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Seattle! How is it now? good. the rains start wednesday
Are there jobs? yes. but only in some industries, for some people
Should I move there? maybe. new ppl are our lifeblood. but it does get more expensive what seems like daily

tha frash prance (alomar lines), Tuesday, 17 October 2017 03:28 (six years ago) link

(I got jealous of the vancouver ilxors thread and want to know where the good korean bbq is, lynnwood and federal way not too far, i am going here next week but don't know where else to go)

tha frash prance (alomar lines), Tuesday, 17 October 2017 03:28 (six years ago) link

Everyone contemplating moving to Portland should check out Seattle instead. Puget Sound. Views of Mt. Rainier and the Olympics. Hills like SF. Lots of waterfront property. Good music scene. Art scene. Food scene. Mild winters. Outdoor sports. Move there instead of stodgy old Portland. Just sayin'.

A is for (Aimless), Tuesday, 17 October 2017 03:34 (six years ago) link

seven months pass...

council of cowards

alomar lines, Monday, 11 June 2018 22:35 (five years ago) link

gonna be there next week

why is it gonna be like 90 degrees, wtf Seattle

Οὖτις, Monday, 11 June 2018 22:36 (five years ago) link

fucking pathetic

JoeStork, Monday, 11 June 2018 22:36 (five years ago) link

Uh not you, the city council

JoeStork, Monday, 11 June 2018 22:36 (five years ago) link

what'd they do now

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 22:51 (five years ago) link

oh, christ on a fucking crutch you fucking shits

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 22:52 (five years ago) link

jenny durkan is the handpicked successor of a child rapist who has spent her whole administration so far giving blowjobs to bezos and allen, I'd like for her to walk into untreated sewage

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 22:53 (five years ago) link

seriously fuck her and Mike O'Brien better not burnish his progressive credentials next time out, fucking shitbag

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 22:54 (five years ago) link

Hills like SF.

― A is for (Aimless), Monday, October 16, 2017 8:34 PM (seven months ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

I like it here but I would not call it an asset

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 22:57 (five years ago) link

anyway I hope Jenny Durkan, the handpicked successor of a child rapist, dies

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 22:57 (five years ago) link

not really

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 22:57 (five years ago) link

she sucks though

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 22:57 (five years ago) link

she really does. fucking useless

alomar lines, Monday, 11 June 2018 23:03 (five years ago) link

I'm sending her vulgar emails

valorous wokelord (silby), Monday, 11 June 2018 23:05 (five years ago) link

jfc, these dicks

lxy, Monday, 11 June 2018 23:30 (five years ago) link

left a vulgar voicemail with the mayor's office which is at least a little bit soothing

valorous wokelord (silby), Wednesday, 13 June 2018 00:27 (five years ago) link

yo Οὖτις, happy to provide recommendations as per your interests. yeah, next week looks gross. high temp, dry summers are the new norm here.

Yelploaf, Wednesday, 13 June 2018 00:45 (five years ago) link

two months pass...

this is miserable

JoeStork, Tuesday, 21 August 2018 02:35 (five years ago) link

I’m against it

faculty w1fe (silby), Tuesday, 21 August 2018 02:58 (five years ago) link

Cut down the forests so they can’t burn imho

faculty w1fe (silby), Tuesday, 21 August 2018 02:58 (five years ago) link

^ not the first person to say so on the internet lately

16, 35, DCP, Go! (sic), Tuesday, 21 August 2018 03:06 (five years ago) link

i've lived in los angeles for a very long time, and i have never experienced such horrible air here (vancouver)

air quality is way worse, but of course, it'll only last for a couple days

just looking at this map makes me want to stay inside:

but also the seattle subreddit has some crazy posts, especially this one:

F# A# (∞), Tuesday, 21 August 2018 03:29 (five years ago) link

i meant air this bad, compared to la

F# A# (∞), Tuesday, 21 August 2018 03:30 (five years ago) link

one month passes...

