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Ivy - Snake Sword 4
Voldo - Dual Katar 4
Yoshimitsu - Katana and Sashimono3
Kilik - Bo Staff 2
Sophitia - Sword and Shield 1
Taki - Dual Kodachis 1
Inferno - Imitative Power (Originally SoulEdge from Soul Edge/Soul Blade) 0
Edge Master - Imitative power 0
Xianghua - Chinese sword 0
Nightmare - Soul Edge 0
Maxi - Nunchaku 0
Lizardman - Sword and Shield 0
Astaroth - Giant Axe 0
Siegfried - Zweihander 0
Hwang - Chinese Blade 0
Seung Mina - Halberd 0
Rock - Battle Axe 0
Cervantes - Long-Sword and Pistol sword 0
Mitsurugi - Katana 0

HI DERE, Thursday, 14 June 2007 18:48 (thirteen years ago) link

oh god you just reminded me of that voldo dance

TOMBOT, Thursday, 14 June 2007 18:49 (thirteen years ago) link


HI DERE, Thursday, 14 June 2007 19:32 (thirteen years ago) link

HI DERE, Thursday, 14 June 2007 19:33 (thirteen years ago) link


cankles, Thursday, 14 June 2007 21:56 (thirteen years ago) link

Voldo reigns supreme

latebloomer, Saturday, 16 June 2007 03:54 (thirteen years ago) link

if no voldo landslide I quit ILG

marmotwolof, Saturday, 16 June 2007 04:10 (thirteen years ago) link

(emptiest threat ever, where the fuck is everybody?)

marmotwolof, Saturday, 16 June 2007 04:11 (thirteen years ago) link

sorry, soul calibur reminds me too much of the hentai doujinshi spawned by it

kingfish, Saturday, 16 June 2007 06:07 (thirteen years ago) link

your own fault there innit

marmotwolof, Saturday, 16 June 2007 06:13 (thirteen years ago) link

(I know this is going to be a Voldo landslide but there was a good period of time there where I could pwn 90% of the people I encountered with either Kilik or Taki.)

HI DERE, Saturday, 16 June 2007 12:25 (thirteen years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll is closing tomorrow.

ILX System, Tuesday, 19 June 2007 23:01 (thirteen years ago) link

I haven't voted for Voldo.

JimD, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 10:16 (thirteen years ago) link

Automatic thread bump. This poll's results are now in.

ILX System, Wednesday, 20 June 2007 23:01 (thirteen years ago) link

voldo not winning is bullshit!

latebloomer, Thursday, 21 June 2007 13:11 (thirteen years ago) link

i hated yoshimitsu.

Dy, Thursday, 21 June 2007 13:47 (thirteen years ago) link

the only soul calibur I ever played was the one where you could be Link.

El Tomboto, Thursday, 21 June 2007 13:51 (thirteen years ago) link

I should have included Spawn and Link.

HI DERE, Thursday, 21 June 2007 14:31 (thirteen years ago) link


El Tomboto, Thursday, 21 June 2007 14:36 (thirteen years ago) link

I voted with my "snake sword." Soary guize. :((((

Leee, Thursday, 21 June 2007 16:43 (thirteen years ago) link

wtf only one Sophitia vote.

soul calibur 2 is a wonderful thing except that nightmare is broken as fuck.

adam, Thursday, 21 June 2007 18:08 (thirteen years ago) link

soul calibur 2 was good but left me kinda cold for some reason. SC3's environments, graphics, single-player, etc. work better for me.

latebloomer, Friday, 22 June 2007 00:55 (thirteen years ago) link

Dreamcast SC = the best one.

Dy, Friday, 22 June 2007 02:03 (thirteen years ago) link

Kilik. Why does Voldo get so much love? He's pretty easy to win with, because he's both fast and big...but he's not a real challenge: just mashing buttons on Voldo gets you pretty far. That's not to say that the opposite, a hard player to be successful with, is better: because Seung Mina wasn't very fun either. Kilik splits the difference.

I'm surprised to see no love for Mitsurugi, but low participation dictates that. FWIW it's my first time checking out this part of ILX.

Euler, Sunday, 24 June 2007 10:46 (thirteen years ago) link

I've got a friend who's really good with Mitsurugi. Must take patience.

I'd have voted Taki, for easy jump-over-your-head getouts, but I guess I forgot to :(

melton mowbray, Sunday, 24 June 2007 15:04 (thirteen years ago) link

I need to get this

Tracer Hand, Monday, 25 June 2007 09:51 (thirteen years ago) link


HI DERE, Monday, 25 June 2007 13:54 (thirteen years ago) link


funny farm, Tuesday, 26 June 2007 02:29 (thirteen years ago) link

I voted for Ivy. That sword-cum-whip jobby was really fun!

JimD, Wednesday, 27 June 2007 18:06 (thirteen years ago) link

six months pass...

