ILX Parenting 3: Back In (Potty) Training

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Continuing on from this thread (which continued from the original thread. Talk about your kids, and the only rule is that you post lots and lots of pictures!

schwantz, Monday, 5 November 2007 19:50 (fourteen years ago) link


sunny successor, Monday, 5 November 2007 20:20 (fourteen years ago) link

Breastfeeding is as interesting as before, but it's easier because I know what I am in for. Unlike so many, I have massively engorged breasts. :-( It hurts quite a bit (and I'm also bleeding but, crossing fingers it stays this way, not around the nipple.) I stupidly followed the midwives/books advice and did more than my usual 10/15 min feeding and Lisa vomited all over us. Poor thing.
This sounds like bragging, but I am honestly very happy I am blessed with the abillity to produce milk. :-)
As a result I also decided to not give a toss about the idea that pacifiers and breasts don't mix. I never had a problem with Ophelia mixing'em up (then again she quickly discovered her thumb, sth I encouraged but also felt guilty of). Especially durig the night, I can go a bit mental when Lisa cries. (Yes, already after a couple of nights sleep deprivation is driving me somewhat nuts.)

One of the things that I do notice is how parenting is bombarded with rules/opinions/... and they NEVER agree. Even at the hospital the midwives all had different ideas. The night midwife said 4 to 5 hrs (latter night time feeding) was ideal, during the day it ranged from 2 to 4 hrs. What do I do? I just go with the flow. I don't even use my alarm anymore. We'll get the hang of it. But honestly I can't wait till she sleeps through the night. Bad, I know.

Ophelia is aware of her sister and quite likes her. She's interested in Lisa drinking my milk. It's so cute:"Bebe milk!" She also likes to touch her ear and stroke her head. But we're not overemphasizing Lisa presence, we're doing it slowly. It's difficult enough as it is for Ophelia: she's getting less attention.

I'm rambling. I should be sleeping.

Oh yeah, recovery has been... interesting. I gained about 30 kilos (bad I know!) but already dropped about 15 kilos. I still need to go about 18 kilos though. *sigh* Also, I need to take care of that flabby belly. :-( And I have been losing quite a few blood clods (sp?). I remember with O I lost a gigantic one and we thought it was a piece of liver. hahahahahahahaha Not funny at the time though. Last night I lost a lot of'em and it's very icky and scary. :-(

stevienixed, Monday, 5 November 2007 20:25 (fourteen years ago) link

Just the, uh, opening bits are bleeding? How common is this? Glad the baby's doing well. : )

Abbott, Monday, 5 November 2007 20:33 (fourteen years ago) link

Just cuz I want to see some pics in this thread...
One of Ben doing his crazy-eyes, and one of Owen and his mommy.

schwantz, Monday, 5 November 2007 20:57 (fourteen years ago) link

Glad the feeding is going well, Nath. Apart from the swollen boobs (ouch). I totally agree that 'going with the flow' is the way to go with breastfeeding, Howie is still technically fed 'on demand' except that during the day he's way too distracted to ever demand it, so I have to enforce a feeding schedule on him or he'd never take any milk in the daytime (and no doubt make up for it at night).

Meg Busset, Monday, 5 November 2007 22:52 (fourteen years ago) link

Oh yeah, and despite being one terrible sleeper, Howie slept through two of our neighbours having fireworks parties right outside his bedroom window this evening. Good boy...

Meg Busset, Monday, 5 November 2007 22:52 (fourteen years ago) link

Love that infant "Andre The Giant Has a Posse" t-shirt. Nice!

My kids are lovely, but they are driving me crazy these days.

Alex in NYC, Monday, 5 November 2007 22:55 (fourteen years ago) link

omg adorable
good dinosaur shirt too

sometimes i wish i were a participant on this thread and not on threads about academia and coffee and shower snot
maybe one day tho :)

rrrobyn, Monday, 5 November 2007 22:57 (fourteen years ago) link

Oh yeah, following the dummies debate from the old thread, I know the current advice is not til 6 weeks when breastfeeding should be properly established, but of course you know your baby best so I'm sure you'd soon tell if she was starting to get nipple confusion. The only other thing is that old 6-week growth spurt when actually they need to feed constantly to get your milk supply up. (I recall several days of literally being stuck to the sofa with a baby on my boob all day and night.)

