itt: pictures of dinosaurs gazing haplessly at the arriving meteor

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consider this my gift to all ilxors before i go under the knife* tomorrow to sort my heart out

*not actually a knife, more like humming electric paddles

mark s, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:21 (five years ago) link

"God I can't even take a swim without some bullshit."

Old Lynch's Sex Paragraph (Phil D.), Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:24 (five years ago) link

mark s, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:25 (five years ago) link

good thread, good luck

spud called maris (darraghmac), Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:26 (five years ago) link

lol this one^^^

mark s, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:27 (five years ago) link

xp is he blaming his son for it

nxd, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:28 (five years ago) link

mark s, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:29 (five years ago) link

mark s, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:36 (five years ago) link

soref, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:37 (five years ago) link

Was tempted to post a picture of Donald Trump's inauguration because political humour, but I like this thread so won't ruin the flow.

emil.y, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:38 (five years ago) link


devvvine, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:42 (five years ago) link

the pictures are all trenchant social commentary whether they mean to be or no

mark s, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:43 (five years ago) link

"this is the one thing we didn't want to happen" -dinosaurs

ciderpress, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:44 (five years ago) link

this artist really bringing out the slapstick potential of this scenario

soref, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:47 (five years ago) link

Now, everysaurus -

imago, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:50 (five years ago) link

soref, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:56 (five years ago) link

jmm, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:57 (five years ago) link

I thought at first that one dinosaur was so horrified it was vomiting blood.

Evan, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 16:12 (five years ago) link

the pictures are all trenchant social commentary whether they mean to be or no

it is always easy to look back and say they should have tapped Michael Bay to go back in time and build an asteroid-killing dinosaur spaceship

AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Wednesday, 17 May 2017 16:24 (five years ago) link

"Changing Nature" Tom Trbovich Kirk Thatcher July 20, 1994 D365
The family prepares to celebrate the return of the Bunch Beetles, who arrive back on Pangaea every May 14th to eat the rapidly growing Cider Poppies. This year, however, they fail to arrive and it soon emerges that WESAYSO built a wax fruit factory on top of their mating ground and killed the species. Without the Bunch Beetles to eat them, the Cider Poppies quickly begin to overrun the continent. More concerned with bad publicity than any threat to the ecosystem, B.P. Richfield chooses Earl to take care of the problem. Earl, eager to quickly get rid of the poppies instead of looking for a long-term solution, chooses to spray everywhere with defoliant. Although this succeeds in getting rid of the Cider Poppies, it also manages to destroy all plant life on the entire planet. Deciding that rain is needed to bring back the plants, Richfield decides to drop bombs in every volcano, reasoning that the clouds they produce will bring the rain. Instead the volcanoes produce thick black clouds, blocking out the sun and plunging the planet into an ice age. Earl finally realizes what a mistake he made by tampering with nature and taking it for granted, however it is too late. He apologizes to his family for ending the world, but promises that dinosaurs won't just disappear. The Sinclairs agree that they'll remain a family no matter what happens, as the house begins to be buried by snow.

AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Wednesday, 17 May 2017 16:28 (five years ago) link

thread of the year

The Remoans of the May (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 17 May 2017 16:30 (five years ago) link

Le Bateau Ivre, Wednesday, 17 May 2017 16:35 (five years ago) link

quality thread

hope you're doing well mark s

may we never bump glans

i n f i n i t y (∞), Wednesday, 17 May 2017 17:39 (five years ago) link


Did you know: dinosaurs had precisely six different reactions* to their mass extinction 66 million years ago! Let's take a look at them...

(*stock photography doesn't lie about such things)

— Pulp Librarian (@PulpLibrarian) August 27, 2021

Neil S, Friday, 27 August 2021 10:24 (ten months ago) link

return of the hornéd trenchasaur

mark s, Friday, 27 August 2021 11:01 (ten months ago) link

also: lesser beasts be stealin from ilxor classics (this is actually how the world ends ppl)

@pulplibrarian is ok but come on man

mark s, Friday, 27 August 2021 11:03 (ten months ago) link

some of the captions would get an fp

calzino, Friday, 27 August 2021 11:14 (ten months ago) link

hah I consider myself told then

Neil S, Friday, 27 August 2021 14:08 (ten months ago) link

one month passes...

I hope mark s is going to enter this contest.

Dan Worsley, Wednesday, 6 October 2021 11:43 (eight months ago) link

"Let's play the last track from The Doors debut."

Zelda Zonk, Wednesday, 6 October 2021 12:11 (eight months ago) link

This next one's for all the titanosaurs in the audience.

adam t. (abanana), Wednesday, 6 October 2021 12:16 (eight months ago) link

"As soon as Stipeasaurus gets here we can run through this one."

nickn, Wednesday, 6 October 2021 17:07 (eight months ago) link

Haha I read the thread title and my first thought was “Does KM have anything to contribute to this topic?”

or imagine being murderer (aka predator animal trying to survive) and it's the end of the world right after you kill the other dino friend. you'd be like "is god punishing the world for what i did? how important am i?"

― Karl Malone, Sunday, 18 November 2018 21:50 (yesterday) Permalink

…And there it is.

