the keane autobiography: a life in discontent

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I mentioned it to him. And I told him that I didn’t think it was good for the club, the manager in a legal dispute with shareholders.

I felt I was entitled to say that. He was just a mascot for them. Walking around with this Rock of Gibraltar – ‘Look at me, how big I am,’ – and he didn’t even own the bloody thing.

the final twilight of all evaluative standpoints (nakhchivan), Monday, 6 October 2014 19:50 (five years ago) link

what will have been speculated is now manifest

Ƹ༑Ʒ (imago), Monday, 6 October 2014 19:52 (five years ago) link

diss content

Chimp Arsons, Monday, 6 October 2014 20:06 (five years ago) link

We were playing Sporting Lisbon to celebrate the opening of their stadium. I saw how good Ronaldo was that day. He was up against John O’Shea.

Sheasy ended up seeing the doctor at half time because he was actually having dizzy spells. The club concluded negotiations after the game.

We always joked with Sheasy he had actually sealed the deal by playing like a fucking clown. In fairness to him, he was jet-lagged like the rest of us.

the final twilight of all evaluative standpoints (nakhchivan), Monday, 6 October 2014 20:19 (five years ago) link

Roy Keane is such a knob

paolo, Tuesday, 7 October 2014 12:10 (five years ago) link

“I rang Mark Hughes. Robbie [Savage] wasn’t in the Blackburn team and I asked Mark if we could try to arrange a deal. Sparky said: ‘Yeah, yeah, he’s lost his way here but he could still do a job for you.’ Robbie’s legs were going a bit but I thought he might come up to us [at Sunderland], with his long hair, and give us a lift – the way Yorkie [Dwight Yorke] had, a big personality in the dressing room. Sparky gave me permission to give him a call. So I got Robbie’s mobile number and rang him. It went to his voicemail: ‘Hi, it’s Robbie – whazzup!’ like the Budweiser ad. I never called him back. I thought: ‘I can’t be fucking signing that.’”

Matt DC, Tuesday, 7 October 2014 20:18 (five years ago) link

he was a dreadful manager

the final twilight of all evaluative standpoints (nakhchivan), Tuesday, 7 October 2014 20:31 (five years ago) link

80% of his signings were shit ex manchester united trainees like savage or game lads from cork with 6 ireland caps

the final twilight of all evaluative standpoints (nakhchivan), Tuesday, 7 October 2014 20:32 (five years ago) link

and train driving qualifications

Ƹ༑Ʒ (imago), Tuesday, 7 October 2014 20:33 (five years ago) link

“It might seem strange but you find out about characters when you look to see who’s in charge of the music. A young lad might want to put on the latest sound; an older player might say: ‘I’m the senior player’ and put himself in charge. But I noticed none of the players [at Sunderland] were in charge of the music and this was a concern for me. A member of staff was in charge. I was looking at him thinking: ‘I hope someone nails him here.’ The last song before the players went on to the pitch was ‘Dancing Queen’ by Abba. What really worried me was that none of the players – not one – said: ‘Get that shit off.’ They were going out to play a match, men versus men, testosterone levels were high. You’ve got to hit people at pace. Fuckin’ ‘Dancing Queen.’ It worried me. I didn’t have as many leaders as I thought.”

paolo, Wednesday, 8 October 2014 23:41 (five years ago) link

Was just coming here to get a .jpg of that beard. Shame it won't get him elder status respect.

xyzzzz__, Thursday, 9 October 2014 15:38 (five years ago) link

Looking at I LOVE CRICKET: THE CHINATOWN OF ILX and there is no discussion of that stupid KP biog. Maybe its for the best.

xyzzzz__, Thursday, 9 October 2014 15:40 (five years ago) link

he is such an imbecile and a paranoid wreck

all of these grudges and vendettas derive from a fundamental lack of insight into anything

ferguson is surely having sleeping nights wondering when, if ever, he will find it in his heart to forgive him

the final twilight of all evaluative standpoints (nakhchivan), Friday, 10 October 2014 00:41 (five years ago) link

Will you ever forgive Ferguson?

'[Pause]. Good question. I'm not sure, I'm not sure football is a small world and eventually, you will cross paths with people again.

'Whether I would ever bump into him or not, whether it be at a game or sometimes there are conferences going on...

'The problem, I suppose, I had and one of the reasons when you are writing stuff and you are reflecting on it, is that when you have worked with somebody for such a long time – and obviously we had our disagreements and I departed, and I have no problems with that, it's fine.

'It's afterwards when people start coming out with all sorts of nonsense. For Alex Ferguson, not just to criticise myself, but other players who were part of a team that brought some good days to lots of supporters, for him to criticise that when you think of what he made out of it – he made millions of pounds out of it...

'He got his statues, he's got his stand named after him – to come back and criticise...

'I said at the time, I wasn't too bothered about myself, but to criticise people who brought him success was just ridiculous.

'Will I ever forgive him? I don't know. Listen, I don't know. We'll see if we ever cross paths again. I'm sure we will - cross paths, I mean.'

the final twilight of all evaluative standpoints (nakhchivan), Friday, 10 October 2014 00:42 (five years ago) link

Keane on Ferguson is the gift that keeps on giving or what.

Keane explained why he had refused to attend the unveiling of Ferguson’s statue at Old Trafford. “I think I did [get an invitation], yeah. But I don’t think he invited me. It was probably his committee or his son or whatever, but why would I go to that? That was all power and control to him. So he comes in and we’re all standing there [gesturing sycophantic applause] and he’s: ‘I’ve got you where I want you.’”

xyzzzz__, Friday, 10 October 2014 07:50 (five years ago) link

Jesus its fuckin sad stuff is this

local eire man (darraghmac), Friday, 10 October 2014 08:47 (five years ago) link

Finally Roy, if Dancing Queen by Abba is the wrong song for the dressing room, what’s the right song?

Strangely enough, the music didn’t bother me in terms of getting motivated. So I don’t think I have a song that I could throw at you that would get me going. But I don’t think it would be Abba.

Hang about, your first single was Karma Chameleon?

[Pointing angrily] I was 12!

paolo, Friday, 10 October 2014 12:06 (five years ago) link

“I thought I knew what the group might need, that we didn’t need a big team talk. It was Tottenham Hotspur at home. I thought please don’t go on about Tottenham, we all know what Tottenham is about, they are nice and tidy but we’ll fucking do them. He came in and said: ‘Lads, it’s Tottenham’, and that was it. Brilliant.”

Chimp Arsons, Wednesday, 22 October 2014 06:08 (five years ago) link

four years pass...

twas this or second thought thread

topical mlady (darraghmac), Wednesday, 16 January 2019 11:58 (one year ago) link

whatever happened to that Chimp Arsons lad?

stuck in the Lidl with EU (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 16 January 2019 13:06 (one year ago) link

1. Sack manager who's got you to 7th
2. Employ Keano
3. ?????

stuck in the Lidl with EU (Noodle Vague), Wednesday, 16 January 2019 13:24 (one year ago) link

seven months pass...

Roy Keane has been waiting a year to say all of this. You can tell.

— Robert Redmond (@RobRedmond10) September 4, 2019

theRZA the JZA and the NDB (darraghmac), Wednesday, 4 September 2019 23:35 (five months ago) link

wonder why management hasnt worked out for him

theRZA the JZA and the NDB (darraghmac), Wednesday, 4 September 2019 23:36 (five months ago) link

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