LFO - 'freak'

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i mean he had five or six awesome tracks around the time (quo vadis in particular stands out) but otherwise it was an endless torrent of minimal *yawn*

"sheath" is like "advance" - a blast of pure wtf that one half of your brain tells you is techno but that the other half realizes it kinda sounds like nothing else out there

the late great, Sunday, 29 April 2012 01:05 (2 years ago) Permalink

the b-side (and bonus track on some editions of Sheath) is one of my all-time favourites

boxedjoy, Sunday, 29 April 2012 09:42 (2 years ago) Permalink

Worst big 'classic' act on Warp. Other than 'LFO' there's very little they've done that doesn't sound like a lumpen, lazy mess.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Sunday, 29 April 2012 09:52 (2 years ago) Permalink

Like, you know that episode of south park where everyone's digging the new Adam Sandler movie but all he can hear is fart sounds? That's what I get from LFO.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Sunday, 29 April 2012 09:54 (2 years ago) Permalink

That's because you are a cloth-eared fool.

A few years ago Bjork did a live version of Hyperballad that mutated into the spasmodic breakdown from Freak, largely because Mark Bell was on knob-twiddling duties. I pretty much lost my shit the first time I heard it (partly because much of the gig that had preceded it was pretty muted and dull).

Homosexual Satan Wasp (Matt DC), Sunday, 29 April 2012 14:39 (2 years ago) Permalink

^ yeah, saw this in January 2008, was awesome

┗|∵|┓ (sic), Sunday, 29 April 2012 14:45 (2 years ago) Permalink

Yeah, I've got to say Charlie that's an insane thing to say. I fail to see how anyone couldn't love Frequencies. Got the reissue on vinyl. Still sounds mint now.

Conan The Asshander (Doran), Sunday, 29 April 2012 16:07 (2 years ago) Permalink

dog latin is a great poster, though it sometimes seems his opinion of 'idm' albums is the exact inverse of my own

Ms Tum-Bla-Wi-Tee (nakhchivan), Sunday, 29 April 2012 16:12 (2 years ago) Permalink

I love all 3 LFO albums. Sorry DL, but you're wrong here.

Algerian Goalkeeper, Sunday, 29 April 2012 17:07 (2 years ago) Permalink

I remember queuing up in our price at 9am to get Advance. There was like 5 people doing the same. Exciting days.

Algerian Goalkeeper, Sunday, 29 April 2012 17:08 (2 years ago) Permalink

No, you're all wrong. Every one of you.

That said, I'm giving these albums another go this evening.

Scary Move 4 (dog latin), Sunday, 29 April 2012 18:31 (2 years ago) Permalink

did you come to your senses then?

boxedjoy, Friday, 4 May 2012 22:34 (2 years ago) Permalink

Impossible to hate Frequencies. Flat out impossible.

henry s, Friday, 4 May 2012 22:44 (2 years ago) Permalink

did you come to your senses then?

i assume he's still raving in a dark warehouse somewhere, just him, a boombox and a bunch of tapes of old LFO gigs

god that sounds like fun

hot slag (lukas), Friday, 4 May 2012 22:50 (2 years ago) Permalink

7 months pass...

didnae realize this cunt has a heavily cunningham influenced promotional video

Suggest Banlieue (Nilmar Honorato da Silva), Thursday, 20 December 2012 02:18 (1 year ago) Permalink

Rewind seven years ago to 2003; this track never gets old.

LFO is a UK techno/electronic band that’s been cutting tracks since the late 80s and are currently on Warp Records. For those who don’t know, their name comes from “Low Frequency Oscillator,” which is integral in producing the dubstep wobble sound.

( ͡° ͜ʖ͡°) (sic), Thursday, 20 December 2012 02:44 (1 year ago) Permalink

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