I was just reading history of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 in relation to the rise of atheism. The thought processes were very similar, but with a lot more god blaming.

recovering internet addict/shitposter (viborg), Wednesday, 6 October 2021 18:09 (eight months ago) link


yeah, i mean in many ways the world makes a lot more sense if you think of it as god punishing people for one thing or another. especially if you think that god is flawed and constantly makes mistakes!

typo hell #12: a hundreds of millions of people (Karl Malone), Wednesday, 6 October 2021 18:14 (eight months ago) link

Omg that “thinking t-Rex” panel is killing me

FRAUDULENT STEAKS (The Cursed Return of the Dastardly Thermo Thinwall), Saturday, 9 October 2021 20:11 (eight months ago) link

ooooh, high-rez dino horror!

typo hell #12: a hundreds of millions of people (Karl Malone), Tuesday, 12 October 2021 18:58 (eight months ago) link

is there a VR experience for the dinosaur meteor extinction event? i would love to walk around in that world, as a dinosaur

typo hell #12: a hundreds of millions of people (Karl Malone), Tuesday, 12 October 2021 19:01 (eight months ago) link

You know you're ripping off The Far Side when even your dinosaurs wear cat-eye glasses.

pplains, Friday, 22 October 2021 14:39 (eight months ago) link


Lavator Shemmelpennick, Friday, 22 October 2021 14:40 (eight months ago) link

four months pass...

Earth was forever changed after an enormous asteroid smashed into our planet at the end of the Cretaceous period. Scientists have pinpointed the season of the disaster and linked it to springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.

— Scientific American (@sciam) February 24, 2022

mark s, Thursday, 24 February 2022 20:53 (four months ago) link

very poor quality picture imo, scientific american do better

(the article is mildly interesting, adding heft to the question i asked sanpaku upthread that was never answered)

mark s, Thursday, 24 February 2022 20:54 (four months ago) link

two weeks pass...

StanM, Saturday, 12 March 2022 20:04 (three months ago) link

i love the quality of the image, excellent

the world's undisputed #1 fan of 'Spud Infinity' (Karl Malone), Saturday, 12 March 2022 21:08 (three months ago) link

two weeks pass...
(thomas woodruff)

Karl Malone, Friday, 1 April 2022 17:35 (three months ago) link

that one is less gazing haplessly and more having a kickass acid trip tbh

Lavator Shemmelpennick, Friday, 1 April 2022 17:36 (three months ago) link

it's true, the dinosaur has separated from its ego and is just accepting what is happening as something unique and unrepeatable

Karl Malone, Friday, 1 April 2022 17:40 (three months ago) link

Unfortunate how most of these pictures neglect to include the full white and red moons.

jmm, Friday, 1 April 2022 17:46 (three months ago) link

Karl Malone, Friday, 1 April 2022 17:59 (three months ago) link

A must see for devotees of this thread:

Phil McCracken (Tom D.), Wednesday, 6 April 2022 21:39 (two months ago) link

Recently seen on ye webz

The meteor that killed the dinosaurs has the biggest ratio of birds killed with one stone.

Attributed to but I am not sure that's the original thought-thinker

So's your imam (Ye Mad Puffin), Wednesday, 6 April 2022 21:43 (two months ago) link

meanwhile we just cant catch a break

mark s, Tuesday, 12 April 2022 15:44 (two months ago) link

If there's an extinction-level meteor impact in our lifetimes, I really think the best use of our last moments would be to reenact hapless dinosaur pictures.

jmm, Tuesday, 12 April 2022 15:51 (two months ago) link

Meanwhile, 66 million years and thirty seconds later:

Scientists claim to have found a fossil of a dinosaur killed on the day an extinction asteroid struck the Earth 66 million years ago.

Scientists say that the perfectly preserved leg of a Thescelosaurus dinosaur, complete with scaly skin, can be dated back to the mass extinction event because of the presence of debris from the impact, the BBC said.

Andy the Grasshopper, Tuesday, 12 April 2022 16:46 (two months ago) link

pics or it didn't happen

and i'm talking photographs of the extinction event. release the photos!

Karl Malone, Tuesday, 12 April 2022 17:13 (two months ago) link

it was wearing a "and all I got was this t-shirt"

StanM, Tuesday, 12 April 2022 17:32 (two months ago) link

two months pass...

just want to check: we covered all 4 of these, right?

In every artist's depiction of a meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, there's always one T-Rex looking up at it like "That can’t be good."

— Jake Vig (@Jake_Vig) March 31, 2019

this thread is one of the leading sources of dinosaur/meteor images

Bruce Stingbean (Karl Malone), Wednesday, 22 June 2022 16:11 (one week ago) link

nice -- the very first one in Vig's tweet is the OP of this thread, by Mark S

Bruce Stingbean (Karl Malone), Wednesday, 22 June 2022 16:12 (one week ago) link

This thread has barely scratched the surface of all the incredibly lazy single-panel comics out there

jmm, Wednesday, 22 June 2022 16:25 (one week ago) link

God, I am such a billy, even down to being a stegosaurus (always my fave)

Bruce Stingbean (Karl Malone), Wednesday, 22 June 2022 16:27 (one week ago) link

I'm confused about the coconuts. Are they coconuts? Is the dinosaur on the left standing on some coconuts? That detail looks as if it's supposed to be part of the joke, but it's not.

Why does the Stegosaurus' head look like a hand holding a bowling ball with spines on it? Is it the mescaline, or something else?

Ashley Pomeroy, Wednesday, 22 June 2022 19:48 (one week ago) link

I think the artist can’t draw feet.

brownie, Wednesday, 22 June 2022 20:29 (one week ago) link

Rob Liefeld: The Early Years

the body of a spider... (scampering alpaca), Wednesday, 22 June 2022 20:31 (one week ago) link

t-rex was the accelerationist of the last extinction event (before the current one we're living in)

Bruce Stingbean (Karl Malone), Friday, 1 July 2022 19:12 (two days ago) link

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