Anyway, we introduced the dummy when his colic kicked in (around 4 weeks IIRC) but I am a bit phobic of them so we've only ever used them very sparingly, and just kind of stopped using them a few weeks back when he started settling to sleep without needing to suck. Did use one when he was screaming his head off in A&E for four hours last week, but then he dropped it on the floor and we were too scared of MRSA to give it back to him...

Meg Busset, Monday, 5 November 2007 23:02 (fourteen years ago) link

getting ready to start potty training in my house. Not looking forward to it. She wants to be trained but right now seems to have no sense. We're just gonna have to buckle down and do it.

Dandy Don Weiner, Monday, 5 November 2007 23:03 (fourteen years ago) link

(actually, that's an "Andre the Giant Has A Paci" t-shirt I made, but CafePress shut me down for copyright violation)

schwantz, Monday, 5 November 2007 23:14 (fourteen years ago) link

Oh yes, I repeats myself:

fave pic of the year. :-)

stevienixed, Monday, 5 November 2007 23:36 (fourteen years ago) link


Abbott, Monday, 5 November 2007 23:37 (fourteen years ago) link

so cuuuute

schwantz, i was referring to alex's boy's tshirt! but didn't realize that is what is on your boy's tshirt - haha neat

rrrobyn, Monday, 5 November 2007 23:39 (fourteen years ago) link

That picture is ridiculously cute.

ENBB, Monday, 5 November 2007 23:42 (fourteen years ago) link

hey, I think I'm starting to be able to tell ben and owen apart finally. ben's the one with the crazy eyes, right?

alex, your kids are adorable. it's the tradeoff for being hard work maybe, so you'll just want to pinch their cheeks instead of selling them on ebay after a rough day.

after the hangover has subsided, here's lulu getting ready to open the pressies from her neighbourhood pals that came to her halloween shindig:

and a couple from her actual birthday on friday, a fine excuse to light a candle on yet another cake. ava had to help with candle extinguishing, and since then has eagerly volunteered to help lulu learn how to play with her new toys.

craft ho, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 00:41 (fourteen years ago) link

Aww, cute pics already!

Glad you're doing well Nath, apart from the engorgement and bad lochia.

Aidan and I are coming towards the end of a weeks stay with my parents. It's been interesting, fabulous to see Mum and ad with him, especially dad interacting more with him now he's a bit more alert and smiling. Aidan's really finding his voice and is still at the stage where strangers are fun rather than scary, so he's loved being shown off to all and sundry!

The little bit of expressing I have been doing, I thought I wasn't storing it properly as it always smelled sour whenever we tried to give it him. I couldn't understand why a bottle stored in the fridge for just 24 hours could have gone off already so I did a bit of googling and discovered that if your milk has high levels of lipase then it gets tainted very quickly. Some poor mothers build up hundreds of ounces in the freezer for when they go back to work, only to have to throw it all away. There is a solution, if you scald the milk as soon as it's expessed it's fine. Yes, you probably lose some of the goodies but as long as they're getting some proper boob time as well it's fine. I really wish it was more widely known about though.

Tummy time at grandparents, and the default poition of his fingers at the minute:

Vicky, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 09:25 (fourteen years ago) link

haha vicky I was reading your post and as soon as I got to "smelled sour" I thought "lipase! I have to tell her about lipase!" :) Glad you figured it out for yourself, although it does sound like an enormous pain.

And congratulations Nath, I haven't popped in in a while, so happy to see everything went fine!