3rd ave all-bus is a godesend btw

self (alomar lines), Thursday, 18 October 2018 07:04 (five years ago) link

six months pass...

SODO Track Murals Apr 2019

alomar lines, Monday, 22 April 2019 05:06 (five years ago) link

eleven months pass...

seattle discontinued

Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix), Wednesday, 8 April 2020 09:42 (four years ago) link


silby, Wednesday, 8 April 2020 15:44 (four years ago) link


lxy, Wednesday, 8 April 2020 21:06 (four years ago) link


Jaq, Thursday, 9 April 2020 03:38 (four years ago) link

well there's one bit of good news!

lxy, Thursday, 9 April 2020 15:51 (four years ago) link

two months pass...

tip from a friend:

"The offices of Seattle's The Stranger, which brought you Dan Savage, happen to be smack dab in the middle of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

They suspended the print publication a couple months back, but if you want to know what is actually happening there, not just what the national news wants you to think is happening there, check in on their blog which has been more active than ever lately."

sleeve, Friday, 12 June 2020 14:14 (three years ago) link

I don’t patronize the stranger.

all cats are beautiful (silby), Friday, 12 June 2020 15:37 (three years ago) link

They probably brought us Jenny Durkan by endorsing Cary Moon over Nikita Oliver in the 2017 mayoral primary. Also Dan Savage fuckin sucks.

all cats are beautiful (silby), Friday, 12 June 2020 15:38 (three years ago) link

did not know the former, p much agree with the latter these days

sleeve, Friday, 12 June 2020 23:19 (three years ago) link

anyway plz post better CHAZ links here if u have 'em b/c I am curious and supportive

sleeve, Friday, 12 June 2020 23:20 (three years ago) link

the blog is fine, jeez, you've only got so much on-the-ground coverage to choose from!

k*r*n koltrane (Simon H.), Friday, 12 June 2020 23:32 (three years ago) link

CHS blog is Seattle’s best news source

all cats are beautiful (silby), Friday, 12 June 2020 23:40 (three years ago) link

one year passes...

Scheduled to be in Seattle for a few days in just over two weeks. Any recommendations?

Pre-Raphaelite Brah (King Boy Pato), Wednesday, 4 May 2022 12:11 (one year ago) link

Just visiting for the first time — arrived Monday, leaving today. An excellent trip, if a bit rushed. Reminds me of a slightly less hectic, less grotty Vancouver. On first impression I love this city.

I only did what I always do when I visit a new place: hit as many record stores as I can while walking around with no other particular agenda. Pike Place market was too crowded for my tastes but I did pick up a couple records in the (generally dishevelled, intermittently overpriced) store there.

We took the bus to Ballard (through Fremont) last night to catch a show & were immediately charmed by the area, so we’re going to we did do it again today when everything’s still open. Very hip-seeming village-type district.

Fave store so far (overall): Spin Cycle
Best price-to-quality ratio: Wall of Sound Daybreak, closely followed by Jive Time, Fremont is the bomb
Didn’t find a single thing I wanted: Zion’s Gate

war mice (hardcore dilettante), Wednesday, 4 May 2022 21:43 (one year ago) link

yep, at the time, urban designers were pretty open about taking some infrastructure and design ideas from seattle when designing some parts of vancouver

i actually will also be visiting seattle some time this year and plan on moving there some time in the near future. bumbershoot used to be a thing when i was younger!

in terms of breweries, i really liked reuben's brews, but i think i only made it to a handful of breweries

i also really enjoyed the museum of pop culture

Punster McPunisher, Thursday, 5 May 2022 00:47 (one year ago) link

i just visited there a few weeks ago!

food-wise: kedai makan in capitol hill has outrageously good malaysian food, and hit up taylor shellfish co. if you like seafood (get the geoduck!). vito’s in first hill is a wonderful old italian lounge/restaurant with live piano, if you’re craving a mid-afternoon martini & garlic bread happy hour.

