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This thread was inspired by some of the great mixes I discovered in the 2004 Electro thread. I'll kick it off with a mix I recorded around July of last year.

1. Kerrier District - Let's Dance and Freak
2. Lindbaek and Lindstrom - Alien in my Pocket (Rune's Extended Disco Mix)
3. Hot Toddy - Mind Trip
4. Dance Reaction - Disco Train (Morgan Geist Remix)
5. Joakim - Come into my Kitchen (Basement Dub)
6. Prince - Let's Work (Peter Black Remix)
7. Bentley Rhythm Ace - How'd I Do Dat? (Chicken Lips 3 Course Dub)
8. Inland Knights - Down to the Ground
9. Krikor - Just What
10. Nytro - Love Thing (M&M Mix)
11. Jersey Devil Social Club - Italo Bassline
12. Krikor - 2grammes12
13. Metro Area - Nerves
14. Kelly Polar Quartet - The Rhythm Touch
15. Yann Fontaine - My Love Will Surround (Lance De Sardi's Subtle Re-work)
16. I:Cube - Tunnel Vision
17. Radiohead - Treefingers

Jeffery Mac: Ride the Disco Train (72 minutes, 160Kbps MP3)

jeffery (jeffery), Friday, 7 January 2005 00:20 (9 years ago) Permalink

In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (They didn't.)

01 !!! "Me & Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard (A True Story)"
02 I:Cube "Fr33z"
03 Cut Copy "Saturday"
04 Lullaby feat. Karine "Marmelade"
05 Richard Davis "Bring Me Closer"
06 Felix Da Housecat "What Does It Feel Like (Royksopp Remix)"
07 The Human League "Love Action (Brooks Red Line Vocal Mix)"
08 Annie "Chewing Gum (Mylo Remix)"
09 Siousxie & The Banshees "Happy House (SFB Remix)"
10 Blur "Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys Remix)"
11 The Infadels "Give Yourself To Me (Fake ID Remix)"
12 The Killers "Somebody Told Me (King Unique Vocal Mix)"
13 The Robocop Kraus "Fake Boys (Ascii Disko Remix)"
14 The Chemical Brothers "The Golden Path (Ewan Pearson Mix)"
15 VHS Or Beta "Alive"
16 Bent "Comin' Back"

Xii (Xii), Friday, 7 January 2005 00:41 (9 years ago) Permalink

That mix is my favourite since the summer camp one.

I'm sad about the (They didn't).

Alba (Alba), Friday, 7 January 2005 00:59 (9 years ago) Permalink

Me too. But it worked out for the best because I've been able to do more out of town stuff and haven't been tied here.

Xii (Xii), Friday, 7 January 2005 01:02 (9 years ago) Permalink

from le electro thread and apparently it's both hottt and hawt. i would also like to add haute:

it's tricky (disco stu), Friday, 7 January 2005 01:41 (9 years ago) Permalink

I posted this before and it's deeply unfashionable but here ya go:


45 Minutes techno/detroit/ghettotech

01. dj nehpets - dj's lay it down - databass
02. ass-ed circus - ni**er drums - droid CDR
03. sls - dolce gabanna - sls
04. uk gold - turn around (bandulu remix) - primate
05. danny anderson - untitled - heavy industries CDR
06. renato cohen - step back - sino
07. andrew richley and ryan rivera - cut da shit (gary martin remix) - amc
08. dj funk - who u wit - databass
09. surgeon - la real - counterbalance
10. sls - psyche - sls
11. dj shiva - untitled - heavy industries CDR
12. waxmaster - footwork - databass
13. leandro gamez - que viene valdez - phont
14. club mcm - club mcm (deetron remix) - monoid
15. oliver ho - magus - meta
16. rino cerrone - untitled - orion
17. octave one - blackwater - 430 west
18. purposemaker - the dancer - purposemaker
19. dave clarke - way of life (technasia remix) - skint
20. joris voorn - lucious - sino
21. the martian - lost transmission from earth - red planet

tylero (tylero), Friday, 7 January 2005 06:26 (9 years ago) Permalink

Of all the weeks to be visiting my aunt with the 28.8 modem...

I hope you guys leave those up for a while, they look like fun... :-)

DougD, Friday, 7 January 2005 07:00 (9 years ago) Permalink

tylero, your mix looks really good - i've been listening to almost nothing but voorn / kowalski / beyer style techno lately (i guess it's unfashionable, yeah).

paulhw (paulhw), Friday, 7 January 2005 14:15 (9 years ago) Permalink

some mid to late silver era dnb slash neurofunk.

the insiders - reveal
dkay & dj lee - double down
david carbone feat dominique - el dorado
architex - solid sense
the insiders - talk about
mist & high contrast - 3 am
pieter k - trefusis (rmx)
angel zero & pl x - reach further
drumsound & bassline - planet earth
mykra - chimes

total playtime: 37:47
god's tremor

harshaw (jube), Friday, 7 January 2005 15:26 (9 years ago) Permalink

this Kunstformen der Natur

01. Pantha du Prince - St. Denis bei Licht (Dial)
02. The MFA - The Difference it Makes (Superpitcher remix) (Kompakt)
03. Dub Taylor - Sweet Lips (Force Tracks)
04. Sami Koivikko - Tyønimi (Shitkatapult)
05. Phonique - The Red Dress (Tiefschwartz remix) (Dessous)
06. Ellen Allien - ? (Live Outtake) (Bpitch Control)
07. Jena Paradies - Kotka (Lifeform Project)
08. Heiko Laux - The Silent Bass (Kanzleramt)
09. Sender Berlin - Spaziergang In Neos Kosmos (Tresor)
10. Oliver Hacke - Schöner Wohnen (Trapez)

Jena (JenaP), Friday, 7 January 2005 16:04 (9 years ago) Permalink

i've been listening to almost nothing but voorn / kowalski / beyer style techno lately (i guess it's unfashionable, yeah)

Unfashionable, perhaps. And yet it is THE SHIZNIT.
Your mix looks awesome, Tyler.