I am also thinking of biting the bullet and charging ahead on potty training...kiddo has always been remarkably good about peeing on the potty when we ask him to but only rarely will go over and do it himself. He just now seems to have the motor skills to pull down his pants, and I wish he was more verbal, but everything else is there. I don't want to miss a window, but at the same time, I really wish this window hadn't opened up right as the weather turned cold!

here is your picture:

he will be 23 mos in a few days. Current interests: trains, jumping, playing chase, maisy, collecting sticks at the park, drawing with sidewalk chalk. Also he knows all the letters and their sounds!

teeny, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 15:43 (fourteen years ago) link

Update: Lisa sleeps so much. It's quite a strange experience for me as Ophelia slept so little. It's freaky! I have to wake her up to feed otherwise she'd go without milk (so I feared today). I also use ILX: After a nighttime feeding I put her on my shoulder, read the board until she's asleep and then put her in her crib. She woke up at 12 am and 4 am for a feeding. WTF. If I get the hang of this, I can breeze through these months. roffle.

Teeny, some wait even longer to potty train. Apparently the longer you wait, the quicker they learn. Some wait till 3 yrs of age!

nathalie, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 15:53 (fourteen years ago) link

OMG teeny do it NOW. Do not wait until he doesn't have interest or it's too late. I may not know shit about anything else in life, but I know your little guy is ready! What you do is commit to it and Do Not Back Down.

Also, he's super cute.

And congrats Nathalie! I totally even forgot you were pregnant as I haven't trolled the parenting threads in ages.

Dandy Don Weiner, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 19:02 (fourteen years ago) link

Congratulations, Nathalie! That picture is super-cute! Glad to hear everything is going well & I hope the good sleeping continues. Madeleine was pretty good, she used to wake about every three or four hours at night for a feed but I had to wake her in the day or she would sleep for too long.

liz, Tuesday, 6 November 2007 21:57 (fourteen years ago) link

Aw Ophelia and Elisabeth look impossibly adorable, what proud parents you must be nath! Well done and congrats again!

This is a bit late for Halloween and the pic was taken in August(?) anyway but:

Archel, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 12:35 (fourteen years ago) link

Hm, do Facebook pics work? I thought I was linking from Flickr, sorry. Again:

Archel, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 12:38 (fourteen years ago) link

Ava singing one of her fave Chris Montez songs (this was back in August):

STOP PRESS: Lulu just took ten steps! Previous record was three!

Michael Jones, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 19:45 (fourteen years ago) link


onimo, Wednesday, 7 November 2007 21:56 (fourteen years ago) link

wow, onimo, that's proper walking! it's hard to imagine a time when lulu will be so steady and confident on her tootsies. or running around with ava, even!

archel, alice looks extremely pleased to be lucifer's minion, I'd watch out for that one. she's going to be a biscuit thief for sure!

louis is looking so grown-up! it sounds like he might be ready and willing for the potty training but I know what you mean about wishing it was a bit warmer. ava wasn't very verbal at first either, it took ages of us asking her every half hour if she needed a wee before she'd volunteer the info without prodding, I think she just got so irritated at being badgered about it that she started telling us when she needed to go!

I'm taking lulu for her first MMR jab in a couple of hours, urgh.

craft ho, Thursday, 8 November 2007 09:42 (fourteen years ago) link

My goodness, Ava's pitch is great for a toddler. She's going to turn into a supersongstress like Mom.

Madchen, Thursday, 8 November 2007 13:34 (fourteen years ago) link

That's some great walking from M! Alice shows no sign of wanting to strike out alone yet, although she is never happier than when cruising round the furniture.

And you're so right pam, in fact she's a massive biscuit thief already. She can sniff out an unwary toddler at fifty paces and is expert at distracting them while she quietly reaches out for the custard cream in their hand. This morning she got stuck under a chair at baby group because she had spotted a hula hoop underneath it from the other side of the room...