will second the museum of pop culture, the hip hop photography show up right now is very good, also enjoyed the frye museum (and if you like old churches the one across the street is beautiful).

if it’s a nice day, go to the arboretum and walk around for awhile (but eat somewhere else first, not a ton of food options nearby). i didn’t do this but you can also rent boats on the UW waterfront.

donna rouge, Thursday, 5 May 2022 01:59 (one year ago) link

Another place you can rent boats is the Center for Wooden Boats at the south end of Lake Union - it's a really cool old wooden boat museum where the exhibits are in the water and you can take them out, and they have sailing classes.

Lily Dale, Thursday, 5 May 2022 02:04 (one year ago) link

oh, it also looks like the mariners play against the a's on may 23 and 24 and they're value games (cheap tickets), if that's your bag

Punster McPunisher, Thursday, 5 May 2022 02:11 (one year ago) link

Thanks for all the great tips!! I've definitely got the Museum of Pop Culture on my list. Breweries and Fremont are on the agenda too.

Pre-Raphaelite Brah (King Boy Pato), Thursday, 5 May 2022 10:19 (one year ago) link

It's been like five years since I've been to seattle but I really liked ballard - someone described it as being the place where the capitol hill people moved once they had kids.

I liked la carta de oaxaca a lot, and one of the last fancy dining out experiences we had before having a kid was at the walrus and the carpenter. Both seem to still be around.

joygoat, Thursday, 5 May 2022 13:20 (one year ago) link

five months pass...

What’s the least bad bar in belltown that will be showing the dodgers game tonight?

𝔠𝔞𝔢𝔨 (caek), Tuesday, 11 October 2022 23:50 (one year ago) link

one year passes...

Going to be visiting in April from the UK for a couple of weeks- first time in the North West for us. Will start and end in Seattle with a slow road trip to Portland and back as well. Making a list of reccomendations from this thread for records shops and food and we are planning on doing a Twin Peaks tour one day. Anything we should not miss? Being British obviously we will be looking for beer and maybe a gig or two could be fun or possibly some baseball…

Chewshabadoo, Tuesday, 20 February 2024 10:33 (two months ago) link

Ballard will be your dozen+ breweries option. I lean towards Reuben’s (multiple locations just in Ballard), Lucky Envelope, and Bale Breaker for overall slates. Plus Cloudburst on Ballard’s west side (Shilshole) and Fremont Brewing, a few miles east in Fremont. Urban Family and Great Notion (and Dirty Couch, a bit south in Magnolia) for fruited beers. If wild yeasts and saisons are your thing, Fair Isle is excellent, as is Holy Mountain, a mile south on the way to Ballard. Good list of locations. Snoqualmie being my hometown, I remember them filming here when I was a kid. The Falls and the Reinig Road are must-dos. Would suggest going to the bottom of the Falls, either from the trail at the top or by driving down the hill, taking the hatchery road to the car park, and walking around to the base. Both are low impact routes. Majestic when looking up at it.

the body of a spider... (scampering alpaca), Tuesday, 20 February 2024 16:26 (two months ago) link

Thanks for those :)

Chewshabadoo, Thursday, 22 February 2024 13:13 (two months ago) link

I haven’t lived in Seattle since 1993, last visit was five years ago, and every one of those breweries is new to me.

Requiem for a Dream: The Musical! (Dan Peterson), Thursday, 22 February 2024 14:06 (two months ago) link

Oh wait, I did go to Fremont beer garden.

Requiem for a Dream: The Musical! (Dan Peterson), Thursday, 22 February 2024 14:40 (two months ago) link

Ballard also has the good record stores IMO.