MindInRewind (Barry Bruner), Friday, 7 January 2005 17:26 (9 years ago) Permalink

Love your mix, Jena. Do you have any others available?

jeffery (jeffery), Saturday, 8 January 2005 18:35 (9 years ago) Permalink

jeffery, your mix is fantastic!! woo!

it's tricky (disco stu), Saturday, 8 January 2005 19:45 (9 years ago) Permalink

nice tracklist, jena, going to download now.

i've got a handful of mixes (and a few original productions, at the bottom) up here:

won't bother posting setlists here but they're all in the micro/electro-house vein, but for the schaffel one which is, um, schaffel.

philip sherburne (philip sherburne), Saturday, 8 January 2005 20:01 (9 years ago) Permalink

thanks jeffery. i do have another mix for your listening pleasure. yours is killer, and mad props for starting the thread.


Jackmate - Wolfen (Resopal)
Kiki - Up (BPitch Ctrl)
Basteroid - Against Luftwiderstand (Remix by Ada and Jake Fairley)(Areal)
Quarks - Königin (Tunnelblick Mix von Turner)(Kompakt)
Losoul - You Know (Playhouse)
Kiki - So Easy to Forget (BPitch Ctrl)
Rex the Dog - We Live in Daddy's Car (Kompakt)
Frivolous - Can't Stop the One, Two... (Karloff)
I:Cube - Arp Surface (Versatile)
Marco Passarani - Clair (Peacefrog)

philip, i'd heard the mixes on your page earlier, always refreshing to hear and read about the best stuff around.

Jena (JenaP), Sunday, 9 January 2005 00:23 (9 years ago) Permalink

I think I posted about this one somewhere else, but I *implore* you to at least give it a listen (for fans of glitchy, dubbed but techno-ey Viallalbos style stuff). It's 2 hrs long, and I've done the whole thing a few times, and really worth it:

DJ is Matt Coleridge, who did an earlier electro-house mix that ilm people liked.

paulhw (paulhw), Sunday, 9 January 2005 03:18 (9 years ago) Permalink

Oh yeah, here's the tracklist:

Matt Coleridge presents Solution Radio - December 7, 2004

[00:00] 01 Booka Shade - Ain't Got Much To Lose - Get Physical
[07:06] 02 Alex Smoke - Sortie - Vakant
[10:58] 03 Pantytec - Elastobabe (Soul Capsule Remix) - Perlon
[14:51] 04 M.I.A. - Change - Sub Static
[19:00] 05 Black Strobe - Innerstrings (Volga Select Dub) - Output
[24:24] 06 Misc. - Momentum - Sender
[28:32] 07 Envoy - Move On (Alex Smoke Dub) - Soma
[34:28] 08 Wax - The Crocodile - RebelOne
[36:38] 09 Destillat - Korn - Klang Elektronik
[41:46] 10 DK7 - The Difference (Jori Hulkonen Remix) - Output
[47:25] 11 Dirt Crew - Give Me House - Moodmusic Limited
[49:34] 12 John Tejada - Sweat (On the Walls) - Poker Flat
[53:53] 13 Booka Shade - Vertigo - Get Physical
[58:42] 14 Olav Pozsgay - Nur Aus Liebe - Systematic
[62:31] 15 Alex Smoke - Strange Attractor - Vakant
[66:52] 16 Terranova - Naughty Grounds - Edition Terranova
[70:32] 17 Steve Barnes - Cosmic Sandwich (Extended Version) - Traumschallplatten
[77:57] 18 UBU - Ride the Snake (Blakkat Mix) - Shaboom
[82:25] 19 I-Robots - Spacer Woman (Oxtongue Version) - Elettrica
[88:35] 20 Alex Smoke - Pingu - Vakant
[93:26] 21 Francisco - Esplanade 97 (Instrumental) - Nature
[97:09] 22 Chemical Brothers - Morning Lemon - Astralwerks
[100:28] 22 Evil 9 - We Have The Energy - Marine Parade
[104:33] 24 X-Press 2 - I Want You Back - Skint
[110:29] 25 Cari Lekebusch - Love International - Truesoul
[115:28] 26 Cevin Fisher - Music Saved My Life (Pete Heller Remix) - Smile

paulhw (paulhw), Sunday, 9 January 2005 03:20 (9 years ago) Permalink

Jena - you're from Lifeform Project, right? I saw that mix on Bethany's site awhile back. It was good then and its good now.

Xii (Xii), Monday, 10 January 2005 19:55 (9 years ago) Permalink

thanks Xii, what a small world!

Jena (JenaP), Tuesday, 11 January 2005 20:12 (9 years ago) Permalink

the ? ellen allien track is 'Fuse', b-side of the Apparat 'Koax' single on bpitch btw.

lurkerer, Wednesday, 12 January 2005 02:45 (9 years ago) Permalink

great thread!

glenny g2003 (glenny g2003), Wednesday, 12 January 2005 09:52 (9 years ago) Permalink

Xii - forget the mix I started mailing you - I'm going to send again on a more manageable bit rate.

dog latin (dog latin), Wednesday, 12 January 2005 10:35 (9 years ago) Permalink

The bitrate you sent is fine, dog latin. I'll have it up later tonight. Work bit me on the hind end.

Jena: Us south-east DJs gotta have each others back. heh.