Yoda in 360 version, Darth Vader in ps3 version? Can I have the version witout the Star Wars characters please?

I don't know why this is turning me off exactly, but it is...

Jeff LeVine, Thursday, 10 January 2008 06:00 (twelve years ago) link


Ste, Thursday, 10 January 2008 13:49 (twelve years ago) link

Seriously? Ugh that sound awful. Well I guess I just won't use those dudes.

Will M., Thursday, 10 January 2008 15:39 (twelve years ago) link

I bet it'll be amusing. Link was pretty fun to use in the GC version of SC II. Admit it, you wanna try hyperflipping Yoda.

Nhex, Thursday, 10 January 2008 16:41 (twelve years ago) link

yeah, lighten up dudes

webber, Thursday, 10 January 2008 22:11 (twelve years ago) link

i enjoy that a game that has a generically intense and dull storyline also contains ridiculous characters to screw around with if you feel the urge

webber, Thursday, 10 January 2008 22:12 (twelve years ago) link

i think every single soul calibur character is more interesting than every single star wars character and that's saying something

Will M., Thursday, 10 January 2008 22:14 (twelve years ago) link

three months pass...

July 29th is apparently the official date for IV

Jeff LeVine, Wednesday, 16 April 2008 06:45 (twelve years ago) link


HI DERE, Wednesday, 16 April 2008 15:53 (twelve years ago) link

Ivy and Voldo OTM. Ivy has the power, Voldo has the WTFness.

abanana, Wednesday, 16 April 2008 15:54 (twelve years ago) link

Taki and Xianghua are my best characters, although Voldo (and moreso female Voldo, whatever her name is) are really fun.

jessie monster, Wednesday, 16 April 2008 16:03 (twelve years ago) link

Dreamcast is the awesomest but they're all great really, pretty much the only reflex-y title I care about?

I am good with Talim in the more recent one, I used to play Xianghua a lot in the first one but she's kinda useless now. I hate Raphael so much. WE MUST PLAY THIS ONLINE GUYS.

Gravel Puzzleworth, Wednesday, 16 April 2008 16:29 (twelve years ago) link

Dreamcast version of the original Soul Calibur will be released on XBOX Live in a few months.

Gukbe, Thursday, 17 April 2008 16:04 (twelve years ago) link

Voldo's my personal lord and savior

latebloomer, Thursday, 17 April 2008 20:01 (twelve years ago) link

i like raphael in 2 because i like rapers

Gukbe, Thursday, 17 April 2008 21:53 (twelve years ago) link

yay gubke! no online multiplayer though :(

Gravel Puzzleworth, Friday, 18 April 2008 06:39 (twelve years ago) link


1UP: How will you acquire these special weapons? Will you unlock them in the game or will you have to purchase them as downloadable content?

KS: We have several different methods for acquiring these weapons and armor: Some will be unlocked by playing through the game, while others will only be available as downloads.


1UP: Your team definitely appears to be having fun with these Critical Finish moves...we saw Cassandra's and it involves her planting her butt on your face amid an explosion of giant pink hearts.

Jeff LeVine, Friday, 18 April 2008 20:31 (twelve years ago) link


Nhex, Saturday, 19 April 2008 00:05 (twelve years ago) link

three months pass...


HI DERE, Monday, 4 August 2008 13:48 (twelve years ago) link

i do!

latebloomer, Monday, 4 August 2008 14:11 (twelve years ago) link

i think i have like 3 versions of it. Is it coming out on ps3 ever?

Ste, Monday, 4 August 2008 14:44 (twelve years ago) link

Oh, haha at me.

Ste, Monday, 4 August 2008 14:46 (twelve years ago) link

i have the 360 version. yodsa kind of sucks. but that's to be expected for a gimmick character.

latebloomer, Monday, 4 August 2008 14:49 (twelve years ago) link


latebloomer, Monday, 4 August 2008 14:49 (twelve years ago) link

so how badass is this, because the reviews have been like 9/10 but it's nothing new over sc2 except killer gfx

Euler, Monday, 4 August 2008 15:02 (twelve years ago) link

The create-yr-own-character mode is awesome because it gives me the ability to play a Talim-style character without having to actually play as a 10-year-old girl. Also the story mode is great, largely because I had huge chunks of the mythology totally wrong (for example, I though Ivy was evil...?) and also because of the awesome Siegfried/Nightmare endings. The new characters are kind of bizarre but cool (although too many are yelpy) and Darth Vader actually plays pretty well all things considered.

HI DERE, Monday, 4 August 2008 15:05 (twelve years ago) link

Thanks! That sounds really good. How is the tower of power thing? the reviews make it sound interesting.

Euler, Monday, 4 August 2008 15:09 (twelve years ago) link

I was thinking of getting this but tbh i realise i'm not a huge fight fan, and i rarely played the prev versions.

i can imagine the online play would be a visual fest of my arse getting kicked forever.