It was on a accident (hardcore dilettante), Thursday, 22 February 2024 15:23 (two months ago) link has a map of Seattle brewery locations. There’s also the free Washington Beer Mobile App with a great map of the whole state. Still very helpful, though not sure the map has been updated since Dec 2022.

the body of a spider... (scampering alpaca), Thursday, 22 February 2024 16:37 (two months ago) link

Seconding Fair Isle and Holy Mountain (pardon my ignorance but it was the location along the train tracks and not too far from a Hawaiian Bakery that was excellent).

Also had really good beer and food at The Foundry. Previous visits had taken us to Brouwers which was an amazing experience.

We ended up staying in Belltown which was central and perfect for us.

citation needed (Steve Shasta), Thursday, 22 February 2024 17:38 (two months ago) link

yeah Holy Mountain is great, there's also a pizza place right next to it now that I've heard is v good. Other food recs: Mai Thai Ku in Phinney Ridge, the Central District has great Ethiopian food, esp Cafe Selam; the International District has a wide variety of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese food, Pho Ba is my favorite no-frills pho place. If you're interested in local history or just want a chill place to hang out the Panama Hotel Tea House is a historic building with a lot of documentation of the Japanese community in the early 20th century, also has a really nice cat that will probably come greet you.

Record stores: Wall of Sound in Capitol Hill is excellent, especially for weird/obscure stuff, Daybreak Records in Fremont has a lot of reasonably priced classics, Jive Time and their annex in the Fremont Vintage Mall are also solid. In Georgetown there's a record store in the same building as the Fantagraphics comics store, last time I was there they had a great collection of African records from the 70s.

If you're in town on 4/20 my friends in the shoegaze/motorik band somesurprises have a record release show at the Tractor Tavern, also I think William Tyler is playing with his band in both Portland and Seattle earlier that week.

If you go out to North Bend for Twin Peaks stuff you can also find some really nice hikes that start nearby, though I'd recommend going on a weekday if you want a little more solitude. Useful website: For wandering around in the city, Discovery Park is beautiful and big enough to get a little lost in.

JoeStork, Friday, 23 February 2024 02:39 (one month ago) link

^^ cosign all of that, I don't know all of those recs but I know some and I trust Joe (I still think abt that Mekons show we both saw every day b/c I am relistening to my CD collection in alphabetical order and I am right in the middle of Mekons section)

I painted my teeth (sleeve), Friday, 23 February 2024 02:42 (one month ago) link

I can second the Wall Of Sound recommend, I have been shopping there ever since I moved to the west coast in 1990

I painted my teeth (sleeve), Friday, 23 February 2024 02:44 (one month ago) link

hell yeah, is Me revealing itself as a lost classic?

JoeStork, Friday, 23 February 2024 02:45 (one month ago) link

dude I still need that one! it is literally in my discogs cart rn. that setlist blew me away.

I painted my teeth (sleeve), Friday, 23 February 2024 03:16 (one month ago) link

one month passes...

Catching up on all these recommendations, will be there in two weeks. Is there a good online source for music and event listings?

Chewshabadoo, Monday, 1 April 2024 18:47 (three weeks ago) link

I don't think we have events here

G. D’Arcy Cheesewright (silby), Monday, 1 April 2024 19:54 (three weeks ago) link is pretty useful for upcoming events. There are also a few local instagram accounts that do rundowns of local gigs - bandsofseattle and seattlesynth are the ones i remember.

JoeStork, Monday, 1 April 2024 20:20 (three weeks ago) link

Would definitely recommend everout over the other link

Or say itt what sorta things you’d want to see and what dates yr around for

bae (sic), Monday, 1 April 2024 23:30 (three weeks ago) link

Just waiting on our flight to come over, very excited. We are in town from Sunday night until Weds morning this week, then back again next Monday or Tuesday until Friday morning.

If anyone knows any great bands playing, any genres I’m all ears- although I tend towards more dancey or electronic stuff, and my wife is a bit more metal than me. Going with a Twin Peaks tour guide on Tueday, might go and see a restored print of Tampopo showing in Central Cinema on Monday (and find some banging ramen beforehand so we don’t get too hungry).