Xii (Xii), Wednesday, 12 January 2005 18:39 (9 years ago) Permalink

mr harshaw - very tasty mix.
dig it when the horns bring the drama.
more please.

m0stly clean (m0stly clean), Wednesday, 12 January 2005 19:46 (9 years ago) Permalink

thanks for the mixes everyone, you are keeping me awake at work!

zaxxon25 (zaxxon25), Wednesday, 12 January 2005 22:24 (9 years ago) Permalink

Jena your Kunstformen der Natur is fantastic, but I'm trying with difficulty to separate out in my head the tracks after the Tiefschwarz remix - mainly to work out which one is yours! It's a sustained run of brilliance right through to the end though so congratulations whichever it is.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Sunday, 16 January 2005 04:42 (9 years ago) Permalink

Thanks for the kind words Tim, my track comes in at 27:17. You can hear a few more at the Lifeform Project website for now.

Jena (JenaP), Sunday, 16 January 2005 16:54 (9 years ago) Permalink

Yeah I visited your website - "Kottke" is actually one of my favourites in yr mix (I was hoping it was by you) - lush bavarian forest microgoth!

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Sunday, 16 January 2005 22:04 (9 years ago) Permalink

OMG that Matt Coleridge mix is so hot right now! So many ace ace ace tracks and I know almost none of them! It's so fuckin' consistently great it's kinda hypnotic, like you reach this weird plateau where it's just not possible that tracky electro-house could ever be anything less than awesome and so awesomeness becomes the status quo.

I'm not hearing Villalobos so much (except in the slightly trippy, dense feel to it) - it's more Get Physical on poppers, with the slightest dash of Areal.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Monday, 17 January 2005 08:46 (9 years ago) Permalink

DJ Martian spot on! The Alex Smoke tracks are all classic.

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Monday, 17 January 2005 09:11 (9 years ago) Permalink

Another great mix in a similar vein by Daniel Mnookin. I found this one quite by accident. Here's the tracklisting:

Closer Musik - Closer Dancer [Kompakt]
Rene Breitbarth - Bob Ross [Treibstoff]
1/2 Inch Jack - Circuits [Halfinch]
Stewart Walker - Boozy Elegance [Mosquito Records]
Bubble Gum - Freeze Peaches [CDR]
Apoll - Father [Morris Audio Citysport Edition]
Cajmere - Come (Green Velvet Remix) [Cajual Records]
Booka Shade - S.T.A.R.R.Z. [Physical]
Metope - Tadpole (it's a long way home) [Areal]
Dexter - Intruder [Klakson Records]
Apparat - Hot [Bpitch Control]
Midiots - Traktorizm [Dumb Unit]
Falko Brocksieper - Drivetrue [Sub Static]

The page which houses this and other excellent-looking-mixes is a bit screwed up, but you can reproduce the page here

Tim Finney (Tim Finney), Monday, 17 January 2005 09:28 (9 years ago) Permalink

anything by thunderpuss

spritney bears, Monday, 17 January 2005 11:19 (9 years ago) Permalink

(2004 compilation mixed with Ableton)

1 Scissor Sisters - Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand) 3.14
2 Jay Z - Encore (a capella) 0.21
3 Jay Z - 99 Problems (a capella) 0.53
4 Kubus & Duvel - Buitenwesten 0.35
5 Lloyd Banks - On Fire (a capella) 0.18
6 The Roots - Don't Say Nuthin' 2.08
7 Terror Squad feat. Mase - Lean Back (a capella) 0.53
8 J-Kwon - Tipsy 1.15
9 Kanye West - Jesus Walks 1.57
10 Lange Frans & Baas B - Je Bent Geen Tijger 1.45
11 M.I.A. - Galang 1.15
12 Snoop Dogg feat. Pharell - Drop It Like It's Hot 1.40
13 Kelis - Trick Me 1.30
14 Nina Sky - Move Your Body 1.14
15 Elephant Man - Pull Up 0.48
16 Max Sedgley - Happy 2.56
17 LCD Soundsystem - Yeah 4.00
18 Alter Ego - Rocker 3.25
19 Usher - Yeah 1.28
20 David Gilmour Girls - Crackhousewarmingparty 1.54
21 Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwarz mix) 3.18
22 The Prodigy - Girls (Rex The Dog remix) 2.27
23 Blackstrobe - Italian Fireflies 2.38
24 Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass 2.06
25 Deep Dish - Flashdance 2.38
26 N*E*R*D - She Wants To Move 1.01
27 Mocky - Mickey Mouse Mothafuckers (Tiefschwarz mix) 1.35
28 Felix Da Housecat - Rocket Ride (Soulwax remix) 3.11
29 Lady Sovereign - Ch Ching 1.15
30 Wiley - Wot Do U Call It (Instrumental) 1.45
31 Mu - Paris Hilton 1.25
32 Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall 1.29
33 Homevideo - Citizen 2.14
34 !!! - Pardon My Freedom 2.37
35 Freestylers - Push Up 2.20
36 Matthew Dear - Dog Days 2.10
37 Misc - Shapes 2.26
38 Mylo - Drop The Pressure 3.44
39 Miss Kittin - Requiem For A Hit 2.05
40 Franz Ferdinand - Jacqueline 0.58
41 The Streets - Blinded By The Light 2.47

and some more:

Sandeman, Monday, 17 January 2005 15:15 (9 years ago) Permalink

Sorry that's Real Audio only. If anyone wants I think I can post somewhere or Gmail. Let me know.

Sandeman, Monday, 17 January 2005 15:21 (9 years ago) Permalink

Sandeman, can you post up an MP3 of that mix? I believe Gmail limits attached files to 10MB, and I'm sure your mix is mucho larger than that.

Broken Hipster (Broken Hipster), Monday, 17 January 2005 23:22 (9 years ago) Permalink

sandeman! damn! that's hot. props.

vahid (vahid), Tuesday, 18 January 2005 01:50 (9 years ago) Permalink

Quick Mix #1 - a progressive drum'n'bass mix.

