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Waaah, Boof's Shhh, Dandelions at Play is exactly what I wanted.

Jedmond, Thursday, 27 October 2011 23:27 (five years ago) Permalink

six months pass...

Just got around to listening to Shhh Dandelions At Play and it is very good, a little bit Fulton-on-autopilot but it is so lush and swirly that it's hard to fault.

boxedjoy, Wednesday, 2 May 2012 21:45 (four years ago) Permalink

nine months pass...

hey, there's a new Syclops album out

Number None, Sunday, 3 February 2013 18:12 (four years ago) Permalink

Yay! I love I've Got My Eye On You, such a kinetic delight.
Also, I just found out yesterday that the Bubbletease Communications podcasts apparently have never stopped..! I assumed they did because the feed was never updated after #55. Yesterday I found #72 under Bubbletease Communications's Events, wtf. If anyone has #56 to 71, please let me know :)

willem, Sunday, 3 February 2013 20:05 (four years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Really enjoying the new Syclops album, but massively feeling the Fulton-produced solo album by former Freeform Five vocalist Tamara Barnett-Herrin. It's not anything he didn't do on Kathy Diamond's album but it feels a lot more immediate. Did this slip by everyone else?

boxedjoy, Friday, 8 March 2013 23:19 (four years ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...

^^^ this. I am so into the new Syclops album; I will definitely check out this Tamara Barnett-Herrin one too

Room 227 (Stevie D(eux)), Thursday, 4 April 2013 02:05 (four years ago) Permalink

I really hope I get to hear "Jump Bugs" on a dancefloor sometime

Room 227 (Stevie D(eux)), Thursday, 4 April 2013 02:06 (four years ago) Permalink

I like to try to come up with words for the abbreviated song titles too ("Sarah's E[ggs] With Extra P[epper]", "Michele's H[onest] With C[had]", etc)

Room 227 (Stevie D(eux)), Thursday, 4 April 2013 02:20 (four years ago) Permalink

one year passes...

maurice sure loves himself some mccoy tyner sus chords doesnt he

― thank you based mod (deej), Sunday, 3 October 2010 01:03 (4 years ago) Permalink

it's humbling to realize how many things ive forgotten about over the years running across old ilx posts

deej loaf (D-40), Friday, 31 October 2014 19:49 (two years ago) Permalink

six months pass...

the new boof album is amazing

the late great, Monday, 18 May 2015 20:41 (one year ago) Permalink

I listened to it at like 5:30am this morning at the airport and it was really great and kept me moving!

WE WANT FET WAP (Stevie D(eux)), Thursday, 21 May 2015 15:01 (one year ago) Permalink

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