Might see some baseball on Tuesday night if we find a good ticket…

Chewshabadoo, Sunday, 14 April 2024 15:15 (one week ago) link

Speaking of which I have no idea where to sit at a baseball game… what is best bang for buck for cheaper ticket with good spot for a game. I’m used to going to football games so I like a little bit of an atmosphere if that’s what I can expect.

Chewshabadoo, Sunday, 14 April 2024 15:20 (one week ago) link

I was just looking at show listings for the next few days, had totally missed that Matmos is playing here tomorrow!

JoeStork, Sunday, 14 April 2024 16:44 (one week ago) link

Tampopo will be a DCP just in case you meant "print" literally - there's nothing screening on 35mm this week in town. (1979 porn film California Creamin' on Friday, and Reefer Madness plus shorts on Saturday, at the Grand Illusion, all on 16mm though, if anyone else reading wants to know.) I was planning on Tampopo-ing Tuesday or Wednesday, but if you'd like a drink with an internet stranger before going in, there's a great beer place - Chuck's Hop Shop - about 40 steps around the corner. (Joe might live in walking distance too...? silby also.) Central Cinema does food and drinks inside (no noodles) if you want to save time, but there are loads of ramen places ten mins over the hill in Capitol Hill*, a good local taco mini-chain two blocks away (or a less good truck on the corner), and there will be a poke truck at the beer place. If you're interested in legal edibles or combustibles etc while in town, carry your passports with you too - two weed shops across from the taco place.

* from the "tour guide" part of the Twin Peaks note I'm assuming you're on foot / public transport in town: get an Orca card each (think Oyster) at the airport train station and whack $40 on it - you get two hours of transfers covering train, bus, sad streetcar and ferry for every tap-on, so that might even cover both legs of your stay.

A gig option for each night -- I only know the first one, but...

15th: Matmos at the little basement room under the new Crocodile that used to be a mini-cinema. Potential sunset-over-the-harbour patio FAP at the Old Stove Brewery beforehand?
16th: a metal show at the new Croc proper

You're just missing Oneohtrix Point Never at the Paramount (beautiful big 1920s ex-movie palace) on the 18th, and Mrs Shabadoo will be missing Helmet and the Cro-Mags at Neumos (great 600-ish live room with side balcony for olds) on the 21st, in case your travel shifts.

22nd: Metal show Sorcia, Lord Velvet (CO) & Mother Root in Fremont (a bus location)
23rd: Combo Chimbita x Pachyman looks fun at Neumos
24th: a jazz big band at seated cabaret venue The Triple Door
25th: an ambient classical cello-and-loop-pedal artist at the Triple Door

and for other rep cinema: Edward Yang's Mahjong (also a 4K resto) tomorrow at the Egyptian on Capitol Hill (or Sam Raimi's Spidey-Man in some multiplexes); Kiki's Delivery Service and At The End Of The Tunnel (Argentina 2016) at the Egyptian on the 22nd (or Spider-Raimi 2 as above); Sorry To Bother You and Gas Food Lodging at the Egyptian on the 23rd; Corn Island (Georgia 2014) and The Whole Wide World (1996) at EGY on the 25th. New release arthouse inc The People's Joker, I Like Movies, Riddle Of Fire, Kims Video doco etc etc at Northwest Film Forum and the Grand Illusion.

The Regal multiplex downtown has big luxurious electric recliners, if you're thinking of new medium-to-major or various-Indian-language films, btw.

Looks like jacket weather daytime tomorrow, t-shirt potential the rest of the week.

bae (sic), Sunday, 14 April 2024 22:37 (one week ago) link

Just arrived. We are staying in Capital Hill actually, I’ll send a PM tomorrow.

Chewshabadoo, Monday, 15 April 2024 02:01 (one week ago) link

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