1. ASC - Code 1193
2. Future Engineers - Shifting Suns
3. PBK - Nightfall
4. ASC - Linear Reflex
5. Future Engineers - Echo-Location
6. Antibreak - 123
7. Mav - Divine Interaction

Andrew (enneff), Tuesday, 18 January 2005 02:22 (9 years ago) Permalink

It's pretty all over the place in terms of period, stuff from years ago mixed with more recent stuff, but meh.

Andrew (enneff), Tuesday, 18 January 2005 02:24 (9 years ago) Permalink

I've got one up currently at the Stypod.

01. Anders ilar - Treasure Gardens (Echocord)
02. Lucien-N-Luciano - Lilou Swan (Klang Elektronik)
03. Lawrence - Live At 37 (Dial)
04. M.I.A. - Ballad II (Substatic)
05. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink [James Holden Remix] (Border Community)
06. John Foxx - Mr. No (New Religion)
07. Steve Barnes & Riley Reinhold - Odyssey (My Best Friend Limited)
08. Closer Musik - One Two Three (No Gravity) [Ewan Pearson Mix] (Out of the Loop)
09. Steve Barnes & Riley Reinhold - Memories (My Best Friend Limited)
10. Steve Barnes - Cosmic Sandwich [Extended Version] (My Best Friend Limited)
11. Geiger - Standing In A Line (Firm)
12. Kaos featuring Captain Comatose - Bang The Box (K7)
13.George Thomson - Laid Back Snack Attack [Ellen Allien Via Mix] (Crosstown Rebels)
14. Jersey Devil Social Club – Magnifique [Health Club Dub] (Environ)
15. Justus Kohncke - Elan (Kompakt)
16. Annie - Heartbeat [Alan Braxe Remix] (679)

Micro-Electro-Italo-Psych fun.

Michael F Gill (Michael F Gill), Thursday, 27 January 2005 06:21 (9 years ago) Permalink

Tracklist :

spaztik_emcee for_those_that_dont
girl_talk lets_start_this_party_right
max_tundra lysine
mr.oizo flat55
rednex cotton_eye_joe_(original_version)
fugo one_more_time_one_o_six
prefuse_73 the_end_of_biters
the_bug fuck_y_self
the_cuf cuf_legends
pimp_t my_thoughts_(outro)
michael_forshaw cheerleaders
brand_nubian take_it_to_the_head_(instrumental)
nacrobats macho_man_as_an_mc
macho_man_randy_savage be_a_man
weathermen 5_left_in_the_clip_(rjd2_inst)
isley_brothers what_would_you_do_(acappella)
mf_doom_viktor_vaughn change_the_beat_(acapella)
jay_z la_la_la_(excuse_me_again)_(instrumental)
local_calypso_quintet no_money_no_music
zongamin street_surgery_2
u._roy big_boy_(aka_what_is_catty)
metty_the_dert_merchant nothing_makes_sense
alan_lomax war
books_on_tape terranaut
pete_seeger which_side_are_you_on
clokworx robots
brother_ali forest_whitiker
grover me
iggy_pop ive_gotta_be_me_(remix)
colma if_you_cant_be_good
3_girls i_fucked_your_boyfriend
gold_chains mountains_of_coke
king_giddra ffb
depth_charge b1_bounty_killer_iii_wheres_the_gold
ill_mitch come_to_usa
busdriver imaginary_places
dub_diablo dream_makers
leadbelly bourgeois_blues
the_faint the_conductor_ec8or_mix
christal_methodists numerology
liquid_cop prissy_goes_to_beauty_school
glocc everybody_(acappella)
richard_divine mov_macros_7
cee_lo gettin_grown
geto_boys damn_it_feels_good_to_be_a_gangsta
tom_petty the_last_dj

Hear it here:


Darwin, Thursday, 27 January 2005 07:49 (9 years ago) Permalink

Dave has a new mix up on his blog. He *roolz*.

stevie nixed (stevie nixed), Thursday, 27 January 2005 08:43 (9 years ago) Permalink

ha! cheers nat - new one maybe going up over the weekend, too, maybe next week.

stelfox, Thursday, 27 January 2005 17:35 (9 years ago) Permalink

the darwin mix is great.

m0stly clean (m0stly clean), Thursday, 27 January 2005 19:30 (9 years ago) Permalink

Tricky, can you list the "electro not electro" tracklist pls?

W i l l (common_person), Thursday, 27 January 2005 21:13 (9 years ago) Permalink

wow darwin nice mix

charleston charge (chaki), Thursday, 27 January 2005 21:18 (9 years ago) Permalink

electronotelectro's wicked too.
also liked andrew's quick mix. never heard asc before. really like how they fuck with the beats.

m0stly clean (m0stly clean), Thursday, 27 January 2005 21:20 (9 years ago) Permalink

will, it is there if you follow the link upthread. my site has been suffering outages lately, but it is up now.

it's tricky (disco stu), Thursday, 27 January 2005 22:48 (9 years ago) Permalink

I was listening to 'In Case You Didn't Feel Like Turning Up' the other day! It's really great. I should listen to it again.

Gravel Puzzleworth (Gregory Henry), Thursday, 27 January 2005 23:38 (9 years ago) Permalink

Ah, so it is. Thanks

W i l l (common_person), Thursday, 27 January 2005 23:50 (9 years ago) Permalink

^ tracklist looks nasty

dan138zig (Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr), Wednesday, 22 January 2014 06:35 (2 months ago) Permalink

:) it's p dope

just (Matt P), Wednesday, 22 January 2014 16:08 (2 months ago) Permalink

did you see ben ufo?

just (Matt P), Wednesday, 22 January 2014 16:08 (2 months ago) Permalink

just enjoyed that one, Matt P

andrew m., Wednesday, 22 January 2014 16:25 (2 months ago) Permalink

prog megamix!