Ste, Monday, 4 August 2008 15:14 (twelve years ago) link

just got this!

cutty, Monday, 4 August 2008 15:22 (twelve years ago) link

I just started ascending the tower; it's very reminiscent of the awesome quest mode in SCII, which means I like it a lot. It's a tiny bit aggravating that you have no idea what conditions will unlock the unlockables until you've met them, though.

HI DERE, Monday, 4 August 2008 15:44 (twelve years ago) link

ok cool. I only played through the quest mode in SC2 earlier this year, but it was totally fun.

Euler, Monday, 4 August 2008 15:45 (twelve years ago) link

five months pass...


― HI DERE, Monday, August 4, 2008 8:48 AM (5 months ago) Bookmark Suggest Ban Permalink

wat up hi dere i've been playing this crazy lots lately do u have the dlc or what? is it worth it?

Lamp, Thursday, 15 January 2009 22:36 (eleven years ago) link

i have sc4, i don't know why i bought it, and i am not very good at it...

&U HAEV MY AXE LOL (Will M.), Friday, 16 January 2009 19:46 (eleven years ago) link

future ILG poll, probably

Lamp, Friday, 16 January 2009 19:55 (eleven years ago) link

ok I am still Wii-only, what system is this shit on because this is probably going to be the one that drives me over the edge

you guys all underestimate Siegfried btw

J0hn D., Friday, 16 January 2009 20:14 (eleven years ago) link

^^^ doing the tower of lost souls right now and sieg is #1 A+++ character for all time dude's ring outs are the key to a bunch of the challenges

Lamp, Friday, 16 January 2009 20:15 (eleven years ago) link

Man, SC IV really came and went didn't it? I remember when SC II's release was such a big deal - the last two seem to have really fallen out of the spotlight.

Nhex, Friday, 16 January 2009 20:16 (eleven years ago) link

It's on both X-Box and PS3 and each has their own extra Star Wars character added (X-Box has Yoda, PS3 has Darth Vader). I don't know about X-Box but I know you can buy and download Yoda for PS3 because that's what I did ^_^

Taki/Kilik/Siegfried are like my all-time yoga-flame triumverate.

^likes black girls (HI DERE), Friday, 16 January 2009 20:18 (eleven years ago) link

it came out while everyone i no was still fuckin with GTA's crimes and prostitutes i only really started playing it much like a month ago. which is to bad - i'm only a third done but its waaay hotter than its been given credit for

john i have it on the xbox but its on PS3 as well

Lamp, Friday, 16 January 2009 20:19 (eleven years ago) link

how i miss the days having the gang around playing this, and calling Siegfried 'Seinfeld' all the time. oh the laffs.

Ant Attack.. (Ste), Friday, 16 January 2009 20:24 (eleven years ago) link

God damn it, before this thread woke up I was completely over the "I have got to break down and get either a PS3 or an X-box" fever that afflicted me through most of autumn

J0hn D., Friday, 16 January 2009 20:25 (eleven years ago) link

can someone please get a picure of yoshimitsu standing beside ivy and caption it "so not gonna happen"

&U HAEV MY AXE LOL (Will M.), Friday, 16 January 2009 21:34 (eleven years ago) link

the star wars stuff in this game is what ruined it for me

Jeff LeVine, Friday, 16 January 2009 22:05 (eleven years ago) link

just ignore that part of it the rest of the game is totally rad Scheherazade's story alone justifies the game

Lamp, Friday, 16 January 2009 22:11 (eleven years ago) link

four months pass...

Played a little IV tonight - it really is an amazing looking game. I wish it had a tutorial mode :(

People seem to still be playing it! I tried the online mode (ps3) and got a surprisingly lag free game in about a second.

Any good guides online? I might try to put some time into finally learning a bit (at least until BlazBlue and KoF 12 come out).

Jeff LeVine, Monday, 8 June 2009 06:05 (eleven years ago) link

It seems like trying to block in this game only gets you into trouble?

Jeff LeVine, Tuesday, 9 June 2009 02:53 (eleven years ago) link

nine years pass...

yeah the new one looks fun but somewhere along the way since the last one i played (2 or 3?) it's also reached dead or alive levels of fanservice which idk how i feel about that

ciderpress, Monday, 22 October 2018 22:23 (one year ago) link

Geralt and 2B much more apt guest characters than the darth vader bullshit the older ones had

ciderpress, Saturday, 27 October 2018 16:18 (one year ago) link

I bought this last week. The fighting is a lot of fun, but the lack of variety in the stages is seriously disappointing. The epic backdrops were always a huge part of the fun of these games for me. The eleven here are nicely rendered but fairly generic. With the Libra of Souls mode you really get tired of seeing the same forest backdrop over and over. >:(

latebloomer, Thursday, 1 November 2018 19:38 (one year ago) link

It is good to see my boy Voldo again tho

latebloomer, Thursday, 1 November 2018 19:39 (one year ago) link

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