Archel, Thursday, 8 November 2007 15:15 (fourteen years ago) link

Aw, Pam, Ava is like your mini-me! That's adorable! Megan walking is so cool as well, as is devil-Alice and pumpkin-Louis. These threads are so great for watching them all grow up :-)

ailsa, Thursday, 8 November 2007 20:11 (fourteen years ago) link

(oh, and obviously massive AAAWWWWWWWW at Ophelia and Lisa)

ailsa, Thursday, 8 November 2007 20:11 (fourteen years ago) link

And I though Ava couldn't possibly get any cuter. Wow.

ENBB, Thursday, 8 November 2007 20:20 (fourteen years ago) link

It's their first birthday today, so... here are some pictures!

Owen on his sweet new trike:

Ben and Owen at the park:

Owen at one year:

schwantz, Friday, 9 November 2007 16:08 (fourteen years ago) link

happy birthday O and B!!

sunny successor, Friday, 9 November 2007 16:47 (fourteen years ago) link

They're plotting in those little caps of theirs. Activating their Wonder Twin powers.

Ned Raggett, Friday, 9 November 2007 16:49 (fourteen years ago) link

Already a YEAR? My god, does time fly! Congrats!

Hey Teeny how's the vocalizing/linguistic skillz going? O has been forming sentences for a few weeks now. It's freaky how much she understands and how well she's able to express herself. :-)

nathalie, Friday, 9 November 2007 16:59 (fourteen years ago) link

"Mommy, want computer."

Ned Raggett, Friday, 9 November 2007 16:59 (fourteen years ago) link

Happy birthday to the handsome crimefighting duo Ben + Owen! Ava and Lulu raise a glass and bottle respectively to their continued good health! Also I'm pretty sure I heard Ava mutter "party on".

craft ho, Friday, 9 November 2007 20:03 (fourteen years ago) link

Please, someone on this thread with children, explain what the hell this is:

HI DERE, Friday, 9 November 2007 20:46 (fourteen years ago) link

It looks like a device for teaching kids how to go to the toilet without having to undo your pants.

StanM, Friday, 9 November 2007 20:56 (fourteen years ago) link

It appears to be a last ditch solution for stubborn kids who resist potty training. "You want to be let out? You know what to do."

mike a, Friday, 9 November 2007 21:05 (fourteen years ago) link


Mark C, Friday, 9 November 2007 21:58 (fourteen years ago) link

Something to do with waterboarding...

schwantz, Friday, 9 November 2007 22:20 (fourteen years ago) link

The shinstraps are the worst bit of that contraption. And the colours.

I've now digitised two hours (26GB!) of mini-DV tapes so I may get carried away with YouTubing the gals. Here's Lulu snoozing...finally, in her high-chair at Grandma's back in September. I could mix in some Harry Hill preamble and a laff-track if you like...

Michael Jones, Friday, 9 November 2007 23:44 (fourteen years ago) link

So Beeps did this for the first time yesterday:

And yes, we've moved the books out of the way now.

Pleasant Plains, Sunday, 11 November 2007 15:37 (fourteen years ago) link

cute!!! in the last 2 weeks beeps learned to sit up from laying down position, creep on tummy, crawl on hands and knees and pull herself up to standing. progresso! oh, and say "mama mama mamamamamamamamamammmmmmmmm"

sunny successor, Monday, 12 November 2007 15:01 (fourteen years ago) link

Tardlet? TURDLET.

C J, Monday, 12 November 2007 15:03 (fourteen years ago) link

dude, that had better be an xxxxxxpost

sunny successor, Monday, 12 November 2007 15:04 (fourteen years ago) link

Yes, yes!

C J, Monday, 12 November 2007 15:05 (fourteen years ago) link

Beeps is such a cutie!!! <3

nathalie, Monday, 12 November 2007 15:07 (fourteen years ago) link

its not so much the conversations with other diners as it is them turning around in their seat and glaring at one particular diner like 'oh, you got something to say?"

sunny successor, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 13:58 (thirteen years ago) link

and then shouting something unintelligible at them

sunny successor, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 13:59 (thirteen years ago) link

And then throwing up down themselves.