Koenjihyakkei - Lussesoggizomn
Weidorje - Elohim's Voyage
Holger Czukay - Ode to Perfume
Liliental - Nachsaison
Rush - Jacob's Ladder
Darkthrone - Kathaarian Life Code
Judee Sill - The Donor
Art Bears - Man & Boy
Magma - Mekanik Zain
Roedelius - Fabelwein
Graze - Airror
Cluster - Marzipan
Martin Newell - Straight to You Boy
Miles Davis - Miles Runs the Voodoo Down
Funkadelic - I Wanna Know If It's Good To You
David Hykes - Ascending and Descending
Burzum - Rundgang um die transzendental
Cluster & Eno - Tzima N'Arki
Schumann - Waldszenen Op 82: Jager auf der Lauer Hochst lebhaft

Dominique, Wednesday, 22 January 2014 17:36 (2 months ago) Permalink

did you see ben ufo?

― just (Matt P), Wednesday, January 22, 2014 4:08 PM (7 hours ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

I did and unfortunately Ben kinda disappointed me. I didn't come for a one dimensional techno DJ. I wonder where the Ben whose sets contain various styles of dance music was. I saw this video where he magically mixes a dark murky track into the sunshiny bliss of andres' 'you're the one'. I didn't hear anything like that, only pounding drums after pounding drums. No break, no release. RA disagrees with me though:

dan138zig (Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr), Wednesday, 22 January 2014 23:56 (2 months ago) Permalink

stupid review. "plastic dreams" is all-time and should never not be played.

the late great, Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:25 (2 months ago) Permalink

yeah, I don't see why the reviewer thinks that tune was not keeping with the tone of the night. sounds like something ben ufo would play.

dan138zig (Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr), Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:53 (2 months ago) Permalink

here's a mix of mostly indie electro/pop from the 2013 eoy noms (almost none of which placed but whatevr). thanx to whoever nom'd these trax, which now i love all but mostly had never heard 'til the polls happened. yayz ilx.


1. Oh Land - My Boxer
2. Cherokee - Don’t Matter [feat. Darianna Everett]
3. Chela - Romanticise
4. Miami Horror - Real Slow
5. Jim James - Know Til Now / Pixelated remix
6. Cuushe - I Love You
7. Jorge Elbrecht - 1/4 Circle Black (Turning Shrines cover) [feat. Tamaryn]
8. !!! - Slyd
9. Lost Scripts - I’ll Be Watching You
10. Bonobo - Cirrus
11. Lusine - Lucky
13. Owlle - Ticky Ticky
13. Pharaohs - Miraculous Feet
14. Appaloosa - Intimate
15. Rebeka - Melancholia
16. Classixx - Holding On
17. Rex the Dog - Do You Feel What I Feel [feat. Jamie McDermott]
18. Alan Braxe - One More Chance [feat. The Spimes] / Lifelike Remix
19. Alan Braxe - One More Chance [feat. The Spimes] / Original Mix
20. Kastle - Red Light [feat. Ayah Marar]
21. Naughty Boy - La La La / DEVolution Remix
22. Breach - Jack
23. Flight Facilities - I Didn’t Believe [feat. Elizabeth Rose]

davey, Friday, 24 January 2014 18:37 (2 months ago) Permalink

damn dominique this prog mix is pretty fucking rad. prog is like... the most obnoxious noise ever but i think i love it.

davey, Friday, 24 January 2014 19:45 (2 months ago) Permalink

Here's a mix inspired by the recent ILM Tracks EOY voting poll smorgasbord:



BUNJI GARLIN "Differentology"
LADY SAW "Bun Fi Bun"
KONHENS "Drink And Rave"
DANNY BROWN "Smokin and Drinkin"
PUSHA T "Numbers on the Boards"
A$AP FERG ft. A$AP ROCKY "Shabba"
YOUNG GALAXY "Pretty Boy (Peaking Lights Mix"
LANA DEL REY "Summertime Sadness (Toyboy and Robin Mix)"
ANGEL HAZE "Echelons"

he said, even sexilyer, (dog latin), Saturday, 25 January 2014 10:23 (2 months ago) Permalink

So Confused - The Best Of Gucci Mane 2013

1. One Minute (808 Mafia)
2. Hell Yes (Honorable C-Note)
3. Threw With That Shit (Honorable C-Note)
4. Chasen Paper / Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan (Honorable C-Note)
5. Pablo / E-40 (Honorable C-Note)
6. So Much Money / Chief Keef (Dun Deal)
7. Point In My Life (Dun Deal)
8. No More / 2 Chainz (Mike Will Made It)
9. Jackie Chan / Migos (Zaytoven)
10. Work / Young Scooter (Zaytoven)
11. Activist (Honorable C-Note)
12. Remix Rerock / Waka Flocka & Young Scooter (Zaytoven)
13. Half (Will A Fool)
14. You A Drug (Metro Boomin & TM88)
15. 1982 (Metro Boomin)
16. Holmes / Migos & Young Scooter (Zaytoven)
17. Faster / Young Scooter (Zaytoven)
18. Break Dancing / Young Thug (Lex Luger)
19. Jugg Finesse / Young Scooter (DJ Plugg)
20. Confused / Future (Zaytoven)

longneck, Saturday, 25 January 2014 10:36 (2 months ago) Permalink

thanks, i need this longneck

he said, even sexilyer, (dog latin), Saturday, 25 January 2014 12:31 (2 months ago) Permalink

You're welcome!

longneck, Saturday, 25 January 2014 12:36 (2 months ago) Permalink

jj cale
respect yourself
joel peskin love-gram
covergirl im a winner
do the flex
rocky mizell
tod foster
atmosphere ep
exit lets work it out
cubic 22 wyro
che what you've been through is love
808 state
ready made uro breaks
the hippy opera
ricky rouge
jason nevins remixes
chase smith
tornado wallace
model human
mobo mobo dance
tommy kelvin jungle bow wow
venom 18
venom 18
resista nr. 002
public enemy
k. alexi

speculator (speculaotr), Monday, 27 January 2014 19:57 (2 months ago) Permalink

amateurish question here: why do vinyl dj's tend to fade out a track early, before the incoming track "starts"?

dan138zig (Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr), Wednesday, 29 January 2014 04:16 (2 months ago) Permalink

What do you mean? I've never noticed a trend like that.

