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Retard when used as a noun is a pejorative word used to refer to people with mental disabilities.[1] The word retard was widely accepted in the late-1900s to refer to people with mental disabilities; however it is now more commonly used as an insult. The word has gained notoriety for causing a growing number of mentally disabled people to feel unfairly stereotyped.[2]

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The neutrality of this article is disputed. 3
Instead, people use retard when they want to call their friend stupid, an idiot, or a loser. 2
"The Uses and Implications of the Term "Retarded" on YouTube". Retrieved 2015-10- 1
older terms for the mentally disabled, like moron, imbecile, feeble minded and idiot, had developed negative meanings 0
Retard has transitioned from an impartial term to one that is negatively loaded. 0
It was widely accepted to refer to people who are mentally disabled as mentally retarded, or as a retard. 0

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