Ned Trifle II, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 14:24 (thirteen years ago) link

yeah or throwing their drink on the floor

hey schwantz i just saw those pics - the one of you and the boys is so awwww some

sunny successor, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 14:36 (thirteen years ago) link

Thanks. Anyone got a hair cutting tips? We've been butchering them.

schwantz, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 16:44 (thirteen years ago) link

not me. i came half an inch from stabbing beeps in the eye when i cut her bangs. gave me the hebegeebees.

sunny successor, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 18:38 (thirteen years ago) link

photo time!

beeps and the big dog:

in GTA IV training

hanging in the kitchen

sunny successor, Friday, 20 June 2008 22:06 (thirteen years ago) link

It's been a while, so here's three...

Tallulah points at some balloons (or was it baboons?) at the Marylebone Village Summer Fayre. I never want her to have her hair cut, I just want her to have this blonde mop forever.

Ava pinching my smoothie at Eat and Two Veg:

And sisterly love in the park:

Michael Jones, Saturday, 21 June 2008 00:21 (thirteen years ago) link

Solarized Cheeks (+ Dog Leg)

Pleasant Plains, Monday, 23 June 2008 02:02 (thirteen years ago) link

Big dog and little girl! It loks like the huge dog is just trying to let her know in a psychialldoggie way that he will defend her and protect her forever.
And she can squeeze his nose, if neccesary.

or maybe it's "Wait until you throw the ball."

aimurchie, Monday, 23 June 2008 02:11 (thirteen years ago) link

(I have friends with an 18 month girl living with Suzzie, the husky mix good dog who is 10!
They have a wood stove. Suzzie KEEPS the babe from the woodstove.

It seems scary to some people, but - dog and child LOVE each other, and I think the whole family is safe because Suzzie is there.)

aimurchie, Monday, 23 June 2008 03:13 (thirteen years ago) link

one day i hope to sleep straight through. for now it's been hellish.

stevienixed, Monday, 23 June 2008 06:03 (thirteen years ago) link

Poor Nath :(

Hey, guys, can we start a new thread? My wireless connection crashes every time I load this one.

sunny successor, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 14:02 (thirteen years ago) link

I'm happy for there to be a new one - it's been nearly 8 months. I can't do anything with "Citizens on Patrol" though...

Michael Jones, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 14:12 (thirteen years ago) link

ILX Parenting 4: We make our own people

sunny successor, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 14:41 (thirteen years ago) link

Itty-bittyzens on Patrol?

Madchen, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 14:58 (thirteen years ago) link

hahaha best part about schwantzs fathers day reading pic is he's the only one of the 3 who looks confused

sunny what is the story behind 'beeps' (the name/nickname)? because it is awesome

deeznuts, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 15:01 (thirteen years ago) link

ummm..lets see. we had decided on the name Beatrice when I was still preggers. we started referring to her as Beats and then that changed into Beeps for awhile which just kind of stuck on ilx i think because i started a thread about "beeps" at the time. She is really "Beats" at home though.

sunny successor, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 15:18 (thirteen years ago) link

Before we leap into the inknown that is ILX P4, any news on rumpie?

Ned Trifle II, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 16:29 (thirteen years ago) link

Her babe must be out by now.

sunny successor, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 16:32 (thirteen years ago) link

Fingers crossed!

Ned Trifle II, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 19:53 (thirteen years ago) link

sunny if i start a beeps vs beats poll thread & beeps wins out will you guys change yr mind on that one?

deeznuts, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 19:54 (thirteen years ago) link

I want her to be a drummer, not a keyboard player.

Pleasant Plains, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 19:59 (thirteen years ago) link

YOU ARE LIVING IN THE PAST MAN, at least give her a chance!

deeznuts, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 20:06 (thirteen years ago) link


sunny successor, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 21:14 (thirteen years ago) link

i will - ILE or 77? thats yr only choice other than the vote - after that it is out of yr guys' hands

deeznuts, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 21:17 (thirteen years ago) link

btw split vote = i choose

deeznuts, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 21:18 (thirteen years ago) link

wow i dont know. more bros on 77 but more peeps on ile. you decide

sunny successor, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 21:26 (thirteen years ago) link

I don't know, deez. Singing "Beats Street, Queen of the beat, you see her rocking that beat from across the street" to her at night ain't gonna sound the same if her name is "Beeps".