But if you have, it may be because nowadays with CDJs and serato, you can look at the waveform and see when the track actually kicks in so it's easy to know when to fade the first song out, if you don't know it that way. With vinyl, you'd have to actually know the song well enough to know (or be able to predict), when it kicks in, and more often than not, you're just winging it and have no idea about the structure of the song. You're just happy that it's remotely beatmatched and you're frightened that if you let the first record play too long, it'll totally clash with the second.

That of course assumes you're playing music where something like that would actually be noticed.

dan selzer, Wednesday, 29 January 2014 04:29 (2 months ago) Permalink

Personally, I do it all the time and I'm always totally bummed, when I cut out that first song during the intro to the second and realize I mistimed it and there's still another measure before the drums actually kick in. I'm looking at you "Messages" by OMD.

dan selzer, Wednesday, 29 January 2014 04:31 (2 months ago) Permalink

It's probably not a "trend", just something I noticed in sven vath's and mcde's sets and probably others that I forget. I don't think they're the kind of DJ who are not familiar with the materials they play, so the afraid of clash reason probably doesn't apply. My initial thought is that it's harder in turntables to adjust drifting beats so they just cut quickly to avoid drifting in the first place. I don't know if this contains any truth though.

dan138zig (Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr), Wednesday, 29 January 2014 05:24 (2 months ago) Permalink

Or they just don't care about holding blends for a long time.

dan selzer, Wednesday, 29 January 2014 05:36 (2 months ago) Permalink

I’m always trying to cut down the length of my blends, 75% of the time I think switching tunes at the right time is much more effective, but it does require really knowing your tunes. Quite often I just get lazy and do a long transition instead.

A new one from me:

Any ID requests either ask them here (slow reply) or on Soundcloud for a quicker reply.

Chewshabadoo, Friday, 31 January 2014 18:13 (2 months ago) Permalink

One technical reason to fade out a track early is for dynamics,to give the next track more impact on the drop.

Chewshabadoo, Friday, 31 January 2014 18:21 (2 months ago) Permalink

downloading....gon stick this on the journey home as my journey is too short for the 6 hour sander baan mix i also cant fit on my player

cog, Friday, 31 January 2014 18:35 (2 months ago) Permalink

I'm a big fan of just the quick cut. When you're surrounded by people trying to hold blends forever that sound like shit anyway I used to love the jarring and exciting nature of cutting...or my all time favorite, hitting stop on song one, letting it audibly slow to nothing, then kicking off song two on beat after a second's pause.

dan selzer, Friday, 31 January 2014 19:11 (2 months ago) Permalink

This is inspiring. Indeed it's not pleasant to hear blends in which the keys obviously clash.

dan138zig (Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr), Friday, 31 January 2014 19:35 (2 months ago) Permalink

today's archive with will socolov

speculator (speculaotr), Monday, 3 February 2014 20:47 (2 months ago) Permalink

WTBS with special guest Voiski aka kartei
dj stingray NKKK4_2
Outerspace - - (spectrum spools)
Factory floor 16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7
Voiski - Good Luck Young Lady
steve reich - Piano Phase
Force de Frappe - Ere Nucléaire
SM Nurse - Frutta
Oneohtrix Point Never- A pact between strangers
Kartei - Tertiary Love
Tropical Agitation --- Live at La machine
Ultradyne - Salems Lots
Horn - Rooftop
Porter Ricks - Port gentil
Voiski - Unreleased
Vladislav Delay - Lipite
Force de frappe - Europe Reveille toi
Squadra Blanco ---
Aux 88 - Detroit Non Stop
Drexciya - Black Sea

speculator (speculaotr), Monday, 10 February 2014 20:23 (2 months ago) Permalink

Posted this on another thread but here's a mix of recent listening I made yesterday. It's quite long, so maybe worth listening to in chunks or on a nice long walk, but this is totally where my headspace is at. I was trying to find the intersection between rock, jazz, improv, motorik and ambient music, with Miles Davis' 'In a Silent Way' as the jumping off point.

DJ Dog Latin: It's the Ectoplasmic Thing!


Can - Future Days
Miles Davis - Shhh / Peaceful
Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
Herbie Hancock - You'll Know When You Get There
Henry Cow - Ruins
Ornette Coleman - Lonely Woman
Talk Talk - Taphead
Peter Gordon with Gabriel Gurn - Beachcombing
Tim Hecker - Live Room
Sunn O))) - Agartha
Joseph Holbrooke Trio - Orchard
Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Horizontal Structure 1
Boredoms - Seadrum
Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescaleet - Street Cleaner


doglato dozzy (dog latin), Tuesday, 11 February 2014 00:15 (2 months ago) Permalink

Any ID requests either ask them here (slow reply) or on Soundcloud for a quicker reply.

