talking about access to medical services in the bush or the outer suburbs. No one is talking about how the coalition is dismantling the public health system bye systematically underfunding it an providing doctors with every incentive to work in a private system that the broken insurance system can't even cover properly.


ZZ I have definitely learnt my lesson. I will front up to St Vinnies or the Royal Melbourne from now on.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 05:08 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Any chance this was a posterior tibial tendon?

Non-life-threatening musculo-skeletal conditions might be the least well-covered by Medicare, methinks. Even you do dash to a public ER department in the hope of being referred internally they'll often be tempted to refer you back to your GP for further scans, etc. If you're not spilling blood or having a seizure, ER doctors' investigations can sometimes be kinda cursory.

Nag! Nag! Nag!, Tuesday, 21 May 2019 05:20 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Tibialis anterior tendon

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 05:28 (four weeks ago) Permalink

I do get the impression to that musculoskeletal injurers are regarded as having happened on the job or through stupidity and therefore workcover takes care of it or it is one’s own fault.

American Fear of Pranksterism (Ed), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 05:29 (four weeks ago) Permalink

Sorry to hear you had that experience (and injury!) Ed.

Ive leaned heavily on the "fully public system" approach due to permanent emoty pockets and I have to say, I havent had a bad experience so far. Waiting lists have been reasonable, and the procedures all completely free.

(MRIs are def a different story - I need one for my shitty knees and its not covered under medicare unless I wrangle a sneaky referal from a sports (!!?!) medicine specialist ugh).

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 05:38 (four weeks ago) Permalink

TBF my all-free procedures have been internal health related (scans, bla-scopies, etc) rather than "My hip has disintegrated and I'll be on the waiitng list for 2 years".

Stoop Crone (Trayce), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 05:39 (four weeks ago) Permalink

sorry to leapfrog so many people, just want to respond to zelda:

They're just going to wait for things to go wrong for Morrison, which they almost certainly will.

they already have done a whole load of times, and our compliant media just clear the way for him. so yes, in theory labor could take advantage of his daily fuckups, but they won’t get oxygen through all the loud and sloppy morrison gobjobs.

on sunday i read somewhere that morrison could kick a baby in the face and the press would ask what the baby could have done differently. this is the landscape now.

times 牛肉麵 (Autumn Almanac), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 08:14 (four weeks ago) Permalink

good news Chips Bowie is running for the ALP leadership, just the personality they need now

Tokyo Ghetto Stüssy (King Boy Pato), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 14:24 (four weeks ago) Permalink

googles "Chips Bowie"

he's got my vote tbh

tfw you are not easily whelmed (sic), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 22:07 (four weeks ago) Permalink

chip thievery *is* socialism

Tokyo Ghetto Stüssy (King Boy Pato), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 22:14 (four weeks ago) Permalink

eight hours after majority government confirmed, ScoNo's sole campaign plank has been withdrawn

tfw you are not easily whelmed (sic), Tuesday, 21 May 2019 23:02 (four weeks ago) Permalink

who could have guessed they were making it up as they went along

times 牛肉麵 (Autumn Almanac), Wednesday, 22 May 2019 02:13 (four weeks ago) Permalink

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