scaramanga six/wrath records. am i the only one...

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that has heard this lot and think they are rather fine combination of noisy/fun/hammond organs/glamstomp glitter beat and should be getting far more attention from certain areas of the printed press ?
yup. guess i am. no change there then.
they are wonderful. and new track produced by Tim 'Cardiacs' Smith continues their vibe perfectly...
jus'wondering thats all ..

mark e (mark e), Friday, 28 November 2003 13:05 (10 years ago) Permalink

4 months pass...
No, I actually have the CD (though you can't find it here in NYC record shops), which I found out about on the Manchester Music website. RIYL: Sonar Yen, Palo Alto (and other bands on Valentine Records), Monomania, Desolation Angels.

AndreNY, Sunday, 25 April 2004 22:15 (10 years ago) Permalink

4 months pass...

time has passed since i started this dead thread.

the band have a new album and a new site :

initial spins of the album indicate that i am going to love this even more than the excellent 1st album.

let the music media silence begin ..

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 23 September 2004 07:34 (9 years ago) Permalink

i remember seeing this band years ago (97/98) when i lived in leicester, they seemed to play out a lot so i assumed they were a local band. had no idea they were still going!

zappi (joni), Thursday, 23 September 2004 12:42 (9 years ago) Permalink

they are a local band in leeds.

you sure its the same gang of noisy upstarts ?

very much still going.

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 23 September 2004 13:18 (9 years ago) Permalink

you sure its the same gang of noisy upstarts ?

um, i'll check out the website......
(clickity click)
yeh, same people. theres a poster for a gig i remember going to in their history section (1997) - particularly memorable as me & my friends won the 'pop quiz' and the prize was a slab of 24 beer cans! all i can remember of the band is that they wore nice cheap suits and sounded a bit like gallon drunk (which was how i felt after all those cans...groo)

zappi (joni), Thursday, 23 September 2004 15:20 (9 years ago) Permalink

ha. nice one. they do have a tinge of Gallon Drunk about them in some of the songs (not that i know GD that well i have to admit).. would love to see S6 live.

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 23 September 2004 15:24 (9 years ago) Permalink

3 weeks pass...
fuck. got the new single. 'we rode the storm'.

single of the year.

for me alone that is.

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 14 October 2004 12:08 (9 years ago) Permalink

the S6 are pretty wild live. i caught em in a tiny basement in Bristol at one of the Club Choke nights two years ago.

Louie Strychnine, Thursday, 14 October 2004 13:19 (9 years ago) Permalink

i am pushing for Bristol show so i can see em on any forthcoming tour. new stuff is tight.

they have completely updated their image in recent times .

if i didn't know they were full of self depracation wit they would scare me sh*tless ..

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 14 October 2004 13:23 (9 years ago) Permalink

2 years pass...
new S6 album in 07, produced again by Tim Smith.
once again, i shout out a solitary "hurray!"

mark e (mark e), Thursday, 25 January 2007 14:34 (7 years ago) Permalink

2 years pass...

5 years on and the band are still going and making albums that only i ever seem to like.
they are a bunch of peristent buggers i'll give them that.
as they are probably very aware, the new one wont win them any new fans, but 3 listens in, and their brand of ott chaos is beginning to work its magic.

mark e, Tuesday, 24 March 2009 21:11 (5 years ago) Permalink

well hey these guys are awesome!

they sort of remind me of like um...flaming stars or gallon drunk meet mclusky, not quite but dang this band is great!


Reege & Leif (M@tt He1ges0n), Tuesday, 24 March 2009 21:23 (5 years ago) Permalink

Thanks for reminding me of these guys. Yeah, I'm surprised they are still together. It's been so long since I connected with them that I totally forgot they existed. Must have been the Tim Smith connection that got me into them. So this new one is good, is it?

everything, Tuesday, 24 March 2009 21:36 (5 years ago) Permalink

as with anything by the S6, takes a few listens to hit home, but yes, there are some absolute belters, as well as a couple of more 'difficult' moments (as is often the case .. )
seems like they have ditched the last Tim Smith material they'd recorded, until Tim recovers from his recent heart attack.
however, this set back has not made them go all soft, in fact this is even more punchy and deranged.
love the cover art as well - nice change in style.

mark e, Tuesday, 24 March 2009 21:45 (5 years ago) Permalink

i have an S6 album somewhere but it never really rocked my world

perhaps i will revisit it and see how i feel now

Bad, Bad Memories of a Good Time (electricsound), Tuesday, 24 March 2009 23:16 (5 years ago) Permalink

wrath have released a lot of cool stuff btw, particularly their supersevens series

Bad, Bad Memories of a Good Time (electricsound), Tuesday, 24 March 2009 23:16 (5 years ago) Permalink

yeah .. those were good fun.
it feels that the label has been in a state of comatose for a while now (that or i am scubbed off the promo list, which would be understandable), though it could be due to the fact they had to regroup and get together some cash.
oh, actually, the eureka machines album last year was great.
the excessive queen styled vocal overdubs, and chugga chugga guitars always makes me smile.

mark e, Wednesday, 25 March 2009 07:29 (5 years ago) Permalink

1 month passes...

live this thursday in bristol.

suspect it will be just me + a couple of bar staff rejoicing in the mighty racket the band create.

cant bloody wait.

electricsound : best album (other than the new one ) = Cabin Fever with its 3D Blood splattered cover.

mark e, Monday, 4 May 2009 20:54 (5 years ago) Permalink

^the one i have. will listen now

and the gold loogie goes to... (electricsound), Monday, 4 May 2009 22:36 (5 years ago) Permalink

2 years pass...

next album by the s6 to be recorded and produced (or whatever he does), by steve albini @ his chicago studio ...

mark e, Thursday, 16 February 2012 12:05 (2 years ago) Permalink

1 year passes...

i am not alone

as always with s6 albums, this one has taken a few listens for it to click, but click it has.

mark e, Monday, 5 August 2013 17:48 (1 year ago) Permalink

1 year passes...

still going strong ..

mark e, Friday, 12 September 2014 17:09 (5 days ago) Permalink

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