― Chewshabadoo, Friday,

66 mins got some feelings

cog, Tuesday, 11 February 2014 10:24 (2 months ago) Permalink

The whole EP is quality:

Chewshabadoo, Wednesday, 12 February 2014 00:51 (2 months ago) Permalink

Clips of all the tracks here:

Chewshabadoo, Wednesday, 12 February 2014 00:53 (2 months ago) Permalink

new mix, pretty happy with this one:

Sleepy Lesbos – Streetwalker
Milford Graves – Grand Unification
Nedarb Nagrom – big boi’s new album (*hitmayng’s simp lyfe remix)
Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – We Are One
Susie Ibarra – Drum Sketch No. 4
Dark Souls OST – Moonlight Butterfly theme
IG88 – Trail of Bread Crumbs
Triceracorn feat. Open Mike Eagle – Love Unravels
Chris Mille – All Day
Eric Benet – Love Don’t Love Me (Chants screw)
Vill/\ge – Takeover
Susie Ibarra – Drum Sketch No. 8
Chants – untitled rap beat
Susie Ibarra – Drum Sketch No. 3
Lumidee – Never Leave You (acapella)
Susie Ibarra – Drum Sketch No. 5
Chants – Porch Song 1 AM

festival culture (Jordan), Tuesday, 18 February 2014 18:57 (2 months ago) Permalink

old and new favorites

rick wilhite - what do you see (rick’s groove mix)
mr. tophat & art alfie - marlboro light (original mix)
linkwood family - miles away (intrusion sunrise dub)
kassem mosse - 578
bobby konder’s house rhythms - nervous acid
theo parrish - paradise architects
a made up sound - bounce
shed - connex (daniel stefanik remix)
elgato - blue
armando - 151
vinalog - truck
dream 2 science - dream 2 science
l-vis 1990 - rubber crash
levon vincent - double-jointed sex freak pt 2
kevin mcphee - unwind
staffan lindberg - the orbit (original mix)
the analogue cops - ac-partytodance
nautiluss - corvus (lost in space mix)

the late great, Friday, 21 February 2014 02:44 (1 month ago) Permalink

First volume in the 'Sightseeing Indoors' series. Consisting of unreleased material - loops, scraps of stolen memories, field recordings, lies - by Ondness. Some sections might appear somewhere/nowhere in the future. Otherwise, they belong to a past.

"Backwoods Horror Lounge aka Poor Man's Deliverance. A sheepless 'Chill Out' for pine cone temples and loners. 'Death Weekend/Rituals' late night screening. Vibbin' to an impending sense of unease."

rusty_allen, Saturday, 22 February 2014 16:36 (1 month ago) Permalink

The best mix I've done in a while, I think:

Skinny Puppy, Assimilate (Chris Vrenna Remix (Tweaker Mix)), Nettwerk
Silent Servant, Moral Divide (Endless), Hospital Productions
V.L.A.D., Motion Institute, Warp
Cluster, Heisse Lippen, Brain
Future Sound of London, Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix), Jumpin' and Pumpin'
Matthew Dear, Little People (Black City) (Mark E Remix), Ghostly International
Haim, Forever (Dan Lissvik Remix), Polydor
Conforce, Stop Hold, Meanwhile Sounds
BPMF, Disease, Radical Ambient
Issakidis, Karezza, Kill the DJ Records
Laurent Garnier, The Man With the Red Face, F Communications
Traversable Wormhole, Paradoxical Consequences, CLR
Skinny Puppy, Chainsaw (Josh Wink Remix), Nettwerk
The Field, No. No ..., Kompakt

NoTimeBeforeTime, Tuesday, 25 February 2014 22:10 (1 month ago) Permalink

This isn't my mix, but I wholeheartedly endorse it. It's memphis rap. I've never heard music so wasted, blurred bass samples in the red, like an impenetrable cloud of pot smoke and a cough syrup hang over.
Orange Mound

JacobSanders, Tuesday, 25 February 2014 23:55 (1 month ago) Permalink

An all vinyl mix of disco, 80's garage, pop, and nu-disco spun in the Mojave desert a friend and I spun a couple weeks ago. Part 1 is a bit more chaotic and all over the place (Aphex Twin's Flim slowed down to 33 rpm following the Knife for example), but part 2, which is linked above, is just a really awesome experience from start to finish.

octobeard, Friday, 28 February 2014 04:39 (1 month ago) Permalink

spun in the Mojave desert a friend and I spun a couple weeks ago

God I cannot write. And I'm sober. ( ._.)

octobeard, Friday, 28 February 2014 04:58 (1 month ago) Permalink

this is mine and NI's entry for a DJ-support-slot on Drake's tour. see what you think and if you like it hey, why not 'favourite' it for us!

piscesx, Friday, 28 February 2014 09:05 (1 month ago) Permalink

pit bull dawg house
muslim gauze remixes
mecanica ESP
dennis brown
big audio dynamite II city lights/rush club instrumental
cassio understand one another
round one im your brother
joey anderson
jamie paton bizarre feeling
serious trouble
tambien ESP
sharif laffrey
tommy awards sessions
dolphin kid black merlin remix
dolphin kid
babs gonzales
just us
melba moore
terry burrus and transe
cherrelle tokyo mix
crown heights affair
first choice
lypso illusion invisible city
salon music wandering

speculator (speculaotr), Monday, 3 March 2014 20:36 (1 month ago) Permalink

we the people band "you never know what you got"
richard ace if i cant have you
fern kinney
koya you done me wrong boy
ashaye nowhere to run
cronik x-tacy
ron trent ce100
MK the rains
F.E.N. friends Maya
steve stoll ausgang II
prototype 909 adam x mix
loosefingers lamentation
KLF chillout
david sylvian words with the shamen
public image limited rise
chris taylor into your eyes
zara-thustra once in the night
adrian foxx 8 days a week
the housekeepers detroit techno mix
aurra a little love dub
information society
dynamix II

speculator (speculaotr), Monday, 10 March 2014 18:55 (1 month ago) Permalink

2 new ondness mixes :

bike cruise to an absolute elsewhere :

alchemical approach to shapeshifting jungle :

rusty_allen, Thursday, 20 March 2014 16:25 (1 month ago) Permalink

I made one of those mixes with loads of tracks that kids these days love. This started like two months ago with stuff I picked up at the end of the year, but it became maybe my most ambitious mix to date, with 29 tracks in 68 minutes.