Pleasant Plains, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 21:39 (thirteen years ago) link

not to mention "we got the beat"

sunny successor, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 21:41 (thirteen years ago) link

well you two might just have to get 'creative' & substitute 'beep' for 'beat'

deal with it motherfuckers

we are polling on 77 in t-5 min i submit that all ILXP's be invited if they have not been already

deeznuts, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 21:48 (thirteen years ago) link

no mentions of 77 on this thread pls. Some of us aren't that cool.

schwantz, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 23:32 (thirteen years ago) link

(Or invite me)

schwantz, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 23:50 (thirteen years ago) link

whats yr ilx email SCHWAAAAAAAAAAAAN? ill feel very powerful if i successfully invite another user

deeznuts, Wednesday, 25 June 2008 01:14 (thirteen years ago) link

Hi everybody, see you in December!

Dr. Superman, Wednesday, 25 June 2008 02:04 (thirteen years ago) link


sunny successor, Wednesday, 25 June 2008 02:05 (thirteen years ago) link

Can I repeat: HELLISH. Last couple of days it was 4 or 5 am. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then an accident as well, she fell off the diaper table. But (I hope) nothing's wrong. Thank god. So has anyone gritted their teeth and let their baby cry? I still can't. Silly me. :-( I'm going completely k-razeee tho.

stevienixed, Wednesday, 25 June 2008 05:23 (thirteen years ago) link

i could let beeps cry to some degree at infant stage but i cant now. i guess because she can communicate better now so crying more often than not does mean something is wrong. poor nath. do you have someone who can give you a day, or at least a night, off where you can hide in your bedroom with earplugs in?

sunny successor, Wednesday, 25 June 2008 14:59 (thirteen years ago) link

3 months away.....and its a boy! just one, we thought two....but just one. We have decided to name him Cole.

thebingoisback, Thursday, 26 June 2008 19:47 (thirteen years ago) link

Thank your lucky stars ;)

schwantz, Thursday, 26 June 2008 20:21 (thirteen years ago) link

BINGO! Awesome! Very happy for you and yours! (it's Huk-L, btw)

Dr. Superman, Thursday, 26 June 2008 22:20 (thirteen years ago) link

Huck and Chris! You guys!

Mark C, Thursday, 26 June 2008 22:48 (thirteen years ago) link

Yay! I like Cole - I have a beautiful nephew by that name.

Michael Jones, Thursday, 26 June 2008 22:58 (thirteen years ago) link

Wow, people be sprogging! congrats, you guys!

ailsa, Thursday, 26 June 2008 23:06 (thirteen years ago) link

Beautiful. How old are these boys now? Do I remember you saying they could say the alphabet at 18 months? Beats is 16 months next week and all she says is "DADA!!!"

sunny successor, Sunday, 29 June 2008 07:12 (thirteen years ago) link

OK, we're moving up to 4!
Using sunny's title...
ILX Parenting 4: We make our own people

Ned Trifle II, Sunday, 29 June 2008 11:37 (thirteen years ago) link

eleven months pass...

Think we might be approaching this time with Howie -- in the last few days he has done a wee on the potty every night at bathtime, and asked for the potty this morning.

I have TEH FEAR over putting him in pants and spending the next x weeks wiping up accidents (especially as I'm glued to a breastfeeding newborn half the day) so am considering going via pull-ups, and leaving pants til he is reliable at letting me know when he needs to go. OTOH some say it's best just to stick 'em in pants and put up with the mess for a while...

So... any tips?

Meg (Meg Busset), Tuesday, 16 June 2009 12:38 (twelve years ago) link

Argh, meant to start a new thread on this. Pls ignore this one!

Meg (Meg Busset), Tuesday, 16 June 2009 12:39 (twelve years ago) link

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