01 Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask — Vapourwave 1 (Spectrum Spools)
02 John Roberts — Palace (Dial)
03 Factory Floor — Work Out (DFA)
04 Matt Thibideau — Archenar (Cynosure)
05 Tuff Little Unit — Join the Future (Warp)
06 Marquis Hawkes — Hold On (Dixon Ave Basement Jams)
07 Lisa Lee — When Can I Call You – Long Distance 12” Mix (Nu Groove)
08 Prosumer & Murat — Makes Me Wanna Dance (Ostgut Ton)
09 Steven Tang — Disconnect to Connect (Smallville)
10 Farben — Beautone (Klang)
11 Special Request — Vapour (Houndstooth)
12 Floorplan — Never Grow Old (M-Plant)
13 Lucy — Eon (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
14 Laurel Halo — Ainnome (Hyperdub)
15 L-Vis 1990 — Lost in Love – Night Slugs Street Mix (Night Slugs)
16 Silkie — Head Butt Da Deck (Deep Medi)
17 Skream — Bahl Fwd (Tectonic)
18 Moving Ninja — Murky (Tectonic)
19 Kowton — More Games (Livity Sound)
20 Basic Soul Unit — Innershell (Lab.our)
21 The Bug — Skeng – Autechre Remix (Ninja Tune)
22 Four Tet — Parallel Jalebi (Text)
23 Beautiful Swimmers — The Zoo (L.I.E.S.)
24 Nick Höppner — Bait & Tackle (Ostgut Ton)
25 Marcel Fengler — Jaz (Ostgut Ton)
26 Substance & Vainqueur — Immersion (Scion Versions)
27 Lucy — Es (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
28 Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask — Vapourwave 7 (Spectrum Spools)
29 Pinch & Shackleton — Levitation (Honest Jons)

Fiddler on a hot tin roof (ed.b), Sunday, 23 March 2014 03:27 (4 weeks ago) Permalink

Any and all impressions/feedback/etc., regardless of how positive/negative/indifferent, is sincerely appreciated.

Fiddler on a hot tin roof (ed.b), Sunday, 23 March 2014 03:28 (4 weeks ago) Permalink

1. Acquire
2. Markets
3. Virtuosi
4. All I Need
5. It Can Happen
6. Lufthansa
7. Consentrasi
8. Au·to·syn·crat·ic
7. Breadlines
8. Globs on Pour
9. Shimmy
10. Steppes
11. Gratitude
12. Bhang!
13. Autumn Acid Rmx
14. Colonel Gumps
15. Yellow Ball
16. Happy Bunny
17. Dreamin'

Eggs and the marketing board behind them, Sunday, 23 March 2014 22:07 (4 weeks ago) Permalink

vito ricci
leon lowman
vangelis katsoulis
gigi masin
black merlin LN-CC
peaking lights proton drive
dibek africa harbor
2 tracks from dunkelziffer retrospection
nacho patrol
disco illusion
barbara mason let me give you love
alice coltrane
KWC 92
cramium hf
nexus 21
apartment six
head front panel #2
anom vitruv tabernacle
benedikt frey seven corridors
pepita project feat paris brightlidge
petra & co
jocke & elliot
ginny can't be serious

speculator (speculaotr), Monday, 31 March 2014 19:30 (2 weeks ago) Permalink



moon wiring club - between two worlds
marcel fengler - dejavu
nick hoppner - bait & tackle
the mole - carry on (we must)
terrence dixon - deploy
special request - lolita (warehouse mix)
d'marc cantu - some fantasies are good (dvs1 remix)
black deer - route 242
joey anderson - attitude
marcel fengler - sky pushing
donato dozzy/nuel - aqua 1
gunnar haslam - kohle (beats)
terrence dixon - view from a lighthouse
kangding ray - blank empire
demdike stare - misappropriation
millie & andrea - stay ugly

chewy, Saturday, 5 April 2014 11:42 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

today's show with morelli

speculator (speculaotr), Monday, 7 April 2014 21:53 (1 week ago) Permalink

warm-up set on saturday

Parallax Beat Brothers - Exhalation (DJ Sprinkles Deep Breath Mix)
Theo Parrish - 71st and Exchange Used To Be...
Joey Anderson - Sky's Blessings
Hakim Murphy - Slapping Tables
Vincent Floyd - I'm So Deep
Nimbus Quartet - Your House Is Your House Parts II and III Simultaneously
Victor Romeo ft Leetrece Brown - Love Will Find A Way (Club)
Debra Torre - Conceal Your Love
Nocera - Summertime Summertime
Xena - On The Upside
Caucasion Boy - In From Behind (Boom Boom Ina Bedroom)
Dungeon Meat - Fuck Off Track
Vissal - Get Up On Your Feet (Edit)
1000 Ohm - You're The One
Alexander Robotnick - Problemes d'Amour
Suzy Lane - Ooh La La
Dinosaur L - Go Bang
Alexander Robotnick - Afrikan Kola
Kano - I'm Ready
Jay Daniel - I Have No Name
Barrabas - High Light
Club Style - Crazy Wild
Paul Johnson - Feel My M.F. Bass
3 2 6 - Falling (Armando's House Remix)
DJ Funk - House the Groove
Tyree - Nuthin Wrong
Ron Trent - Altered States
Voyage - Kechak Fantasy Eastern Trip
Tantra - Hills of Kathmandu
Floorplan - Never Grow Old
Round One Ft. Andy Caine - I'm Your Brother (Club Version)

mattresslessness, Monday, 14 April 2014 17:49 (6 days ago) Permalink

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